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I was looking around for something “tall” to set on my buffet. I wanted something a little shorter than my lamp but taller than the pitcher (which I may or may not add holiday greenery to later, if I feel like it). I remembered the easel that came with my DaySpring message board, which I didn’t need since I hung the board on the wall.

But what to put on the easel? Hmmm.

In one of those moments where I wanted something NOW, I grabbed one of my inexpensive holiday chargers (which might actually be some sort of plastic or lightweight metal) and set it in the easel.

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Then I wished I had a vinyl cling with a holiday word on it, that would have been ideal. Since I do not have one at the moment, I remembered my chalkboard pens and wondered if it would work in the meantime? Hmmm. And so it did! And when I want to add a new message, it wipes right off too.

It would be really cool to get a vinyl cling (check out The Simple Stencil) but the pen is a quick and easy option if you are in a hurry! This project reminded me of the chalkboard chargers, without using any chalkboard paint.

I do LOVE these chalk pens! I’m not sure if they work on everything (or wipe off of everything!), but it worked great on the charger. Had it not worked, the charger was so inexpensive I wouldn’t have cried.

Total cost: Free (if you already have a chalk pen and a plate)!!!!
Total stress: None.



  1. Theme Builder Layout

    Chalk INK?
    GENIUS!! :-)
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Layla :-)

  2. Theme Builder Layout

    What a great idea! I love this!

  3. Theme Builder Layout

    GREAT!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE it!!!

  4. Theme Builder Layout

    Can you tell me how you have it on here that my last blog entry comes up after my name??????

    • Theme Builder Layout

      It is called Comment Luv! That way my readers can come visit you and your kitchen tree :-). In fact, I’m headed over right now…

  5. Theme Builder Layout

    I was coveting those Dayspring message boards and a few months ago I grabbed a platter from my kitchen stash and wrote on it with a dry erase marker. It worked. And it erased. And I was so proud of myself for using things I already had.
    Love your font on the Peace plate!

  6. Theme Builder Layout

    Love it! What a fantastic idea!! I love those chalkboard markers!!

  7. Theme Builder Layout

    Hi :) i’m easily confused lately so I just want to double-check — are chalk pens different from dry-erase pens? Havent been in the chalk/chalkboard aisle lately and don’t want to goof up a plate or a charger till I can drive without yelping. I goof things up regularly, so am not afraid of goofing, just helps to use the right “materials”. ;). -s-

    • Theme Builder Layout

      Hmmm….I’m not actually sure. The chalk pens say “wet erase” and so “dry erase” must be different…I’ll ask around and see what I can figure out…

      • Theme Builder Layout

        hi there!

        i have both dry erase & now the chalk pens. the chalk pens as you know, truly write like a chalk. on a “TRUE” chalk board (or spray paint chalk board object) they do need to be removed completely with a damp cloth or whatever you have that is damp. the dry erase pens can be removed with a dry towel or paper towel.
        the chalk pens seems to be completely eraseable when you used a damp cloth. not sure if i answered the question or not…but that is my experience with them at least.

        • Theme Builder Layout

          Wow-you galz are great! Thanks for all the detailed info-methinks I’ll play it safe&get the “real” chalkpens. In the meantime, I may tinker with the dry erase on “something that won’t make me cry”, to paraphrase Melissa, our hostess-with-the-mostest. If the dry-erase works or ruins, i’ll let u know either way. Thank you kindly! And a gr8 project while I have my foot in the air. :D The next friend that asks if I need anything will be on a chalkpen hunt . ;) -s-

  8. Theme Builder Layout

    Melissa, your creativity amazes me girl! LOVE that! and your script is so lovely :)

  9. Theme Builder Layout

    I won one of those Dayspring Boards from the Nester! Loved it! Kept something inspirational written on it at all times on kitchen counter. Until the day my husband accidentally knocked it off onto our tile floor. I told him that he better be glad I love him so. :-)

    I did just as you did. Kept the stand and put a family beach pic in it on a chest in living room.

    Love this idea.

    Where do you get chalk ink? Michaels?

    • Theme Builder Layout

      Yes, I got mine in a package at Michaels!

      • Theme Builder Layout

        How long ago did you get them?… this summer I was looking for a set and no one seemed to carry them anymore – I think they are on Amazon but I couldn’t find them locally. :-(

  10. Theme Builder Layout

    Love this…love all your the inspiration and joy you add to my life and home.. God Bless x

  11. Theme Builder Layout


    What a great idea!!!! I love your creative, thrifty and EASY decorating ideas!!! Now you have my wheels turning! How could I use this in our home….hmmmmm I know there must be something I could use in our cabinets! Off to find something to make special! :D

    Blessings to you! Hope you are enjoying Advent with your family!

    Mary Joy

  12. Theme Builder Layout

    Melissa, great project. I recognized that easel also! I made the charger plates for Thanksgiving and they were a big hit! I love these chalk pens! Once again, you are an inspiration…..rock on momma!

  13. Theme Builder Layout

    Wow! So simple yet so creative! I love the clean lines of your vignette and like you, would have to see how greenery looks…but thinking the simple look is so beautiful!
    Such great ideas here:)

  14. Theme Builder Layout

    Now that’s clever! I do have the chalk ink and the charger, but I’ve run out of space. You do such a great job when you “need something now.” I like the way you don’t run out to purchase something new.

  15. Theme Builder Layout

    This is so pretty. I have never heard of chalk ink before. I will have to look into that :)

  16. Theme Builder Layout

    You have such beautiful writing!! It looks so lovely and simple!

  17. Theme Builder Layout

    What a fun and easy idea! I was up late last night trying to work on the balance of tall and short objects…lol. Love that silver plate…I need to do a little flea market finding this weekend maybe I’ll find a fun plate to write on with my chalk pen!

  18. Theme Builder Layout

    If I did that I would have to have my daughter or daughter in law do the writing….I have crazy bad handwriting. =)
    Thanks for sharing this idea….I’m using it for sure.
    Happy Day

  19. Theme Builder Layout

    Such a simple and cute idea! I love it Melissa!


  20. Theme Builder Layout

    What a great idea! Chalkboard ink allows you to customize based on the season. Now why didn’t I think of that? ;-)

  21. Theme Builder Layout

    I always look forward to checking in to get “Inspired” — love the idea!

  22. Theme Builder Layout


    That looks great…I love the idea. I need to get some Chalk pens. Your writing was a really pretty style too!

    Happy Friday!

  23. Theme Builder Layout

    LOOOVE this simple and beautiful idea!!! I will be getting me some chalk pens!!!

  24. Theme Builder Layout

    I adore chalk pens! {we use ours to write what is on-tap when my hubby finishes a home brew :) }
    So cool that it worked on your charger!

  25. Theme Builder Layout

    I have a star plate that I use for writing seasonal things. It’s a ceramic plate and I use the dry erase/EXPO markers on it. Wipes right off every time. The dry erase/EXPO markers are also great for leaving notes on mirrors! Hubby and I have done that for years with each other and the kids… love notes on the bathroom mirror or “don’t forget to…” notes, too!

  26. Theme Builder Layout

    Just tried this on one of those chargers (gold) that I got last year after Christmas – kept wondering this year what I was going to do with them…we are not hosting any dinners where I would use them…this has started my mind to whirling about other ideas in using it as a canvas (so to speak).

    Thanks for sharing — and “Merry Christmas”.



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