Before & After Wreath:
Dressed up for the holidays

Before & After Wreath: <br>Dressed up for the holidays

I love to reuse what I have.

I am trying to be as frugal as I can be.

Here is what this wreath looked like before (sorry for the pathetic photo).

Before & After Wreath: <br>Dressed up for the holidays

I put it out in the garage a year ago and forgot about it. I have had this apple wreath for years and years and while it is cute, I was getting tired of it.

This year it got a little holiday makeover with some green Christmas balls and a touch of coastal as an accent, just for fun. So easy, just pulled the apples out and stuck in the ornaments. Would I ever do anything if it was complicated? I think not.

After Christmas I’ll pull the green ornaments out and voila, the wreath will be de-holiday-fied.

Yes, for those of you who are observant, I have already moved my plate I showed you yesterday. Nothing stays the same around here for long.

Are you getting tired of seeing that one little corner of my dining room? Ha! Yeah. I took new photos showing off my paint from other angles and I’ll post ’em soon, I promise.

Oh, I also revamped another wreath for over my mantel, I’ll show you that too!

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Happy holly-day!
Before & After Wreath: <br>Dressed up for the holidays


  1. I love your wreath with the green ornaments on it! Looks great there! Funny how we get stuck in one place in the house. I’ve just finished a bedskirt for my daughter’s room & if I post about it tomorrow, that will be the 3rd post for her room in little over a week! Hmmm, now if I could only get a headboard made for her! I love seeing whatever corner of your house you show us!

  2. One starfish is all you need to give a beautiful simple green wreath that bit of an extra!! I’m all into green wreaths this year. Love yours!!

  3. Franki Parde says:

    More emblishment is….more! Nice! franki

  4. Barbara (WA) says:

    The FIRST thing I thought was “isn’t that where the plate was?” Haha! But the wreath is beautiful and I don’t mind seeing any corner more than once.

  5. Hi Melissa! Oh, you did a wonderful job redoing your wreath.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. I love wreaths – especially over mantles. I have a huge mirror over my mantle for so long now, perhaps it’s add a wreath! wonderful and inspiring photos Melissa!!

  7. This is beautiful Melissa!

  8. The first thing I noticed was that you moved the plate… What you did with your wreath is very nice and fresh and must make you love it all over again. Such a big punch for such a simple thing.

  9. I love that you repurposed something you already have. I am really trying to do that this year as well, rather than spending on all new.

  10. VERY pretty wreath Melissa!
    Love those leaves!


  11. I can hardly believe it’s the same wreath. What a makeover!

    Did you use a glue gun? I so need to get me one of those.


    • Nope. A glue gun is too much trouble. I just weave the little sticks from the wreath around the hanger on the ornament!

  12. Very nice! I like that color green on those ornaments. My new favorite green for Christmas, much better than crayon green. =)

  13. Frugal AND festive! I love it! I just received several ornaments from a party I went to…and now I am eyeing my same old wreath, thinking that just maybe I can dress that tired thing up.

  14. Love the limey-green ornaments.

    Do not love the “the Thread” ad. Totally fine with sponsorship, but this one shouts at me about my jeans when I accidentally scroll over it…ugh, very annoying on an otherwise fun and inspiring blog.

  15. Melissa, I love how you use things (like that easel from the Dayspring memo board) in different ways. Such a great idea with the wreath. I am like you in that I work on a corner for a while until I love it and then I move on…

  16. Adorable and DONE!
    I picked the candy corn off my foam wreath form and I think I’ll cover it with miniature candy canes for a redo.

  17. Alice Adams says:

    I loved when you used the wreath for every season by just changing a few things on it. One of my favorite memories is having all my family at the house and we all form a circle and have the blessing before we eat our meal. I always feel so connected to these people and very blessed to have them as my family. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  18. Wow what a great job on re-vamping your wreath! It looks beautiful!


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