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Inspired By: 8 Charming Banquettes

by | Jan 12, 2015 | Coastal, Decorating Inspiration, Dining Rooms, Kitchens | 29 comments

Inspired By: 8 Charming BanquettesBHG

My lifelong dream is to have a banquette.

Inspired By: 8 Charming BanquettesThreshold Interiors – New York City

So far, my dream has not been realized.

Inspired By: 8 Charming BanquettesBHG

Every house I’ve had, I have tried and failed to figure out a way to add one.

Inspired By: 8 Charming BanquettesBHG

But I will dream on.

Inspired By: 8 Charming BanquettesBHG

And never give up hope.

Inspired By: 8 Charming BanquettesHouse & Home

That one day…

Inspired By: 8 Charming BanquettesHGTV

A banquette…

Inspired By: 8 Charming BanquettesBHG


Happy Monday!

PS. My side dream is to have a polar bear painting like in that top picture. :)

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  1. JessB

    All of these examples were beautiful, but I agree with you, the polar bear is amazing!! I think I looked at the art more than the actual banquettes. Great examples.

  2. Jann from Newton Custom Interiors

    I love banquettes too, but have never had one. I’ve been lucky enough to make cushions for a couple of clients who have banquettes, so I live vicariously through them! You’ve got some beautiful examples.

  3. Patricia

    We have a banquette in our kitchen. We added it when we remodeled in 1987. The benches lift up with storage underneath. Our grandkids love it. Guests love it. The cats have all loved it (sit up and watch the birds and squirrels thru the window).
    Now my secret fantasy is a window seat piled with cushions and a great view out the window; big enough to take naps…. and a pile of good reads beside it.

  4. sandyc

    Love the banquettes and would love to have one too but my breakfast area in the kitchen is so tiny and bound by a 2-door entry to the kitchen and the fridge on one side and a 6-foot patio door on the other. Currently have a small square country table against the wall with a chair on either end. I use the kitchen patio door because the one off the living room has the pet door slipped into the track and would be awkward to open and close. I’d have to have a very skinny “half” of a banquette and I haven’t seen any of those. However, I’m reading this at The Inspired Room and just because I haven’t seen it yet doesn’t mean I won’t see it or that I won’t be inspired to create it. In fact, Melissa, go get that polar bear while you inspire yourself to create your banquette area in which to hang it.

  5. Ms Maggie

    A bench is halfway to your dream and easier to add. It cuts up the table area and adds lots of charm. I have a church pew in the dining room that does this. Everyone loves to lounge on it after dinner. And it takes lot of pillows like a banquette…

  6. Cristina Festa

    I have plans to add one when we renovate our 1969 Brady Bunch kitchen. Love the coziness of the seating bench and it takes away the need for so many chairs which takes up space. Love the examples you showed. I’ve always wanted to add a small desk in the kitchen also for a place to sit and check my mail and emails etc.

  7. Lesli DeVito

    I wat a banquette too and know exactly where it would go…if a wall gets taken down and it can be built…but I always say…”BELIEVE it will be and it will be!”

  8. Laura

    Hi Melissa, I’m in the banquette camp for sure! I love them. I’m currently compiling examples (you have the BEST timing) to show my husband; our kitchen has the perfect corner for one! We’ve never invested in super-fancy dining chairs because I’m convinced the cosmos is pointing me towards getting a banquette instead! You don’t see too many benches featured in UK decor nowadays but I’ve always like the idea of installing something unique. Cross your fingers for me; and I hope you can work one into your home soon!

  9. Joanne A

    I have a pinterest board dedicated to banquettes even though I don’t have the house for one. Silly, I suppose. But, one day we may downsize to a condo and it could be a perfect solution. I just think they look comfy cozy, so I will continue to love them.

  10. Clever Girl Reviews

    I totally agree! I love them and I’d love to have one in my future breakfast nook.

  11. Kathy @ In Quiet Places

    Not exactly the same kind of bench, but I always loved watching The Waltons TV show when they all came to the table which was lined with benches, it did look so homey and inviting and piled with food!

  12. Paula

    Now I am obsessed with the polar bear print. Thanks. Grin. Let me know if you find a source. I really enjoy your blog.

  13. Barbara (WA)

    I immediately thought “I love that polar bear artwork” before I scrolled down:) My other dream is to have a table right next to a window so I can comfortably sit and gaze outside and dream. An eat in kitchen would work! Oh well.

  14. Dawn Brazier


    I love your blog. My 10 year old daughter is an amazing artist and would be delighted to be commisioned to paint your polar bear painting. I would be happy to forward you a portfolio of her work.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Oh I would love that :) I’d love to see your daughter’s portfolio, feel free to email it to me!

      • Dawn Brazier

        I just sent over her portfolio. Enjoy!

  15. Leslie

    Oh, how it is my dream too!! In fact I have many of those images pinned in my dream kitchen board!

    I think I’m going to take the plunge in round two of the kitchen renovation. We were a little kitchen project weary to do it right now. My only reservation is the bench will likely be the same height as the windows where the banquet would go. I can’t decide if that’s an issure or not.

    What do you think? Hope your banquette dreams come true one day!

  16. teresa

    I have the same dream….for the cabin. Maybe someday…right ;)

  17. Tamela

    I know what you mean Melissa. I have been wanting a banquette in my kitchen for ever! I might be getting one this spring….lucky me!

  18. Madeline Osigian

    I love that polar bear print. I’m having trouble finding it. My mom wants it.

  19. Wendy

    Love the polar bear and the banquettes they’re gorgeous. Like you I have many dreams for my home, but the thing I would like the most is a cream and oak hutch but that’s not going to happen for a while so I’ll just keep dreaming!

  20. Heidi

    I also love banquettes! I think I might actually be able to work one into our eat-in kitchen area here in our new house…when we get to that room in a few years :)

  21. Barbara (WA)

    I see many others are on thee hunt for the polar bear print. Just because I am so curious I did a long search online including at BHG, no luck. Maybe the homeowner did the artwork.

  22. Carrie

    That’s my dream too! Hope we both get our banquettes! Lovely inspiration, Melissa :)

  23. Leah

    It was my dream, too! And this December, I made it a reality. I forced my way, really. But I sit on that banquette at every.single.meal. and I love it! I can’t wait to finish our room so I can show it off!

  24. Johnnie

    Banquette all the way. There was one in my grandma’s house and many happy memories were made there. I love the old photos of us all crowded around it at family get-togethers. My aunt and uncle later purchased the home and used a large round table instead of square. It seemed to make navigating the benches a bit easier.
    I have many happy memories of time spent at that table as well. Time spent catching up on life over a cup or two of coffee in such a cozy corner. Oftentimes when thinking back, the first picture that comes into my mind is the cozy little corner at “grandma’s house”.


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