I think we have the winner! {our remodel floor plan}

I think we have the winner! {our remodel floor plan}House Beautiful

At long last, we have a floor plan that I really believe is THE winner! Finally, right? If we get our contractor’s thumbs up, we will call it official. I so appreciate all of your great ideas and for following along with this renovation!

Over the past few months as I’ve been getting to know this house, I’ve shared inspiration for various ways we could reimagine our kitchen and rework the interior space we have to work with. We explored every idea, from leaving the kitchen layout as is and just doing a cosmetic update, to moving the kitchen layout to the dining room and creating a banquette in the current kitchen.

Each idea had its merits, but as is true for most “budget” remodels, each one is going to have its downsides, too. So the question is which downsides can we live with and which merits really speak to us?

Our starting point has always been to work within the footprint of the house, with a goal of doing only what will enhance the livability for our family as well as make the most of what this home has to offer. It is a great little house and we want to take advantage of each affordable opportunity to enhance what it already has going for it.

For those of you who enjoy thinking through the detailed puzzle of a home remodel or are going to embark on a similar journey soon, this post and the part two tomorrow is for you! If details like floor plans and thinking through what walls or doors to remove just overwhelms you, feel free to just enjoy the pretty inspiration photos. :)

In this post:

Before and proposed floor plan sketches of our main floor

Before photos of our kitchen

Inspiration photos (not necessarily our style or exact ideas, but just a few fun visuals for similar layouts)

Part two tomorrow: more explanation of the changes, more house photos, and a closer look at where doors, stairs and walls could be opened up

I think we have the winner! {our remodel floor plan}

Current floor plan (above)

I think we have the winner! {our remodel floor plan}

Proposed remodel floor plan (above)

Above you’ll find our new proposed floor plan for the kitchen and dining area. (Note: The island shape, size, and placement are TBD. This floor plan also does not yet include another bathroom. We would like to add one on this floor eventually and you guys had some great ideas for locations, so we will tackle where it should go in a future plan).

This floor plan includes some important changes to door ways and to the staircase, so stay tuned for PART TWO tomorrow for explanations and photos of the rest of the proposed changes!)

If you want to follow along more easily as you go through the rest of the post, you might want to scroll back up to the before and after plans to start to make more sense of the changes and each of the following photos!

Interestingly, the new plan above was formed from the original idea we had the very first day we looked at the house, which was to move the sink to the back wall of the current kitchen. Moving the sink to the far wall seemed to be the obvious choice, but we didn’t know the house well enough at that point to see how we could overcome some of the floor plan roadblocks.

I think we have the winner! {our remodel floor plan}
The two main reasons we felt moving the sink to that side of the kitchen wouldn’t work were 1) we thought the window was too low for a counter (we’ve confirmed it isn’t too low at all, it was just an optical illusion) 2) once we realized the window wasn’t actually too low, we didn’t like that in order to have a view of the backyard, the sink would be squished to one side of the kitchen and off center in the space.

I think we have the winner! {our remodel floor plan}

our summer plans include painting that little shed…

After considering lots of ideas and layouts (including our last plan of moving the sink to under the dining room window and reorienting the kitchen to that space, a plan we thought might be our winner for a number of reasons!) we finally decided that perhaps most effective way to solve the floor plan woes (and give our kitchen sink a view out the back) was to go back to our original idea and solve the window dilemma. Phew!

I think we have the winner! {our remodel floor plan}

So here’s what we have decided! We could offer the sink the best placement and view to the backyard and Puget Sound beyond by adding a window in the vicinity where the microwave was located (see before photo, above).

If we removed the entire wall and doorway on the left, which is where the current stove is, between the kitchen and dining room, it would give the sink and entire kitchen more breathing room and also expand the space visually into the dining room.

I think we have the winner! {our remodel floor plan}

With this entire wall gone, we will be able to see the window in the dining room and beyond into the living room!

I think we have the winner! {our remodel floor plan}

We would locate a new stove where the sink is currently located (see above), centering it on the long counter (we may need to remove the window that is currently there, TBD!).

I think we have the winner! {our remodel floor plan}

Our new counter would wrap around under the windows at the regular counter height (not on a lower level as they are now) offering lots of work space under the windows between the stove and the sink (see layout inspiration, below).

