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{Weekend Giveaway} $100 The Home Depot Gift Card!

by | Jul 17, 2014 | Decorating Inspiration

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{Weekend Giveaway} $100 The Home Depot Gift Card!

This post was created in a partnership with The Home Depot

What a week! We’ve been busy around our house and we have so much to show you! We are excited. Last weekend I was a co-host at The Home Depot lighting workshop. By co-host, I mean I brought my DIY lamp and my girls with me and we mingled with everyone, I shared a little bit about my lamp, and we learned a ton from the experts.

I really love going to The Home Depot workshops, if you haven’t had a chance to attend one, I think you’ll enjoy them! I always learn new skills and come away with new knowledge I can use for my home. This workshop was on lighting so we learned lots of helpful tips about choosing lightbulbs, energy efficiency and even advice for dimmer switches, too! We bought dimmer switches for our entire house when we moved in, but we still haven’t installed them yet. I can’t believe we haven’t yet, I love soft lighting. I’m all about the moods!

{Weekend Giveaway} $100 The Home Depot Gift Card!

I don’t know about you but I’m always overwhelmed when I go into the lightbulb aisle these days. Seriously, so many choices I get paralyzed! There are so many options and types of bulbs. I’m never sure which one is the right choice. I usually just go with the cheaper incandescent option, but after the workshop I realized how expensive they actually are in the long run when you compare the LED bulbs that last for twenty years and use far less wattage. I realized they make perfect sense, especially for those two story high chandeliers or lights that are more difficult to get to to change often.

Speaking of mood lighting, I also enjoyed a comparison and demonstration on the type of light put out by different lightbulbs. It’s pretty dramatic to compare the difference between warm lightbulbs and daylight bulbs. I really love the warm light in my house but in a garage, the daylight ones are nice and bright for projects and finding things in those dark corners.

Next time you go into The Home Depot for lightbulbs, I encourage you to ask questions! Their salespeople are very knowledgeable and can save you a lot of money in the long run!

You can see that my DIY Barrel Lamp was the star of the show, heheheh! It actually tried to steal the show. I walked around shopping with it after the event and it was turning heads. I might start a new business making lamps if the blogging thing doesn’t work out.

{Weekend Giveaway} $100 The Home Depot Gift Card!

Next time I get to host a workshop, I hope you’ll come out and visit with us! Please! It’s always fun to connect with readers and people who come to the workshops. I’ve done a few of these now and always enjoy them.

{Weekend Giveaway} $100 The Home Depot Gift Card!

After one last ridiculous picture, a selfie style pose with our DIY lamp just because it’s a big deal when we DIY, we headed out for coffee. And of course, we enjoyed the afternoon in the glorious sunshine we’ve been having in Seattle!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Enter by leaving a comment! Prize is a $100 The Home Depot Gift card! What would you spend your gift card on? Someone’s gonna win, but you have to leave a comment to enter! I hope the winner will be YOU!

Winner will be chosen Saturday night at 10PM PST.

THANKS FOR ENTERING! This giveaway is now closed. Winner will be posted soon!

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  1. Mami2jcn

    We could really use a gift card. Thanks!

  2. Susan Bradbury

    I love Home Depot workshops! I take my special needs son to the Kid’s one on the 1st Saturday of the month! He loves it! :)

  3. Jenn Ciniello

    I love the Home Depot workshops! Also sign my kids up for the kid versions. They are a blast :)

  4. Shannon @ Fox Hollow Cottage

    Your lamp is so cute! I saw that you were doing this and so would have popped in for a Hello if I were closer ;) Your lamp is really fun and unique!! I am lighting picky too. I’m always changing bulbs and moving lamps around!!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Oh, man, I wish you were closer! That would have been fun! :-) Thanks, I’m glad you like my lamp!

  5. Jennifer

    I can spend $100 at Home Depot. :) Thanks!

  6. Robin Smith

    Love it!

  7. Katie Martell

    Love Home Depot workshops for us and our kiddo. Very happy with The Inspired Room and that we live in the same county!

  8. Jackie kitchen

    For remodeling my powder room.

  9. Susan

    I made a lamp by putting marbles in the clear base. I added ribbon to a clearance cover to add a little more pizzazz. Not as cool as your lamp though.

  10. emma davies

    I would buy paint for my new house!

  11. LaureenV

    I have SO many projects that I could use this card on! Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. Linda Davis

    I would love a Home Depot gift card!

  13. Teresa Parsons


  14. Robin White

    We need a million things but right off the bat I’d love to put down a new kitchen floor to replace my crumbling 1996 builder’s grade vinyl!

  15. Tina R

    I would love to win Home Depot gift card! I could finally replace the ancient, wobbly, 80’s brass-accented ceiling fan with huge glass globes in our master bedroom.

  16. Janice S.

    I would love the Home Depot gift card! I just finished stripping and painting a vintage dresser with paint from Home Depot. There are always so many things that catch my eye when I go in that store. I was recent eyeballing a new bathroom sink/vanity combo they had near the registers.

  17. Juli Marcellus

    I would spend my card towards fixtures & paint for our powder room. We bought a house in January with a bathroom that hasn’t been redone since the 80’s! My younger 2 kids can’t even operate the faucet (It has one of those plastic “ball” type knobs that needs to be pulled up) I’ve stripped the wallpaper & primed. It is coming along quite nicely but it sure would be nice to win that $100 GC to Home Depot to finish it off!

  18. Katie S.

    I would love to buy some new flowers for my garden. And maybe some paint to spruce up the front door!

  19. Aimee Porter

    I would update the hardware on my kitchen cabinets if I won the card! A change in cabinet pulls will make all the difference:)

  20. Luisa Cisneros

    Tools! I’m a newbie so I need everything!

  21. Tara

    I would use this to buy shelves for my bathroom!

  22. Donna L. Rees

    I need paint!! Wanting to paint my kitchen table and chairs!!

  23. HillaryM

    We could really use the gift card! I’m hoping we can replace our rear sliding screen with an old fashioned wooden country barn-slammin’ door.

  24. Megan

    I’d spend it on a new dishwasher!

  25. Cynthia

    I love Home Depot!! We just got our hardwood flooring from there..can’t wait for it to come in!!

  26. Julie in TN

    Getting ready to do a master bedroom remodel. It is sad right now:) I could use this to get started!

  27. Becca Meyer

    I would love it! Totally need a new ceiling fan, my motor just went out. Plus its ugly :)

  28. Laura

    Could soooooo use a gift card for Home Depot!

  29. Lisa

    Love your blog! I would use the $100 to buy paint!

  30. Tabitha

    I’d put it towards a new dryer.
    i just went broke buying a new washer b/c ours died!

  31. Tabathia B

    I would purchase some blinds, curtains and flooring (for the bathroom)

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  32. Valerie Johnston

    Love your blog and Home Depot!

  33. Kathy S.

    Cute lamp! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  34. Lori

    Would love a Home Depot card to use for all my little DIY projects!

  35. Lisa Robinson

    I need to buy paint at Home Depot to spice up my walls!

  36. Adrienne

    Would love to switch over to LED light bulbs!

  37. Christine McKibben

    Cute lamp! I really enjoy your blog! Home Depot rocks!

  38. Stephanie


  39. Jennifer

    I could always use a HD gift card! We’ve been doing quite of bit of DIY in our home from a master bedroom makeover to a little curb appeal by stripping & painting our front door. This would help in a bug way! Great giveaway!

  40. Traci Morgan

    Yes, please! I would love new porch lights. Mine are old and filthy.

  41. Jeanie

    I would love to purchase a new toilet for my upstairs bathroom.

  42. Lisa M

    I practically live in Home Depot! I would probably put it towards new flooring.

  43. Barbara

    Great website!!! Would love to win a gift card:)

  44. Heather S.

    This would go towards buying paint for our basement!! Great giveaway!!

  45. Mary

    I’d use it for lumber for a table project I’ve been wanting to do. :)

  46. Jannean

    I too find the lightbulb aisle overwhelming. I have tried to get away from incandescents and have been slowly replacing them in my lamps and fixtures. I would use the $100.00 gift card toward my landscaping needs, probably grass seed and fertilizer for the fall. Thanks for the opportunity!

  47. Roxanne

    Melissa, what a cute lamp! I’ve always wanted to go to one of these Home Depot workshops, I just never seem to get there.

  48. Diana Bachlesa

    We love Home Depot and would probably get a new faucet for our bathroom.

  49. HeatherMusick

    I would love a new outdoor light fixture. Thanks

  50. Sue

    I would use it for lumber to finish a x-console table for our “family room.”

  51. Laurie

    I’d spend it on flooring

  52. Tracy

    I would live to win! In the middle of a bathroom remodel.

  53. Divina

    What a great idea!

  54. Leilani

    I know this isn’t very romantic but we’re trying to finish our basement so drywall for the win! Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. Megan Franklin

    We are moving into a new home this coming week! We could definitely use a gift card to go towards our new home :)

  56. Amy

    I heart Home Depot. I would spend the money on sprinkler parts and things for my vegetable garden.

  57. Melissa M

    I would use it to go towards remodeling our bathroom.

  58. meredith

    We seem to live at home depot since we are overhauling our house – it would get spent on paint!

  59. Kathy gervasio

    An outdoor fan for our deck

  60. Melissa

    Love Home Depo! I would spend on supplies for my home diy projects!

  61. Samantha

    A fire pit. Sounds plain and simple, but we’ve had our eye on this large copper basin that we’d love to build in and this gift card would get us halfway there. Thanks for the opportunity, love to win and appreciate the help beautifying our backyard with a little mood lighting.

  62. Laura J.

    I have been eyeing a stainless range hood…the missing piece to our remodeling project in the kitchen!!!

  63. Kelly W

    A gift card at Home Depot would be great to use for new pendant lights or a new chandelier in my kitchen!

  64. Lisa D.

    Wow I could use $100 to the home depot! We are doing so many projects in our home right now it would be a huge help! I really want to plank our hallway wall so that would help buy some wood! Thanks!

  65. selena

    great lamp! How exciting to host a workshop at HD!

  66. Donna

    I need to start looking into the classes offered by Home Depot! We definitely need new bathroom floors so that’s what I’d spend my winnings on.

  67. Linda Silverthorne

    I’m inspired to try a Home Depot workshop. I have so many cool things I could make into lamps! Yours is awesome. Thanks for the tips.

  68. Sam Griffin

    Entering for the chance to win a $100 HD gift card! Our house flooded about 30 days ago and we are slowly working through the rubble to put it back together! I’m looking on the bright side… Now we get to customize things! Thank you for the opportunity!

  69. abby

    Pick me!! Pick me!!

  70. Patty

    I would buy tile for our bathroom update! Or paint, or a faucet, …..

  71. becky

    So many DIY projects on my list…this would definitely help! :)

  72. Jenn

    Love it!

  73. Anastasia

    We are getting ready to move in to our very first home (That we will own)! So excited. So I would spend it on little things we need to get started and organized in our new home! I love your blog!

  74. Kristen b

    It’s a toss up between bathroom light fixtures and paint for the bathroom.

  75. Monica

    I would love some lumber….yes lumber to build a chicken coop :) Thank you !

  76. Graziela

    What wouldn’t I use it on??? Maybe use it towards a new rug? Our new puppy chewed a spot on our old rug….but I didn’t really mind because I’ve been wanting a new one. Shhhh don’t tell the hubby LOL!

  77. diana

    Just purchased my first home!!!!!! Looking forward to making it my own ♥

  78. Terre Armstrong

    I would use it for Garden Tools & materials for my School Garden Projects!

  79. Stacy T

    I would buy paint for our Living Room! And maybe some plants!

  80. Mary

    The problem with going to Home Depot is that I never get out of there in less than 2 hours!!! I like to walk up and down each and every aisle and always have a full cart! They have everything!!!!!

  81. Ashton

    Thanks for the chance to win! I would use the gift card to buy curtain rods and plants.

  82. Laure

    Cute lamp! I’d spend the gift card on paint to redo my front door and nasty boring shutters.

  83. Kathryn

    I would use the gift card on some copper piping!

  84. April was in CT now CA

    I really need to spruce up the plants on my patio and front porch and this would certainly help!!!

