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Winter Home Tip: Create Mini-Destinations in your Home

by | Jan 19, 2010 | Decorating Inspiration, Details, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining, Style Tips, Winter Decorating

Winter Home Tip: Create Mini-Destinations in your Home

Winter home tip:
Create mini-destinations in your home.

Remember the post on establishing a purpose for your room?

Well, you can even have special purposes for different corners within a room.

You might not have a whole room to devote to reading. But perhaps you have a large dining room or a bedroom with a bare corner. Tuck in a comfy chair, ottoman, a lamp and a good book and you have the perfect cozy reading nook!

It is fun to have pretty destinations in your home to enjoy on those long dark winter days.

I adore this reading nook, above, from the Pottery Barn website. Love the flirty yellow ruffled chair and ottoman! The space is so cheery and bright. Even on a winter’s day it would make me feel like the sun must be shining somewhere in the world!

If you need some inspiration for a good decorating book to enjoy in that cozy reading nook, revisit this post on great decorating books, read all the comments and jot down some to look for!

Winter Home Tip: Create Mini-Destinations in your Home
Country Living: A craft cabinet can be a “mini-destination”

What are some other ideas for
“mini-destinations” in your home?
Feel free to share more ideas in the comments!

Here is the random winner of the $25 gift card to! Congratulations! I’ll be emailing your gift card this week!

Winter Home Tip: Create Mini-Destinations in your Home


  1. Nanci

    I love the idea of mini destinations. I have a cozy nook off my bedroom for sitting and reading or praying and a little desk for writing. It’s my own special place. I think I will go and spruce it up some more! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Cathy

    I too love the idea of mini destinations. I have a few of the in my house. Favorite… the upper sleeping porch. Perfect place to read, meditate or be creative. Think its time to move the antique drawing table up there.

  3. Melanie

    I love this idea. I already have a sitting area in my kitchen but I could use this area in my master bedroom. It is very large and I am going to have to break it up into sections. That chair is beautiful in the first photo. Thanks for the links.
    .-= Melanie´s last blog ..The Power of Paint. =-.

  4. Spring

    I just did this last night! I took the office area out of a corner of our bedroom, (it’s an old house, and our room has angles that kind of separate it). And I put in a little love seat that was given to me, a little round table for a small tv, a side table with our Bibles and a lamp. Instant date night corner, and also a place to read and pray for me! I took the rug from the other side of my room to make it cosy, and now THAT corner is my little “gym.” Just my yoga mat, my exercise ball, my hand weights, and a little chair in the corner. I’m going to find a big mirror to hang on the wall in that area. LOVE it!

    • Melissa

      BRILLIANT! Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

  5. Michelle

    I’m drooling over the craft cabinet, so pretty, I could get lost for hours playing with all that stuff!!!

  6. Emmie at Aspirations of a Southern Housewife

    LOVE this idea. In fact, was toying with the idea of canceling our Caribbean vacation (timing TBD, but it was our Christmas gift to each other) and just staying home, relaxing, and spending the funds on creating a backyard oasis that we can enjoy all year!
    .-= Emmie at Aspirations of a Southern Housewife´s last blog ..Black, White, and a Little Bit of Gray =-.

    • Melissa

      Great idea! It reminded me of a post about having a Caribbean vacation in your own back yard. I’ll add a link in the post!

  7. kathysue

    Hi Melissa, What a great post,I think this will really inspire your readers to look at small sections of our homes instead of the over whelming job of trying to do it allllll. I just did a post on Towels this morning ,you might enjoy it. I am a lover of white fluffy towels, actually I am a little obsessed with them, Kathysue
    .-= kathysue´s last blog ..Don’t Throw In The TOWEL!! =-.

  8. Melissa

    Great ideas everyone! Yeah, I forgot about my porch as a destination too! Love the ideas!

  9. Yvonne Perry

    I love this idea. In fact, I just set up an area in my den for meditation and reading.

  10. Ronnell Karoski

    Great idea! I love the craft cabinet as well! We are getting ready to turn my craft room into a theater room. . . but I know where my son and his friends are. I usuall craft at the kitchen table any way– no just to go through ALL of my collection of crafting supplies– I am a BIG collector!

  11. Gena

    So clever … mini destinations … yes, that is what they are and the more organised spaces we have the better utilisation of a room!!
    Gena @ Vintage Rose Studio
    .-= Gena @ Vintage Rose Studio´s last blog ..{Echo} 5: Melody =-.