I think we have the winner! {our remodel floor plan}

Corner kitchen inspiration with wrap around windows, Wettling Architects

I think we have the winner! {our remodel floor plan}

A new fridge could be located in the same spot as the current fridge.

Along with this new kitchen layout, we realized we would be able to open up quite a few unnecessary interior doorways and walls, allowing the entire main floor to flow better. Each space would feel more open and light-filled, but still charming and cozy.

If you want to see the ideas we have for opening up the rest of the house and the photos to show how it will all flow together, stay tuned for tomorrows post, PART TWO of our new plan!

I think we have the winner! {our remodel floor plan}

Atlanta Homes Magazine / Interior Design – Susan B. Welty, Susan B. Welty Interiors
Architecture – Scott Newton

Looking at inspiration photos really helps me to start to reimagine our new kitchen and floor plan layout. I hope it helps you visualize, too! I can’t wait to start pulling together specific kitchen elements and designing this space.

Thank you for following along (and not falling dead away from trying to keep up with my house tour and the twists and turns in our plans!). I appreciate all your enthusiasm and great ideas!

Click HERE to see Part Two of our remodel plans!

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  1. My parents built a house in th 1950’s with a stove like yours. I LOVE. It – not to keep but just the look and memories.

  2. I love the newe floor plan idea those windows are going to look amazing! We currently have the same pulls on the cabinets. I know you will be replacing them because they are not your style, I would too but we did a budget friendly makeover on the kitchen cabinets so I kept them because they are not horrible and they were free!

  3. I think this will be a beautiful blending of the two rooms! I think that you and your family will enjoy the large open space. I’m looking forward to seeing Part 2 tomorrow!

  4. Having undergone a kitchen remodel several years ago, I believe you are very wise to have taken so long to weigh all the options and discover what is really going to utilize the space and serve your family the best. You’ll be reaping the rewards of your patience for many years to come. It’s going to be absolutely gorgeous, and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

  5. I have a question. Why did you choose to keep your island (what appears to be) smaller instead of making it little longer (and maybe more narrow) extending down the length of the kitchen? Would it impede the new staircase plan?

    Also, you inspired me to use inspiration photos for my own kitchen and am planning a new banquette area! My husband and I are going to tackle it this summer together! Hopefully after 19 years of marriage, it doesn’t send us to divorce court! (:

    • Yes, I’m curious why you didn’t turn the island 90 degrees and make it longer too, to get more counter space.

    • We actually didn’t draw the island in exactly to the shape and scale, I should’ve mentioned that. I think once the wall is out the island size, style and shape will be adjusted to what looks and feels right. :)

      • Oh yeah – like Holly and Ann, I felt like the island needed to be extended longer toward the fridge, to maximize the storage space under it! Then you could easily do without any upper cabinets. And if/when the budget allows, you could have stools on two sides of it, for people to sit at and chat with the cook(s). Very exciting part of the new plan, to put in an island.

  6. Melissa, I love the proposed new layout! Taking out the walls is going to give you a beautiful open space. Thanks for the floor plans too. I was having a hard time figuring out the room layouts from your pictures and video!

  7. Great floor plan! Seeing your inspiration pic: “Corner kitchen inspiration with wrap around windows, by Wettling Architects” gives me an idea to suggest… If you, 1. Place the stove to left of current sink ( where your Dishwasher is now I think) just like it is in that inspire pic. Then, 2. Keep window! Except Replace with new window to match style of corner window. It would allow opportunity & space to, 3. Install smaller & second “prep sink” under that window…maintaining light and views to side garden, plus…possibly allow you to also use plumbing for pot filler over stove top? Finally, almost done here, 4. Relocate your dishwasher to left of main sink on the back wall, without being visible from front door entry sight lines. All things you’ve already thought about possibly, but if not, now you can! Ha ha, Love the “figure it out” process too. Can’t wait to see your progress, keep us posted. Smiles, Kathleen

  8. Hi Melissa. I would love to hear your thoughts on the financial aspects of purchasing a less expensive home and putting money into a remodel versus putting the money into a more expensive home and not having to remodel. It seems nobody ever talks about the financial motivators that drive these choices. That aside, I have enjoyed the process of watching your home develop into something you truly love! It has been so fun to watch your many homes and styles evolve over the years.

