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Timeless Pieces for Your Home

by | Sep 6, 2020 | Decorating Inspiration, My Seattle House

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Timeless Pieces for Your Home

I was looking through The Inspired Room book this weekend and noticing how many of the same decor pieces and furniture we still use today! I’ve gotten so many messages over the years from people who notice that I often use what I have to decorate my home but style them in different ways. I hope that inspires you, rest assured that you don’t always have to buy new things in order to get a new look!

In the Instagram world these days, I see so many full room makeovers where pretty much every piece of furniture is brand new every year. Redecorating over and over again with new pieces until you get it right just not realistic for most of us! I wrote more about how to decorate with what you have and update it over time in How to Decorate: The Slow Process to a Style You’ll Love.

Sometimes you DO need or want to buy something new, of course! When I get new things I want to be able to just mix them in to what I have. I think if you choose the right things, you should be able to keep them for many years or even a lifetime! If you buy an entire room full of furniture that is currently trendy, when that trend passes you feel like you have to redecorate to bring a room up-to-date.

I’m pretty selective when I choose a new key or staple piece of furniture. I consider them investments, not disposable pieces. My advice is to stick to timeless furnishings with simple or classic lines. That way it’s pretty easy to switch a thing or two or add a new item to refresh your look, but your home is unlikely to get quickly outdated. The whole room might not be on the cutting edge of all of the trends, but you can easily mix in a trend or two so it feels fresh and up to date.

Right now I’m in the process of rearranging my living room. I think it’s fun to refresh a space without buying anything new! I’ll share my rearranged room with you soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to show you a few items I have purchased within the past 1- 20 years that I consider classic staple pieces.

Many of them are also on sale today!

Timeless Pieces for Your Home

Five of my most timeless pieces I’ve purchased in the last 1-20 years are:

Leather Sofa (on sale!)

Glass Lamp (on sale!)

Slipcovered Sofa (on sale!)

Leather Ottoman (similar, on sale!)

Cane Bed

Timeless Pieces for Your Home
The Inspired Room

1. Leather Sofa

This sofa has just gotten better and cozier with age! Mine is the color ‘toffee’ in the loveseat size. I don’t think they make that color or size anymore but the signature maple leather looks very similar to mine!

Timeless Pieces for Your Home
The Inspired Room
Timeless Pieces for Your Home
The Inspired Room

Timeless Pieces for Your Home
The Inspired Room / Sofa / Similar Ottoman

2. Slipcovered Sofa

We have the deep 80 inch with warm white denim, more detailson what I chose and why here.

3. Leather Ottoman (similar to mine above)

Timeless Pieces for Your Home
Leather Ottoman (similar to mine)

4. Blue Glass Lamp

We have the larger size!

5. Cane Bed

This comes in two color options!

Timeless Pieces for Your Home
The Inspired Room / Cane Bed

What are your favorite timeless pieces in your home?


  1. Angela

    My dining room furniture is one of my timeless pieces, the table, eight chairs, sideboard and china cabinet are all 38 years old a cherry finish, I have seen pictures of those pieces that have been distressed, painted dark or a lighter color, I’m constantly saying let’s do it but so afraid I’ll be so disappointed when done. I’m thank you today that your post came through because I can always repaint the walls, add different textures, change the chair pads which I’ve done before. This room can look different from season to season. Thank you!!

    Angela from DE

  2. Jenny

    My keepers are my 42 yr old solid teak dining rm table, light cherry wine cabinet, sofa, lt cherry buffet cabinet, my leather chair (they all blend cosily together. Also my 7 yr old cat, Lulu. I’m surprised at how few things I would keep if I had to choose. The rest could go.

  3. Connie

    Mine is a leather wingback chair and matching ottoman. The color of the leather is camel and it’s not only beautiful, it’s so comfy and is the go to chair in my home.
    I move the chair from one floor to another when redecorating and it really makes each room special and gives it the wow factor.
    A timeless set like this one will for last years to come and hopefully will be handed down throughout the generations.

  4. Peggy

    Really love my white wicker glider rockers–right now in the living room. You can sit in one, with feet up on the other and glide, read a book, or talk on the phone. This is where you will find me most Sunday afternoons now talking to my sister a thousand miles away.

  5. Ellen

    I cannot wait to see your rearranged living room. I also rearrange furniture quite often.


      I have a few pieces in my house that have been passed down through the generations and I enjoy the look of wood as it has aged a little. It gives it a vintage type look that I feel like will always be in and utilized in homes.

  6. Bonnie

    Unfortunately I’m not able to move my furniture around, so I create a different look by change out colors in my planters, pillows and other decor. Can’t wait to see your “new” livingroom.

  7. Su

    Love your decor. Always amazed how much furniture you fit in your living room. Seems a bit crammed but it must be the angles of the photos.
    Where is your dining room? To the left of your front entry? Or is it between your kitchen and living room?
    How is your daughter’s petite apartment
    coming along in the basement.
    Be safe and I hope the smoke and ash is not bothering you.

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