My Secret House Cleaning Ritual REVEALED.

My Secret House Cleaning Ritual REVEALED.

You already know about the four daily routines I use to keep my house Clean Enough, but I have a secret little ritual that takes house cleaning from something I would rather avoid to something almost pleasurable. Want to know what it is?

My secret ritual

My Secret House Cleaning Ritual REVEALED.

First, I make myself a tasty delicious smelling coffee, next I grab my favorite cleaning products, turn on some tunes, turn on my diffuser, and THEN I start puttering around the house getting things clean.

So why does that ritual work for me?

Most of you who read my blog regularly might remember that I adore Alexandra Stoddard. One of the things I appreciate about her is she understands how important involving all of our senses is in the process of daily rituals.

In one of my favorite books of all time “Living a Beautiful Life” Alexandra wrote:

“Being happy and peaceful, especially at home…is the goal: stimulating the senses is one way to start. I’ve learned to tease myself into doing necessary and useful tasks by stimulating my senses as I go along.”

I agree totally — I have to TRICK myself into enjoying daily chores like cleaning or laundry. If I put on some music and only use products that smell great and look pretty I can actually enjoy the process!

Awhile back my husband brought home a counter cleaner and proceeded to clean the counters for me. Nice, huh? But suddenly I couldn’t STAND the smell of my house! It reeked! My counters actually smelled like spicy Italian sausage. Gah, who wants their counters to stink like SAUSAGE when there is no Italian food anywhere in sight? ANYONE? I was appalled that anyone would make a product that was so stinky!!

I rummaged around to see what in the world he had cleaned with and it was some product labeled with the scent “basil.”

Ha! We won’t be buying that product again. You want your home to be “squeaky clean, not STINKY clean!”

My Secret House Cleaning Ritual REVEALED.

Sometimes I catch myself thinking about cleaning just so I can get out my pretty bottles and smell the wonderful scents! I’ve been known to want to strap a good smelling candle to my nose all day, that is how much a good scent means to me!

The other day I had my diffuser going when my daughters came home from college, and they marveled over how great our house smelled, it was HEAVENLY! Lately I’ve been loving lemon and geranium!

Quick little faux-cleaning tip for you.

Take your counter spray and spray a little whiff of it on your door frame. Your house will smell divine every time you walk through or open and shut the door. And your husband will assume you’ve been cleaning today instead of reading blogs. Yes. You’re welcome.

My Favorite Natural Cleaning Product


  1. They had a peppermint vanilla scent a coupke of years ago that was divine at this time of year! And of course my FAVE…geranium.

  2. I’ve never tried them because they aren’t sold in our Walmart–however, with everyone raving about them I need to get on the train! :)

  3. Okay, I want your coffee maker!

    • Ha, it is pretty awesome I have to admit :-) But sometimes I am just as happy with powdered Cafe Vienna :-)

      • do a post about your coffee maker. I’m looking for “special” coffee maker and need some help. Would love to know what you think of yours!!

        • I love mine…it is actually my mom’s but she had two, so she left one at my house for us. It makes DELICIOUS coffee and I am completely addicted to my machine now!

  4. a few years back when they came to a store here in RI I tried the geranium and LOVED it. Now we use the basil, but I want to go back to the geranium after that :)

  5. I love Mrs. Meyer’s products! My favorite scent is the lemon verbena! You are so right about pleasant scents making housecleaning more enjoyable – I actually look forward to cleaning when I can use a Mrs. Meyer’s product! One other trick I like to use is to put a few drops of lavender essential oil on a cotton ball and vacuum it up – it really freshens the air while vacuuming! I also use a little lavender essential oil with water in a spray bottle as an ironing or linen spray. It’s a pleasure to make the bed up with a little lavender linen spray!

  6. Love Mrs. Meyers products, usually find them at our local Target (although limited selection) and Whole Foods. Will check out Walmart! The products smell divine.
    Love Alexandra Stoddard too. I have had her books for years and refer back to them often.

  7. I love Mrs. Meyers too. In fact I was part of a “favorite things” link and Mrs. Meyers was on my list.Geranium is my favorite scent but I also have a small amount of gingerbread left that only use in December.

  8. Oh thanks so much. Will definitely try them and you’re right – – the bottles are pretty enough to decorate with. But the best part is buying more blog time! Thanks.