  9. Melissa,

    I’m watching your remodel very closely since I need to remodel my kitchen. Your kitchen reminds me of mine, it’s very old, dates to about 1969 has dated appliance and linoleum floors. We need to do a budget friendly remodel. I’m always looking for ideas. Your floor change reminds me of a thought I had to nock out a wall expand into the dining room or to the family from. Can’t wait to see how it turns out with yours. I’m so excited I fell like it’s my house. LOL.

  10. Loooovvvveeee it! I am at the final stages of a kitchen remodel – my original goal was to get bigger windows in the wall overlooking my backyard- so I understand your “view”!. My only regret so far is that I did not make the windows go down closer to the counter. – there is probably 6-8 inches between counter windows. I think that if you keep your current windows, you will have what I wish I had! Also, I think the wrap around window buy the sink will be great!
    So excited to see you stair plans- I have dreamed of opening the stairs to my basement, will have to see you yours turn out!

  11. OMG! I had the same stove/oven in one of my houses! Weighed a ton when we went to renovate!

  12. You’re a few steps ahead of us in our own house fix-up, Melissa. And what a super guide you are!

    Following you … and dreaming a bit along the way …

  13. We completely redid our kitchen 4.5 yrs ago. We put in a 5′ island. I didn’t have one before. I absolutely LOVE it! It is the work horse of the kitchen.
    Have you thought of rotating the island so that it runs the other way and making it longer? I would have gone for a 6′ island if we had had the room. You will be amazed at how much you use it!

  14. I am sooooo excited for you! Watching you makes me want to rip out my kitchen too:) I told my husband that we need to have Chip and Joanne come and help though:) Waiting patiently for part II !

    • Thank you! It would be nice to have them and their crew come so we could just show up a few weeks later to see our fixer upper done and staged :). Especially because the remodeling budgets on TV always seem to go so much farther than what we could even dream about here! Ha!

      • Love the plans! Regarding TV shows, I always wonder the same thing about budgets: is it because they are getting materials free or low cost from sponsors? Often they will say they can gut a kitchen and put in a dream kitchen for $30,000! We all know that’s impossible! Lots more examples like that occur daily.

  15. I think this is a great plan, Melissa!

    Can’t wait to see the rest tomorrow!

  16. I am thoroughly enjoying reading about your new journey. I really appreciate you sharing your thought processes as you progress. We are about 3/4 through a kitchen remodel. It is so easy to get tempted and let the budget run wild. We did the demo, painting and my hubby did the electric, however, the rest has been contracted out. We have some splurges and some frugal purchases to maintain a balance and not totally settle. I did come to the realization that although we changed our mind and our project became bigger than originally planned, it’s ok. So many don’t blink an eye on spending $30k on a vehicle when they could have spent less, bought used, whatever, on something that simply depreciates (unless it’s a collectable.) However, they balk at the thought of spending that much on a kitchen remodel when if done correctly, you can recoup around 75% of the cost IMHO. I can’t wait to see your project come to fruition!

  17. Love the plan! I can’t wait to see it all come together – especially the windows over the sink – it will be heaven!

    I know this post is not about your bedroom – but I was wondering if you thought about moving the entrance to your bedroom off the living room wall? The little hallway to your bedroom seems like such a waste of space – could you use that as your walk in closet? Then enter the bathroom from your bedroom? I guess I don’t know the configuration of the bathroom. Maybe you will get there when you re-do the bathroom :)

    • Yes! I agree it is not an ideal layout at all and the hall is for sure a waste of space. I haven’t thought of many affordable options yet for reconfiguring the bathroom / bedroom within such a small space, but I am considering a door from the living room, that is definitely an option. Especially if/when we can install another bathroom for guests. Then we could expand the bathroom or closet space or both. I’ll have to do some drawings and inspiration ideas for that idea. My big dream would be an upstairs master with a view but it’s a dream unlikely to come true :).

      • Waste of space, yes – but surely the ideal space for the second bathroom?!! Then, with a new door from your living room into your bedroom, you can put a door for the new bathroom from the entry hall. And the best thing? The plumbing is already there next door, saving you £££££ (or in your case, $$$$$!!). Good luck – can’t wait to see the end results!

