Teacup Gardens {5 Minute Miniature Container Garden}

Teacup Gardens {5 Minute Miniature Container Garden}

When I lived in one of my smallest houses, a sweet little English cottage in Portland, I created a tiny little garden in the back yard where there was previously just an ordinary plot of dirt and scraggly grass.

I didn’t plant a vegetable garden, but more of an English style plant garden with lots of pretty little ground covers, boxwoods, rocks, a little bridge and stone pathways. I adored that yard.

I miss it SO MUCH. But while I haven’t yet done any landscaping here at my house house, I have been enjoying creating small little container and even vertical gardens!

You might remember my vertical pallet flower gardenmy fairy garden and my cute 5 minute gardens from last year!

Teacup Gardens {5 Minute Miniature Container Garden}

I’m not a skilled gardener by any stretch of the imagination, I’m quite certain more plants have died in my care than lived to tell the tale, but I do try. I am obsessed with adorable little plants and really do love to take care of them. As long as they live, that is.

Teacup Gardens {5 Minute Miniature Container Garden}

I do love little succulents, moss and small creeping type plants. Fortunately, those little plants are PERFECT for container gardening or small gardens inside and out! They are easy to care for, simple to plant and obviously the most precious little plants ever. At least I think so!

Teacup Gardens {5 Minute Miniature Container Garden}

I was setting up our table for a Spring Brunch the other day and decided I wanted to use my blue and white teacups as charming miniature container gardens. (Teacups and spring just go together, don’t they? Or is that just me?)

Teacup Gardens {5 Minute Miniature Container Garden}

So, off we went to our local gardening center in search of some of the cutest little plants to fill the teacups. We found the perfect small container plants in the greenhouse.

Literally 5 minutes after we returned home, we had our miniature teacup gardens planted and ready to decorate the spring brunch table!

Teacup Gardens {5 Minute Miniature Container Garden}

They make an adorable window sill garden too! And what a cute Mother’s Day gifts these would be!

Gardening doesn’t get any easier than this! Watering is easy. These plants do not require much water so no need to worry about drainage. Just pick them up out of the cup to mist or water as needed and then put back in the cup!

Aren’t they sweet?

Teacup Gardens {5 Minute Miniature Container Garden}

I’ll show you more of the spring brunch party pictures on Wednesday! We had so much fun!

Similar teacups can be found online here or at many antique stores or flea markets (affiliate link used).

Psssst…Did you see my kitchen remodel?

Do you love miniature container gardens as much as I do?


  1. Love these! Definitely pinning for later.

  2. Beautiful! I’ll have to add this to my Spring “chores” :)

  3. Thats super impressive.. Looks lovely.. Im going to try that too.. :)

  4. Oh, my gosh, these are adorable, Melissa! Just seeing your photos brightened up my dark and rainy morning. :-)

  5. So cute…great idea! The blue & white makes the green pop!

  6. Lovely! A little bit of indoor spring!

  7. Very cute project and a great idea.


  8. Oh I just love these! I adore tiny succulents and have a few little teacups that would be perfect. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. vonda jessup says

    I am a lover of blue and white anything.. what a wonderful idea with the mini plants..I am going to use the idea on the nightstand next to my bed so I can enjoy while reading in bed. Thank you for sharing, Vonda

  10. these are so sweet – love how they look in these pretty little cups. did you put any holes in the cups for water draining? i’m so so with plants, so still learning.

    • No, no need for water holes in the cup. These plants don’t require much water. You can actually pick the plant right up out of the cup and give it a little misting or water and put it back in the cup!

  11. That’s adorable! I would love to try this in my blue willow china teacups. Of course, I’d have to hide them from my mother who gave me the china because she’d have a heart attack, lol.

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!! Just perfect :)
    I was wondering about drainage issues too?….

    • Thanks! :-) No issues with drainage because these plants don’t require lots of water. You can even just pick the plant up and mist it or give it some water and put it back in the cup!

