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5 Inspiring Organizing Projects to Jumpstart the New Year

by | Dec 29, 2015 | Decorating Inspiration

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5 Inspiring Organizing Projects to Jumpstart the New Year
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Hello, friends! I hope you are enjoying a little in-between the holidays downtime, I sure am! It’s been so nice to just be hanging out with my family, resting and even starting to dream a little bit of 2016!

Today I thought I would pop in with a few organization project ideas that might help put you (and me!) in the mood to get organized.


5 Inspiring Organizing Projects to Jumpstart the New Year

Pick one small space to organize before the New Year even begins!

How could you use a cute little cart like the versatile Ikea Raskog Utility Cart to organize necessities in the kitchen, bathroom, office or craft room? My son has one like this that he uses as a nightstand, it’s perfect for a compact space! 

5 Inspiring Organizing Projects to Jumpstart the New Year
Set aside an afternoon to clean out old or expired cosmetics and medicines.
Inspiration via BHG

Gather items that can help corral everything you need so your cabinet is visually pleasing and organized. Paper the back of your cabinet with contact paper or wallpaper for a little bit of happy pattern or color every time you open the door.

5 Inspiring Organizing Projects to Jumpstart the New Year

Start the new year with a fresh and organized linen closet, or create a special guest linen cabinet!

Here is some inspiration: How to Organize a Linen Closet via Ballard Designs blog

5 Inspiring Organizing Projects to Jumpstart the New Year

Set up a creative work space so you’ll feel inspired to kick off 2016 with a bang!

Do you have business or creative dreams for 2016? Give yourself the gift of a creative and organized workspace where those dreams can become a reality.

How could you use a pegboard to organize your creative supplies? (via Fabric Paper Glue).

5 Inspiring Organizing Projects to Jumpstart the New Year

Pick one organizing project that you’ve been meaning to get to. Set the date and time to gather the supplies and complete it! One success will inspire the next project, sometimes we just have to get the ball rolling!

As I was wrapping holiday gifts I really got inspired to organize my gift wrap and ribbon. This DIY gift wrap organization system looks so easy (just cup hooks and dowels on the wall or back or a door!) via Woman’s Day / Repeat Crafter Me

What organizing project are you most wanting to tackle this year?

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  1. Stacey

    Started with paperwork yesterday and now it’s all organized and clean. My closets are screaming at me!! Thanks for the little push. :)

  2. Laura

    I’ve been trying to figure out a place to put that Ikea cart (but maybe in turquoise) for at least 2 years! You may have given me the inspiration I need to finally bring her home! And finding a spare wall for a gift wrap station? That would be the icing on the cake! Maybe I should start by putting my Christmas decorations away……

  3. Patricia

    Last year I finished our basement laundry area. I recycled old kitchen cabinets and cupboard from our kitchen remodel years before and painted them blue and replaced the knobs. I also bought preformed ready to go countertops and installed them on top. The room had never been finished so in place of sheetrock, I lined all the walls with pegboard and made part of the room my gift wrap area, with rolls of paper hung rods on pegboard hooks (much like your project). I added new lighting and both open shelves and recycled book shelves for more storage. I painted a work table to match the counters and added a new craft area as well. It’s great to work on projects and leave the mess behind when I come upstairs.

    And note, when I say “I”, I mean my handyman did all the construction and electrical work. I planned it, researched the materials and ordered them and tracked them down when they didn’t arrive on time, and did all the painting. I’ll enjoy using it and years from now when we sell the house, it will also boost resale a lot more than the previous dark hole.

    • Patricia

      And this is the area with the paint spattered laundry sink (lots and lots of dirty paint brushes got cleaned out here). I rescued it with a paint scraper and a lot of scrubbing. Totally worth it.

  4. Ms. Maggie the Elder

    Still time to go through and find items to donate to your fav charity- best way to get organized for 2016!!! PS we have begun to get rid of extra samples of items such as rugs, wallpaper, flooring that are no longer in our houses- oh the memories~ Once I found my children’s high chair tray in the crawlspace of our first home before we moved and they were teenagers by then . . . I had given the chair to charity but forgot the tray. Sad.

  5. allison

    oh! to take on one of these- the medicine cabinet (currently the bane of my husband and my bathroom) could use a couple of those ideas. thanks for the (small) kick in the pants to go get it done!

  6. Kathy Cheek @ In Quiet Places

    I need to start with better organization of my Christmas wrapping paper, ribbons, gift bags, gift boxes, etc. As of now, they are still laying on the bed in the spare room. That’s what happens when you are empty nesters and you have an empty room you can spread it all out in and then close the door!

    I like the idea above of starting 2016 with donating to charity. We just had devastating tornadoes in nearby Dallas suburbs, and this is just a small way to help that will go a long way!

  7. sharon /

    Between your post, and the fact that I was indeed at Ikea today – I am very up for something organize’y! I think I’m leaning toward the cleaning out of the cosmetic drawer. Time to ‘put on a good face’ … and party like its 2016!

  8. Linda Stoll

    That laundry room would motivate ANY of us to go take care of that endless task!

    New year’s blessings to you, Melissa. God uses you to inspire, to shape homes of warmth and beauty. Thank you, friend …

  9. Megan

    I love that creative workspace, if only I had the room for one!

  10. Lisa E

    Our house is in total chaos right now because we are in the midst of a total kitchen remodel. Because of that, I am craving organization in the worst way. I tackled the master closet 2 days ago because my side had gotten crazy. It looks so much better and it feels so much better when I go in there. The next thing I will tackle is the bathroom vanity. Too much stuff that needs to go. Once the kitchen is done, the whole house will need to be straightened out since the kitchen has thrown up into almost every room. It will be totally worth it though, so I’m not complaining. :)

  11. Lilly

    Love these little ideas to start off the year with some organization, a simple task here and there not to overwhelm yourself but just enough to motivate you for the bigger tasks later on!

  12. Serene Spaces Living

    The sewing wall looks amazing, the wife would love that. She is into making little stuffed animals now and is currently transitioning her office/studio at the moment and re-organizing everything. Whatever she can do between taking care of the baby.

  13. Lil

    omg the cart is so cute!!!!!!! I want it

  14. Mary

    Our attic was a nightmare until two days ago! Family members had been throwing things up there for several years, and with my then-back problem, I could do nothing about it. Fast forward to this week (and thankful the back problem cleared up some months back), I had the best time cleaning out, sorting, getting rid of, organizing – and it looks fabulous now! A place for everything, and everything in its place. There’s even lots of empty space now, which makes me feel like I can breathe up there.


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