Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Awhile back I had a Home Depot gift card from a return and I wanted to use it up.  As I wandered around the garden center looking for a little hope of spring I stumbled upon this Fiddle Leaf Fig. While I have no hint of a green thumb whatsoever, I still love having plants around. Both my mom and my grandma always had trees and plants inside and out, so they just feel like home to me!

I really like the large dark green leaves on this tree (the leaves are pruned so it is in a tree shape), they just add a nice pop of green and a sculptural feeling in the room.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

It fit perfectly in the basket we used for our woodland Christmas tree so that works for now. I was thinking of using a cool old pot for it, but don’t have one of those handy. I set a disposable roast pan under the plant inside to catch any drips from watering.  I just water it once a week and it seems fine with that. I’ve only had the tree for maybe two months, but so far it is still alive! YAY! That is good news, right?

It does have a few brownish spots on the edges of some leaves. Not really sure what those mean, but I guess I should find out in case it is something I can fix! Maybe it needs a little more water? Less? I don’t know!

Fiddle Leaf Fig

I’m not sure how happy the Fiddle Leaf Fig will be here next to the fireplace long term, but since spring is here and the fireplace won’t be on quite as much as during the winter, I’m going to give it a try and see what happens! It may end up next to the window in our front room. But I really like how it fills up my otherwise bare corner in the family room.

Here are some other house plants I’ve added recently: the coffee table plants and the teacup gardens!

Do you know anything about Fiddle Leaf Figs and how to care for them?
Feel free to share any tips or tricks in the comments, I’d love to hear your experience!


  1. You probably mentioned this a thousand times but where did you get that rug…it’s beautiful!

    • Thanks! It’s from and we love it! It is so durable. It is an indoor outdoor Safavieh rug.

      • Thank you!

      • yes love the rug too!

      • melissa mcintyre says

        I ALMOST bought that SAME rug from Overstock! We went with a similar one in a herringbone pattern with varying shades of gray and gold instead for our livingroom (hubby liked it better!) I love it, but I love yours too! I may buy it for our bedroom when I save up some funds again! :-)

      • Do you find that these type of outdoor rugs stay in place or are they really thin and move around like a flat weave rug? I love the look of it but hoping to get one that will stay in place. I have a flat weave that looks gorgeous but even with a pad underneath moves and around and is hard to vacuum.

        Also, love the room, love the fig, love it all.

  2. Still need to buy myself one, but this page seems really helpful.

  3. I have no clue about fiddle leaf figs…never even heard of them. But it is really a great looking plant and I want one. I didn’t see one at Home Depot when I was there buying plants not that long ago…I wonder if they all have them. I need another plant and I’m going to do some investigating to see if I can find one. It looks so pretty in your house.

    • Thanks! I hope you find one! :-)

    • We got ours at Ikea! We’ve had it for about 6 years. Some leaves fell off in the beginning, but it is doing well. I like to say the reason we had to vault our ceiling was to accommodate it. Melissa, I LOVE your blog!!

  4. Hi Melissa! I just have to tell you – every time I visit your blog I end up just milling around in it! Your home is just gorgeous! I am getting ready to do some repainting and pulling down wallpaper =oO so your home is full of inspiration for me! Hugs, Lisa

    • Hi Lisa, aw THANK YOU so much! I’m glad you find some inspiration when you visit. Creating a home is a labor of love, isn’t it? It takes time but is so worth it. I remember pulling down LOTS of wallpaper in our old house! Good luck! :-)

  5. Kelly McK says

    Oh my goodness I love it! I’ve been crushing on those for a while now, it looks beautiful in your home :)

  6. Stephanie says

    Usually browning on Fiddle Leaf Figs means too much water. Typically underwatering results in yellow leaves at the bottom of the plant. FLF’s like to dry out in between waterings. You’ve got a good looking plant!

  7. I don’t really know anything about fiddle leaf figs except that I want one and they need LOTS of light (which means it probably wouldn’t be good in my house). Two months is a great record! I like the basket it’s in, too. :)

  8. I haven’t had much luck with mine, but I definitely have a brown thumb! Love the way yours looks in your beautiful room – great pillow fabric!!

  9. I love how a pop of green just MAKES a room feel alive! And I love plants like this with large broad green leaves. Lookin’ good! :-)

  10. sadly have had two and the brown spots grew till the plant was ugly. I give up.

  11. Please be careful to not overwater. That is the most common cause of killing houseplants. It also helps to fertilize — probably about once a month. I love “Hasta-Grow” which I buy at Home Depot.

  12. I just saw a picture of a fiddle leaf fig in a Better Homes and Gardens issue and decided it was the perfect tree to have in a basket indoors! Great big, green leafs! Someday, I’ll join you.

  13. The plant and that rug are stunning. I just love that kind of blue.

  14. Hi Melissa,
    Love the fig and the room. Trying to source one of the figs this weekend :)
    I had a question about the rug. sell a black/beige or a grey/beige version. What colour is yours??

  15. I didn’t even know my house was missing anything until I added some “green”! I bought some jade plants and could NOT believe the difference it made. I’ve wanted a fig for awhile too; I think I’ll do it!

  16. I have had a FLF for over a decade… maybe more. It started as an office plant, and then when we moved our office home, it became part of the family. We’ve gone through some molting {leaves just fell off} but it weathered that storm and it continues to thrive… much to my neglect and disdain. I finally figured out the source for my discontent. Perhaps it was the faux-chrome 1970s pot it was planted in. Got a new planter, but haven’t transplanted her yet {now that I’m invested, “it’s” now a “she.”} and am waiting until spring actually shows up so I don’t scare the leaves off of her again.
    Yours is beautiful, and you’ve inspired me to embrace my girl and polish her leaves and give her the respect she deserves!