  9. I so agree with tricking yourself! AND I scored big this weekend at TJMaxx – two – yes TWO of the Iowa pine cleaning kits! My husband just shook his head that someone would get excited over cleaning products. Oh well, it’s the little things in life that make it wonderful, right?
    Happy cleaning!

  10. You and the Nester are making me want to clean–which is a strange feeling for me :) I have my basic routines, but rarely bust out with a cleaning desire. I need some Mrs. Meyer’s in my life.

  11. I saw the Iowa Pine cleaning kits at Marshall’s last week. I bet they aren’t still there now. I should’ve been impulsive and gotten them.

  12. I haven’t ever tried those – but if they smell good enough to make me want to clean – perhaps I will have to!!

  13. Living a Beautiful Life is one of my favorite books too! I am looking for Mrs Meyers cleaning supplies and may have to buy them online while there is free shipping. I would have thought our Walmart would have them (we are the capital city of Virginia!) but so far, no go. Thanks for this post. I love cleaning posts (it’s like reading Shape magazine and feeling fit afterward!) :)

  14. LOVE. Mrs Meyers! I have been a faithful user for years. I use the Lemon Verbena on an everyday basis but fell in love with the Iowa Pine last year. Still on the hunt for it this year so i guess I am heading to Marshalls!

  15. Mrs. Meyers sounds like a wonderful product. However, I just visited the Mrs. Meyers site and the prices seem a little high to me. Baking soda and vinegar are great inexpensive cleaning supplies even though their aroma is not as appealing.

  16. I love Alexandra Stoddard too!! I think we should all enjoy our homes more. I will be on the look out for Mrs Meyer products. Right now I am stuck on Fabuloso in the orchard scent. It makes me want to clean and that is a GOOD Thing as Martha Stewart would say!

  17. Who me?…reading blogs instead of cleaning?…your faux-cleaning tip cracked me up this morning.

  18. I got the basil dish soap and until it ran out, I’d fill the sink full of hot soapy water each morning, (after the dishes were done) just to have the smell in my kitchen and to use to clean up the little messes that occur all morning.

  19. I love, love Mrs. Myers products…with Lemon Verbena being my favorite. I was sad when she quit making her linen spray…always loved my linen clothes ironed with Lemon Verbena. I couldn’t believe it when I saw her products at my Wal-mart…I always had to order it or get it at my local Fresh Market. Mmmmm…I think I need to go clean my counter tops!

  20. LOVE this idea. I’m going to check out WalMart for sure.

  21. I love the smell of Mrs. Meyers. However, I was using the counter spray on my countertops and would notice a buildup developing. I would try to resolve by watering it down but it still was building up. Does anyone else have this problem or knows how to fix? I can get my kids to clean the kitchen with no whining when I let them use that spray.Thanks.

    • I have shiny black granite? why? and noticed when I used the counter top SCRUB that it left a little cloudyness–I wiped it with plain water twice and it went away.

      I bet if you use the concentrate bottle of all purpose cleaner and use that to make your own countertop spray you won’t have that problem. If you read the side of the bottle on the counter spray it says they add a little bit of some kind of oil in the counter spray, I wonder if that’s what makes it not as shiny? Make your own and leave out the extra oil?

      Just a thought?

    • Yes, I bet it is the oil. I have shiny granite that gets that way with certain products but using a concentrate and mixing it at less strength has helped too…we could ask Mrs. Meyers. I bet she would know.

  22. I use lemon verbena, but I think I’m going to have to branch out and buy some more now that I know they might be at my Walmart!

  23. Good morning Melissa. Just had to tell you that my morning devotion at Proverbs 31 Ministries ( was all about scents too. Check it out. Isn’t it great how God works? He must want me to have good smells in my life today! (: Have a gloriously good smelling day today.

  24. I printed my Mrs. Myers coupon!!

    Could you please tell us about your coffee maker? I’m serious – I’m in the market for a new one but can’t afford a Miele!

  25. I read your about your devotion to Mrs. Meyers and thought, oh, how good can it be?!?! I bought the counter spray, because I had just run out of Sparkle, and LOVED it!! It took off grime above my oven that I had been trying to get off for months! And I used it on the counters, stainless fridge, faucets, and mirrors! LOVE it!! Thank you for raving! :) I love the lemon scent too!

