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Mixing Metals and Being Eclectic {Home Office Makeover Update}

by | Apr 18, 2012 | Decorating Inspiration, My Home Office

Mixing Metals and Being Eclectic {Home Office Makeover Update}

I really love the look of various metal finishes and other textures all together in one space! Fortunately that look seems to work well for my style and house, it may not work for everyone or every house. I do think mixing things up in a room gives the space depth and character and keeps a decor from being too defined by a trend or time period. My thought is if you mix and layer accessories and keep your style a little eclectic, it isn’t such a big deal when trends come and go. It is fun to get new things and keep your style current, while still being able to tie in things you’ve had forever!

Last week I framed all of my vintage sea life prints in various finishes and I’m really happy with how they turned out! You’ll see more of them when I do my office reveal {very soon!} but I think they have just the right amount of whimsy and class and look fabulous against my new navy walls!

Mixing Metals and Being Eclectic {Home Office Makeover Update}

Speaking of using things I already had, I have had this antique brass magazine holder for as long as I can remember! I love the little scene on it. I’m going to pull it into my office to hold my favorite magazines. I’m glad people are warming up to antique brass again, because I love the patina of real aged brass.

Mixing Metals and Being Eclectic {Home Office Makeover Update}

And then, while I am mixing and layering metals, I have two new wall lights in a very soft gold antique brass finish. These little light fixtures will be hung above the cute as a button chairs for reading lights.

Mixing Metals and Being Eclectic {Home Office Makeover Update}

And OH MY WORD, I cannot even tell you how much I am adoring my new Anthro curtains!!! My husband helped me hang them last week on a antique brass rod and I LOVE LOVE LOVE ’em. They add so much personality and color! I hardly get any work done because I’m staring at their gloriousness all day now. Totally worth the splurge.

Bit by bit, layer by layer, things are coming together in this eclectic little office! I’m enjoying it so much! Next steps are to hang a new light ceiling light fixture, some blinds, and then things should be pretty close to done, except the organization part!

I have some other projects to update you on, including a couple you’ve seen bits of but I haven’t talked about much yet like the in progress map wall in the hall outside my office (so glad so many of you like it and want to see more of it!) and a long overdue update on what the heck ever happened with that faux fireplace in my entry! Nope, I haven’t forgotten about it, there was just a little snafu. A bit of a situation I’ll have to talk about in its own post soon. Eh hem.

Life gets so busy for me sometimes, I can’t keep up with my own projects! HA!
Do you ever feel that way? Or is that just me? 


  1. Graziela

    I’m so glad you posted this tonight, I’m making over my master bedroom and using gray, black and a deep purple as my main colors. I have some silver mirrors and black as well, but I also have two antique mirrors that are gold tone and was wondering if I should use them and make mirror gallery wall. All the mirrors are different shapes, sizes and textures, so I’m super excited to see what I can come up with. I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to mix the metals and tones to a room ruled with the three main colors I mentioned.

    • Melissa

      Oh I think it would be beautiful to see some of that gold in there, I bet it would warm up the room and be a lovely compliment to your color scheme!

  2. kelly at talk of the house

    All these little details are beautiful! I especially love the blue of your walls. Glad to see the brass back in vogue again too, especially since I could not change out all of mine when it went out of vogue.LOL. I don’t know how you juggle so many projects at one time! I simply cannot do it without going a little bonkers. I bet you are able to read more than one novel at a time aren’t you? While I on the other hand have to finish one book before I start another.

    • Melissa

      Thanks, I actually would probably prefer to do one at a time but it just doesn’t work that way at our house! We are so busy with other things that I just have to fit my house projects in when I can and that rarely happens all in one chunk of time. So, sometimes I am waiting on my hubby to help me with something, or waiting for funds or whatever, so I move on to another project to use my time well while I’m waiting! I guess I am not very patient! :-)

  3. Pat

    YES! I feel that way.
    NO. It isn’t just you.

    I am so wanting to work on what used to be called ‘the boys’ room. Now they are grown and moved out… It is the ‘computer room’… I don’t lap-top. I want it to be called THE DEN. period; but haven’t gotten there yet. WHY? Like you said. Life happens.

    I am wanting to use some industrial touches in this room with some soft touches… I’ve got various bits of metallic goodness that I SOOOOOO want to go in here. I just need to get up and DO IT!

    I must say… my jaw dropped when I saw the old brass magazine holder. I mean …DROPPED OPEN. Two reasons– We had one EXACTLY like it when I was growing up. For years (through my teens) it didn’t have magazines inside, it held my Donny Osmond albums …oh yes.
    And secondly…when I helped Dad clean out the house after Mom died (getting ready for the sale)… I voted to toss it because it was ugly.
    Seeing yours makes me wish I hadn’t.

    Love reading your blog… ~Pat

    PS… love your curtains too!

