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Home Style Saturdays

Alright y’all, let’s chat! I want to know…..who has decorated something for fall already? Do you have pumpkins out yet? A fall wreath? Plaid tablecloths? Cozy pillow covers?

This weekend I think I’ll do a little more Fall Nesting. I’m getting excited to work on my porch because the brand new doormat I ordered last month was shipped and should be arriving soon (I decided on this Homebody Doormat from my doormat roundup here).

And, I even saw pumpkins at my Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods a few days ago! I may get inspired this weeked to grab a few this weekend. Maybe. I usually wait until October for pumpkins, but it’s been gray and stormy here in between sun breaks (September is usually so gorgeous in the NW!) so I’m feeling more ready than expected. How about you?

I hope you enjoy all the lovely the inspiration in this week’s Home Style Saturdays!

Home Style Saturdays

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Home Style Saturdays

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Home Style Saturdays

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Home Style Saturdays

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Home Style Saturdays

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Home Style Saturdays

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Home Style Saturdays


  1. Bonnie Stoltzfoos

    Happy weekend, Melissa! Looking forward to seeing your porch. The homebody mat is so cute. I’ve done a couple small things around the house for fall – decorating my hutch in the kitchen and making a hanging basket with flowers for our front door. I was really inspired by the one I think you used to have at your old house! :) Hope you have a great restful weekend. I’m enjoying your fall series so much.

  2. Bonnie Stoltzfoos

    Happy weekend, Melissa! I am looking forward to seeing your porch. The homebody mat is so cute. I’ve done a couple small things around the house for fall – decorating my hutch in the kitchen and making a hanging basket with flowers for our front door. I was really inspired by the one I think you used to have at your old house! :) Hope you have a great restful weekend. I’m enjoying your fall series so much.

  3. Francesca Gunn

    Does one table cloth count? LOL. I just cannot do it yet. I will hold on to summer with all I have

  4. Nora Vassar

    My how I love your style. I also love looking at your dogs. What is the breed? I also love that centerpiece on the tablescape.

  5. Patty

    I have changed the wreath on my front door and love it as it not only says Welcome, Fall, but it matches the door color. And I have a few brass accents out, which I totally enjoy, too.

  6. Kelly

    I’m trying too hard to swim out from under the tornado mess that was kids home all summer! Hope to do something fun like DECOR soon! LOL

  7. Angela G.

    Just ready for temps below 95 her in Texas. But football is back and so that helps make it feel more like fall.

  8. Pat M.

    Still really hot in the Midwest (Indiana). Saturday and Sunday supposed to be down in 80s, but expecting 6 days in a row of 90 degree temps next week, so I’m still trying to keep summer flowers alive while adding in a few mums. I don’t want to see my water bill next time. Yikes. I’m all for “Indian Summer” but it’s the end of September – I’m so ready for Fall. I haven’t done any Fall nesting inside yet, but hope to do so soon.

  9. Brittany Romero

    I’m ready, but our 100+ temps here in Phoenix aren’t!! ?

  10. Rachel

    I switched my door wreath and added a few pumpkins. I ordered a new table runner and some beeswax candles that should be coming soon. I usually wait until October to add pumpkins to the porch.

  11. Jeannie Maschino

    I need a new doormat. I will have to check out your list!

  12. Lynn

    Not me, although I did put away the patriotic decorations?. We still have had weather in the mid to upper 90’s so will probably wait until the first of October, although was tempted by the pumpkins at the grocery store yesterday.

  13. Mercedes

    I think oct is best for pumpkins but fall colours and harvest apples type of thing are a good start? Then again all any of us need is a dog as cute as that !

  14. Carol

    Still in the 100° here in Phoenix, I think I’ll start with some fall scented candles.

  15. Samantha

    I don’t know what my problem is but I haven’t been in the mood to decorate. Hopefully I will get the urge in the next week or so.

  16. Harriet

    I’m waiting until the first official day of fall. I’m in the Pacific Northwest too.

  17. Suz Kuhns

    this is a fall cleaning weekend…as will be the next 2 – windows, deep cleaning of rugs, heavy duty (move all the stuff) dusting…as I get ready to close the house up for winter. Then the pumpkins and fall leaves (silk) come out and the house starts getting the warm, cozy fall feel. I’m not too much into copper, but I have given over to the rustic wire I’ve been seeing, and have a small basket. I’m hoping to make seasonal bowl fillers once I retire at the end of the year. Color is starting to appear here in New England and the old oak tree (yup, I have one across the street from me–no yellow ribbons, though ) is staring to turn brown…not the prettiest tree in the fall, but has been wonderful to watch from my kitchen window through the seasons. I love your blue and gray velvet pumpkins – makes me think I need a trip to Pier One! Thank you for sharing you beautiful home. Have a lovely weekend

  18. Alissa

    I am puttering around cozying up for fall around my house today!

  19. Maureen

    I love pumpkin décor. Perhaps not real pumpkins but I have the little ones out already that are for home décor. We bought a monogram initial pumpkin last year and love it. We have a few other little fall items thru the home but I could overwhelm it if I really went to town. I just want to make the home comfortable and inviting. I do with a copper string of lights as well on the mantle that have harvest candles in the candleholders with autumnal bobeches.