  26. Okay, so I’ve NEVER heard of Mrs. Meyers! What’s up with that? I must find some soon! :)

  27. Haven’t tried Mrs. Meyers products…but will look for them now. DH and I split the housecleaning and always have. He goes in one direction and I go in the other…except that I am the kitchen nazi as he calls me…have to wipe down the counters at least 20 times a day…lol I hate vacuuming so he does that and he hates dusting so I do that. I learned a long time ago to not criticize him when he makes any type of iniciative around the house…and it works ;) If he’s doing something differently than I would do it…I simply leave the room…what you don’t see doesn’t hurt you right? I love Alexandra and her philosphies for living a beautiful life and own all of her books as well. Thanks for sharing today. Fondly, Roberta

    • Ha, that is so funny. My husband didn’t like the way I folded laundry so now I let him do it :-) I’m happy to let him and I agree totally, I just keep quiet about his methods because I’d rather see it DONE than done by him than done my way by ME! lol!

  28. I think I have to build a ritual around my cleaning, too. Reading your post, I almost want to get up and clean. (But I will sit on the sofa until the feeling passes, hehe.)

    I regularly put a bit of lavender on the floor before vacuuming. Whenever I turn on the vacuum it smells nice. It also works with a drop of scented oil on the filter.

    I loved your faux cleaning tip. :-) Do you have a faux laundry folding tip for me, too?

  29. I love the Lemon Verbena! Everytime I use it my husband says “It smells good in here!”

  30. I love that – “your husband will assume you’ve been cleaning today, instead of reading blogs.” Bwah ha ha!

  31. I have not tried them………but I keep spying them in our WalMart…I think I need to make a run to WalMart now! Thanks Melissa!

  32. Melissa….I LOVE your cleaning tips! And this…”And your husband will assume you’ve been cleaning today instead of reading blogs. Yes. You’re welcome.”

    And, I LOVE Mrs. Meyers! Geranium is my FAVORITE, but a few years ago, they had Gingerbread! I cannot tell you how happy that made me! :)

  33. I used to use Mrs Meyers when I had a cleaning business when I was younger! Stuff smells ridiculously awesome! I sure am glad I didnt run into that basil scented stuff that Jerry did.. HAHA! :)

    Great tips about how to get into cleaning, and you are right we need to involve our senses more. I need to get into that mood for myself this week when I have the time..

  34. I love your tips-
    trick yourself into doing the chores you hate (LAUNDRY)
    and spray a whiff of scent on your door frame. Genius!
    Off to Walmart to buy Melissa- thank you! ;)

  35. I’m putting this on my shopping list! WOW! Thank you for sharing this. I LOVE my house to be and smell clean. I can’t wait to try these!

  36. I will be going to Walmart!!! I LOOOOOVE lovely smells. That is why I started making my own candles and soap.

    And Alexandra Stoddard is my favorite! I love how inspiring her books are. I have several of them. She’s my hero!

    I do the same thing though when I have an unpleasant task (like cleaning or paperwork) light candles, put on music, make a cup of something wonderful. It sure does help. :o)

  37. Marilyn Holeman says

    I checked my spam folder before dumping it, and there was “The Inspired Room.” What?! Then I saw the title of your blog post and had to laugh. Thanks for the tip. Anything that will make me WANT to clean is worth checking out. And I, too, love Alexandra Stoddard.

    Have a blessed, beautiful-smelling day!

  38. Love these products! I’ve used them for years. Lavender is my all year favorite. But last year I found the pine scent at Target for Christmas time. I agree that we must trick ourselves and if wonderful smells can do it, then go for it. I treat myself to tea and a square of chocolate when I finish.

    I have made washing dishes tolerable too but this method. I lather up my hands with lotion and put on gloves. Run the water hot as I can and add the Lavender dish soap. This may be a stretch – but it’s like a spa treatment for my hands!

  39. You are so lucky! Must be nice getting free stuff :) I love Mrs. Meyers as well!

  40. Love Mrs. Meyer’s! Basil is my favorite scent. I use it all the time and have recommended it to so many.

    I have a bone to pick though…..I can’t find the seasonal scent, Orange Clove, anywhere. It’s sold out online, weeks ago! No stores around here have it. What’s up?!

    love this post!