  85. Catherine

    I love Home Depot! I would give the gift card to my husband so he can buy the materials he needs to finally make our plank wall in the living room. He loves to build, create, and make our home more us – and he pretty much lets me design it all, which makes him awesome. :)

  86. Caitlin

    I would love to buy a new rug for my bedroom, or loads and loads of marble shelf liner because I have some cool DIY projects I’d like to do using that stuff!

  87. Trisha brown

    I would buy ceiling fans for my kid’s room. They are west facing so there rooms are so hot. Also new ceiling fans would look a lot better than the lights that are there now.

  88. Sandy A

    I think I would use towards lighting for our master bath. We haven’t started to update it yet–but that is our next project. This would be such a great help. Thank you for the chance to win…

  89. Camille @ Chez Moi

    I’d have to go with new planters and blooms for the front porch! Time to spruce it up a bit. Love the lamp project! Creative, cute, and functional! The perfect DIY trifecta!!

  90. bre

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

  91. Tracy D

    Oh fun! My HD has a ladies night. Food, fun, workshops, sisterhood. Did I mention food? I love my HD, they joke that I have a parking space with my name on it. Hmmm, I could make one if they have a woodshop workshop.

  92. teresa

    Cute…what a fun thing to do. I practically live at Home Depot…updating some plants around the yard…so I would use it on plants. =)

  93. Stacey valentin winkle

    I’ve always wanted to go to one of those workshops! Home Depot seems to be our second home… We would go to buy a new ceiling fan as it’s hotter than normal in Washington!

  94. Jane

    We need stain for our deck.

  95. Meredith Swanson

    We were hit by a tornado in April, and are starting to get things back together. We are planning to put in a sunroom, so maybe paint or drapes? Or we could use it to fix up our yard.

  96. Danielle Ferguson

    Some women love shopping at the mall, I love Home Depot. I need to get some new hardware for the furniture I am refinishing, paint, wood to build a canopy for my daughter, and I am sure plenty of other fun things.

  97. Sharon B.

    That lamp is so fun! We love Home Depot, I think we are there at least once a week. If I won the gift card, I’d probably get the supplies I needed for a tile job we are going to start soon!

  98. Renae

    New deck furniture!!

  99. Claudia Wheeler

    Baseboards, door trim, drapery rods…I could use a gift card for any and all of these and more.

  100. Erin

    I’d love to win! We need a new counter top in the powder room.

  101. erin

    CHRISTMAS!!!! for christmas basics and essentials home depot is where its at. it is also where i spend my black friday- taking advantage of the gorgeous .99 poinsettias (mine remain completely healthy and fresh well into the 2nd week in FEBRUARY. so consistent every year. can’t beat it!!!

  102. Elizabeth

    It has been such unusually great weather here in the PNW, hasn’t it? I’d love to win the gift card and am already thinking of ways we could use it.

  103. Beth

    Thanks for the info. I too get confused about light bulbs and I have so many lamps that I am constantly buying new bulbs. Next time I will try to find someone to ask what would be best for our home. Thanks for the chance to win.

  104. Melissa

    I would use it toward redoing my basement bathroom.

  105. e michelle

    i want to get my garden back up and running so def some soil! maybe some seeds!

  106. Erica

    We need a new lawn mower SO bad! That’s definitely a way this gift card would help.

  107. Leslie

    I’ve been eyeing a new light at Home Depot for my foyer. Thanks for the give away.

  108. Julie B

    I too have some lighting issues. I need some new lighting in my kitchen.

  109. Aine Sonnen

    I’d go for the Deck Renew! Fingers are crossed!

  110. Wendi

    Would love to get a new ceiling fan for our bedroom. Tired of looking at the shims that my husband put up between the current ceiling fan and the ceiling to keep it from wobbling and being noisy.

  111. Lady Delores LeBoeuf

    Garbage Disposal – HELP, it just conked out tonight, oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. Mari

    Working on some picture ledges for our family room!

  113. Debra Stevens

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this great prize!!! Oh we women have ideas dont we?! lol. Since we will have a new home by years end, I could use it toward some re-organizing tools and supplies. Wahoo :)

  114. Heather

    We just bought a new house and will be moving soon. There’s several things that we would like to upgrade or change in the house, such as the master bathroom light fixture (bye bye Hollywood lights!), the carpeting, and some interior paint. We definitely could use that Home Depot gift card. :)

  115. Jill

    We would buy lumber. We have the measurements all ready! We would love to win.

  116. Susan Cox

    Gas fire logs

  117. Lisa

    I could really use this gift card…in every room of my house.

  118. Judi

    Just got back from Home Depot and found this post!!! How fun it would be to have the gift card to add towards new flooring which we are in desperate need of; a mirror for the office, electric fireplace for heating in it since it is in the garage! or any of the other countlesss projects around here. Realistically PAINT.

    Love your blog!!! Cudos on your BHG win…we’re kindred spirits, a Camano Island fan here sharing your LOVE of the Pacific NW. Thanks for the COUNTLESS hours you spend on this blog.

  119. Ally

    I have big plans to paint the living room this summer :)

  120. Stephanie

    Very much in need of wood to build a farm house table. Thanks!

  121. Rhonda Feero

    So many things needed . . .

  122. Tiffany

    Oh wow! Besides light bulbs?! Probably stone to reface our indoor tile fireplace with! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  123. joy vita

    Hi Melissa,
    Love your lamp! I would love a Home Depot Gift card. We finally got around to putting 11 tons of stone in our backyard. We have never really been able to enjoy our small yard because it is very shaded and NEVER has grown grass, just moss! Now that we have the stone, I would love to purchase a fire pit or Chiminea so that our family can finally spend time together in our yard. It would be perfect for cool Fall nights here in New Jersey!

  124. Nan

    If I won a Home Depot gift card, I would put it towards outdoor lighting. It would certainly come in handy!

  125. Lindsay ~ Random Review Gal

    We need to redo our siding where woodpeckers did damage :/ Thanks for offering this!

  126. carol

    Paint and supplies for my living room redo I’m undertaking next week!

  127. Annie

    Home Depot is on my list of errands this weekend!

  128. Andrea moschini

    I would finish my laundry room by purchasing some tile we have been eyeing at the Home Depot. We are DIY lovers all the way in upstate NY. Thanks for the chance to win a gift card!

  129. Kelly D

    I would buy shelving for my garage.

  130. Lara

    I’d put it towards door knobs! We are replacing all of ours

  131. Heidi

    I would probably buy paint. We have many rooms in our home that need repainting!

  132. Kari L.

    Love the lamp!

  133. shelia

    We need to replace ceiling fans in our house and are paralyzed because we need the light they provide. If I need something at night, I have to wait until the light gets bright enough to find it! I think I need to find a lighting demo at my Home Depot!

  134. Dionne

    A toilet…not fun or sexy but needed.

  135. Arlene Selser

    I would either finish the project were on – baseboard and cove molding after tiling the entry way OR start the next project….tile the backsplash area in the kitchen.

  136. Julie Spear

    I have some big ol’ projects planned and $100 Home Depot Dollars would SO come in handy!!! Reprinting and adding NEW LIGHTING to the kitchen, LOL!! (maybe I can DIY a light too? Hmmmm) also the full bath is next on the hit list, painting, beadboard on the walls, and HOPEFULLY a new vanity/sink. So yeah, lots of trips to Home Depot!!

  137. Pat

    I love to make lamps too! Love Home Depot for plants and just general home improvement stuff.

  138. sherry guitard

    I desperately need some new lighting here! The gift card would be awesome!

  139. del

    That is a cute lamp, I would buy more stain and a new address holder for the mexican tile house numbers I just bought to replace my previous address sign broken by the deer crossing my driveway.

  140. Pat Roth

    We are slowly replacing bulbs all over the house with more efficient ones too. But they are expensive in the short run.

  141. Lori

    I’m inspired to try their workshops! Love your site!! Would use the gift card to buy supplies for wood to make a frame for a friend who made a glass lamp for me in exchange for a frame.

  142. Sally

    I would like to build some shelves (you know, all industrial looking) for my living room, a kreg jig would be so nice!

  143. Andrea E.

    Would love some new garden hoses for my garden! and a new light fixture in my bedroom! :)

  144. Kay

    I saw in an ad that the fabulous Ralph Lauren paints are returning to Home Depot.
    Nobody does BLUE quite like Ralph, so I could use the money to pay for some porch ceiling paint, among other blues.

  145. Kim

    I would get some paint and plaster of paris to try making DIY chalk paint!

  146. NancyD

    Driveway Sealer! We love Home Depot!!

  147. Kathy

    Wish there was a Home Depot closer to home!

  148. Carol

    Love all of your DIY projects. If I win the Home Depot card, I would spend it on electrical pipe to hang my outdoor curtains. Pick me! Pick me!

  149. Pat

    The lightbulbs aisle is truly overwhelming, but I too, have learned so much just by asking a member of the HD team.

  150. Chelsia

    I love your lamp!
    We are currently re-modeling our builders grade entry way. It would go towards turning that closet into more of a welcoming “mudroom” look:)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  151. Cheston Kozlowski

    I would love to build a garden box so my boys can plant and cultivate seeds. I think it’s important to teach them the value of growing their own food!

  152. Deborah E

    I don’t live anywhere near your state….but, I do have a Home Depot near by. My go to place for home projects. I actually made a lamp from a vintage 3 lb coffee can (filled with sand). It looks great on my kitchen counter/coffee station.

  153. Becca

    I would spend the money on light bulbs! It’s really difficult for me to pay that much for the newer ones even though I know they’re a better buy in the long run. So maybe with free money it would be easier!

  154. Gail

    Home Depot has helpful employees.
    My husband had a mild stroke recently(doing okay now). I will use gift card to purchase a 2 button wireless door bell. Button 1 in garage. Button 2 in his bath. Thus, if he has any problems, he can signal me by hitting the doorbell button.
    I will also buy a new ceiling light for the basement.

  155. Kim

    Love your blog! We just started painting our entryway/stairway and need to get new lighting so a gc to Home Depot would be perfect!!

  156. melinda

    I would spend the $100 on paint and knobs to redo our hideous nightstands!

  157. Sharon

    Love your barrel lamp and now I’m inspired to try to make a lamp, must run to my local HD to buy the parts. I have many old tins I could use. Thanks for the inspiration!

  158. Kelly Bird

    I would use a gift card towards buying wood to build furniture!!! $100 could buy a lot!!

  159. Erin bautz

    Wish my Home Depot did fun things like this! Come to bucks Courny pa!

  160. Elizabeth G.

    I need to paint my apartment, so I would buy paint!

  161. Shanna Bumgarner

    I started following you recently and I look forward to every email. I am truly inspired by each project you post. I love new projects! I would rather have a tool in my hand painting, sawing, drilling, etc. rather than cleaning my house. I’ve considered starting a blog, but I need to do more research about it. We built our home, but have redone every room in it and transformed it on the outside too. I have so many more ideas I want to do, a farmhouse table, a pallet wall and a sliding barn door. $100 from Home Depot would help me get one of these started. I’m loving your pictures from Africa. Take care, have fun and keep inspiring.

  162. CatCat

    Would be helpful for all our DIY projects.

  163. Piggerts

    Home Depot here I come…lol

  164. CathyAnn

    Paint, paint, paint. Thank you!

  165. Anne Marie

    I would buy paint – maybe that would get me moving as I really need to paint my walls.

  166. Fath

    So many projects I could use the winnings on! My son hung a new vent hood this week and it has a different profile than the old one so could start with primer and paint for the cabinet. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  167. Beth Chesak

    Love your blog!

  168. Nancy

    We just moved across the country to be close to family and our new\old fixer upper house has lots up painting that needs to be done.

  169. eileen simon

    a new ceiling fan!

  170. Lori

    Awesome lamp! I would save my gift card for Fall plants and bulbs for my garden!

  171. Kathy

    I could spend $100 in any Home Depot department! But first, I would probably buy paint to spruce up the kitchen (much needed) and anything left over would be for yard tools. We’ve recently moved into a home and don’t have all the tools required to keep up a yard!

  172. Geri Rush

    Love your lamp! $100 I could use toward window treatments… so need window treatments in my kitchen area.

  173. Patricia Thompson

    I am at Home Depot several times a week. I would put that gift card to good use!

  174. - karen

    I haven’t taken a class at Home Depot, but have seen them in progress. Thanks for the encouragement to attend them. I’m sure they would be helpful.

    Love your lamp, btw.

