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Simple Ways to Decorate Your Porch for Spring
Simple Ways to Decorate Your Porch for Spring

Spring is here! If you’re as excited to get outside as I am, here are some simple ways to tidy up and decorate your porch.

Simple Ways to Decorate Your Porch for Spring

1. A fresh doormat

Simple Ways to Decorate Your Porch for Spring

I love getting new doormats. I don’t necessarily get them every season or every year, but depending on the condition of the one I have (or my desire for a new look!) spring is a fun time to splurge on something new.

Whether you get a new doormat or not, take a few minutes to sweep off the porch! My porch still had a few fall leaves and some pine needles from my Christmas decor. :)

Find more of my favorite doormats here!

Simple Ways to Decorate Your Porch for Spring

2. A layered rug

Give your doormat an extra dose of pizzaz! Doormats aren’t always pretty. Layering a larger indoor/outdoor rug underneath a smaller doormat can add an interesting twist with additional texture, pattern or color. A larger rug can also make your whole porch look refreshed if the paint or concrete has seen better days.

Simple Ways to Decorate Your Porch for Spring
Simple Ways to Decorate Your Porch for Spring

3. Plants in pots

I love going to the garden center this time of year, do you? Treat yourself to a new outdoor plant. Fresh greenery will bring a touch of life to your porch! Sometimes I don’t even plant mine, I just keep them in the pot they came in and then set into an existing pot. Instant SPRING!

Simple Ways to Decorate Your Porch for Spring

4. A spring door basket

I love hanging a basket on my door for seasonal flowers! It’s so easy to add a spring bouquet or some plant clippings from the yard into the basket (you can set a small vase or jar inside)! Refresh as needed! My basket above was hung by a ribbon tacked in between the two parts of the front Dutch door.

Simple Ways to Decorate Your Porch for Spring

Find similar hanging door baskets by scrolling the arrows above!

Have you decorated your porch for spring yet?

Door paint colors: Blue Note Benjamin Moore, and Ozark Shadows by Benjamin Moore. Find all my paint colors here,

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  1. Laura

    Nice to see all of your green!! Still getting rid of winter here in Ontario!! Very brown and grey…


    Well on my way..includi g already got the new door mat, layered two, plant in outdoor shower…spray paint some plant pots next…franki

  3. Vicki

    Your porch is so pretty! I am totally on board with the layered rug idea, need to find one. A couple of cute fluffy dogs make pretty good porch decor as well!❤️?

  4. Terri

    I love… love walking around in the garden center at Lowes this time of year … which just happens to be less than 5 minutes away…. :) Your porch is gorgeous!!!

  5. Liz

    I’ve been sitting on my porch over the last few weeks, working out what to do for the front gardens and the porch. The lawn guys are here, pulling out old bushes,trimming trees and bushes, and cleaning up the yard of leaves and other stuff. Then, off to some garden center for new plants.

    My next steps will be to paint the porch area, the door, as well as the concrete floors. So, I need to find your post on how you painted yours. I’m thinking it will really freshen up the look. I’m debating on getting rid of the old shutters and going for a cleaner look. I have new lights, ready to be installed. The other decorations will be happening later, but thanks for the inspirations.

  6. Terri C.

    Hi Melissa, where did you get your plant cart? That’s exactly what I want to do on my front porch! Thanks

  7. Jo Jo

    Good post! Yes, I be a hanging basket in my front door similar to the one you’re showing! Love this look and have been doing it for a few years now. I use wreaths for the Fall and Winter. We potted up a large urn in the front of the house with flowers and began our garden beds. I love Spring! ❣️

  8. Nancy

    I love the plant cart!

  9. joan

    I love the look of your porch. The colors and plants are bright and give a feeling of freshness. I am encouraged to do a little “fix up” of my own porch. The snow has just melted from the April 11th, 8 inch snow dump. My husband and I made snow angels on what has become my 2nd “Annual April Snow Angel Day”

  10. Amy

    Great idea for layering the doormat over an outdoor rug! I will have to copy that idea. Perfect for dressing up our new home’s front porch. I have 2 large potted Boston ferns flanking the entrance and they make a nice, lush green/semi-tropical statement that is super easy to keep up with. Of course, your Doodles are the best accessory for every room, indoors or out! Love seeing their sweet faces.

  11. Corinna - TheBohoAbode

    The layered porch rugs is my favorite touch! Such a beautiful and unique idea. I swear your pups instantly would make anything cuter though ?

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