  41. you’ve got me sold. Anything… a.n.y.thing to help make cleaning something i enjoy, I just googled Mrs. Meyers and am happy to report Canadian Tire offers her counter spray. I’m off to get me a little cleaning inspiration.

  42. My favorite cleaning products are the farmhouse products. They have the best scents and the packaging is so nice, a little hard to find though.

  43. jodi stoudt says

    i adore your blog, mrs. meyers, and alexandra stoddard. i want to marry you, we would have the happiest cleanest home around. :)

  44. Kim-todays creative blog says

    I LOVE and ADORE Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products! Thanks for the coupon!

  45. I’m still laughing over the faux cleaning tip….

  46. I just purchased my first Mrs. Meyer’s products last week and have been quietly kicking myself for not trying them sooner. I am totally a *mood* cleaner and the reward of her squeaky fresh scents makes me WANT to clean. I bought lemon verbena and LOVE it, but I look forward to trying more scents soon.

  47. I just picked up a cute little 4 pack carton of Mrs Meyers Iowa Pine. Found it at Marshalls for $10. Loved it all except for the dish soap. Not really wanting my dishes to smell like pine. But I love the counter spray!

  48. Such a fun post! Cleaning your house is good for the soul! I’ve tried several products and my favorites are Cucina Fruits and Passion spray cleaners (any of their scents), Method Lavender glass cleaner, and Mrs. Meyer’s Rose Geranium dish soap. I even added a Cucina spray to my list of “scrumptious gifts!”

  49. I haven’t used those products, but I’m always buying new cleaning products, LOL, so that will be next on my list. I do however, employ your tactics of music, and yummy candles while cleaning. It just seems to make everything go faster!

  50. I loved your quick little faux-cleaning tip. Cracked me up this afternoon! And…I’m totally trying it today:)

  51. i have never tried them but the bottles are super cute! and i agree that when the senses are involved in a positive way it makes even scrubbing the tub (my LEAST fave job ever) a good thing. :)

  52. Ahh, so wonderful to hear of other Mrs. Meyer’s lovers! I have a little blurb on my blog about Thelma Meyer. Here is the link if you want to read it. She lives less than a mile from me and is the absolute most wonderful lady I have ever met

    I use all her products and love a good, clean smelling house too! Lavender is my favorite!

  53. Ok, you inspired me. I had never used Mrs Meyers before, but after reading your blog posts I stopped at the huge display in my local grocer. After spending a quite blissful 10 minutes smelling all the scents I decided on “Basil” and got some countertop spray (I was quite smitten with “Geranium,” but I knew my husband would be less enthusiastic about that one). And I always clean the house on Sunday – so we used it in the kitchen, bathrooms, and windowsills. Holy good smell. Love it.

  54. Love Mrs. Meyers stuff…they all smell so great! Thank you for the coupon Melissa!

  55. I’ve never used Meyers. I do use Method cleaning products. But I’m up for trying some new fresh and clean scents. Thanks!

  56. Oh wow! I like the different flavors they have! I would have to say basil for the kitchen, maybe lavender for the livving room and something floral for the bathroom. That’s what I would use! Are they baby and pet safe?

  57. Oh I just love the Meyer products! My favorite is the Lavender one- I use the general cleaning solution for almost everything. I like to keep a good spray bottle filled with water and a couple of tablespoons of the cleaner for most cleaning jobs- works great on small surfaces and especially handy for cleaning the shower.

    My family is very sensitive to the chemicals in most cleaning products, so finding a safe alternative was important… Mrs Meyers works well and the wonderful scents are our reward for having to do the cleaning!

    Thanks for tips too… I will have to use that one for more blog time! hehee

  58. I am deeply in LOVE with Meyers products. They have the most incredible candles. You know me, “Miss -budget in the candles-” I always must have a Meyers candle burning – they make the best smelling ‘kitchen candles’. Great for removing ‘fish’ smells and the like after a night of eating fish. :)

  59. I love the simple labels. I hate the smell of cleaning products in particular sunlight dishsoap. Next time I am at walmart I am going to take a look in the cleaning aisle and see what I can find.

  60. Goodness Melissa…you actually are making me think that cleaning can be fun! ;) These products are so beautiful though. I love the way you can see them through your cabinet. Definitely going to check them out!

