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Deck + Patio Refresh + Outdoor Favorites

by | Apr 16, 2020 | Decorating Inspiration, feature, My Seattle House, My Side Yard

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Deck + Patio Refresh + Outdoor Favorites

For as long as I can remember I’ve talked about the value of creating “destinations” in our home for our family to enjoy. Now more than ever we need places to escape, relax and create memories all within the boundaries of our home.

All winter I look forward to when the weather allows us to get back outside and once again enjoy our patio and deck. I love having outdoor spaces to be creative with! It’s been so fun to work on these areas of our property over the past few years.

Well, I guess I should clarify that. FUN may not have been the exact word I would have chosen every year, hahah. The first few years it was very slow going and we ran into a lot of unforeseen setbacks in completing the side patio. It was supposed to be a quick winter project but it literally dragged on for years. It felt like the project that would never end, which made it more frustrating than “fun.”

Deck + Patio Refresh + Outdoor Favorites

There are still a few things that we haven’t completed from our original plans, like the outdoor lighting in the concrete steps or installing the outlets we need to hang outdoor lights. But it’s ok. We’ll get to it all at some point! We are just happy that we are past the will-the-delays-ever-end stage. The waiting was frustrating, but it was all worth it. We absolutely LOVE spending time out here now.

When the sun came out last week I couldn’t wait to get all of our cushions out and set up our deck and patio. We leave our outdoor furniture out all year (it’s super durable) but we put the cushions, umbrellas and rugs away for the winter (in our sheds). (See this post for Outdoor Cushion and Rug Care and Patio FAQ).

We rearranged our “outdoor rooms” from how they were set up before in order to freshen up the look and create spaces that will better serve our needs this spring. I ordered a few new things to get us started so we could set up a new family area with new white adirondack chairs, striped cushions, and a fire pit.

Deck + Patio Refresh + Outdoor Favorites

I really miss heading out to shop for spring things or being able to stop in our local garden center to buy plants but at least we can still order things online! I included links in this post to some of my outdoor favorites and sales you might want to check out (or you can click here for a round-up of some of my favorite finds!)

Here are a couple of sales to shop and gather inspiration:

Huge Outdoor Sale 40% Off

Another one of my favorite coastal-inspired stores has a 20% off sale right now!

My favorite outdoor decor

Deck + Patio Refresh + Outdoor Favorites

Navy Accent Stool / Adirondack Chairs / White Planter / Striped Cushions,

Deck + Patio Refresh + Outdoor Favorites

Dutch Door Details // Outdoor Wall Light

Deck + Patio Refresh + Outdoor Favorites

Homebody Mat / Navy Plaid Mat

Deck + Patio Refresh + Outdoor Favorites

Blue and White Outdoor Rug

Deck + Patio Refresh + Outdoor Favorites

Half Umbrella // Half Round Umbrella Stand // Rug

Deck + Patio Refresh + Outdoor Favorites
Deck + Patio Refresh + Outdoor Favorites

We also rearranged the furniture on our deck! We moved the dining table and brought down the sectional sofa pieces that we’ve had ever since we lived in our old house (the last two years they were where the adirondack chairs are now!). We bought a cute blue and white bench last summer and used it inside over the winter, but now it’s found a perfect new spot on the deck.

I know we’ll spend a lot of time out here this summer. We’ve already found various family members sprawled out on the sectional and we ate dinner at the outside table the other night, so I think that means we’ve found a comfortable and inviting arrangement for our family.

Can’t wait to plant some pots and watch everything bloom!

Deck + Patio Refresh + Outdoor Favorites

Blue + White Striped Outdoor Rug / Similar Coffee Table / Bench / Deck Details

Deck + Patio Refresh + Outdoor Favorites
Deck + Patio Refresh + Outdoor Favorites

Blue and White Outdoor Plates

Deck + Patio Refresh + Outdoor Favorites
Deck + Patio Refresh + Outdoor Favorites

We got outside to roast marshmallows here in the fire pit the other night! It was so nice, it felt like summer. Even though it was a little chilly in the evening, the warmth of the fire made it super cozy.

Are you setting up your outdoor spaces?

PS. I had a few messages inquiring about an update on Courtney’s new space (if you missed the news, she recently moved into our lower level). We haven’t forgotten! I’m sorry for the delay on showing more of her space. She’s been getting settled but we put several projects on the back burner due to Coronavirus. If you’re on IG we showed a mini tour so far in this story highlight! We’re still making progress though and promise to share an update very soon! :)

+ + + + + + + + +

Deck + Patio Refresh + Outdoor Favorites
Deck + Patio Refresh + Outdoor Favorites

Outdoor sales to shop and find inspiration:

Round-up of my favorite outdoor decor

Huge Outdoor Sale 40% Off

Another one of my favorite coastal-inspired stores has a 20% off sale right now!

My home sources & latest decor finds



  1. Melinda Stanton

    It’s so pretty Melissa! A question: What about rain? You have a lot of soft goods which really MAKE the look, but do you have to roll up the rugs and bring in the cushions when it rains? Thank you!

  2. Gretchen Waas

    We need a new umbrella for our patio and are considering one of the large cantilevered types, rather than just one that shades the dining table. I would like to hear the pros and cons of such a large umbrella. Thanks so much!

  3. Sharon

    So very inviting and a great escape from being cooped up in the house. You’re a master at creating enjoyable spaces!

  4. Linda

    Thanks, Melissa, for encouraging me in my home. I am an older woman but I continue to learn from you. I kept the May 21, 2019 post to recreate that anthropologie fragrance but could not retrieve it today. Appreciate your sending it. Thanks again.

  5. Franki Parde

    Wow…your magnolia is “way ahead” of ours!! All looks inviting! franki

  6. Barbara

    Do you have spring pollen in Seattle?

  7. Debbie Keith

    It’s all SO very lovely!! I’m anxious to get started on a deck refresh as well and, once again, your post has provided wonderful inspiration and resources. Enjoy your beautiful outdoor destination spaces and soak up all the gorgeous spring weather. :)

  8. Teresa

    These are beautiful shots of your space! Can you provide details on the striped rug under the door mat?

  9. Elizabeth

    I love your outdoor areas! Such beautiful places to sit and relax, now more important that ever. I have always been like you, my home is my sanctuary and I’ve always made it a special place that makes it my favorite place in the world.


    This turned out extremely nice. It’s inviting and I see how you would enjoy it. Good job.

  11. Su

    Luv all of your sitting areas on patio and deck.
    We are fortunate to a beautiful large brick patio near our front brick porch.
    Whenever we can we enjoy sitting out there all year. The pretty patio heater works very well. Soon hopefully I will refresh our backyard lanai for a great summer retreat.
    Quick question, is your side patio a little crowded with all of your sitting areas? Stay safe!

  12. Fran Marie

    I love the multiple seating areas that provides a place to sit no matter where in the yard you are. Easy socializing once this lock down is over.

  13. Cathi Overbey

    Where did you find the high back wicker chairs? Love them!

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