  175. Angela Meyer

    I would actually buy lamps and new bulbs for my dining chandelier! I love how your lamp turned out and would like to create a unique one for my home as well. :)

  176. Stacy M

    I’d spend mine towards flooring or a new sliding glass door. We’re about to tackle both projects soon.

  177. Megan W.

    I works spend it on the materials to make my own fire pit! We just bought a house!

  178. Debbie

    I would buy some new woodworking tools for my husband so he can start building some of the amazing projects I have pinned on his “to do list”!

  179. Mandy M.

    I was just at Home Depot yesterday buying lightbulbs! I miss the old-fashioned (cheap) kind!

  180. Megan W.

    I would spend it on materials to make my own fire pit! We just bought a house!

  181. Dixie Noel

    Inspiring and fun lamp! And thanks for the great info about the light bulbs. It’s very satisfying when you can create something beautiful and useful!

  182. Rose I.

    I would get some new planters for my patio!

  183. Vanessa Harrell

    We (my family) love, love, LOVE Home Depot’s workshops!!! If (when) I win the card :-) I am going to buy a new bathroom faucet for my powder room. I have never installed one but I’m sure Home Depot can give me some DIY tips. :-)

  184. Arlene

    Thank you Melissa for all your wonderful ideas and pictures!

  185. emily

    We are going to be redoing our office soon. Very much diy-ing it. I want to design a two person plank style desk that my husband will build. =) gift card for me = paint, lumber.

  186. Penny

    Sine I’ve recently retired a gift card from Home Depot would be a great motivator to attend some DIY workshops in order to accomplish some projects…like painting the new front entry door, which has been sitting in our basement for three months; or much needed deck painting to spruce up our home. Would love to win!! (Not to mention how impressed my husband would be if I tackled some of our home projects!)

  187. vicky

    I would probably use the $100 towards new plants for my garden.

  188. Jessica

    Paint! Lots of paint! Or new lighting for my entryway… I dunno, I’m starting all these new projects and don’t know where to start!

  189. Louise

    I think I might use a hundred dollars to acquire my own power tool, say a power, rechargeable screwdriver. My husband always has to do the curtain brackets for me because I have no clue how to change a drill bit. So far I own my own putty knife and my own spackle compound. My own power tool (and the know-how to operate it) would really open up some possibilities!

  190. cindy williams

    Love the lamp and Home Depot!

  191. Christy

    I’d love to win! I’d use it towards my bathroom makeover I’m planning out now!

  192. Mary

    I’d buy new knobs for kitchen cabinets!

  193. Jana

    My home is almost 3 years new and I’m constantly working on my yard and landscaping. Lots of ideas and projects to go so the $100 gift card would definitely be a boost in that direction! I love your blog and look forward to your great ideas!!!! Cute lamp!

  194. Patricia

    Great lamp! We just bought a 100+ year-old Victorian House that is less than a mile from Home Depot – we need everything! :)

  195. Brenda Vinson

    Have a few projects to finish up in our basement and the gift card would help with that!

  196. Emily

    I want to build a compost bin

  197. Renee Haskins

    The barrel lamp is adorable!

  198. Cindy

    I would put it towards flooring in my bedroom.

  199. Amanda Sakovitz

    I would love to get a lamp for my bedroom. I’m redoing it and I think its just what my room needs.

  200. Tracy Rizzo

    Love the lamp! And hardware stores! Haha

  201. Heidi menges

    We are taking the plunge and getting rid of our big house and building a micro house. So the gift card would be so helpful

  202. Ruth

    It wouldn’t be weird for me to come all the way from Omaha to one of your demonstrations, would it? Would you feel stalked? I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and have used your ideas for my lovely little home and our wonderful new yoga studio, in Omaha. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely ideas and sweet sweet spirit with us all!

  203. Linda Tucker

    I am the same way in the light bulb aisle….confusion reigns! I will try to learn more and maybe pick up a LED bulb to try.

  204. Lois

    Would love to win! Need it for the kids who are making an old home live-able.

  205. Bethany

    I would use it towards updating our shutters on our house

  206. Ashley

    I would love to when this card and would get the lumber needed to build our buffet we need desperately in our dining room for storage. The plans are drawn out, we just need the funds :)

  207. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

    I would definitely invest in some “vintage” light bulbs. I have some new clear globe fixtures that are screaming for them. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  208. Susan T

    I would update hardware in my bathrooms……hate to admit it but the hardware is pretty outdated. UGH!!!

  209. Danielle

    Your lamp is beautiful! I’ve been looking at light fixtures on Etsy that feature the Edison bulbs and cage shades. I might just have to try making one now :)

  210. renee

    You and your girls are so pretty!! I would love to attend a workshop with you hosting – but I’m a bit far away for that (Tennessee). Love to read about your workshop here though!

  211. Mary

    Love the lamp!

  212. Lori

    Appropriately enough, I’d use the gift card for lighting! The globe on the light at the top of my stairs broke and needs to be replaced. I also have 2 light fixtures in the bathroom. They both have 2 sockets, but only 1 socket works in each.

  213. Teresa Denney

    We could use a home depot gift card for “everything”. Down south in lower Alabama we experienced the flood of April 29th and now seeing only studs so love to have some fun money to splurge on a special bathroom faucet or kitchen light or ceiling fan or ….. just be thrilled to be a winner!
    And, love the lamp you took to Home Depot. My Dad was an instrument electrician and wired a special lamp for one of my friends and your lamp reminded me of her and him. Both are waiting in heaven to welcome friends and family home one day.

  214. Kelly

    We just bought a new house and I have a laundry list of DIY projects to get from the “house” stage to a “home” stage!

  215. Kayla D

    I would buy some stuff to build items for my sons nursery! $100 would be great!

  216. Lu Ann

    My son is building a play area for the kids from scratch so a gc would def come in handy. I actually just stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago and am in love.

  217. Megan

    I’d use use it either to defray the cost of a new vanity or buy vanity lighting! Would be such a boon.

  218. lisa

    loved your lamp! love Home Depot, and have been stalking a pendant fixture they have for months now. My kitchen table, and my husband who needs brighter light to read his morning paper, would love to win that gift card!

  219. Kim G

    Ahh! A motion-sensor light for my mudroom, because my children never remember to turn the light off!
    Cute lamp!

  220. Debbie

    I am a reasonably new subscriber. I loved the makeover you posted recently and would buy supplies to build bookcases next to my fireplace. Those look so awesome! Thanks for sharing so many great ideas!

  221. Cindy

    I have never attended a HD workshop–they look like something I would really benefit from! I have so many projects in the works (painting and more painting), but I would LOVE a gift card so I could upgrade some of my lighting–such and impact it makes!

  222. Mimi Taylor

    I have been collecting wine bottle corks for about 3 years now. I am hoping Home Depot might have a worksop on making items, like wreaths or frames from these corks. I love to just browse my Home Depot, located very close to my home, near the Riverchase Galleria in Birmingham, Al.

  223. Theresa Sea

    PAINT! I have so many rooms left to paint in this house…like 3/4 of the bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, a pantry…

  224. Deb Vlahakis

    I so enjoy your blog, don’t even think of leaving us for lamp making. What a cute lamp that was though, who would have thought of using hanging baskets as shades !

  225. Robin Bass

    we are finishing the upstairs into two bedrooms and loft/lounge area for older kids. just finished having drywall installed and then tile. would help with bath vanity and fixtures!

  226. Alison

    100.00 gift card! I could spend it so many ways!!!! ;)

  227. Susi

    I have an old, beautiful big aqua colored water bottle I would love to turn into a lamp. I would buy parts!

  228. Sandra

    Home Depot makes me happy! I come up with future projects just walking down the aisles…Ahhh. I want to attempt picture moulding in our bedroom next!

  229. Kirsten Harrison

    I would use the gift card toward redecorating my daughters’ rooms. It is so time!!

  230. Kari

    Thanks for the chance to win! We would use this for our bath remodel. It’s such a sad, little space in our home, and the gift card would certainly help us with the updates… even lighting! :) And cute DIY lamp!

  231. Hannah

    Love your blog, it’s so inspiring! I’ve gotten some wonderful ideas from you and am able to redecorating my home on a budget! Thank you so much for sharing part of your life with your readers:)

  232. Amy R.

    I would get a new ceiling fan for our sunroom. It’s my favorite room and we have totally updated it except for the white and brass fan in there. I want a tropical feeling fan. Hope I win!

  233. Carrie Briggs

    I have a hard time imagining anything I wouldn’t buy! So many possible projects!

  234. Dana Everett

    Would put it towards a new window which is going in a closet for my daughters!

  235. Glitter Coated Lenses

    I would love to spend the gift card on new paint to pain my bedroom and maybe a new lamp! Love the Home Depot!

  236. Joanne S

    My husband and I are in the midst of helping my recently widowed younger sister with a small budget kitchen makeover. And…Her birthday is this month. I’d love to be able to win the gift card for her. Thanks for providing this opportunity! ~Joanne

  237. Ashley C.

    I would love to win this!!

  238. JoAnn

    Well, it is a toss up. I have a front porch that is peeling and needs repainting so I want to use that new deck restore stuff. Or my son has gutted an old house and is remolding it so I would like to share it with him. Lamp was so different and unique!!

  239. Betsy

    I would buy new light fixtures!

  240. Robyn Pipkin

    I would use it for a new outdoor rug for my big front porch!

  241. Jan Jentzen

    Love your blog & Home Depot.

  242. Julie S

    We just bought a vacation home and have a lot of projects in our future! A Home Depot GC sure would come in handy! :)

  243. carla

    Too many choices! Thanks for the giveaway!

  244. Cheryl Miller

    We would buy some paint to spruce up the kids’ rooms!

  245. Chris

    We are finally decorating/painting our new house that we moved in to one year ago. It will go towards paint and project supplies!

  246. Caitlin

    We are moving into a new house in exactly one month and I have a Home Depot shopping list a mile long!! There are a million things I could find to spend this on!!

  247. Dede Jackson

    We are in the process of redoing a back yard deck area! The $100 giveaway would be wonderful to win!!!

  248. Kathy Pearson

    I absolutely would buy flowers as I’m re – doing my front entryway with a cute little bench, straw hat tied to it, and need terracotta pots filled with mums to complete the cozy look. ;)

  249. Kelsey Eaton

    This semester at college I’ll be taking a lighting class where we DIY our own fixture. I’m a third year interior design major. I’d spend the $100 on buying supplies for my new project! Now I just have to think of something creative and adorable for the fixture itself. I’m thinking something with pearl beads???
    Ps, the barrel light is so fabulous!

  250. joy guerrero

    I will buy a lamp kit to do something like yours

  251. Leslie Lamas

    Love the lamp! I could really use the gift card. Thanks!

  252. Deb

    I’m in the market for a planter pot to put in the driveway … Home Depot in Sonoma County has a pretty good selection. And of course, a plant and dirt to fill the pot!

  253. Marilyn

    I would use my gift card on paint, stencils, and a variety of other items that I could use.

  254. Terry

    Right now I am busy working on making some lamps out of old chunky table legs and need to buy shades and electrical supplies to make these function. Also I am always in need of small tools such as a new sander. Love Home Depot!

  255. Katie

    Home Depot has flooring I want to use in my front entry. $100 would help a lot!

  256. Regina

    Thanks for the giveaway! I love Home Depot and would have a hard time deciding what to use the gift card for (because there are so many things I would like to have!) Probably would end up using it to replace some lighting in our home, or paint for our walls!

  257. Cheryl

    We are going to reno and expand a house. So exciting, yet so expensive. Thanks for the chance to win.

  258. Lisa S.

    Love the lamp you made. How creative and beautiful. It sounds like a wonderful day with your daughters and I wish I was there.

  259. Niki Tipping

    I am about to start a re-do of our Guest room. Our “Guests” are our 3 Grandkids so I want it to be special. I would save at least a couple dollars on the card to treat my husband & I to a “Depot Dog” as we call them. We are lucky to have a hot dog stand in the entrance to our “Home Sweet Home Depot”! :)

  260. Linda

    A hail storm just wiped out my entire yard. :( I would use a gift card to get a little color in some destroyed flower pots and begin to fix the damage to the outside of our home.

  261. Cindy R

    Love Home Depot! I would spend it on new area rugs as we just got new floors in hour home. :)

  262. Maureen

    my husband and I have been redoing the bathrooms–New Toilets and flooring is what this would go towards.