  18. Love, love, love that you’ve decided to keep the kitchen where it is now – it just feels so right and, although you probably can’t see it from up close, your kitchen has a huge smile on its face just thinking about its beautiful makeover to come. I like Kathleen’s idea of keeping the window over the current sink if you could but from your new floorplan sketch, it looks as though the window to the left of the current dishwasher is enlarged so might not work. Looked at every project at Wettling Architects’ site to see if I could find the inspiration pic and maybe another view of the stove wall but no luck. Kind of frustrating not to be able to see the entire room when your inspiration button has been pushed. HOWEVER, if you click Atlanta Homes Magazine under the Susan B. Welty kitchen pic, it does show that wall too and she does have a window there. Might be further inspiration (I’d attach the pic but not sure how to do that). Excited to see more tomorrow.

    • Yay! I agree, she must be smiling about her makeover to come! Right before we drew the plan we were going to put the stove to the left of the window so it’s definitely an option. The stove could be more centered if we removed the window, but whichever way we go we want it to be a nice feature wall from the other rooms which you will see when we show those pics tomorrow! We could even do a little feature window there that isn’t the same if there isn’t room but would be special in some way (even a small round window has crossed my mind). I’ll check out more photos! Thank you!

  19. This is gorgeous! You guys had made an incredibly change on the house whilst still leaving so much of its personality. #GOALS for sure!

    xx, mel

  20. Congratulations. I love it!

  21. How exciting and it will be so wonderful! Your window views are incredible! That is a neat vintage stove/oven – will you be able to pass it on to someone who might be looking for vintage appliances? Will be following along as your home takes on this amazing transformation. :)

  22. Melissa, I love all of your ideas! First, I must say thank you for inspiring me to think through fun ways to make my own 1950’s home fresh, updated, and most importantly, one that reflects our young family. I love your thought process, and can definitely relate! I am always fascinated by how your inspiration pictures look so close to your current layouts – how do you find them? Just a lucky search? Or do you search for specific key words and phrases to help pinpoint ideas that look most similar to your own layouts? Good luck with the planning, I am looking forward to watching it all unfold!

  23. Looks like a winner for sure! As soon as I saw your drawing of the new space I went “YES!” it looks so airy and light, i’ll bet you just LOVE it!

  24. Happy Day! Having a kitchen sink under a window is the best thing ever!
    Love the step by step….and your creative process!
    Thanks for sharing.

  25. Didn’t even spot the missing main floor bath. I’m too intoxicated with what Will be!

  26. I love your inspiration photos! I haven’t touched my kitchen in my new house yet because of two things – 1. it was remodeled not that terribly long ago and everything is still in good working order. 2. creating a master suite was priority….kitchen updates will need to wait. But your photos are nudging me along! the counter in your first photo is the one I put in my master bath and I love it so much – I think I want it in the kitchen as well. Can’t wait to see the rest of your plans – very exciting changes coming your way!!

  27. Hi Melissa, I love the new floor plan, and am excited to see the “during” and “after.” My only concern was that a coat closet was not specified in the second drawing, while it is specifically mentioned in the first. I live in a small space with not enough closets, and I don’t want you to lose any! :-) Oh, and I love the under mounted sink in the first inspiration photo. That or a farmhouse sink, as shown later, seems to be the way to go to me. (Seems much easier to keep it clean.) Thanks for your inspiration. Blessings.

  28. Aha! The door to the yard appears! Between that and removing the walls between LR and DR/Front Hall, you definitely would have enough light as seen from the front entry door, now. You had me fooled, before — when you wrote “We love our living room the way it is” I thought taking down those walls was non-negotiable! The pedestal table in the dining room is such a clever solution. I thought it was a shame that the necessity of a walkway across the DR meant the table had to be so far from the window, and scrunched up against the wall. Putting it directly under the DR window with a bench seat, never would have occurred to me. VERY smart solution! Now diners can enjoy the view, and there’s still plenty of room for walkers to get from the LR to the kitchen across the space. One change I’d suggest, from the floor plan sketch, is to put your “butler’s pantry” on the 5′ wall that separates the DR from the basement stairs. Looks like there’s room there for a floor-to-ceiling built-in, without impinging on the walkway between LR and kitchen. It seems odd to have the butler’s pantry in the bedroom hallway (an an awfully long way to have to lug your dishes and food from butler’s pantry to Dining Room). The spot that is currently labeled butler’s pantry could make more sense as a new coat closet (since you don’t have one now) plus other storage, like linens.

