5 Minute Succulent Garden in the Kitchen

5 Minute Succulent Garden in the Kitchen

The sun came out in the Seattle area this weekend (YAY for vitamin D in the Northwest!) and it inspired me to do a little planting. While I wasn’t quite ready to start an outdoor project (it still feels a tad too chilly for me to dig in the dirt outside), I couldn’t resist a little succulent gardening in the kitchen. Little gardens are always my favorite anyways.

5 Minute Succulent Garden in the Kitchen

I picked up a few little hens and chicks and other succulents at our local garden center and rounded up whatever containers I could find around the house.

5 Minute Succulent Garden in the Kitchen

Pea gravel is great for drainage. Succulents don’t need a lot of dirt so rocks are the perfect base. I don’t worry about using containers with drainage holes because you shouldn’t be watering that much anyway! The rock helps the soil retain a bit of moisture too so you don’t need much water at all. Just a little drop or two of water every once in awhile is all they need to be happy.

Keep in mind that this advice is coming from me, a.k.a. PLANT KILLER. SO, there’s that. But, I have had pretty good success with keeping succulents alive longer than most plants!

The way I look at it is these little plants are just a few dollars each. If or when I manage to kill one, the investment was small but the joy was big while they lasted.

5 Minute Succulent Garden in the Kitchen

What is your favorite easy to grow plant?
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5 Minute Succulent Garden in the Kitchen


  1. Melissa, the plants turned out so cute. I love the containers that you used. I’m also a plant killer, but I may have to try a few of these for the kitchen. Thanks for sharing!
    Jann from Newton Custom Interiors recently posted..It’s Kind Of Crazy Around Here!My Profile

  2. These are adorable. I love succulents. Definitely craving a bit of greenery here in Michigan. I think I’ll raid my cupboards and see what kind of containers I can find.
    Janel recently posted..Food Goes With Writing Like . . .My Profile

  3. Looking good!
    West Elm had a large display of succulents + terrariums, so I was totally inspired!
    My 8-year-old grandlad’s here, so we’re working on this project together.
    You’ve inspired me to blog about it!
    Kay recently posted..Maker Marketplace At West ElmMy Profile

  4. Love it in that graduated cylinder! I’m hoping thats what its called anyway lol. I’m a killer too but I just cant help but overwater, especially once they take a turn for the worst.
    caroline [the diy nurse] recently posted..peel and stick vinyl plank flooringMy Profile

  5. i’m a succulent girl myself. i love pretty plants, but, i’m solo bad at remembering to care for them. i can rock a succulent like no one’s business. ;)

  6. So cute! I love that little measuring container. Perfect for the kitchen!
    Jill recently posted..Taming Kitchen Counter ClutterMy Profile

  7. Succulents are lovely and the little containers are pretty! I also like plants that climb or hang … At one time I had an ivy plant that was gorgeous, the branches went all the way around the room (it was very sunny).
    Brindusa recently posted..As John-Boy would put it …My Profile

  8. I love the plants! I am a terrible indoor gardener (outside I have grown successfully for years) with my biggest crime being overwatering. About a month ago I did purchase a succulent and it is doing well in our living room. Now your containers have me thinking about one for the kitchen…
    Mindy recently posted..Let’s Get Growing!My Profile

  9. These are literally the cutest thing ever!!! I am definitely going to be putting these in my kitchen.
    Devea recently posted..Dior Amber Diamond Highlighter ReviewMy Profile

  10. I’ve never had much luck with houseplants, either, but I have noticed that succulents seem to be very popular. I just might have to give them a try!
    Cindy Lyon recently posted..Sunday Social: 3.23.14My Profile

  11. I love the Hens & Chics! This is so pretty, Thanks for sharing.
    Sandi recently posted..Thoughts of Spring & Martha Stewart..It’s a Good Thing!My Profile

  12. Lovely and would make a sweet little Easter gift…need to start making =)
    teresa recently posted..Florida Vacation-My Profile

  13. So very pretty! I can’t wait to do a little indoor planting!
    Shannon [Our Home Notebook] recently posted..Steel Wool & Vinegar Wood StainMy Profile

  14. I love all of your planters! And the succulents are beautiful!

    Dannon recently posted..new hair!!My Profile

  15. Where oh where did you find that cute measuring cup container?!?!?!?

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