  263. Sara

    Paint!! I need to paint my upstairs, the gift card would come in handy!

  264. Fawn

    I’ve never been to a Home Depot workshop, but I love Home Depot, so I’m thinking it might be time to check it out! :)

  265. Michelle

    I would love to win and use the gift card to buy a housewarming gift for my new neighbor! Pick me! ;+)
    Thanks and blessings! Michelle

  266. Stacie Weaver

    I would love to spend the gift card on PAINT – just moved into a new rental house, and living with a horrendous burgundy wall and dark plum paint in my bathroom that makes me feel like I’m in dracula’s castle!!!

  267. Shirley

    I enjoyed your post once again! I would use $100 to buy material to put up some plank walls in a bedroom makeover! This would be fabulous, thank you for the chance!

  268. Angie

    I would buy a screen door for our deck or a new light fixture for the kitchen. Thanks for the giveaway!

  269. Neskya

    Skippy, my dog needs a new indoor outdoor rug for his favorite spot on the balcony! He asked me to enter for him.

  270. Mary

    Love your DIY. think I’d take it one step further and spray paint the brass harp black also so it blends in with the shade. If I win the gift card I’d buy paint and tackle another room.

  271. Mary R. Behny

    I love Home Depot! I would put my gift card to good use. We are giving our house an overall facelift. I am needing all kinds of things – paint, sandpaper, stain, backsplash tile for our kitchen, and some tools. The list is long!

  272. Andrea

    Decking materials since that is our latest project…

  273. Leslie

    I would put it towards a new light in my entry. It desperately needs to be replaced!

  274. Jill Prince

    I would use the gift card for some mdf to trim out my kitchen island and put the rest towards a range hood so I will be a few steps closer to getting my cabinets painted.

  275. Diane

    I am working on getting rid of the ugly CFL bulbs in my kitchen and bath. However, my biggest problem is having fluorescent drop down tubes with ugly plastic covers in our family room, because my husband wants lots of light at night. Does anyone have a suggestion for nice lighting for a 20x 24 room that has sufficient lighting with windows in the daytime? I have done some reading on the LED lights. Just remember they haven’t been around long enough to know if they actually will last the 20 year claim. :) I have been in Home Depot a lot lately looking at flooring for this room, but new lighting is another need:). Thanks for the opportunity of winning the gift card.

  276. Renee

    It’s so cool that you were teaching a workshop at Home Depot! I love learning about diy projects :)

  277. Rachael Williams

    That lamp is so stinkin’ cute, love it!

  278. Karen

    Thanks for the info about the Home Depot workshops! We would use the gift card for backyard improvements.

  279. Taberah Carter

    Hi there Melissa, I’m a newbie around here but have certainly been enjoying all your extremely fun, informative and budget-minded ideas. I must admit that your emails have ‘had me over a barrel’, challenging me to get my creativity flowing again. Now, I find that I’m quite literally over a barrell… lamp that is! THAT LAMP…just saying!!! My grandfather used to own an antique store back East, from which, my mother inherited the full size barrels that graced our family’s Americana style living room. Your lamp took me right back to that room and those amazing barrels that I had all but forgotten about, thank you! As to the Home Depot gift card giveaway, good luck to everyone!!! Would I love to win, ABSOLUTELY! I would be beyond blessed to win. My husband and I seriously need to redo our old darker oak furniture. It’s still great solid wood and we believe in upcycling so we need paint and supplies to go with the chalk style paint additive I’m wanting to order to fix that furniture and brighten up our already dark condo. Thank you for offering this giveaway and keep up the great work!

  280. Hannah

    My fiance and I are about to move in to this little 650 sqft shed essentially. But he owns it. It is completely paid off – it was a gift from his grandparents before his grandmother passed. It’s such a blessing to have somewhere we can live without paying rent, especially since he and I are pretty much buried in student loan debt.
    The past few weeks we’ve been working on making it livable. It’s gotten all new lightbulbs, a fresh coat of paint, and a new window. His grandfather is working on putting on a screened in porch for us and he’ll be redoing our shower. $100 would go a long way toward those projects and also replacing the flooring in the bedroom. We used to rent the place out and the people there last utterly destroyed it. I am so excited about having this opportunity present itself to us as we get married and truly join our lives.

  281. Nicole Austin

    I would use the gift card to help pay for paint for my new (to me) house! Still have 2-3 rooms that need painting, and one will be an undertaking–ceiling, trim, walls, doors, etc.

  282. Gina

    Thank you so much for your daily inspiration!
    What would I do with $100 HD gc? Easy – put it towards my twice daily visits to Home Depot while we redo our kitchen.

    Thanks again for consistent, joyful motivation in our DIY world!

  283. Shannon

    What would I spend my gift card on? The list is endless. Deck paint. Ceiling fan. Stock up on light bulbs. Rose bushes. A fountain. It would be fun to spend.

  284. Ashley

    I’d get more plants!

  285. Kristin D'Amico

    My family and I love the Home Depot. We recently bought a new house and I would use the gift card to fix up our powder room which needs a lot of work. Thanks!

  286. Sarah C. - Ohio

    I’m planning for some built-ins in my dining room. A Home Depot card would be perfect.

  287. DeeDee

    I do believe it is time to paint…. love the lamp .

  288. miao

    I love your post. Would use the 100 card for essential home tools as a first time home buyer

  289. Suzie Reilly

    I love your blog and that lamp is awesome. Have attended a couple of Home Depot workshops myself. They were a lot of fun!

  290. Linda G

    I need to pick up some deer and groundhog repeller. I put two new daylilies and a rose in the ground last Sunday and the deer ate the tops off of the lilies on Monday night. Infuriating!
    I also need to pick up a replacement blade for my recip saw. I used it to get out a root in my planting hole and curved the blade just a bit. Quite a bit.

  291. Joanne

    I love the Home Depot workshops! I will use the gift card for paint supplies and finish outfitting my craft room to be better organized – YAY!!

  292. Sandy

    Plants! Plants! Plants! To beautify either the inside or the outside of my home!

  293. Patty L

    I’m planning on updating a bathroom…the gift card would really come in handy!

  294. Bperl

    Love the. DIY lamp. I’m going to try that myself!

  295. Suzanne

    Closet organization! We live in an old bungalow with tiny closets, and I’m dying to get some shelves, drawers, just about anything to try and make better use of the space!

  296. julie gonsalves

    We’re saving for an outdoor built in barbecue. $100 would go a long way in motivating us to actually do the project!

  297. Sherry Sealy

    I need to paint, fix ceiling, fix the basement that just got flooded….so many things in my 100 year old house. Love Home Depot!

  298. Denise Patron

    I Love the Inspired Room! And I love Home Depot!
    It could not come at a better time for me to win a gift card. My husband and I are moving to be closer to my aging parents. We found a great little house, but it has knotty pine cabinets. :(
    We can’t afford to replace them so I am going to try and paint them. The card would really help me buy the primer and paint!
    Thank you! :Denise

  299. Casey

    I am a first time homeowner and on a budget. Have been wanting to try a few things in the house, but havent actually tried yet. This would give me a reason to try!!! ;)

  300. CynthiaJo

    I would use it to help pay for the siding our new barn desperately needs!

  301. Leanna

    What a fabulous idea! My house is decorated in Old World nautical and the inside looks like the inside of an old sailing ship. This lamp would fit in perfectly with the decor! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  302. Catherine

    We are tearing out our ceiling fan (it hasn’t worked right in many years), so I think we would use the card for a new light fixture. Thanks!

  303. Christina

    I love your blog, you gave such great information! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  304. Anne

    We are currently remodeling our kitchen. We are making lots of trips to Home Depot!

  305. Lisa Gravelle

    I have a pantry & guest bedroom that need some organization!

  306. Kristie

    I would buy a set of shelves to make my husband a work station for his stained glass hobby.

  307. Rachel Patino

    What a fabulous idea! I didn’t know Home Depot had workshops, I’ll have to check it out! P.s. I love that lamp! I’m definitely going to try and make something similar. Great style!

  308. Erin

    My husband and I close on our first home on August 1st. $100 at Home Depot would go a long way!

  309. DeeDee

    I would really LOVE a gift card from Home Depot. So many projects! And I love your cute lamp!

  310. Jen M.

    There are so many things we could use the gift card for! But I’d probably spend it on paint for our spare bedroom…..or light bulbs…..or a new ceiling fan. So many choices….

  311. monica johnson

    Getting ready to update a kitchen! :)

  312. Jillian

    For some paint!!

  313. Jenny Bowman

    The lighting section is so overwhelming- I will have to look for a workshop at our local Home Depot. I would use the $100 gift card for the new paint color that I love and discovered on your blog! Studio Taupe! I haven’t bought it yet but did go out and buy a sample after you emailed me the color I inquired about :)

  314. Kristin K

    Bought a house and seriously just the light bulbs I need would eat through this card ;)

  315. carol hadley

    Wow thank you for posting. After recovering from a brain injury I had forgotten about the DIY demos. Memory side effect of TBI. I will now go online to see when the next workshop is scheduled.
    I would also like to add that because of the memory lost I could not find a receipt for an item I purchased at Home Depo. They accepted it an issued me a credit anyway.

  316. Maureen

    Love the Home Depot workshops!!

  317. Debbie

    Great lamp – and the gift card would be really useful to me!

  318. Sophia

    VERY cute lamp! With $100, I would sooo buy a wall paper steamer & paint to bring my house back from 1984!

  319. Jamie Herbrand

    We are starting to remodel our bathroom and $100 gift card would purchase one of the two new faucets we need :)

  320. Christina

    I’m currently working on turning my dirt lot city backyard into an urban oasis! We’re doing all of the work ourselves – from adding a paved patio (not going to lie I’m dreading the day our pallets of pavers come in since we’ll have to carry them one-by-one through the house to the backyard!) to building a low wood deck off the backdoor and adding a few small strips of sod. I’m planning on installing some trellises around the fence and planting clematis to add some green and some privacy along the fence! $100 would buy a lot of clematis or would cover some of the fill we’ll need for the patio! :)

  321. sally

    I would love to put some new hardware on my kitchen cabinets!

  322. Lynne B

    I have NO PROBLEM spending $100 at Home Depot! This time of year I would be in the Garden Department buying flowers or shrubs or edging or mulch or pottery…..or….see what I mean? Love reading your blog every morning!

  323. Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    Tools and painting supplies! ;)
    Wish I didn’t live across the country…I’d love to meet you and your girls. Glad you had so much fun.
    Now I can’t wait to see where that lamp goes. In the “new house” I bet!
    Have a great weekend!

  324. Catherine

    crown molding!
    My husband and I want to install crown molding in our front living room. This would be a HUGE help. Thanks for the giveaway

  325. Brittany

    I’d be switching my CFLs to LEDs or getting new flooring! Yay!!!

  326. Cindy A.

    We are in the middle of a home renovation, so a $100 Home Depot gift card would be extremely useful. I’m sure we would use it for paint or materials. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  327. Mary

    I have a million projects going on, I am a regular at home depot!! I would put the gift card to very good use.

  328. Kayla

    I would buy supplies to get started on my baby room for sure!

  329. Mildred Hoppe

    I’m always doing a project. Most likely I would use the gift card to purchase plants for pots around my swimming pool.

  330. Zolane

    I have been wanting to try making a lamp for a couple years now, so a gift card might just be the inspiration I need. Thank you for the opportunity!

  331. Michelle Milinski

    I have so many projects to finish in our house. I could really use a gift card to HD!

  332. Jamie Stephen

    I would love the win the gift card! I would put it to purchasing supplies for a dresser waiting to be revamped!

  333. Heidi Reece

    Beautiful lamp! Wish I could have gone to your workshop! Keep up the great work. I love getting your posts in my email every day.

  334. Meg S

    Wood! I have some projects I’ve been wanting to get started on but haven’t had a chance to get to the store.

  335. Kristin L

    We are fixing up our daughters “big girl” room to get ready for #2 so we’d probably use the gift card on a new ceiling light for the room!

  336. Dana

    I’m redoing my son’s room! Could use Home Depot’s gift card!

  337. Luanne

    This would be a great start for an indoor/outdoor fan I have my eye on!

  338. Jenna

    I would spend it on multiple little projects that have been building up!

