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Small Space Home Office Makeover

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Decorating Inspiration, Kylee

Small Space Home Office Makeover

This post is in partnership with World Market

Small Space Home Office Makeover

Hi, friends! Kylee here to update you on my brand new home office! My husband and I both work from home a couple days per week, so we are VERY excited to finally have a dedicated workspace we really love.

For years, this small room in our Seattle townhouse was our guest room. As soon as my sister moved out of our house and into her own place, we moved the guest bed to her old room and this turned into kind of a furniture graveyard/TV watching room. It wasn’t very pretty and definitely wasn’t functional or practical for us, though, so I never really wanted to go in there!

Small Space Home Office Makeover

When my mom offered to help me give this room a makeover with World Market, I was so excited to turn it into a home office. I am in love with how it turned out! Now it is a room I enjoy being in, rather than one I try to avoid. Even our attitudes about “going to work” have definitely improved now that we have an official and pretty place to go!

Let me show you around!

Small Space Home Office Makeover

Small Space Home Office Makeover

Before we started, we completely emptied the room and gave it a fresh new coat of paint. This allowed us to start from scratch to determine exactly what the space needed.

I really wanted the room to be functional, but still light and airy.

The new office is on the third floor of our townhouse and the stairways have tight turns. The room itself is also very small, so we had to find furniture that could be easily maneuvered up the stairs and simple to assemble on site.

Fortunately, World Market has a lot of small space furniture and accessories (and if you are shopping for your home, they are having an amazing furniture sale with a discount coupon now through September 3!). You’ll also find a helpful guide to small spaces on World Market’s website (and a blog post about this makeover by my mom!).

Small Space Home Office Makeover

I love my new desk! We are lucky to have a whole closet in the room that we can use for storing office and craft supplies, so we were able to keep the space itself clutter free and streamlined. Without the closet, I may have opted for a desk with more drawers or utilized a rolling cart to store things. I love the open style of this desk. It is perfect for our needs and works really well in our space.

Small Space Home Office Makeover

We were able to fit two chairs, the desk and a small table to make it possible for both my husband Lance and I to work together, without over-crowding the room.

Small Space Home Office Makeover

The streamlined furniture and lack of clutter offers room for plants, which bring an organic touch to the space. A mirror made the room feel a lot bigger, too.

Small Space Home Office Makeover

Small Space Home Office Makeover

A handy memo board, pencil cup, lidded containers and notebooks help keep frequently used items organized in an attractive way.

Small Space Home Office Makeover

Even if you have limited space, everything you bring in doesn’t have to be small. At first I wondered if this rattan chair would feel too large, but as it turned out it’s perfect! It makes a nice statement piece. It is tall, which adds visual interest and plays up the vault of the ceiling but the open design keeps it from overwhelming the room. It’s also shallow enough to not take up much floor space. And an oversized pouf is perfect for putting up my feet. I love it!

I think Bella adds a nice bit of texture to the space, don’t you think? She is a lover of cozy spots so we have to take turns on the chair. ;)

Small Space Home Office Makeover

Literally, this is me every morning blissfully enjoying my coffee. This chair has become my new go-to coffee spot before conquering the day. I love how handy the laptop table is!

Small Space Home Office Makeover

A beautiful linen rug set diagonally in the space adds color and pulls all of the elements together! If you are wondering if it is “okay” to layer a rug on top of carpet, I say go for it. I’m not fond of the carpet in here so it was a great way to distract from it while adding some color and pattern to the room.

Small Space Home Office Makeover

Small Space Home Office Makeover

Leo is a fan of the office, too, of course. He insisted on modeling on the rug.

Small Space Home Office Makeover

It’s safe to say we all love our new office (dogs and all!). It’s amazing how much a little paint and just a few new pieces have totally transformed the room. I only wish we had done this sooner!

You’ll find the World Market sale here and room sources in the scrolling bar below.

Thanks for joining me for the tour today!

More townhouse updates to come here on the blog in the future. In the meantime, you can follow me (and the pups!) on Instagram for sneak peeks!

Small Space Home Office Makeover

Small Space Home Office Makeover

Shop this room and sale pieces by scrolling the arrows above and shop the World Market Sale here!


  1. Seana Turner

    This is such an appealing home office! I find so many people who can work from home for a few days during the week. It is a great option, but doing it well takes some planning. Otherwise, work just gets mixed in with “home,” both physically and mentally. I particularly love that desk chair – looks so comfortable!

    • Kylee

      Thank you, Seana! I love the desk chair, too. Very comfy :)

  2. Kim Lippard

    Love the new office! Everyone who works from home ABSOLUTELY needs a cozy fun space to call their own, and you have made this space perfect!!!
    What kind of dog is LEO? He doen’t look quite as big as Bella, who looks to be a golden doodle??? We are starting to think about a puppy again, after going a couple years since our 14 year old terrier passed. But with 7 grandkids now we definitely need kid friendly, but not quite as big as a labradoodle or golden doodle. Thanks!!

    • Kylee

      Thanks, Kim! They are both mini Australian Labradoodles (with very different coats!). They are actually similar size, but Bella a bit taller and leaner and Leo shorter and more stocky :)

  3. Cat Caldwell

    It looks lovely! What color was the room before and what color did you paint it now? I’m redoing the den and have struggled with color choices. Most of the large rooms are painted BEHR Sculptor Clay and I just don’t know what other light color will match this one. Thanks for sharing!

    • Kylee

      Hi Cat! Thank you! I will have to check on the original color (it was that way when we bought the house!). The new color is Benjamin Moore Classic Gray!

  4. Lori Howard

    It’s always such a relief to finally have a blank space or unused space filled with things you can use everyday…now it’s not wasted space! I like the floor poof and I have one from World Market .. a great portable piece that functions for a lot things. The rug adds do Leo and Bella! Looks great!

    • Kylee

      Thank you, Lori!

  5. Naomi Seidman

    Beautiful! What are the dimensions of the room?

  6. Iva

    Wow awesome, and thoughtful. Room dimension, please.

  7. Natalie Redman

    Wow what a gorgeous transformation. Love the marble side table!

  8. Judy

    Love love love it! Very inspiring!

  9. Cecilia

    I love what you’ve done with the space! It’s beautiful!

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