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Pets At Home {Share Your Pet Photos With Us!}

by | May 22, 2015 | Decorating Inspiration, Home Love Stories, Jack

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Pets At Home {Share Your Pet Photos With Us!}

We tried as hard as we could to keep our pets Jack and Lily off the furniture. We did. But eventually we just had to give up.

The truth is, they don’t realize they are not people. They like to sit on comfy chairs and lounge on sofas (remember THIS unfortunate incident?). I mean, wouldn’t you want the comfy spot if you were a pup? Of course you would.

Do you have cute furry friends at your home? We want to see YOUR pets lounging around and causing mischief in your home! For the next week (starting today) we’re hosting a fun pet edition block party on Home Love Stories where everyone can come and share photos of their pets at home. THIS IS GOING TO BE HILARIOUS! I can’t wait for this.

Sign up for a free account if you haven’t already! You don’t have to have a blog elsewhere to share posts, just upload your photos and share your stories. It’s easy and fun!

Pets At Home {Share Your Pet Photos With Us!}

It’s old-school blogging style, no professional photography needed–we’re just keeping it casual. Snap some pics of your animals with your cell phone if you’d like and use the hashtag #PetsAtHome somewhere in your post. Then over the next week, come back and see everyone’s pets at home! How fun will this be?

Pets At Home {Share Your Pet Photos With Us!}

We created Home Love Stories to be better connected to our readers, allowing you to easily invite us into your home even without a blog, and so you can connect with each other because you are all AWESOME people. It is a free site so we hope you enjoy it! There is such a nice little community over there. We do a different themed block party every week so come on over and get to know each other!

We shared a story of our Pets At Home here to get the party started. :) See you there!

PS. Thank you all so much for your kind words about my news this week! I so appreciate your support and encouragement!


  1. Barbara

    I love their names – Jack and Lily. We used to have a Lily – hence the e-mail address. We now have a Cecelia – black lab – somewhat crazy, but an adorable and lovable gal. She is definitely what we refer to as “A creature of comfort” at all times. I will try to get some pictures of her at her most comfortable on the people furniture, of course. There is nothing like a dog – they’re messy and leave hair and dirt – but they contribute so much in terms of love and entertainment. Thank you for sharing. I feel a kinship with you just knowing you are a dog lover!!

  2. DonnaS

    Your dogs are so cute. I agree that pets are family. There is no way we can keep our little shihpoo off our furniture–she feels she belongs there! Great post!

  3. Robin @Rooms Revamped Interior Design

    All pets are family members and I love seeing posts and photos when dogs are the stars.
    Your dogs are precious!
    I have Bruno, my fifth child and Lagotto Romagnolo. He appears in the photo shoots of our home just because my photographer falls in love when he enters the room.
    I think dogs warm up a room when featured in a photo.

    Happy Friday!

  4. Carole Tiep

    What breed are your adorable furry friends?

  5. Madelaine Smith

    Best dog photos EVER!!! Easy to see the love in your home! Now THAT’S inspiring!

  6. Corinna - For My Love Of

    My pup notoriously takes over the whole bed and he’s pretty small. He just likes pillows and blankets and cozy things.

  7. andrea

    How exactly do you post pictures of your pets? I have an account but I’m not really too sure of where (or how ) to post pictures? Would love to participate if I had a better understanding of what to do.

  8. Lauren English

    I love this! I was so determined that my dog would never be on the furniture, but there is nothing sweeter than having our puppy’s head on my lap while we watch a movie or seeing her lie on her back fast asleep with all four legs up in the air (what we call her Dead Bug yoga pose). I’ll have to see if I can find a cute picture of her in that position to share on Home Love Stories! Thanks for sharing once again what real life with puppies is like ;)

    • Katy

      Our Steel does that too!!! Its hilarious!


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