  339. tonya

    Hi Melissa,
    My mother-in-law gave me a lamp that was my husband and brother-in-law’s when they were kids. It is of a pair of horses. While I don’t have anything related to horses in our home, I plan to buy a lamp kit and shade to refurbish the lamp and use it in our great room as a unique piece. I was pleasantly surprised when I told my husband about my plan and he actually agreed! Your projects inspire me to actually execute the many ideas running through my brain. The gift card would be very helpful in this process. Thank you! :)

  340. Dawn B.

    I would use the gift card to replace my outdoor furniture chair pads that the naughty neighborhood squirrels ate!

  341. Raquel

    I’m working on a kitchen update and that’s what I’d use my card towards. Fun!

  342. Kylee

    I would love to buy a Kreg Jig to make some projects for my kids’ play room!

  343. Jera

    Lumber for a new hand made table!

  344. Kim Anderson

    Paint. Many things!

  345. Gabrielle

    We’re in the process of renovating our kitchen so the Home Depot card would really help.

  346. truly

    I would use it to start our raised beds for this fall’s garden.

  347. jane d

    I would love to win!

  348. Tina M. M.

    Great job on the lamp! You inspired me to update an old lamp I found in my grandparents’ closet. It needs some rewiring now after a good dose of spray paint. So far so good. Thanks for inspiring! God bless you. I hope I win! We could use a new fixture in our entry way.

  349. Kim

    $100 to spend at Home Depot…that would be awesome. I could sure use some paint!!!

  350. Tonya

    I would use the Home Depot card to buy paint for our dining room and kitchen. I’ve wanted to paint both rooms light blue forever. We have 10 foot ceiling and both rooms are large so we are talking about 5 gallons of paint and tired arms! :)

  351. Corrie M.

    We would use it either in our current condo renovation project or our new construction forever home project. Gotta lotta projects ;)

  352. Susan Maserek

    Love your lamp! It’s so cute! After going through a flood caused by excessive rain earlier this month, I have lots of projects lined up for the rooms in our basement. The Home Depot gift card would really come in handy!

  353. Katy

    I feel like I live at Home Depot since we recently just moved to a new (project-filled) house! We’ve done a lot of the basics already, but I’d love to get some great hanging plants to bring a little more curb appeal to our front porch.

    p.s. the HD near us doesn’t do cool projects like this very often!

  354. Nancy

    Oh boy – I’d start getting some LEDs

  355. Kim Leister

    I love Home Depot. I have so many projects going since I retired but I think I would use the gift certificate for a new faucet for the sink in my laundry room that I just finished painting. Anything leftover would go to plants for the garden.

  356. Lanna Bradshaw

    I would love to buy crape myrtles for my yard.

  357. chris aka monkey

    to repaint the kitchen,our vision for the 1st paint job did not turn out well it looks like a circus on drugs, almost makes me sick, gonna get white and dark grey and add color with the extras…. i am always amazed how many people turn out for a give away lol… there is a saying in this house if i am going to the depot…see you tomorrow mom lol xx

  358. Kristy Davis

    Thanks for showing us your lamp and hosting this give away. Of course I would love to win. We are renovating a space above our garage and every little project ads up.


  359. Kim

    Who doesn’t love a giveaway?! And, who doesn’t love The Home Depot! I love your DIY inspiration. I can’t wait to paint my kitchen – I love what you have in yours, great inspiration! Thank you!

  360. Kathy

    Hard to pick just one project, but perhaps I will be inspired now to try to rewire this funky handyman special chip carved adjustable floor lamp I picked up in an antique shop some time ago with a not-standard extra-large light socket. I’ve never seen anything like it and it should have a nicer home than my basement! And if I’m feeling really brave, I’ll get some supplies to make my own chalk paint to paint it up and some of my other worn furniture to match. I think I’m as bad as my husband is when it comes to painting old wood, even if it is just plywood.

  361. Anne

    My kitchen cabinets need the trim/molding to finish the project!

  362. Agata

    Fabulous inspiration! My weekend includes a trip to home depot to purchase materials for a lamp as well (a little different one) I will share the outcome :)

  363. Kristen Gallagher

    Love the idea! How do we find out more about the Home Depot workshops? I’m sure they have many more that would be great to check out!

  364. Laura

    Love your DIY lamp and your commitment to “enlightening” people’s lives and homes.

    Concurrent with a kitchen remodel this year, I installed recessed lighting in three rooms (on dimmers) and replaced ALL the incandescent lightbulbs in my house with LED bulbs.

    My next step toward energy efficiency is increasing the insulation in my attic. I would use the gift certificate for insulation.

  365. Tracey

    We want to build a headboard for our new king-sized bed, so this would help us be able to buy the supplies!

  366. Hannah K.

    We’re in need of paint to finish getting rid of the MAROON all through our house!

  367. Rachel

    I’m trying to make my rented apartment feel more like a home for my finance and I. I would use the gift card to add come homey touches. Maybe add some shelves for plants and the family crest picture I got at a family reunion silent auction a couple weeks ago.

  368. Penny

    Loved your lamp project. I haven’t made a lamp but have made old lamps new again, which is fun too. Regarding light bulbs, we’ve got all CFLs now and mostly like them, but I’ve found they don’t all last as long as they are supposed to. We’ve been waiting for LEDs to become more affordable; maybe the time has come! We could definitely use a Home Depot gift card, to help with splitting our enclosed back porch into two spaces so my husband has an office area where he can close the door and conduct his online classes. Enjoyed your blog post!

  369. Lisa

    Would love to take this DIY workshop! I have an industrial sized stainless steel whisk/beater thingamajig that I want to make into a lamp!

  370. Terri

    I would LOVE a gift card from Home Depot and as luck would have it – I really need lamps!

  371. Marci

    Just moved into a new home that is a bit of a fixer upper. Can you say foreclosure. The Home Depot and I have become really close. It seems I am at the HD on a daily basis. Currently designing bookcases to build and then I want to build Ana White’s sawhorse desk for the same room.

  372. Amy

    I would use it to buy a new light fixture for my dining room. There is the hideous one still hanging from the previous owners that we just haven’t had the extra cash to replace. It’s brass chain and face plat (is that the right term?) and then has a white plastic shade in the shape of a ginourmous flower. I’m dreaming of replacing it with one of those industrial modern styles with Edison bulbs ::sigh:: someday

  373. Caroline Calcote

    I’d love to win! So many projects always going on around here. I really want to try to wallpaper my kitchen myself, so that has been my most recent research obsession.

  374. Jennifer

    I’m moving into a new house this weekend. I could use this gift card!

  375. Becky Handshew

    Funny story on our first foray into LED. We bought an LED spotlight bulb to replace one that had burned out in our kitchen light fixture. After installing the bulb I later walked back into the room and was disappointed to see no light coming from it. I complained to my husband that we had a dud bulb. He too looked at it and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working. Turns out it was working all along but unlike the other (older) bulbs in the fixture, the LED bulb only shines straight ahead (like a true spotlight) with no light coming from the sides of the bulb! We both felt a little silly but happy to know that our expensive bulb will (hopefully) give us many years of light.

  376. Kelly

    Love HD workshops. I would love the chance of a gift card, as we are moving to a new home and it would come in great use! Thanks for the chance.

  377. Amber

    My partner and I are building my brother a patio set for his wedding present out of some reclaimed wood we found on Free Craigslist; but the paint and embellishments from Home Depot would be awfully helpful!

  378. cindy

    I am still in the garden mode and would use it for some more plants.

  379. Elisa V.

    My bathroom needs a little more of attention so I would update my bathroom with painting and a new bathroom faucet.

  380. Brandy E.

    I could use a gift card to buy things for my yard. Mulch, flowers, basically anything to make it look less sad. :)

  381. Catherine

    I would really love some wood to make a little serving table for my patio. Thanks for the chance!

  382. Jennifer

    We just bought a house last week and we need paint, paint, paint!

  383. Deborah

    I need to finish the reno on my master bath, this would help!

  384. Holly P.

    I would love a gift card to buy a tall cabinet to use as a pantry in my laundry room!! I’ve been wanting one forever!

  385. libby

    I would buy paint

  386. Catherine

    My husband and I just bought our first house and ALL the switch plates need to be replaced! We need nice new dimmers pronto :)

  387. Matt Stringham

    We really need a new drill!

  388. Maggie

    I have my eye on a lighting fixture for the dining room (ours has a crack in it currently) and the $100 would help a lot!

  389. Debbie Schmitt

    We just picked up a sample can for the color we want to paint our shutters. If I win we can buy the paint to get them them finished. Thanks for the chance! Debbie

  390. Robin

    I would join all the others and buy paint. OR, I have a stand-alone firepit that needs a surround so we can use it!

  391. Tammy

    The possibilities are endless at Home Depot! Maybe a rug?

  392. Marla

    A new lawn mower (walking push, nothing fancy) for my DH.

    We are using one we found on the curb waiting for trash collection, and it is on its’ last ‘rubber band’.

    Our old one lasted nearly 30 years, a hand-me-down from my dad. Both are gone now.
    I miss that mower because I remember when my dad bought it brand new. He was so proud!

  393. Thomas Murphy

    I would buy some tools if I won.

  394. Susie

    How do you choose the winner? Everyone is so worthy! Anyway, I am reorganizing my craft room closet so I would buy shelving for that! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  395. Casey

    I’d use it to buy items to repair my living room ceiling. It’s splitting and falling down!

  396. lacey

    I love your lamp! Such a fun addition to a room. And I could spend hours in Home Depot planning my dream home. I haven’t been to a workshop, but now I’m thinking I should check it out. :)

  397. Myra

    I love Home Depot. I’d buy probably buy paint.

  398. juanita

    Momma needs a new sander! ;)

  399. Tracey Moss

    I’d probably buy some new fans to help beat the heat!

  400. Amy Kaminski

    Your lamp is so creative. Love trying new things like that. I have been to a workshop at our local Home Depot and it was fun and informative. Wonderful that you got to spend that time with your daughters! I would use that gift card towards a new front door.

  401. Sherri Moran

    This has been the summer of projects in our 1970s home that we’ve lived in only a year. Your site has been so helpful! We just installed natural hickory floors that look a lot like yours. And, I’ve used your ideas for accessorizing, plants, paint colors, etc. I am in need of area rugs and landscaping supplies from Home Depot!!! Blessings to you!

  402. Denise H.

    Hi I would love to win the the gift card. Iwould use the money for paint or stuff to renovate my kitchen:)

  403. Laura B.

    WELL, I just bought my first house so what wouldn’t I spend it on?? With it being summer I’d like to do a patio refresh and the awning on the back door needs an upgrade!

  404. sandyc

    Love Home Depot! When my friend from Portland, OR came down to Arizona to help me move into my new house, every day of her visit included a trip to Home Depot. I especially like their light bulb department – not only is the selection huge but the displays showing effect of different bulbs are great and they do have some extremely knowledgeable and helpful staff. I’m working on replacing all incandescents with LEDs as well – nice to know that I might not ever have to change some light bulbs again. Love your barrel lamp.

  405. Naomi

    After 30 years of living in my home, I am finally finishing the downstairs laundry/bathroom. All supplies are coming from Home Depot, i.e., 2×4’s, frames, switches, insulation. Would love to have $100 to spend on fun stuff like accessories!!

  406. Razie

    Great to learn about the Home Depot workshops especially since I am now starting my DIY journey! Thanks for the tip and inspiration!

  407. Suzanne Hawkins

    My great-nephew has made furniture out of wine barrels..can’t wait to show him your lamp!

  408. Brenda

    I would put it towards a new front door. Ours is literally falling apart.

  409. Carmen goddard

    I would use the money to get my back yard in order for my sons graduation party :) thx for the chance.

  410. Faith Hann

    My favorite employee at our local Home Depot is the paint guy. He has a huge wealth of knowledge and even helped me figure out how to turn plain dance shoes into ruby slippers when my daughter was playing “Dorothy”! I would use the gift card for paint. We haven’t painted our living room, dining room and bedroom since we moved into our house 8 1/2 years ago. Need an update!

  411. Sara

    We’re currently building a new home. I’d use the gift card to purchase sconces for our main bathroom :)

  412. Marie Valum

    I would spend it on a rug for my fun room!

  413. Erin

    Wow, so many things I would use it towards. We will be moving within the year, so, I think that I would use it towards that. For repairs to this house, or, for the new one.