  17. As others have stated, be careful not to over water and ensure it gets lots of light. For the one in our office, we put small lights in the pot that pointed up to give the bottom leaves light. I LOVE your website. So much inspiration.

  18. Hi Melissa,

    I have a black thumb but I love having plants in my house. I always buy “hard to kill” plants and I ask lots of questions whenever I visit our local gree

  19. Sorry! Accidentally hit send! Anyway, I ask lots of questions whenever I visit our local greenhouse. According to the folks from the greenhouse FLF’s are harder to kill and the brown edged leaves can either be trimmed or pruned. Your house is gorgeous and I love your fig! Thank you for being a constant source of inspiration and encouragement!

  20. Love the Fiddle Leaf Fig!!! Congrats! Just do not overwater :)

  21. Oh, I love it! Funny, I was just thinking I needed one in our family room. I just saw in an above comment that they like lots of light which is too bad for me since our house doesn’t get much. I think I’ll go to our local nursery and look for an alternative–more expensive than the hardware store but they know their stuff. Good luck with your yours. It’s gorgeous!

  22. Melissa,
    I’ve had problems with the leaves on other house plants getting the brown spots on them. I asked about this problem at a local nursery and was told that sometimes the chlorine in the water used to water the plant will cause the tips of the leaves to turn brown. They told me to let the water set out in a container at least 24 hours before I water the plant. This does help. Your plant is beautiful….I’m going to look for one.

  23. “Plant expert instructed me to haul it outside every 10 days for a thorough soaking. She said little doses of water would work for awhile, but eventually the root ball would die without a good soak. ”

    Check out this blog post – she also feel in love with the plant! She talks about what a plant expert told her to do.

  24. …it has to thrive…all living things want to be in your home!…(i think a little too much water…let it dry out completely…then soak it…dry out again…soak…etc)…blessings laney

  25. Except from too much water, as others have mentionen, leaves also do not like to touch like the wall or other things. They tend to get brown where they touch. :-)

  26. It’s so incredible what a good Home Depot gift card can provide :)

  27. So THAT’S what this plant is! I was given one about 10 years ago and I can’t believe how tall it’s gotten. How did you prune yours? I’d like mine to fill out a little more. It’s a little on the “stalk” side. :-)

  28. We’ve had one in the office where i work for about 7 years. They like A LOT of sun and need to be right in front of a window and only water every couple of weeks. They sort of grow slow but ours does fine in the front reception area.

  29. Lisa Broussard Januska says

    When I was a kid, the mall we use to go to, had this big space under a series of skylights, they had an old one planted there, that must have been 20 foot tall, with big, twisty, gnarly, limbs….they can get quite big!!! But, I’ve always loved them, Mom had one too in our living room, that grew to the ceiling. They are very lovely plants. I remember you posting about yours before, and it reminded me how much I loved that one Mom had, and even looked for one, but have never run across one yet. I’ll have to keep my eye out for one still! Good luck with yours.

  30. The basket the tree is in gives the corner that much more character when you see it from that angle. Great choice.

  31. I’ve been wanting to buy a FLF for a while now. Just might do it this weekend! We’re planning on painting our master bedroom gray. What is the name of the paint used in this room. Thanks!

  32. That plant is gorgeous Melissa, I love how you have pruned it into a tree shape. Another pretty, sculptural plant is the Moose Ear Plant/ Staghorn fern. They are pretty easy to care for! I have been dying to try air plants too… I think I have a good chance of keeping those alive. LOL No sun, no soil, a little misting, easy peasy
    Love your blog, glad I found you!!

  33. I love it, Melissa.
    This room has come together so beautifully.
    You’ve added all of your special touches…love it!

  34. Beautiful plant, and beautiful room! Can you tell me where you got the white pillow with the lovely blue print on the chair? I’m working on placing more blue in my living room which has a lot of reds, and I think this shade of blue with the print would be the perfect way without making the room look patriotic. Thanks so much!!

  35. I love this tree!!! They are so beautiful and add life to any space!! Although, I would probably kill it since I do not have much of a green thumb. Good luck!!!!!

  36. That is a great statement plant! It really adds a nice pop of living color to the corner! I love Home depot for plants, I am partial to the palms.

  37. I have such a black thumb. Any plant I’ve ever owned has died. Who kills a cactus? Me. I’ve been looking for fiddle leaf figs but haven’t come across one locally. None at my Home Depot. I did buy an Easter lily plant (without knowing what it was) a few weeks ago, but its leaves are turning black. Ugh. Apparently I need to hire one of those plant care companies that comes to big corporate offices.

  38. Diane Holland says

    What color is your rug? Looks blue but I cannot find it on overstock. Com. Thanks!

  39. Hi Melissa,
    I have just spent several hours looking at all your posts, this one with your delightful fiddle leaf fig was the reason I found your blog- I am indeed inspired! My fiddle leaf is just a baby but it aspires to look like yours. What an indulgent pleasure it is to trawl through your ideas and my best friend has a chocolate labradoodle – so cute.
    Where did you get your basket from for the fiddle leaf? I’m in Australia but hope to get it online?

  40. Yvonne Cannon says

    Your home is truly amazing! Thanks for sharing pictures!!!!

  41. Hi! I just discovered your website through better Homes and Garden magazine. It is really neat. If you don’t mind, Where did you get that green wire basket on the coffee table?

  42. suggestions on where to shop for that type of basket for my fig?

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