  61. I went to the Mrs. Meyer website, and saw the Lemon Verbena products contain citric acid. I have granite and was told you should not use any products with that in it..but I see several of you have granite also. I guess you are not having any problems?

  62. I new to your blog and I absolutely love it and have become ”inspired” about my life and home. I cant wait to try Mrs Meyers products Im going to Walmart tomorrow to look for them. I love and ADORE Alexandra Stoddard I have many of her books that I have packed away and forgot all about Im going to re-read them all now. Thank you !

  63. I love Mrs. Meyer’s products, especially the basil scented liquid hand soap.

  64. I LOVE Mrs. Meyers products!
    I have the basil scent and it really makes me happy.
    In fact, when I first smelled it in the store I was blown away by how wonderfully inviting the scent was :)

  65. I adore Mrs. Meyer’s products but think my fave is the geranium hand soap. It smells heavenly. I keep it at the kitchen sink since I am the only person in the house who washes their hands there, and therefore I get the soap all to myself. :) [I put cheap boring soap in the boys’ bathroom since it just gets squirted everywhere and not appreciated.]

  66. Wonder if that trick would work for my kids? Hmmm, might have to try that ;) I have used Mrs Meyers and love it-grateful for the coupon because it’s time to get some more!

  67. Thanks for this incredible inspiration! I really needed to read this post. My house is generally a disaster and I know my whole family would be so much happier if we could keep things a bit cleaner. It’s a slippery slope once toys and projects come out but your idea of lighting a candle and creating a ritual out of cleaning and laundry just might help those tasks move to the top of my list. I have not used Mrs. Meyers and don’t have a Walmart near me :-( but I will certainly be on the lookout for their products. I think Target might carry them. Thanks again! I’m off to start a load of laundry.

  68. So funny you wrote a post about Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products today..I’ve used them for a few years now and just stocked up on some at the grocery store this morning (it’s been awhile since I had them around).

    I totally agree w/ you about the whole experience being a pleasant one….it sure helps!

  69. Cyndi Spivey says

    Love, love, love them!! Lavender is my favorite and it does make cleaning much more enjoyable!! I haven’t tried their candles yet so now I’m dying to go out and get one but since I’m in my pajamas I’ll wait until tomorrow! :-)

  70. I had to come back and tell you, I went to the grocery store and they are carrying the Orange Clove products! After reading this post, I had to try it, so bought a candle and it is absolutely wonderful — so clean smelling!

  71. I also love Mrs. Meyers! I also use Method Daily Granite for my countertops though.. great scent!

  72. I ahve never SEEN Mrs. Meyers products but now want to try them!!!! I was just at Walmart today but will check next time to see if they carry them! Thanks for the info! XO, Pinky

  73. They have a line of Baby laundry soap and dryer sheets that smelled so good, I couldn’t do enough baby laundry! I keep a box of the dryer sheets in my laundry area and smell it all the time and it reminds of me of my baby’s even though they are big now!

  74. I will try this product. I’ve always wanted to but felt it might be frivolous but since it’s so much more affordable at Walmart I figure I owe it to myself to enjoy the fragrance of the cleaning products when I clean which is more often than I like to admit! Thanks Melissa!

  75. Orange Spice, orange spice, oh my word! Smells like Russian tea mix I used to with my mom when I was little. I love it! Bought it on Amazon. The lemon verbena counter spray did not go over well here. I have the lavender which is being tolerated, but I’m the one cleaning so who cares!


  76. Melissa – you rock! {{‘nough said}}

  77. I love Alexandra Stoddard!!!!!!!
    never tried these, but I always wanted to!

  78. I have long been a fan of Alexandra Stoddard. Did you know that if you write her a letter, she sends back a lovely hand written note? Mine is taped inside the cover of “Living a Beautiful Life?”

    Do you know if Mrs. Meyer has a cleaner for granite? My new aparment has granite and I am unsure how to clean it.


  79. Thank you so much for the tips on Mrs. Meyers’ products! I will check out our Walmart to see if they stock it. Thanks also for the tip on Alexandra Stoddard books. I’ve ordered the one that was mentioned, along with a second book of hers, and I’m anxiously awaiting them to arrive. I’m obsessed with things that smell wonderful. I put a few drops of lavendar essential oil in a large spray bottle and spray it everywhere. It gives a light scent that’s not overpowering. We should all be surrounded by good smells and lovely sights – especially in our own homes! :) We’re definitely worth it, aren’t we?