  414. Pattie

    I looooove Home Depot and would use the gift card to finish working on my hall stairs!!!!

  415. Dorothy M.

    I would buy the paint for a wall I want to stencil.

  416. Betsy

    Woo Home Depot!! I would spend it on paint and a new saw blade!

  417. Julie M.

    We could use the gift card for paint!

  418. Patrice Shannon

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. You have inspired me in many ways. I love decorating my home and helping others with their decorating projects as well. I come from a large family and ALL nine of us love to decorate and remodel our homes, even our brothers enjoy decorating as well. I love the idea of making my own lamp and it is great to know that Home Depot will be able to assist me with what ever supplies or input I may need. I have always found them to be helpful with all my projects, most recently in installing pantry shelves in a hall closet. They even cut the shelves to fit for me at no charge. I am very proud of myself for completing this project with no assistance other than the great salesperson at Home Depot.

  419. Sheila Niemi

    Kitchen countertops or new faucets or bathroom vanity & mirror

  420. Esther

    I really need a new rug in my family room and I know Home Depot has some gorgeous ones!! I’d put it toward that for sure!

  421. Suzanne

    Like you, I get paralyzed at the lightbulb aisle, too! Thank you for the tips, and also for the nudge to buy more LED!

  422. Cindy

    Love your lamp. I would use the gift card for outdoor furniture.

  423. Lauren

    We’d use the gift carrot purchase materials to build a Murphy bed. We’re turning our guest room into a nursery and my husband doesn’t want to completely give up his art studio, so a Murphy bed is th answer!! It would be so helpful since we have so many expenses coming soon with our baby boy on the way!

  424. Helen L Brown

    Your lamp is a true winner. Home Depot is one of my favorite places to wander around for ideas.

  425. Gina

    GREAT giveaway!!! We just built our first house & have visited Home Depot at least 20 times in the last 3 weeks since we moved in. Still so much to do. I think this would be spent on landscaping!

  426. Harris

    My husband would toss down a mattress at Home Depot if he could!

  427. Laura Hinckley Burghorn

    I would purchase exterior paint with $100!! Our home is screamin’ for quality paint!

  428. marly z.

    Home Depot is great. And I love your lamp!

  429. Liz Noetzel

    I have been renovating my house for what seems like forever, doing much of it myself. I am at the stage where I desperately need some new shelving and bins to hold things…and would love to go to Home Depot to pick these items out :)

  430. Jackie

    I love Home Depot and have been wanting to try one of the work shops. We take the kids to the kid’s workshops and they love them!

  431. Brenda Martin

    I would spend it on paint since we are going to repaint the inside of our house.

  432. Harris Wyse

    Hubby loves the Depot!!

  433. Ashley Hall

    I would love this gift card! Lots of DIY projects I have in mind

  434. Marilyn Brill

    Cute lamp!

  435. kathy

    I would use it towards patio furniture.

  436. Janet

    I think I would use it to purchase many, many storage bins to help organize seasonal items!

  437. Heather

    I love Home Depot and your lamp! :)

  438. Debby

    I have decided to give up my fabulous rain shower and “upgrade” to a water-saver hand held shower head. I am even going to make the switch myself!

  439. Christine Lovell

    I am about to move into a new apartment. I have tons of projects in mind. I would like to make a bathroom mirror frame, paint, buy temporary wall paper, lighting, etc.

  440. Cathy G

    Would love to learn something new and have a wonderful lamp like you!

  441. Michelle Hutchison

    What a cool lamp! I get so many great ideas from your blog- thank you! My next project is a farmhouse dining table that I’d love to build with my grandfather. He’s 75 and still rockin’ those power tools!

  442. yasmara

    I would spend it on sod for my yard where we have erosion!

  443. Merri B

    We would love a $100 Home Depot card! There seems to be an endless number of projects around our house.

  444. LV

    My friends can’t believe the things I tell them you can find at Home Depot that aren’t tools. I only wish there were more females in orange aprons in the aisle to help. Most of the time if I am looking for something or I have a question, I get an eye roll or a silent ‘harumpf’ from most of the male sales associates. Love, love, love DIY!

  445. Robin

    I love Home Depot’s do it Herself workshops. The women in my local Home Depot are just awesome! I wish I could make all of them, but I work awkward hours.

  446. Kristina A

    I love Home depot! I need a new kitchen faucet!

  447. Sara Lauderdale

    Would love to win this gift card and could really use for remodeling our cabin. It needs a lot of work and we are constantly getting help from Home Depot’s workshops (we are going to one this Saturday to learn how to install laminate floors we hope to purchase from them), and ideas from the inspired room. PICK US PICK US!

  448. karen on bainbridge island

    These new lightbulbs are driving me bonkers. I do not understand why the manufacturers cannot make an LED that truly matches the quality of light of the old incandescents. We’ve bought lots of LEDS (and spent lots of money in doing so) and only a few are satisfactory…..and those are used on lamps that have darker shades so the color of the light isn’t as important. The bulbs are gathering dust in a cupboard.
    However, I will concede that the longevity of the LEDs is good for those hard/impossible to reach chandeliers, so I have used them there.

    I hate to admit this, but I am hanging on to some of the old bulbs that are are not environmentally friendly because the new bulbs just can’t match them in the color department!

    I do think the lamp you made is fantastic!

  449. Kenia

    So much to learn about light bulbs! :) This is awesome!

  450. BamaCarol

    Oh, I would love to win this! I would pick up a couple of pretty pots and the plants for them to use by my front stairs. Love the lamp too!

  451. Elle

    I would use the gift card to purchase paint since we are planning on re-painting the main living room space.

  452. Amy Orvin

    I would buy flowers for my garden if I WIN. Thank You!

  453. michelle

    I love that lamp! All the trim in my house is a mess, so paint would be at the top of my list, although I would probably walk out with a faucet, or something I never knew I needed!

  454. Jenn

    We would love to pick out some paint for our new home that we are closing on today!!!

  455. Stephanie Cleveland

    There are SO many things I could use the giftcard on. Top priority would probably be the back deck. We are (still) trying to finish making half of it a screened in porch, and with fall coming up (my favorite!) I would love to have that screened porch to sit on. Pick me, pick me!!!

  456. Michelle J.

    I’d use it toward a tent!

  457. Erin L.

    It would be really hard to decide how to use the $100! But I’ve been all about organizing lately so I would probably use it for storage supplies!

  458. Jessica

    Love the lamp! Now I just need to find one while on a flea market treasure hunt. Always so creative! Thanks for the opportunity to enter a chance for a gift card. Always a fun inbox surprise!

  459. Celeste

    Not sure…too many things I need right now. After reading this post maybe light bulbs.

  460. lynn

    Your creative lamp is a-door-bell!! Enjoy reading your blog, Melissa.

  461. Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

    I would put it towards flooring or countertops for my bathroom makeover, or maybe even buy a power tool!

  462. LindaB

    There’s about a million and one things I could spend $100 on in Hone Depot!!! I’m actually inspired to make a DIY lamp!!!!!

  463. Diane Westbrook

    Oh, thanks for the wonderful opportunity for a gift card to Home Depot! I have been looking at the tile mat and hope to purchase it some day soon along with tile so that I can tile my backsplash in my little kitchen. A gift card would be so exciting!! thanks again, Diane

  464. Kimberly C

    I would spend the $100 on lighting. I went to a few model homes recently and saw the difference in what lighting can do for a space. I would buy pendant lighting to hang over my island in the kitchen,

  465. Lisa P

    We just moved last week and I would use this gift card toward organization needs! Home Depot has been a bit of a second home for us the last two months as we renovated our previous home, sold it, and moved into a new place!

  466. GinaE

    I sure need to win this gift card! I would get wallpaper for my bathroom, new faucet, and really the whole house needs flooring very badly. Many thanks for the chance to win!!

  467. Stephanie

    I would love to come see you if you are ever in Nashville! Love your blog! I used your kitchen redo as the main inspiration for my kitchen, and will have to send you photos once it is complete. But— to complete it I would love to win the gift card and use it for a new kitchen faucet. Best, Stephanie

  468. Barb

    I am ever so amazed at things that us women can accomplish. I am hoping to buy a fixer upper on a lake within that next year and I have do many ideas from following blogs by women DIY’ers. I’ve often said to my husband (who has NO interest in DIY projects) that anything a man can do a women can do better! I will be on the lookout for workshops at Home Depot on your recommendation. I’m hoping that with all the blog and workshop knowledge gained that I will be ready to jump right in once I find the perfect lakeside spot!

  469. Kelsey

    LOVE the HD.
    Although, my wallet definitely does not.

  470. Jennifer

    My husband and I practically live at Home Depot! It’s one of our favorite stores. We just moved from a rental fixer upper to our own fixer upper that we now own. So, we’ve been to a couple of those Home Depot workshops before too. They are lots of fun and we learn so much information that we can use for our fixer upper. Currently I am seven months pregnant and we are in the middle of completely redoing the nursery. Baby’s due October 23rd, 2014 and we could really use some drywall to make this baby’s room happen on time. If we won that $100 Home Depot gift card that would help us severely seeing as I am disabled, my husband brings in the only income and we are already struggling financially. It would be amazing to get some extra help from with that gift card. Thanks for giving us all the chance to win!

  471. Mindy

    I have told my husband more than once that one of us should maybe have a job at Home Depot in hopes of a discount since we shop there often! The $100 would a helpful start to our needing roofing supplies or attic insulation.

  472. Pamela

    Window treatments and lighting! Great giveaway.

  473. Kristen

    That looks like so much fun!
    I would use a HD gift card to help us give our screen porch a makeover. Need new screen doors and paint for the floor!

  474. irene

    I have been to some workshops at Home Depot and learned lots!
    I will be looking for one on lighting, I have a lamp i need to rewire
    and not sure how to do that..thanks for sendimg me to Home Depot!

  475. Christine

    Just moved into a townhouse on June 7th. So let’s see…..projects include a container garden for the tiny courtyard, shelves above my desk in my room, painting the dining room table and chairs and a few other minor ones. So I could surely use a $100 Home Depot gift card for sure!

  476. Candice

    What a great idea! I’d love to win the gift card, so I can finish landscaping my front yard.

  477. Pam

    Love your DIY lamp!

    I would buy paint for redecorating a dormer room upstairs which we are working on as I type.

  478. Ashley C

    I’d put it towards a new lawn mower for our new house


  479. Colleen in Dallas

    I would put it toward flooring for my kitchen.

  480. Heather

    Your DIY lamp really impressed me! I loved the ingenuity of the lamp shade. =D Light bulbs have always been tricky for me too (I usually leave those purchases up to my hubby!) so I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one! The $100 gift card sure would come in handy, I can’t even begin to count how many projects need doing in our home! Fingers crossed! Thank you for such a great give-away! =)

  481. Leah

    YEEEES! I’ve been trying to convince myself (and hubby) that a table saw would be a good investment – this would help!!!
    Thanks, Melissa!!
    Leah: )

  482. Lauren @ Mom Home Guide

    I would probably put the Home Depot gift card toward a love seat for my home’s backyard patio! Sweet giveaway!

  483. Danielle Addimandi

    I love reading your blog and checking out all the things you’re working on. Very cool stuff! We are currently remodeling our guest bathroom (some of the tile we purchased was from The Home Depot), and $100 gift card would come in handy! Thanks for the chance to win!

  484. the cape on the corner

    cute lamp! i’d buy more plants for both inside and out. thanks!

  485. Kim Schadrack

    I could really use a Home Depot card. There is always something to replace or update around here! In fact, we’re getting ready to build on for my mother-in-law to move-in with us!!

  486. teri durr

    I would buy easy-care house plants, and pretty pots for them.

  487. Jennifer

    I’d buy plants.

  488. LaNelle Schaffhauser

    Great DIY project lamp is cute!

  489. Laura

    I would use it to buy Behr paint! My husband and I are about to start painting a nursery for our first little one. :)

  490. Michelle M

    Love the workshop! So many possibilities for the gift card…

  491. Cara

    I would prob spend it on paint or tile or lumber. So much I need at Home Depot!

  492. tara

    I would buy a new storage shed to hide all the yard tools….

  493. Susan H.

    Thanks for the giveaway. I would apply to some new flooring for my great room.