    • Melissa

      Oh my, I am sure there were times that I thought about getting rid of it too (it was my parents!) but somehow it just stayed around. I’m sure some people would’ve painted it but you’d lose all the detail and now that antique brass is cool again I’m extra glad I left it alone :-). Ps is it safe to admit I had Donny Osmond records too? Lol

  4. michelle

    Okay, you keep teasing with glimpes of those curtains and I am giddy with anticipation for a full shot. They are gorgeous. And the wall color is just beautiful.

  5. Dana at Cooking at Cafe D

    Oh, yeah, life can be chaotic.

    When it comes to the home –
    I can’t name the number of projects we’ve started and not finished. Some due to finances. Others because of time. Some haven’t started – after 3 years because the 11 – now 14year old – won’t make a decision. LOL

  6. Laura

    Love how the rooms coming together – and I love the eclectic look too! Where are your wall lamps from? I love them!

  7. Tammi D

    I so know what you mean. While I don’t have any room re-decorations in progress, I have a list of projects I’ve either started and not finished or want to do! When I finally get the time, I either don’t have the money, or the weather won’t cooperate. So looking forward to your post on your faux fireplace!

  8. Diane at Longaberger Lifestyle

    I’m loving every single little (and big) thing you’re doing!! This is going to be… WOW! I know absolutely nothing about the design world…but I am sure that you are going to get lots of e-mails from the “big people” asking to feature you and your new home office. How exciting!!!!

  9. Dan

    I have to agree with the statement on the magazine holder. I personally have never seen anything like that before. At first glance of the picture I thought it was a brass trunk or something.

    That is something you can’t find easily. Again at least I’ve never see one like that.

    Come to think of it, I haven’t seen too many magazine holders. ha.

    I share the excitement to see your map hallway. My grandparents had a bedroom that used old national geographic maps (if you can remember those) for wall paper. It was incredible. I would spend so much time just inspecting the walls in that room.

  10. Angela

    I always feel like I can barely keep up with my own projects. I’m at a spot right now where I’ve decided that I need to finish everything that I’ve started or have the materials to do….and then I can dream about some new adventures.


    melissa, love love the new lighting. I am a big fan of the soft gold finish, it seems so timeless to me. I agree the curtains just sing with happiness. I know it is good design when it makes the homeowner SMILE!!! So glad you are smiling as you work, that is the perfectly executed room!! Can’t wait to see the final pictures, happy weekend,

  12. Lisa celebrate CREATIVITY

    Gorgeous snippets so far and I’m looking forward to seeing the final reveal.

    You’re brave to go with navy walls (I would be too afraid to try it) but I love the contrast and from what I can see, it’s a perfect color to really make those fab Anthro drapes pop.

    Enjoy the day.

  13. Andrea Wood

    My heart skipped a beat when I saw your curtains!!! I’ve had my eye on those for a while at Anthro…Now I need to go get them. Glad to hear you love them. Thanks for sharing!!!


  14. Karen

    I agree…homes are built with layers of furniture and accessories. To insist on everything matching would not only be challenging throughout the life of the house, but it would be less interesting. Way to go!

  15. Kim

    Love mixing metals and finishes. Perhaps it’s because we have a house full of hand-me-downs. So mixed metals it is! Your curtains do look lovely. Glad you are enjoying them.

  16. Lisa

    Your curtains are great, but I’m especially interested in the rod you used. Can you tell me what it is or where to get something like it? I need either a 109″+ tension rod, or one that looks like yours on the end but screws to the wall.
    The walls are at right angles on either side of the windows, so I can’t mount a normal curtain rod.Thanks for any help you can give.

  17. Meaningful Nest

    Your office is looking great! I love the curtains and loved the sea prints you showed us a while back; I went to the Etsy shop where you said they came from and there are a lot of great items there. The prints look awesome framed! I get so many projects in my head, it swirls. Then I buy the stuff to do projects and it usually takes a while to actually follow through and do them. Life gets in the way! I can’t wait to see your office when you are done!

  18. The Sugarlump

    I love the framing on the prints. I think mixed metals are the perfect way to achieve a timeless, collected look. Love that magazine holder!

  19. Richella

    My favorite style is eclectic. Seriously; it’s what I like best. Eclectic and collected over time. Mixed metals definitely lend themselves to that feel.

    Love those draperies! They really are something; I’m glad you splurged on them!

    And I love the blue of your walls. Years ago I had a kitchen painted that color blue. The maple cabinetry really popped off those walls! It was so cheerful and happy. :)

  20. Kaye

    Love the dark blue walls! Can you share what color and brand you used, I’ve been looking for a good dark blue for a while now. Thanks!

  21. Mary

    Love the frames for your prints! Where did you find them?

    • Melissa

      All over the place, some came from TJ Maxx, some from Kohls and some from JC Penny!


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