    I LOVE sliding barn doors – maybe as much as you love Dutch doors, hehehe. So I’m excited to see the idea for one appear, separating the “master suite” from everything else. A bit more privacy for the Master BR. And it opens up intriguing possibilities for re-configuring the master bath to take over that space that is now devoted to a hallway. But since there’s no 2d bathroom for this main level of the house yet, I assume that will be waiting for a later phase!

    I certainly admire your courage and energy. Only a couple years since you lived through your last kitchen remodel, and already you’re going for another one! I hope it all comes together beautifully – and I’m sure it will, based on how gorgeous the previous kitchen turned out.

  29. Hi there,
    I’m loving seeing the remodel of your home! You inspire me.
    You may have already thought of this but if not, something I noticed was the sink seems to be too far away from the stove in your sketch and from what I can tell from the pictures of your house. I was wondering if you thought about putting a sink in the island or have a faucet over the stove? My sink and stove are across from each other in my kitchen and I’m always wishing they were closer together or on the same counter so I’m not dripping water across the floor. In the inspiration pictures it looks like there are sinks in the islands as well as the big sink, so that puts a faucet closer to the stove. So…just something to consider if you haven’t already.
    Love your blog!!

  30. I’m excited for you. Really love the wrap around windows in the inspiration photo. What an amazing adventure! You will love that open space. We have a slightly open space in our home, but our vacation rentals are totally open and it just makes for the best conversation and sharing because you are always connected. Looking forward to tomorrow!

  31. Wow, you’re kitchen/dining area is going to be amazing! I can’t wait to see how much removing the wall will open up the space. And the view from your sink will be incredible! Doing the dishes is a lot more relaxing when you have a window to look out of :) Best of luck to you!

    PS, I am obsessed with your blog! Love the dutch door idea!

  32. Thank you for taking us on this journey with you! It has been such fun to see how your ideas have evolved and changed (a wonderful peek into the creative process). I am living vicariously through you and have taken some great inspiration from ideas that you talk about, using what I can in my home now and squirreling others away for when we are able to move.

  33. Yes, to all the windows and natural light! Our family built a home just two years ago, and already I am wanting to add more windows. So wise to take some time to really think about what your home needs. Happy dreaming and planning!

  34. Cindy Franck says

    Magnificent!! Your plan is wonderful! In my opinion you are creating the very best look and function for your space. Your hard work and thoughtfulness is evident in the new plan. Excited for you, and eager to see more! Hmmm, another mainfloor bathroom? You are so talented that I’m sure that will happen. I’m eager to see that plan soon. Very impressive!

  35. Melissa,

    Thanks so much for sharing all of your ideas and plans. We are moving to our first real home next month and are having fun dreaming about what we will change to suit us. It is so fun to dream and think about things. I definitely use inspiration photos to give me ideas with odd spaces! Your thoughts and ideas about living in the space for a while before doing any major work is really resonating with me. Thank you so much for sharing all your thoughts!

  36. The kitchen is very beautiful but the only way I would put a dishwasher on the left side of the sink – is if I were left handed. The inconvenience of that constant motion of loading it would be quite irritating.

    • I actually once thought the same thing but when my hubby and I got married and I moved into his home, that was the set up he had. I adjusted quickly.

  37. Candice from Georgetown, Ontario says

    How exciting!
    We bought a 1954 Cape Cod from its original owner (!) 6 years ago and have been doing what you’re up to. One of the best things was to change the picture windows to windows with mullions, like the kitchen you have posted. It adds such character.
    Can’t wait for tomorrow.

  38. This will be such a nice space. I love that you are working within your floor plan, this adds to the fun and puzzle that is remodeling (and stress?). I look forward to following along on the progress!