  494. carolyn gorenflo

    I did go to the Home Depot workshop on Merritt Island, Fl and learned the news about lumens, and watts and dimmers. I plan to go to the Sat. workshop and learn more, like all good diyers should do!

  495. Terrie

    I am saving for a paint sprayer. Time to stain the fence again and since I live on the corner of a circle, it is a big fence.

  496. Deb Umba

    My husband and I get inspired by browsing the aisles of Home Depot. We also visit frequently, as our circa 1969 Cape Cod home, is in need of quite a bit of TLC, and has been since we moved in 19 years ago! Slowly, ever so slowly, we are renovating it from top to bottom. Along the way we do some fun projects too, my current interest lies in rehabbing old tin coffeepots and making them into lamps. The paint shop gets a lot of attention too; nothing like a quick stop into the “oops” section to pick up some fabulous low-cost paint. Overall, HD gets our vote for inspiration and practical solutions.

  497. Donna

    We need a new front door mat & I’m sure we could find one that would work @ Home Depot. It needs to be a heavy one that wouldn’t blow away as our front porch faces east so north & south winds blow the one we have now off the porch! Not helpful for sure! :) I’d like one of the rubberized open weave ones.

  498. Kirstin Johnston

    We’re newlyweds, setting up our first apartment. I would use it to buy flowers for our deck!

  499. Mary Stewart

    I need new lamp shades for 4 lamps and we are getting ready to buy a new front and back door. We have looked online and will be going to Home Depot this weekend to look at the doors we are interested in. I would love to win that card!

  500. Pat Dowd

    I am a Home Depot junkie! For my latest project as a retiree, I would buy a good primer and some bright paint to refinish an old chest of drawers I’ve had for years – it stores my crafting supplies. And perhaps I’ll look for some cute decals, too. (I love the one with the birds on a telephone wire.)

  501. VICKYL

    I would buy a new lighting fixture for my master bath!

  502. Charlie

    I’m still trying to reclaim the perennial beds from the weeds, so I’d be looking at a new wheelbarrow and some mulch! LOVE that lamp!!

  503. J.J. GAGNE

    We could use a Home Depot Gift Card because my husband has been employed for 11 months now. He was laid off because of the upcoming “Government Shut Down” in 2013 and because he has been employed in Govt Defense Contracting, it’s really hard to get another job right now. We have been living off our retirement accounts and trying to finish a lot of the work and renovations around our home. We would use the $100 to assist us in “making lemonade” out of Rich’s unemployment. Thank you for giving away $100 and I’m sure whoever wins it, is going to be excited!

  504. Brittany Ruffin

    Home Depot! Been obsessed with this place since we built our home last year.

  505. Esther

    I would love to use the gift card on an upcoming bathroom renovation. Thank you!

  506. Teri

    Home Depot and I are BFF’s, we spend lots of time together!! Their staff is always super helpful and knowledgeable about the projects I need help with. I haven’t attended any of their workshops, sounds like I need to hop on that train! Love your blog & the lamp is pretty cute too!

  507. Kathleen Grace

    I’m always in Home Depot, so it’s anyone’s guess what I would spend it on, probably something fun for the garden! I love that little barrel lamp! It’s such a cute size!

  508. Prissy

    I just moved into a new home with a nice screened in patio. I would use the GC to decorate & create DIY projects.


  509. Prissy

    I just moved into a new home with a nice screened in patio. I would use the GC to help decorate and create awesome DIYs!


  510. Rosie

    I want to do an organizing project this summer, and need attractive storage. I love the options at Home Depot! I find if I have the set up, it helps me start on the project and keep going!

  511. Shelbey

    Could always use more flowers for my garden! :)

  512. Susan Essary

    I would buy paint for my kitchen walls.

  513. Charlotte

    I would buy wood & paint & other supplies so my sons can create & build a Fabulous DIY Lemonade Stand for their little sister :)

  514. Jennifer C.

    I would buy some flower pots, soil and flowers!

  515. Danielle

    I could use this for paint, rugs, or lighting!! Thanks!

  516. Katie

    I would probably buy an area rug to cover up the spot my dad’s dog left on the living room carpet. Or I’d buy paint for the living room.

  517. Soiledrotten

    Melissa! Pick me. I’m on bed rest for the next three months until I give birth and didn’t even set up a nursery yet! I need Home Depot to the rescue : )

  518. Alyson

    Well, now I want to buy lightbulbs! But I also need paint and molding. Thanks for the chance to win!

  519. Suzanne Ragel

    I would go to Home Depot instead of the MALL!! I love to just roam, imagine and dream of all the things I’d like to do. I need to remove ugly wallpaper and paint my bathroom. That’s where my GC would be used. Good luck to ME!

  520. Abigail Joan

    I’m a 25 year old who just got her dream job in PR and bought a new apartment all in the same month! I am nervous to live on my own, but excited to start this new chapter in my life. I need Home Depot to help make my apartment feel like a home! Love your blog Melissa! Muuwahh!

  521. Jessie C.

    I would get plants and tiles.

  522. A. Marie

    I’m at Home Depot frequently and have a list of homey jobs. I’d like to paint my front door this summer. I could also use new lighting in the kitchen. And I need to paint my kitchen ceiling. And…the list goes on.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  523. Julie

    Hi Melissa! We are planning a big remodeling starting this fall, and Home Depot is our big store to go.

  524. Diana C.

    Something pretty and fun for my new deck is what I would shop for first of all. Thanks for the opportunity!

  525. Carrell Windecker

    Just dismantled an under sink water filter. Had to reconnect water lines temporarily till I buy a new one. By the way I’m in my 70’s, so you’re never too old to DIY!

  526. Heather

    I would love to buy some outdoor patio lights!

  527. Jennifer Jackson

    I have never been to a Home Depot workshop but now would be a good time. I would like to learn to tile and $100 would be a start to the process.

  528. Carolyn M.

    What a fun article!

  529. Aurora

    I’d love to get the Rustoleum cabinet transformation, or deck sealer, and treat myself to some simple home facelifts!

  530. Jannette

    If I win a $100 gift card to HD,
    I would probably put it towards a new dishwasher since the house we bought came with a broken one.
    Or I’d get some house plants to detox my home. Maybe some wood to paint folk art, or a new ceiling fan for the broken one in my den.

  531. Emily

    I usually end up spending too much money at HD on yard stuff so that’s probably where it would get spent!

  532. Theresa

    I’d spend some of it on fun duct tape for my girls, then a cute little patio set for our front porch.

  533. Donna S.

    Selling our house and could use a gift card from Home Depot right now!

  534. Brenda

    I would definitely buy an outdoor ceiling fan for our patio. This Texas heat is ridiculous!!!

  535. Mary

    I would use it to redo by bathroom countertops to look like concrete.

  536. Ginger

    I would use the gift card towards a nail gun or some type of circular saw that I could use. so many DIY projects I want to do, but never have all the tools I nceed. thanks

  537. Corrie

    I would use the gift card towards my DIY bedroom projects. I am creating a nautical look with lots of items that are being disgarded at work. For instance, I scored 2 pallets to create wall art. I just need paint and finishing products. I also need thick rope to accent my curtains, etc.

  538. Holly F.

    I would buy parts to fix some of our outlets that are not working right, plus paint and wood for a project for my son’s bedroom.

  539. Frani

    I am re-doing a little at a time and would love to have $100 toward a new powder room vanity and faucet.

  540. V Kingsley

    The closet Home Depot is literally the next state over from me! Fortunately (Or Unfortunately, depending on your attitude!) my daughter goes to college in that state and we drive by every 3 weeks or so. I love shopping at Home Depot and have a virtually endless list of things I would love to get such as: plants, garden furniture, LAMPS, and wood for projects I’m working on.

  541. Patty G

    Moving from MN to Lake Stevens soon! Would use to buy new kitchen light fixture in our new home! Hope to catch one of your demos sometime! Maybe you can do one at the Snohomish Home Depot???

  542. Terri

    I would love a new light fixture for my great room!!!

  543. Michele

    Great lamp! I would spend it on paint and outdoor stuff. Are there any other Home Depot’s in the Puget Sound area that you are going to visit?

  544. kate w

    I would love to do a few more updates to the light fixtures in my house!

  545. Kim V.

    I need paint! But I may buy stuff to make a new lamp :-)

  546. Laura B

    I would buy the supplies for a fall vegetable garden! I need to freshen up my tired raised beds (that I didn’t use this summer!) and plant some cool season veggies and herbs so we can eat healthy as the weather cools off!

  547. Jill R

    Super cute lamp!

  548. Lisa

    We are downsizing to a smaller house and I need storage. Shelving would be awesome!!

  549. KH

    Just happened on this website while looking through the June how to decorate series where you guest blogged. Hmmm many uses for $100 Home Depot card will be hard to choose, but probably paint or flooring…or maybe toward an update on my bathroom lol !

  550. Julianne

    Some supplies to create a little office nook in my home!!

  551. Kristin

    Going to sound boring, but we desperately need to replace a toilet!

  552. Jenn H

    I would spend it on something for our porch. There are so many things we need since moving that I couldn’t even try to narrow it down :0)

  553. Sherry

    Would love to win!!!!!I so need it.

  554. Mary

    Your blog is truly one of the best out there! Thank you for all the inspiration!

  555. Kenya

    This is my first comment, but I enjoy your blog. I would use the $100 gift card to buy flowers for my front porch.

  556. Allison

    Would love to win! Thanks for the chance.

  557. Elizabeth Ashe

    Home Depot is my favorite store!

  558. Ashley Larkin @ Draw Near

    I don’t know that I’ve ever commented, but sure love reading your blog, Melissa. Such a tough choice, but I think we might put it towards hex tile for our one and only bathroom, remodeled (quite horribly) in the 80’s. With a hubby, three growing girls and I sharing it, I’d love to make it a happier (though still crowded :) ) place for us all to be.

  559. Angela

    The appliance department would get my $100 – I need a new stove!

  560. Angela alvarez

    Would love to win this home depot gift card! We need to fix our kids bathroom! Pipes are leaking into the ceiling in our family room! It would help with the project for sure:)

  561. Elle

    Thanks for the giveaway. My house could use some Home Depot love.

  562. sue johnson

    I’m so glad I found this Inspired Room website. I love the affordable ideas. I want to work on a back splash if I win.

  563. Jessica

    I just got a new house, so I would use the money to help fix up the kitchen!

  564. S. Smith

    I am currently changing out my wall outlets. I would love to win a gift card. Thanks for the chance!

  565. D'Juan J

    I would update my kitchen fixtures.

  566. Kimmad

    There are so many things I could use this on, not sure I’ll be able to choose if I win!

  567. Sue Malizia

    I would get the supplies to refinish our dining room table. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  568. Genoa

    We are building our house so Home Depot is our best friend!

  569. Tawnya

    I would totally use that gift card for paint.

  570. Marilyn

    Hi Melissa, Thanks for the giveaway1 I would probably buy some trim we need in the bathroom, and
    I’d love to get some new plants as well. Then there’s the backs of my bookcases I’ve been thnking about painting . . . :-)

  571. Diana Allen

    I have just moved into a new home and my garage is a DISASTER. I would use it to buy some heavy duty shelving so that the organizing could begin!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity.
    P.S.: My mother always tells me that I’m the only girl she knows who would rather have a gift certificate to Home Depot than to a clothing store!!

  572. Linda

    Love the shade & the Edison bulb! Giving a prize for who couldn’t use a Home Depot GC would’ve been easier!!

  573. Amy B

    We would put this towards the purchase of a new storm door.

  574. Pamela H.

    I had no idea Home Depot had workshops — will look into the fun!!

  575. Leidy

    I would probably buy paint with the gift card. Thank you for the chance to win

  576. awgirl

    I would buy a new bathtub faucet, it is in bad shape.

  577. Stephanie

    i would love to win this for my dad!

  578. Suzanne

    Love your lamp!!!

  579. Patricia

    I would buy a rug for our entryway.

  580. Kim G

    I Luhve Home Depot (even more than Target!). I would buy decorative trim so I could build a custom-sized very large frame for my wall, then inside this frame, put 3 smaller picture frames. I want to change out the prints in the 3 frames for all the seasons. I saw the idea on The trim I want is a little pricey so the gift card would come in handy. Thank you for this awesome opportunity to win.