  13. Cups are So British! That’s cute. A bit of spring indoors.
    Nice idea & inspiration.

  14. ADORABLE!!!

  15. could you tell me the name of the plants you bought. please. I want to do this, so adorable

  16. love these! Such a great idea. I can’t wait to try it myself. I just saw some of those cute little tea cup size plants at Lowes the other day.

  17. I love this idea!! I have ever thought of planting something in a teacup! My grandmother collects teacups I’ll have to tell her about this.

  18. I love this idea!!! So cute and now I want to scour antique stores for blue and white tea cups!!

  19. I just did the same project this past weekend with repurposed serving dishes; love this idea and what a great way to create a mini garden and bring Spring in doors. Great post!

  20. Too cute!! Great post. Luv the idea.
    Hugs, Gee

  21. You never cease to show me something I love. I have three antique tea cups and saucers left to me from my great grandma that are packed away. I am digging those babies out! Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. OMG! Sooooo cute! Why is it that I can’t come up with neat ideas like this? The blue in the teacups really set off the green. I love this idea. I need to think of a way to use this. Thank you again for the great idea. I will be passing this idea to my mother.

    Thank you,

  23. This such a cute idea. Even plants I probably won’t kill. It would so cute arranged on a window sill in a kitchen.

  24. Yes!! Container gardening is my fave!!! I can pack so much in a small space and it’s easy peasy to care for too! And it isn’t back-breaking either. After I left the sandy soils of Michigan for the hard clay of NY and then the rocky mountains of PA….Container Gardening is THE BEST!!

    I love your tea cup containers, Melissa…pure sweetness!!

  25. I’ve never been too great at gardening, but I LOVE this teacup idea! Especially the blue and white (my favorite). I think it’s time to get out all my blue and white cups too… Thanks for the idea!

  26. These are so beautiful! Winter makes me miss greenery so much. One of my mini goals this spring is to learn how to keep my plants alive as I have had some terrible luck (or terrible skills!) with houseplants in the past. I guess I am not alone on that one! I always joke that I can take care of a dog, but not a houseplant!

  27. Lanita Anderson says

    I LOVE your teacup gardens….too cute!! I planted succulents a few weeks ago in a glass terrarium, which turned out well, but I love the teacup idea and the colors!! Thanks for sharing!

  28. Oh my how precious! They are so cute! I want to make some! Such a great idea!!

  29. What a sweet idea! I’m still working on my spring decor. I have some of my grandmother’s china I should put into service. Hope I can find some good plants locally :)

  30. I love your little garden….so perfect!

  31. So sweet! Thanks for sharing this darling idea.

  32. that was great advice…I’ve way over-stressed myself plenty of times….Your plain little banner is awesome…PINNED

  33. this is adorable! i actually just bought an antique tea cup today, and was planning to make it into a candle. but i am so going to put a cute little succulent in it after reading your post!

  34. These teacup planters are adorable and so inexpensive you could teacups at a thrift store and create a whole new look. I would not have thought of doing this!

  35. I love this idea!! I am prepping my garden (plans) but I have an awesome atrium window and need something beautiful to do….thinkings I need succulents

  36. Love this!! I will definitely be giving this a try! Thanks so much for the great idea! Terrariums have been on my mind lately, but I love the idea of succulents in teacups….especially transferware!

  37. How precious! I love this idea. x

  38. A friend of mine brought me back antique tea cups from England. Now I finally have a reason to take them out. Such a cute idea!

  39. These are sooooo adorable! I’m going out today to buy some succulents and vintage tea cups!

  40. I love these! I’m a plant killer too, but I’ll give these a try. How are they doing? Still alive?

  41. Ohhh what a sweet treat to the eyes Melissa! Love the beautiful succulents :). The porcelain is a perfect choice for these lovelies :).

  42. Bhumika Panta says

    I love these — May I ask you the name of these plants?

  43. Jamie Rowe says

    Popped on over from Pinterest. This is so cute. I have leftover, mismatched tea cups from my daughter’s tea party. Now I know what to do with them!

  44. So absolutely sweet!

  45. I have a running joke with a friend about “china”. She is under the weather this week so this will be the perfect gift! Thanks so much@

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