  20. Veronica Nightingale

    The baby pumpkins I grow are now pickable. I’ll use them on my steps with the scarecrow I use and will make an arrangement on my dining room table. If I have any left over, I will bring them to church to decorate there.

  21. Christine

    No Fall in the Phoenix valley. Too hot. Leaves turn brown and drop. SO…I create the Autumn I remember when I lived in NY and buy a lot of fall stuff at Michael’s. I have some Fall fruits, like pumpkin and apples, to use as well and decorate the fireplace mantel with them. Yeah, I don’t know why this rental has a fireplace.

  22. Sharon Campbell

    It’s nice and cool here in New York! Love your wreathe!

  23. Helene

    Happy weekend, Melissa,
    It still feels like summer here in Florida, but I’ve hung my fall wreath, and I ordered the same rug from World Market that you have on your dining room bench and put it on my white slip covered sofa….to add a touch of fall. I’ve also added a bowl full of mini pumpkins to the top of a bookshelf in my living room.

  24. Gwenny

    We changed our door color, so our outside floral colors are all new this year! Hubby and I are busy arranging mums outside and I have fall wreaths to n my doors!

  25. Isabel Z

    It’s still too hot here to think about fall decorating but I’m hoping to get in the mood soon. Can’t wait to see your porch all decked out for fall.

  26. Beth

    I went to a Fall Festival this afternoon. Although it is near 80 degrees here in IN, I was inspired by all the pumpkins, gourds, and mums. I bought a pretty wreath for our front door. I am ready to take a walk out in the country to gather some natural decor.

  27. Pam Rychener

    No pumpkins yet. It has been very warm here so I still feel like it is summer. Looking forward to seeing your porch.

  28. Franki Parde

    yep…changed tablecovering, Autumn centerpiece, feeling it…..franki

  29. Carolyn

    The only fallish decor I have right now is a vase of dried hydrangeas on my dining table. I need to get out in the yard and cut some fresh fall foliage!

  30. Debra

    I had hoped to do some fall decorating this weekend, but that’s not gonna happen. ☹️Maybe next weekend?

  31. Shari Schempp

    I’ve been adding fall touches to my house all week. I love finding new ways to add some cozy to my home.

  32. Mary Stewart

    I have several velvet pumpkins for my dining table that come out for the fall. I’ll add other decorations to them at Halloween and Thanksgiving

  33. Marsha Gibbons

    Hi, please tell me where you bought your front door wreath!! It is beautiful. Thanks!! Oh, I am delaying fall decorating until the first of October. It is consistently scorching hot here in Dallas. Uncommonly hot.

  34. Leslie’s W

    Adorable Homebody door mat and love the sentiment! I look forward to seeing more about your gall porch decor! I am just starting to see some pumpkins appearing and am getting some ideas together for some fall updates.

  35. Pam

    The mantle and shelves done, pillows and throws changed out, foyer table done, dining room table done, the outside summer flowers look beautiful still so they are staying for a bit longer. I usually wait until late September to bring in some mums and a pumpkin or two. Im trying to do a less is more approach and keep it simple.

  36. Melanie Plumb

    I had a friend at work ask me if I had my Fall stuff out yet, and if I put Halloween out with the Fall decorations. I usually put my Fall decorations out, then add Halloween stuff in Oct. I then replace Halloween decorations with Thanksgiving in November but my standard Fall stuff stays out Sept-Nov.

  37. Peggy

    I’m here in Central California where our temps don’t start getting cooler/cold til closer to Halloween. I always decorate our front flower bed with pumpkins and gourds but won’t put them out til closer to Halloween or else they would be rotten by the end of October. By waiting, the pumpkins and gourds are also used for Thanksgiving decorations. Score me! Inside, I have only put a decorative pumpkin plate on an easel in the corner of my kitchen counter. More to come as I get the Husband to bring the holiday boxes from our storage unit. Give Jack and Lily a hug and an ear scratch from me. Hugs.

  38. jen s

    I did my decorating this weekend! I was so ready! I havent done the outside yet but the inside is done. Even my husband complimented me pn how cozy it felt!

  39. Kathleen

    Pulling out all my wood items, baskets take over a bit, and oh the lovely fall flowers.

  40. Leigh

    Oh wow, I am getting so much inspiration from all of these pictures!!! I do enjoy a touch of orange in the house in the fall but the white pumpkins, wood elements and some fall pictures are so much more my things.

  41. Karina C.

    I already decorated my front porch for Fall. It is mi favorite Season :)

  42. Laurie

    Fall is nowhere close in Houston. But I did buy a pretty black & white buffalo check table runner that I spotted at Walmart! It’s a nice slow introduction to the season.

  43. Linda Salvatore

    Hi Melissa! Happy Fall! Getting ready to do some fall nesting today! Getting out my pumpkins, fall wreaths, checkered and burlap table coverings, and fall candles have me very excited!

  44. Lorrie

    Not much happening that is autumn-ish around here yet, but I do have some hydrangeas drying in a vase. This weekend I hope to get the annuals cleaned out from the flower pots and plant some pansies that will go through the fall.

  45. Amanda

    Well, I’ve switched to my plaid, flannel table runner that I like. And I brought in some branches from a bush I had to prune anyway and put them in a big glass pitcher. Plus, I dusted and tidied up. Cleaning always seems to have as much of a positive effect as decorating, even if it’s less fun.

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