  12. Gina

    Great ideas! I do have a few destination areas in our yard that get regular use during the summer time. This time of year I keep all my current reading, Bible, notebook, etc. in a large basket/bag-I can easily take it upstairs to the comfy chair in our room or sit on the designated reading chaise downstairs. It works well for our home!
    .-= Gina´s last blog ..Kitchen Refresher =-.

  13. annechovie

    Great post, Melissa! I love the craft cabinet. Thanks also for your very sweet comment and visit – wonderful to hear from you. XO

  14. Janet

    Living in Southern California makes it easy to create a year round backyard getaway. I can float in the pool in the summer, read by the firepit or listen to music under the patio during the milder days. It’s a quiet, private place I can get away to if I like.
    .-= Janet´s last blog ..Why Do People Do This? =-.

  15. ClassiclyAmber

    Um, can I have a ticket to EACH ONE of those mini-destinations, please? I love all of those ideas. I love Spring’s ideas, too. And that is something that I may be able to do in our own bedroom here if I can figure how to make it work best.

    And I think it is the BEST idea to take the same money that would have been used on a lavish vaca and instead use it to create a backyard retreat! That’s really cool. Wish we could see pics of the transformation, too! =-)

  16. Rhoda

    I would love to have a screened porch, but since I don’t, I have to make the most of my other spots. I do have my special white chair that I use for devotionals & it feels like a little getaway in my beachy guestroom.

  17. teresa

    Love this idea- I’m going to look around my home and see if I can come up with a little mini destination .
    Great ideas!
    .-= teresa´s last blog ..Above the fog- =-.

  18. Gail

    Love the idea of mini destinations…when areas of our home are well thought out and used they tend to stay clutter free! Give purpose and meaning to your space!

    Thank you…and I too am envious of the craft cabinet.
    .-= Gail´s last blog ..Organizing Products – Dream Drawers =-.

  19. Jean

    This is a great idea. I am looking for a comfortable but small chair for my bedroom corner and that would make a nice reading area I think. You come up with the best ideas!
    .-= Jean´s last blog ..When Communication Fails =-.

  20. Mary Joy


    I just love the hostess pantry idea! What a great way to pull together all of the tools to create special moments for my own family and also for when we have guests. I really do believe that it is important not to wait for occasions with company to get out the celebration dishes, table cloths, games, and fun decorations we usually hide away until its time for company. Thanks for sharing such a great idea! I am going to pull one together at my house so that I will have all of my memory making tools in one place. Awesome post! You have inspired me once again!

    Mary Joy’s last blog:

  21. Antoinette

    Such a good idea! This is a challenge but important for small living places! (like our apartment!) ha. I am gonna rethink a few things to try to have destination points in each room. :)!

  22. lorrie

    those are some great ideas i really need to orgnaize my stuff already have a system going in my closet then i can focus on decorating my room

  23. Sandy

    Great concept and I love the craft cabinet! I have 2 cabinets devoted to Craft stuff (although I don’t think of myself as a very crafty person LOL).

    It’s all about organization, uh?

    Happy Wed.!

  24. Lei

    Love this idea. It’s the perfect solution to cramped spaces that feel limited, but that need to serve many purposes. Plus how fun and creative can you get?!

  25. Lisa

    Great post.

    Wow, do I love that Pottery Barn reading nook. That yellow chair and ottoman are stunning. I’m going to have to look those up for sure.

  26. lea helmerich

    thank you for the fabulous ideas! especially loved the wrap and ribbon cabinet.

  27. Pearl Maple

    I have two destinations, a cozy bathroom that is not quite a spa but sure feels like it when i unwrap spritly grapefruit soap. My other go to spot is a craft table blessed with all day sunshine to brighten up my creative adventures.

  28. Jeannine B.

    Woohoo – I can’t believe I actually won something! Thanks for the gift card!

    I would really love to make my craft room/office more of a destination room instead of a room I typically want to avoid! It seems to have become the catch-all room in our home for all of the things we don’t know what to do with. I really need to sit down and rethink it’s purpose and come up with a place for everything, and everything in its place.

  29. Rose from FineCraftGuild dot com

    I love the idea of making ‘mini’-destination. It is something that I never named but have been doing for ages. Now that I’m conscious of this concept, I’m going to walk around in our home, and see what can be done better.

    I love your blog btw, Melissa, and am kind of just discovering it. I’ve just started a series of guest bloggers doing a craft tutorial at If you are interested in driving another strand of traffic to your blog and want to do a project tutorial on our site, YOU are invited!
    .-= Rose from FineCraftGuild dot com´s last blog ..How to Make a Parasol Bird Pillow =-.



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