  80. Love your post. Anyone who loves mrs. meyers, candles and coffee is my new BFF :) thanks for posting :)

  81. Heather Kendrick says

    I have never tried Mrs. Meyers and I see that it is reasonably priced. But how does it clean? I currently use Lysol products – I really like the way they clean and they don’t smell too horrible. Would you say that Mrs. Meyers cleans as good as Lysol?

  82. Has anyone tried the “Snap Pea” scent? I’ve seen it on Amazon but can’t imagine how that would smell. Thanks!

  83. The coffee is the critical part!
    I like to always set a “mood” when I’m doing something that I particularly don’t want to do. Like book keeping.

    I have never tried Meyer’s products, but since you offered me a coupon, I’ll give it a try. I generally make my cleaning supplies, but I like the Meyer’s bottles. Maybe I’ll have to get a stash of bottles and add my own cleaning products. Essential oils is the key to nice smelling cleaning products in my opinion.

    Thank you for the coupon offer.

  84. I went to Walmart today and bought the basil candle and the counterspray. Wonderful clllleeeeaaaannnn smell all day. I may have to go back for others tomorrow. They didn’t have the geranium at my store just basil, lavender and lemon. I might even clean inside my vehicle with it…hheehhehheeee

  85. Oh my goodness! I had never heard of Mrs. Meyer’s products until I read about it here. My hands get really painfully chapped and dry in the winter and nothing ever helped – lotions, balms, oils, etc. had no effect. I always considered that the culprits were the cleaning products I used. So, I had nothing to lose by ordering Mrs. Meyer’s. My products arrived today. I got 2 of the cleaning products gift sets (for myself) – in Lemon Verbena and Basil. The first thing I did was to use the hand soap. After I rinsed, I couldn’t believe how good my hands felt. By just using the soap, my hands felt as if I had used a very fine lotion on them. They’re super soft and smooth feeling. I asked DH to check them out and he agreed! I’m sold and plan to also order the body care products as well. Thanks so much for all of your reviews and opinions on these products! Amazing that products that are so good smelling are actually very effective!!!

  86. Thanks!!! I think I have now found a way to possibly like to clean!

  87. I love Mrs. Meyers. Our store only carries 2 scents most of the time and sometimes only 1. I love the lavendar scent. I love your blog too. Thank you for the great info on how to not get overwhelmed with house cleaning.

  88. Wow, you just made me really want to go out and get new cleaning products! while I do use some green products (greenworks) not all of mine are that. I have always loved the way meyers packaged her products and am always drawn to them when I am shopping! I think I will make it a must to try them when I run out next time~

  89. I didn’t know you loved Alexandra Stoddard–me, too!!!!! Awesome!! :) I adore this idea of involving the senses–I am thrilled to start trying that out (I kinda hate to clean)!
    How fun is that!?!

  90. Want all-natural cleaning products… try Watkins. Clean without harsh toxins. Easy-to-use spray and wife formula, streak-free, earth -friendly cleaners. 5 scents: Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon, Orange and Aloe & Green Tea.


  91. I’m really late to this Mrs. Meyers party but I wanted to share… I love all of her products EXCEPT for the Surface Scrub. I usually buy Bon Ami powder for my glass cooktop but when I ran out I thought I’d try Mrs. Meyers. I did not like it. I love all of the scents but for some reason, the surface scrub is way too potent. The powder becomes airborne and it really burned my nose. It also lingered for a long time. I had to open all the windows and air out the house after using it. I have only tried the Lemon Verbena so perhaps the other scents are not as strong but I will not be buying the Surface Scrub again.

  92. Tara Howes says

    I laughed so hard I startled my dog when i read your tip about spraying the door frame so my husband doesn’t know i have been reading blogs. HILARIOUS! I am off to do that now. haha

  93. I use Mrs. Meyer’s products. They especially make washing the bathroom floor tolerable. I have lavender all purpose cleaner and tried honeysuckle because it was on sale. I use method and Dr. Bronner’s too. For laundry, I like Seventh Generation. I use Bon Ami and Barkeeper’s Friend in the kitchen sink.

  94. I am so inspired by your routines I had to write and say thank you – Thanks so much – I will be implementing so many of your suggestions immediately and they will have such a positive effect on my life. :)



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