  39. I love the new floor plan!! It looks great! So open and airy and having the seating by a window and the sink by one, too. It is definitely a winner. I pray that the contractor goes along with it and you have no problems at all.

  40. Melissa, I think the backyard is beautiful. Calm. And with Puget Sound! Lovely–

  41. Perfect solution for your renovation! So excited as I know you’re going to love it and all 3 rooms will be able to take advantage of your lovely view of the Sound!! Also, pretty excited as we currently at the 5 weeks mark of completing building our new home and we have the same exact open floor plan of our kitchen, dining room and living room!!! Amazing! Wish I could post pic in this comment! Suggestion for your island…our island is approx. 5 ft long x 2 ft deep,with an additional overhang of counter of 12 inches. We have it situated where you have yours proposed but we have it parallel to the stove NOT the sink as I wanted to,view our love vying room fireplace and TV from the kitchen when I was working on my island. We do,not have your view tho that you have on your exterior walls, so maybe you should keep your island facing the way you do to take advantage of your lovely view! Congrats on finding a GRzeAT solutions n to your remodel! Have fun and good luck. Can’t wait to,go,on the journey will you!

  42. I love it! I love that it maintains the original spaces but with more open views. Can’t wait to see it take shape!

  43. 1. Did you ever consider putting the sink in the corner of the kitchen? I always feel especially with your (corner windows) that corner cabinets are such a waste because I don’t care how high end the cabinets are there is always stuff getting lost in those cabinets. I do agree that a second sink or pot filler is an awesome idea. How much will all this pipe moving cause upheaval in the basement ceiling? Will you have an access door so if you need to access the pipes in the future you will be able to?

    2. The barn door to the left as you come into the space is going to prevent any wall decoration going on that wall and a table would need to stick out from the wall and would risk being accidentally pushed back and then the door would hit it when opened. I saw this similar design issue on a show this week and they decided to go with a swing door because of the issues.

    I’m such a great “devils advocate” and have a tendency to over think every scenario!

  44. mary friederichsen says

    It is going to be gorgeous! And with the Lord’s art work right outside your windows! Incrediable!
    If it weren’t for the fact that I hate cleaning windows I’d be tempted to have that whole side of the house done with floor to ceiling Windows!, of course I guess if I could afford to do that I could probably afford to have someone come and clean them 2 or 3 times a year! Lol

    I don’t comment meant often but I want you to know that I read your posts everyday and am always inspired! I have your first book as well and your second is on my to purchase list!

    Easter Blessings to you and your Family!


    • mary friederichsen says

      P.S I notice Ladies are still making suggestions…and in looking at your center island, I totally get why you have placed it that way, ….I did have a thought however( which can be scary if you knew me! Ha!) but we have a large island and an open floor plan, large window who’ve our sink to the back yard( however not the gorgeous view that you have!But still pretty!) anyway,….our island is turned on a diagonal …. So we have that nice triangle of what do they call it….the work triangle ….goodness can’t remember the term,….well you probably know what I mean. If you don’t have a stove top or sink on that island or it is at one end of it like a small bar sink…you can work on any side of it depending on the activities around you. Amid putting it at a diagonal gives an easier view of the dinette table and looking into the living room to be part of the conversations going on without having to be turning your head to hear or converse….
      I am sure you have already thought of that….but just incase! ;)

  45. Two things occur to me when looking at the new plan. 1. Are you sure that you want to keep the fridge where it is now? It seems far away from the sink and stove locations. Could you move the refrigerator to sit in the space which is to the right of your current sink? Since you might take out your overhead cabinets on that wall? (Speaking of stove location, could you put it approximately where the dishwasher is now? That would allow you to keep your window.) and, 2. How will you handle the gaps in the beautiful wood floors when you remove the walls? Odds are that the floors went in after the walls. Can you match up the wood that is likely underneath the linoleum in the current kitchen?

    If you move the fridge, that leaves a space there to serve the function of the butler’s pantry. Then, the existing space/built in you have for the butler’s pantry could become your hall closet.

  46. Love the new layout but concerned about the distance from refrigerator to the sink. I appears to be a very large work triangle with a lot of walking to fix a meal. Can hardly wait for tomorrow’s post.

