Decorating Easter Eggs: Decoupage

Decorating Easter Eggs: Decoupage

Martha Stewart Decoupaged Easter Egg

Somehow I envision myself as someone who should be able to decorate pretty little Easter eggs like Martha does. Aren’t they so lovely? She even has a decoupage tutorial for her eggs.

Decorating Easter Eggs: Decoupage

My attempt at a sheet music egg for spring.

I made my first attempt this week at “mod podging” a sheet music egg for spring. My hands stuck to the sheet music (which was kind of a strange deja vu) so it was a real challenge to place the music where I wanted it.

Clearly I need to work on my technique.

Do you Mod Podge? {halp!!}

UPDATE! Readers have come to the rescue again in the COMMENTS! Check out the great tips! And don’t forget to look at Martha’s tutorial!

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Decorating Easter Eggs: Decoupage


  1. I Mod Podged several paper maiche eggs, Melissa, and it was just a mess. Once dry they look fine, but while I was doing it I swore I wouldn’t do it again! Like you, I had it all over my hands and kept thinking there had to be a better way.

  2. I have done few things with Mod Podge, the first was clipboard. There is definitely a learning curve! I would think a rounded surface, such as an egg, would be harder to do.
    Sandy recently posted..Onion FocacciaMy Profile

    • Yeah, I think that was part of my challenge. Trying to make the paper bend on a round surface was tricky lol ;-(

      • I think to use smaller paper, it’s easier to mod podge, that’s how I do it anyway. Then on a curved surface they are more likely to take it’s shape. Also, I do the mod podge first, place the paper on, let dry, then add more paper etc. until the end when you can apply the last coat of mod podge to get the “finished” look. Baby steps.
        Leanne recently posted..Blue and WhiteMy Profile

  3. Wow – those eggs are breathtaking!
    Lynn from For Love or Funny recently posted..Tail of a neurotic dog- Part 563My Profile

  4. Hi Melissa-

    These are so cute, colorful,and stylish. I have been looking for ideas to decorate some eggs to put in a wire basket I have in my dining room. I think this idea is a keeper. Thanks for posting it.

    My best- Diane
    Diane recently posted..Risking It&8211Using Upholstery Fabric To Add Hot Spring Color to My HomeMy Profile

  5. I’m a huge crazy Mod Podge fan….and I discovered last year that the thinner your paper is that your modpodging on,the better when it comes to eggs. Paper napkins work great but I do loooove your sheet music!!
    Happy weekend Melissa!
    Lisa recently posted..A Trip Back to the 80s and Braided Ribbon BarrettesMy Profile

  6. I have some beautiful eggs from Japan that they’ve covered with their pretty papers. The artists cut the paper into thing strips, slightly overlapping them before coating with their version(?) of mod podge.
    Tara G. recently posted..An Un-princess-like Snort from MamaMy Profile

  7. I have never mod podged, but after seeing your cute egg I’m inspired to try it. I have learned recently, that no matter how ugly it gets creating something, Everything ends up better and nicer once it’s been completeed and finished, great job!
    Amy recently posted..Rugged Look ABC Wall Art 8×10 Great for Nursery or toddlers room- wall decor in 3 colorsMy Profile

  8. It’s not as easy as it looks, right? I don’t know how Martha Stewart gets it without any wrinkles. I do like your sheet music eggs.
    Judy recently posted..Quiche AnyoneMy Profile

  9. I used a paint brush to spread the glue on my eggs. It is messy, but it gave the kids and I something to do over spring break. I posted our project on my site if anyone is interested.
    Stacy recently posted..Frijoles RanchMy Profile

  10. i think that is a pretty good try for your first time!!! i have been decoupaging since the 1960’s…it was the first class i ever taught…try smaller pieces of sheet music and pick them up with your brush, apply them to the pre-podged egg and smooth with the brush (altho i often like to smooth with my fingers) i usually do half the egg (long side) and let it dry on an egg carton sideways…then i do the other side overlapping the joins…

    Rebecca E. Parsons recently posted..Monday Marketing Minute 25My Profile

  11. You know what, I haven’t used Mod Podge before. But those are precious. I love your sheet music eggs. I might be giving this a try soon:) Happy Friday!
    Melissa Lewis – Midwest Magnolia recently posted..Fun Easter Food FindsMy Profile

  12. LOL, those look better than my first eggs I tried! Well, I say my “first” eggs….they are really my “only” eggs because I don’t want to try it again because they looked so bad!
    Robin recently posted..So- my husband got a new toyMy Profile

  13. I adore Mod Podge! Use it frequently, and if you need tips, try the blog Amy is great! (and super nice) and had a tips area. Good luck ^_^

    • MOD PODGE ROCKS blog? I totally need to study that blog. Thanks!!!

      • oh, your quite welcome! I have found some many wonderful things to try there. I’ve Mod Podged furniture, used it with my scrapbooks, all kinds of paper crafting…

  14. They look great. Don’t think I will try it though. I really don’t like getting my hands all glued up and sticky.
    IAMSNWFLAKE recently posted..Dormitorios compartidosMy Profile

  15. Cara Ferguson says:

    Hi Melissa ~
    I’m a lurker that enjoys your blog. This is question about your lantern in your dining room. Do you feel it puts out enough light over the table? I am planning to find a similar fixture for above my table, but wanted to make sure the light would spread over the table adequately.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Oh, it is not very bright at all! Fortunately I have big windows on that side of the house. But you’d definitely need supplemental lighting if you want a brighter room or have a large table!! Hope that helps! You could look for a lantern with more light bulbs and it would be much brighter.

  16. Denise Vander Werf says:

    I was looking for some inspiration to do a small project today and I found it. Woo hoo!
    I think I’m going to try it with tissue paper.

