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Traditional Sunroom - Conservatory Round Up at The Inspired Room

In our English Tudor in Portland, there was an addition to a corner of our kitchen that felt kind of like a conservatory or a garden room. I loved all the amazing light from the windows!

I’ll show you a couple of photos of the conservatory in the kitchen (aka “The Castle” in Love the Home You Have) in the below two photos. Unfortunately, these are poor quality screen shots of a video from when my old house was for sale in 2007, but at least you can get the idea!

Kitchen Conservatory

And this one, below, from my conservatory-like kitchen (see more of my old house here):


A conservatory is a room with a glass roof and walls, attached to a house and used as a greenhouse or a sun parlor. Even if you don’t have a real fancy conservatory, a room with lots of big windows and skylights would be an inspiring addition, wouldn’t it? A remodel like that would certainly transform a house.

Pretty Country Conservatory
House to Home

Conservatory - Gray and White

House to Home

Even before our Tudor, I dreamed of having a charming English conservatory. In our first little house I actually called a company about building a small one for us, but we ended up moving instead. Maybe someday my dream will be realized!

I can’t even. That dining room.

OK. Now MY HEART JUST LEAPED OUT OF MY CHEST! THIS is a dream, a conservatory looking out over a garden with beautiful white fencing.

Or this one, on the backside of a glorious farmhouse. I’ll take it.

Pretty conservatoryHouse to Home

Conservatory Living RoomHouse to Home

Country ConservatoryHouse to Home

Do you have a conservatory or garden room in your home, or perhaps a pretty greenhouse to putter around in and enjoy?

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  1. We just had a conservatory added to our 70-year-old house and although it’s not quite finished, I love it. So bright and sunny — even on a gloomy day it’s like sitting outside without the bug and weather issues. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music
    Jo recently posted..Frozen FoodMy Profile

  2. So much beauty <3 thanks for the inspiration

  3. Oh my! Yes! So beautiful and inspiring!
    Deanna recently posted..Wedding: A Little Something SpecialMy Profile

  4. Just thinking of the incredibly hot summer we’ve had in Seattle this year, any way to control the sun in these rooms? But on a cool cloudy day … heaven! Still trying to figure how to pin that first photo.

  5. This brings back many memories of our home in Olean, NY where we were blessed with not only a lovely sun/ breakfast room thst was 2 stories up so you felt you were sitting in the trees outside the windows, but also a full size attached greenhouse! I refer to thst home as my Martha Stewart house. ?. We were blessed with that home for 3 years back in the mid- 1980s. We will never live or own another like it, but am so grateful to have had it. The home we are currently building will have a lovely back covered porch and that will suffice nicely. Thanks for this posting! Brings me back. ?

  6. I’m swooning
    Stephanie Davis recently posted..When Clutter Becomes a Problem, Identifying the SeverityMy Profile

  7. Renee Talan says:

    I was lucky enough to visit a friend last February in England. She had a little conservatory right off of her kitchen. Sat there most mornings with my tea, enjoying the view of her garden. It was chilly outside, but sitting in that room was so nice :)

  8. Wonderful, every single one of them. The closest I come (and it’s very, very good) is the 8′-wide window off my LR that looks out onto the HOA greenbelt with grass and trees AND the adjoining sliding glass doors onto the small screened patio with another sliding glass door to the patio off the kitchen. This is more of a “catio” which I share with my three furballs and the Arizona dust is unbelievable in a community filled with grass and trees, but it’s our slice of heaven and I’m delighted that I can swoon over and be inspired to and feel very grateful and blessed all at the same time. I hope your new home has a room or an area with conservatory potential, Melissa.

  9. I’d love to own a house with a conservatory, because I’ll about the light + the warmth. I’ve always joked that, if we had one, I’d be having a lie-down out there, just like a big, fat cat! No offense, cats. Since you asked, we do have a rather plain Jane garden shed, + I’ve tricked it out a bit with a pair of Frenchie black metal roof finials that I ordered online. I tried but failed to share a couple snapshots with the class, but you get the idea, I’m sure.
    Kay recently posted..Living Room Woodwork + PaintMy Profile

  10. I have always loved conservatories. We even built a sunroom onto the back of our house to sort of emulate a conservatory (no skylights, though). Love it–but even with specially coated windows, it definitely does a number on fabrics/curtains.

  11. I love conservatories! Thanks for sharing these dreamy photos x

  12. We have a “sunroom” and use it each and every day. It’s like a den for us.

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