How to Make a Cozy Winter Felt Wreath

How to Make a Cozy Winter Felt WreathDo you remember my square felt garland from last year? Well, don’t faint at my craftiness, but I’ve reinvented it this year into something I love even more. Behold! A Winter Felt Wreath.

My garland was fun and pretty, but it was shorter than I wanted it to be so I wasn’t using it this year. Since I didn’t want to go buy more felt to make it longer (Ok, mostly I didn’t want to cut more squares) I decided it would be SO easy to turn it into a wreath.

How to Make a Cozy Winter Felt Wreath

I ran into Michaels Craft (here is a link to some Michaels coupons. You are welcome) to grab a wreath frame and some wire to attach it. I think I spent about three dollars on the additional items I needed to turn it into a wreath.

How to Make a Cozy Winter Felt Wreath

I love this wreath not only because of its soft fluffiness, because it was really easy to make. No fancy sewing, pinning, tucking, hot gluing, chain sawing or other dangerous activities needed.

The cutting of the squares took the longest, but that was mostly because I do not even own sewing scissors and I was trying to cut them with lame-o scissors. I didn’t cut the squares perfectly and I think that is what gives it a little more fluffy charm. If it was too perfect it wouldn’t look the same.

Attaching the garland to the frame took about two minutes.

Many of you asked (back when this was a garland how many squares I used). I tried to count them after I made the wreath, and to be honest, I gave up because it was too much trouble. But there are hundreds of squares.

How To Make a Felt Wreath

Gather lots of felt (you can use what whatever colors you want, I used a white, a cream and a taupe) and cut out hundreds of approximately 2 inch squares while you watch a twenty hour holiday movie marathon. Just kidding. It didn’t take that long. If you have sharp sewing scissors this will be super easy. Don’t obsess over the squares, they don’t have to be perfect.

Then you use white dental floss and a needle to string the squares together. Easy! Now you have the garland made!

How to Make a Cozy Winter Felt Wreath

Lay the garland around your wreath frame (I used this wood one). I put a ribbon around the wreath frame at this point just to make it ready to hang when I was all done. You could also hang it with a hook and no ribbon.

I took all of these photos at night so it looks a bit gloomy at my house, sorry. Why oh why does it have to get dark so early?

How to Make a Cozy Winter Felt Wreath

I started wiring it down in the middle of the garland. Use your floral craft wire (I used white) to secure the dental floss to the ring at a few points. Secure it in enough places that your wreath will stay round. You can tie it tight, so the felt smashes in a little bit.

How to Make a Cozy Winter Felt Wreath

Tie and trim the ends of the wire once you are all done tying it to the frame.

How to Make a Cozy Winter Felt Wreath

When you get to where you have the two ends of the garland, you can see how much felt you need to remove in order to make it fit nice and tight. Remove the excess squares and tie the two end of the floss together. Now secure that portion to the wreath frame.

I hung a bell on mine, but that is optional. You could remove it after Christmas or hang something else, or hang nothing at all.

How to Make a Cozy Winter Felt Wreath

Voila, you made a wreath. And it was easy!

Pretty crafty of me, eh?

{Finally I am linking up to a holiday party, sheesh, better late than never?}
How to Make a Cozy Winter Felt Wreath

How to Make a Cozy Winter Felt Wreath

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  1. Very cute idea!

  2. It doesn’t get any easier than this. I love it!

  3. too cute! I loved your garland last year and was just thinking about it the other day. glad it’s not going to waist!

  4. That wreath is adorable Melissa!! Love it!!


  5. LOVE this!! so fabulous….

  6. Well, isn’t that just yummy! Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Cute! I’ve been obsessed lately with felted wool sweater crafting, and this would be a great use for those scraps. Plus you wouldn’t have to cut half as many squares because a felted sweater is usually several times thicker than storebought felt. It would have a different sort of look but I think it would still be good.

  8. Yes, quite crafty! I love your comment about no dangerous tools. I’m nursing a hot glue burn and can totally appreciate that comment. It is lovely!

  9. LOVE this!!! You are so creative; thanks for the inspiration. My link up to Kate’s craft party is actually inspired by your jingle bell mason jar! Thanks for the awesome posts!

  10. Super cute! I have lame-o scissors too, don’t tell my hairstylist but I trim my bangs with them as well as make crafts. Yep, that’s bad!

  11. I love it with the bell. What a great idea – this is such a pretty and different wreath!

  12. Love it! For those with a rotary cutter, it would go VERY quickly.

  13. I’m a sucker for wreaths.

  14. Great idea again! You are so creative! Thanks for sharing! Please visit my blog today and find out about the love letter sent to all of us!

  15. Rose in Ohio says

    Perfect cozy welcome for the guest room door!

  16. ummm, this is darling. i love that it is cozy and warm…festive and fun, without being overbearingly themed. so cute! :) thanks for the really sweet idea. you’re full of them!

  17. This is a beautiful wreath! I saw you on Tatertots and Jello, love this idea with felt! I am your newest follower!

  18. love this! the softness and the big bell and the colours are fantastic!

  19. Yes, very crafty, and it looks great! I’m wondering if strips of felt gathered with needle and thread would “have the look” without cutting all those felt patches. Probably not…too frilly. I need two somethings for my cabinet and am not going to purchase what I really want…red cranberry wreaths. Anyway, you’ve got me thinking. That’s good, right?

  20. Wow this is so cool! You post the neatest stuff ;-) I am not crafty by no means but I really want to try this! I can do this lol Thank you for this wonderful blog and posting all your cool crafts! Have a great day!

  21. i absolutely adore the colors you chose. it looks wonderful!

  22. Holy cow, that is adorable and way to be re-use with grace…looks lovely.

  23. Terrific idea and I love the bell! The colors are perfect!

    Go Melissa! Look at you! And you haven’t been injured or anything!

    Big hugs!

  24. This is soo cute!!! Great idea!

  25. This is adorable Melissa! Simple, yet so sweet. It looks lovely!

  26. I’ve been looking for a new unique wreath for my front door. Thanks Melissa this looks very easy and doable!!

  27. Melissa, this is so cute and cozy indeed! I cannot imagine how long it must have taken you to make that garland last year! Glad to see it reinvented in such a fun way.

  28. AmericKim's Home says

    Very Crafty Indeed! It is beautiful.

  29. Thanks for this tutorial!

    I have posted my first giveaway on my blog. It is a gift card from CSN Stores and I would love if you all could enter!

  30. Very cute. This is my favorite winter color combo. Thanks for the inspiration.

  31. this is beautiful! so fuzzy and warm looking. I would walk by it everyday and want to touch it hehe! Did you use expensive felt or just average felt from the fabric store?

  32. The colors you picked look so pretty together!

  33. Looks brill..wonder if i could do it with scraps of material..have loads?

  34. I love it! Very cute!

  35. This is so simple and cute! Perfect! =-D

  36. Super cute! I would love if you come over and link up your wreath to Sassy Sites Christmas party! :)

    xoxo!! Marni @ Sassy Sites!

  37. I love it. Can I have yours?

  38. Super clever idea…especially for those of us who cant count “sewing” as one of our talents :)


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