  581. Rose L

    I adore your cute little barrel lamp!! Is it ceramic? It reminds me of those that they used to hand around the necks of St. Bernards! I don’t live near a Home Depot but I do shop there online! I am wanting some new counter tops for my freshly painted kitchen. Or I might get some lumber to make some arbors to put at my yard gates (2). Then again I’m dying to add a tile back splash in the kitchen! Oh Mercy! My list is way too long, hahaha!

  582. Barb

    Love, love the Home Depot workshops!

  583. Lori R

    It’s looks like you had a blast. I love my Home Depot. I always enjoy going (which is really often) and love their employees…like Kelvin and Anthony and Rashad and Bill and ….
    See what I mean. Go Savannah

  584. Linda S.

    What a cute lamp idea! I’ve always wanted to go to one of their workshops but never seem to get there. Really have to try one! Who couldn’t use a gift certificate to Home Depot! I bought all my plants there this year!

  585. Kim Roberts

    I love Home Depot and their superb customer service! What would I spend my $100 gift card on there? Probably paint, but your talk of dimmer switches and lightbulbs has me conflicted! Maybe a little of both?

  586. Wendy

    I would buy a sail style canopy to shade our hot Texas patio!

  587. Griffey565

    Curtain rods! Great lamp by the way :)

  588. Elaine

    We’re rehabbing our old deck and this would be a wonderful gift to get it finished! We’ve been buying wood and stuff at Home Depot as we go on with it; hoping to paint soon.

  589. Sherri Howell

    I love Home Depot! I really need to do some painting, so if I won the $100 gift card, I would use it to purchase paint.

  590. Roxanne

    Would love this, still need a few key parts and pieces to finish my 3-week-old’s nursery! Wasn’t quite ready for him when he was ready :)

  591. Jenny Hitchcock

    I would buy bushes to replace the ones that did not make it from the brutal winter

  592. Lisa P

    We really could use a handheld grinder. Hope we win!

  593. amelia

    I’ve never been to one of the home depot workshops but i’d love to check it out sometime!

  594. lynn

    Ah… The joys of going to Home Depot… I always leave there with more than I went shopping for.. can’t help but love that place!

  595. Sarah Denham

    Home Depot is to me as The Inspired Room is to Inspiring.

    I need paint. Lots of paint; mineral spirits, JASCO stripper, stain, vanish, brushes, sandpaper, the list goes on …. I am a furniture refinishing JUNKIE! My husband says I need to go to a 12-step program for up-cyclers.

  596. Linda M. Salvatore

    I Could really use that giftcard. I would use it on a sweet little hanging chandelier that I saw there a few weeks ago.
    Thanks so much for all of your great posts – I love reading them and you inspire me with new ideas!

  597. Sandy

    Would love a new dining room chandelier!

  598. Mark Sweazy

    Wow, I would have loved to have been able to attend that workshop! I have just purchased a 114 year old fixer upper and spent 2 hours in the lighting department this evening. My mind is still spinning!

    I will be watching for workshops in the future.

    Thank you for the information.



    I would love to win a $100.00 Home Depot card1 What’s not to buy at HD? I would focus on paint and new brushes for the ceilings I need to tackle! Of course, I do have my eye on a rug! laura

  600. shawnda d.

    I would buy the materials to make a headboard for my daughters bedroom.

  601. shawnda d.

    Materials to make a headboard for my daughters room would be my first choice!

  602. Susan Christy

    I will get a rake, a hoe, weed killer and a new blade for my lawnmower.

  603. Kristin

    We have tons of projects we are working on right now, but I would love some new lighting for the bathroom.

  604. Alissa A

    I would use it to start the tile backsplash in my kitchen!

  605. Karen

    I am fixing up a little cottage for my daughter. I would probably buy paint, paint, paint!

  606. Joyce

    I would use it to buy paint and shelves.

  607. Holly B

    I’d use the $100 to pick up some new tools :)

  608. Patty

    I would use the gift card to buy paint supplies for painting furniture.

  609. donna reed

    I love lamps and enjoy reading your column.

  610. Wendy Lee

    I would love to win this! I am working on my entry way and bathroom, so lumber and paint would fill my ticket!

  611. Janis Hill

    We recently moved, so I can think of a thousand things I would get at Home Depot; new bathroom hardware (towel holders, TP holder, etc.) paint, kitchen knobs, paint, door mat, paint, annual plants, drawer organizers and did I mention paint?

  612. Kathy milliken

    I am moving to a new house in a new state! We need so much! Paint, light fixtures, bead board and so much more!! Love reading your blog and diy’s!!

  613. Lisa K

    What a fun day!! I could think of a 100 ways to use that Home Depot gift card! We’re in the process of building a farm house :-)

  614. Lorry King

    I love your lamp and love your blog! Learning how to use power tools and build some things out of reclaimed wood so would love the gift card!

  615. Suzanne Bahr

    I am always needing something from home depot. I could put it to good use.

  616. Suzanne Bahr

    Could think of a hundred ways to use this

  617. Erin Prohaska

    I would FINALLY get the guts to make my own rustic DIY kitchen shelves that are supposedly to be in the big old blank spot I cringe at everyday since I repainted/semi – redid our kitchen! I swear the spot watches me, begging to be filled! :) Thanks for the opportunity…and ever-inspiration!

  618. Paige

    I am working on my laundry room and could really use the gift card!

  619. Laura B

    Purchasing a new home in within the next couple months…would love that baby for our reno!

  620. Michelle

    Boy, do I ever know what I would use the $100 gift card on (whether or not my husband agrees)….I would purchase one of the new Ryobi cordless power tools with the 18V battery. We need a brad nailer!!

  621. Linda Raber

    I love y your ideas and have used some i in my new home. Thank you got your inspirations.

  622. Melissa R

    My mother just passed away, and am living with my dad to help and take care of him. We have made the decision to move into a smaller house within the next year. I know we could use the Home Depot gift card for storage items, organizing, cleaning supplies, setting a new home. New items for a new beginning.

  623. Erica W.

    paint for my bathroom

  624. Ruth E. Chidley

    Melissa, I really like both lamps you have made. Since I already have a jar similar to yours, I would like to see if I could make it into a lamp. The Home Depot gift card would help make that happen. : )

  625. Carla S

    I would spend it on some planters, a couple of rosebushes, and a weedeater.

  626. Patty connelly

    Paint. So many pretty colors, I am never satisfied.

  627. Patty connelly

    Maybe some pretty flowers

  628. Holly

    I need to organize our toy room – badly. This would help. Thanks!

  629. Karen

    I’m slowly trying to update my 1950s house. I would use this gift card toward new lighting for my kitchen.

  630. Kris Rivas

    At 50 I ask selling my home and down sizing. I would use the wonderful gift card to
    get curtain rods, cabinet knobs to redo my dresser, rugs for the bathroom & kitchen and
    hopefully the perfect lamp shade in pink as an accent in my black/white/gray bedrom.
    Thanks for the give away!

  631. Mary Ann

    I know just what I would purchase at Home Depot…a new sander for my painting projects!

  632. Susan Prillman, glorygiver

    I would spend it on perennials for my garden…the gift that keeps on giving!

  633. Toaa

    Home Decor!

  634. Kathy

    Funny to see this as I don’t normally think about lighting. But I was creeping on people’s lighting last night as husband and I were taking the dogs for a walk in the neighborhood. I have always liked the ceiling lighting for practicality, but was noticing the warm feeling coming from multiple lamps lit in people’s living rooms as we walked last night. Thinking that I need to invest in some smaller and stylish lamps.

  635. Alexandra Soriano

    What a wonderful opportunity! I would be so happy to win a $100 Home Depot gift card and would use it to buy paint for our dining room and office. Wed love a new color to brighten our home and our lives! Thank you!

  636. MilliK

    We’re working on our (right) side yard, so having an extra $100 for gravel/mulch/pots and plants would be a huge help. So much to do…so little time (and money ;~).

  637. Lynsey

    Awesome giveaway! I would use it towards a new rug for my living room or new industrial light fixtures for my boys bathroom!

  638. Jesica

    I love that place!! I would use the money to buy wood and stain for a DIY headboard for my bedroom that I’ve been dying to get done! Yea! for giveaways!! :)

  639. Bonnie Martin

    Home Depot is my home away from home……love that store!

  640. Jenny Mendoza

    Bought a fixer-upper and had a baby in the last two months – my hubs and I could really use this! Thanks! Ps- loved this update, as it reminded of the workshops!!

  641. Jess White

    If I won a gift card there’s about a 100 things I would spend it on, but probably would just get some nice lumber to builds shelves in our pantry, because it’s the most needed.

  642. Deborah Schultheis

    I love Home Depot! I just purchased a duplex in Florida and have numerous projects to put my mark on it and design the inside of the duplex! I would use the card to purchase paint as I want to paint the entire inside to start making it ” my own”.

  643. Melissa

    We just bought a house yesterday so I would certainly say that we will be making many, many trips to Home Depot in the future!

  644. Kathie Engelbrecht

    Hi. Thanks for the giveaway. Would use the gift card towards our bathroom update.

  645. Kathy

    I love this..I’ve seen so many unconventional items that would look great as a base for a lamp!

  646. Krista

    We are planning to repaint our front door, shutters, and trim, which have become dull and flaky. I’d use the gift card for painting supplies!

  647. tammigirl

    We built a house a couple of years ago and I’m ready to change the light bulbs in the recessed lighting. I figure if I’m going to have it, I should have the beautiful kind of lighting that makes my diamonds sparkle. Right?

  648. Alice

    Fab lamp. Giving me courage to tackle my own project!

  649. Tara F

    I would use the gift card to buy paint and flooring to redo my laundry room! It has old, broken linoleum on the floor that I have to cover with a rug or else I jam my toe on it every single time. :/

  650. Jeanne Thelwell

    I’m working to turn my Brownsville apartment into a home and not just the place I live. I could really use this gift card!

  651. Shelley

    Each of us could use the gift card for something wonderful in our homes. I just finished picking about a bushel of tomatoes from my two tomato plants that I got at Home Depot earlier this spring and I am sure I will be burning the late night lights, which could be replaced with reader friendly lights, as I read up on various recipes on how to turn these beauties into tomato tarts, frittatas, sauce, canned tomatoes and various other treats that I can think of as well. i wonder if a heat light bulb will dry them?

  652. staci torgerson

    I bought some replacement landscaping light bulbs from Home Depot last week for my mailbox lights and wish I would have talked to someone 1st. What I purchased ended up melting the plastic around the bulbs.

  653. Laurie

    Love Home Depot! Need painting supplies & a new ceiling fan for our bedroom refresh.

  654. Terri H

    Thanks for the chance to win! I would use the card for paint and tools for updating our bedroom!

  655. DONNA Harwood

    Great lamp idea, love HD’s workshops and just roaming the store

  656. Brenda

    Always ready to DIY something and my son just bought a lake house so we’ll be visiting Home Depot regularly.

  657. Sandee H.

    Love the lamp! Love Home Depot. We are remodeling our bathroom and I would put the money toward lights on either side of the mirror

  658. mary Louise barry

    Boy oh boy would i ever love to win a hundred dollar gift card from Home Depot..i absolutely adore their merchandise..however i would have to buy mainly practical purchases like i need new saw blades and furnace filter; the really good pet allergen type!!!!, thankyou, sincerely, mary Louise Barry..906 875-4805 117 high st. crystal falls, mi 49920

  659. Marilyn

    Power tools. How can you do a remodel without them?!

  660. Marilyn

    Power tools–$100 worth! How can I do a remodel without them?!

  661. rachel

    Yard supplies! Our lawn needs some love. :)

  662. Holly

    Pick me! :). I would buy sod or plants for my backyard.

  663. Cori Westphal

    We’ve thrown away 2 of our 4 summer chairs this year already! And the other two are on their way out. I’d LOVE to get a couple of really nice lounging chairs to enjoy the rest of our warm summer months!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  664. Ginger

    I agree with you that the light bulb aisle at Home Depot is quite daunting! The last time I was there, the very knowledgeable “light bulb” guru answered all my questions.

  665. janice

    We’ve been wanting a storm door so we could let let the light on wonderfully sunny days. Thanks! Your lamp is lovely.

  666. Diane

    I would love an extra $100 for Home Depot. I am there all the time!!!

  667. Vanessa

    Oooh, fun! I would go for something for the bathroom. We just moved and I am liking the other rooms but our tiny bathroom needs some love.

  668. Jennifer