    I’m eggcited! Sorry, couldn’t resist. :)

  17. Melissa,
    I think your sheet music egg looks sweet—were the Martha eggs decoupaged? I have been wanting to try my hand using mod podge…i’ll have to try it sometime. I’m going to read all of your reader tips first.

  18. Try using smaller pieces of paper, and maybe soak them in a water/mod podge solution to make them more flexible. When you put them on paper you can smooth the wrinkles. There will still be some, but they’ll be smoother.

  19. Yes, with about the same results. Perhaps smaller sheets and, if the paper is too thick, can it be split? Great idea for sheet music eggs, though. We use pretty paper dinner napkins and split them down tissue thin.
    Vee recently posted..Painting the Table Top WhiteMy Profile

  20. Hi Melissa,

    Try some little bits of colored tissue paper and liquid starch. Very easy and so pretty. The little pieces should be torn rather than cut and the starch makes it all overlap seamlessly.
    Bonnie Mattson recently posted..POPCORN @ The MoviesMy Profile

  21. Melissa, I just reposted a post where I showed what the tissue eggs look like if you are interested. Have fun! Just double click on my header if it isn’t up yet. B
    Bonnie Mattson recently posted..POPCORN @ The MoviesMy Profile

  22. You should try using rub on transfers from the craft or scrapbook store. They should turn out more like Martha’s look. ;)
    Kreative Karma recently posted..Sesame Snaps- Canadian Goodness!My Profile

  23. I think the trick is to use a softer paper (she used napkins) and only apply small pieces at a time. You could probably use rubber stamps to put designs on an egg.
    Rachel Lynn recently posted..The Alma ProjectMy Profile

  24. Marilyn Holeman says:

    Great post, and fabulous tips from other readers. Thanks for posting, Melissa. I’m going to give it a try, too!


  25. Very sweet Melissa! I love the sheet music!
    Fiona’s Mosaic recently posted..Bragging Rights!!My Profile

  26. Not sure what Martha thinks but…I would suggest thinning the Podge a bit to get the strips of paper wetter and easier to work with…like making papier mache in grade school. Also, I like to use Liquid Laminate instead of MP…it’s so much easier to work with!!

    m ^..^
    {occottage} recently posted..Little Vintage French White Farm House On The Prairie Give Away!My Profile

  27. this voice major loves your music eggs. Can’t help with mod podge… I am ashamed to declare to the blog world: I hate crafts. hee hee.
    {darlene} recently posted..colors – navy and coralMy Profile

  28. Totally agree about using napkins. Just use one ply…usually the decorative napkins have a printed ply and a white ply. Back in the 90s….I used to use napkins to decoupage picture frames. They are cute! You do have to use small pieces of the napkin and work a little at a time for the best results. I always use one of those cheapie foam brushes to apply the mod podge. I enjoy your blog…thanks for sharing.
    Arlene recently posted..The GrandsonsMy Profile

  29. maybe I’m the only one, but I really like the look of your eggs – I love the imperfection in them!

    I’m totally going to this with my girls…AFTER buying some cute tissue paper and memorizing the modpodge blog. =)
    rachel c recently posted..cake- candles- rinse and repeatMy Profile

  30. So many great tips, I have nothing to add! I don’t mind the rumpled look either like some of the other commenters. If you want it really smooth, I would do mini-patchwork. But they look really cute. Yay!
    Mod Podge Amy recently posted..How to make playful party strawsMy Profile

    • Thank you Amy! YOU are the Mod Podge Expert so I’m glad you don’t mind my rumpled egg. Maybe that is an acceptable look! ;-)

  31. I don’t buy Martha Stewart living, but I love the latest cover because of the blue & white eggs and cookies.

  32. Used to mod podge a lot. Did some eggs a couple of yeas ago with tissue paper. It works rather well, but it does begin to stick to your hands after a while. Think using smaller bits of paper is a good idea.
    Mimi recently posted..Floral Inspiration- Foliage ArrangementMy Profile

  33. I am definitely going to read the tips here, but I have to say this first. Dude, you rock.
    Nothing of mine ever looks like Martha’s. Thanks for sharing your lumpy egg :)
    Angela recently posted..Lila and Lub Handmade Bags Giveaway!My Profile

    • Ha, you are welcome. All in the name of being real ;-) I do attempt martha-esque projects and sometimes, they are lumpy.

  34. Try cutting the paper into smaller pieces, (diamond or squares) applying the modge podge to the egg, placing the paper and then coating it again. It takes longer, but the results are worth it. I love paper crafts – check out my blog post about paper!
    Paula Gonzales Rohrbacher recently posted..I Love PaperMy Profile

  35. Transfer your design onto thin tissue paper (the kind you buy in gift wrap)by photocopying the design onto the tissue paper. Begin by cutting the tissue paper the same size as your printer paper. Tape the tissue paper to one end (the end you insert first into your printer tray) of a sheet of your printer paper, place the two sheets into the into the tray, put the design onto bed of the copier, and print out. Voila, any design you want on tissue paper

  36. Thank you so much for your post. I wanted to try this with residents in an assisted living facility.

  37. I think that you have to use a thinner paper, like a napkin or tissue paper. You could also try to cut the sheet music into very small squares and glue them on almost like a mosaic. BTW… I’m a new follower and am so excited I found your site!

  38. I love those eggs. I will try to do that for Easter.

  39. Aw, your crinkly egg is cute! I’ve only ever mod podged flat surfaces…well, if you don’t count the corners and edges of a binder.
    Jo recently posted..Julianas Cute Little CreatureMy Profile

  40. Wow! This looks lovely. Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas!
    Anu recently posted..A cheerful Home !!My Profile

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