  47. Cynthia Wolff says

    I love your plan. The windows in the kitchen and the french doors to the deck will bring so much light into the house and look great. I’m just wondering if would consider using a dutch door as your front door. It would add so much charm.

  48. Melinda Young says

    Just love this idea! Capturing that view and the Dutch door, you can’t go wrong!

  49. Hi Melissa! Love your blog – love your ideas! I don’t think I can wait to hear – where are you thinking for the guest bath??? Is removal of the butlers pantry/closet in the office an option? You’ll have good storage in the kitchen and maybe a smaller closet in the office would be OK. Please tell soon! Thanks

  50. I am always so impressed with your vision for your new home and it looks like the changes you will be making will be awesome! I’m afraid even to take baby steps when it comes to any renovations- I have been thinking for years about removing the cabinets hanging over the counter in our kitchen- they currently block the view into the dining area and I know it would just look sooo much better….but I feel like I would be losing so much storage. Any ideas…pep talk…??

  51. I’m so enjoying following your renovations…it’s sure to turn out gorgeous!
    So curious, how high are your ceilings?

  52. Sandy Ewing says

    Enjoying your remodel. Love the photos you’ve used for inspiration and your plan to open up your floor plan. I have gone through a few remodels and saw a some things missing in your floor plan, a linen closet and a coat closet. Also, since you only have one bath, is it practical to close it off with a barn door or are you just going for the look.?

    • We have a bathroom on our lower level, too. The barn door makes it open for guests and other family members to still use or to close it like a master suite. We actually have alternative plans for a new powder room or bathroom arrangement and I will draw those options out for a future post! I didn’t want to overwhelm everyone with so much to think about in one post :).

  53. Angela Pleune says

    Hi Melissa,
    Just wondering if you have a place planned to put your shoes and coat when you come in the side Dutch door entrance? Will this be the door you use most often when coming home from shopping, etc?
    I LOVE the inspiration photos! Especially opening up the stairway! We did that in our remodel last year with NO regrets! (Michaela Warner is my designer here in Grand Rapids) The space looks so much bigger. Thank you, Angela

    • Oh awesome, that’s great to hear! Yes I do have a few more areas to think about and the Dutch door entrance is one I definitely want to consider before anything is finalized. It would be great to have coat hooks at least somewhere nearby!

  54. First off I LOVE your blog and all your ideas! This is my fist time to comment but I wanted to make a suggestion for your new kitchen . I would place your microwave in your pantry if you don’t use it very often? This was it doesn’t take up precious real estate in your kitchen . We recently did this on our kitchen remodel and absolutely love how it turned out ! I’m not exactly sure how to send you a picture of it but if you’d like one message me . Second favorite thing we did in our kitchen remodel was hidden outlets . No cutting into our New precious subway tile ! Even have hidden outlets on island.

    • I love the idea of hidden outlets! And yes, I agree on the microwave! I am not sure where we will put it. We actually moved our microwave to our pantry in our last house when we remodeled (see here>https://theinspiredroom.net/2013/03/19/organized-kitchen-pantry-pictures/) and it was great! It was still just steps away from our island! Thanks for the ideas!

  55. Rebecca Turner says

    This seems like the best idea yet! But I hope that you don’t run into structural trouble over taking down that wall because it would really open things up. For entertaining and gathering purposes it’s nice to keep the dining room next to the living room, so keeping the kitchen on the end, and just relocating the sink (and stove) seems like the way to go.

  56. I just love all of your ideas…I think they are terrific and make such great use of space!! It will look so open and really put the focus on the view, which is such a treasure. And I’m sure you’ve thought this through to death, but I keep trying to fit another bathroom in, even if it’s just a small powder room. One idea, that you may have already thought of and axed….What if the top of the basement stairs made an L, so that you entered the stairs across from the butler’s pantry? Then the fridge could move to the wall where the stair entrance is now, facing the side yard. Then, using the space where the fridge is now, plus some or all of the pantry cabinet space, plus some or all of the bedroom closet, a bathroom could be put in, with the door facing the hallway. Of course that would mean a reduction of bedroom closet space, but all the more reason to buy a beautiful armoire right? Just a thought. No matter what you do, it will be beautiful and I can’t wait to see it develop!!

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