Dreams Do Come True! {Two $250 HomeGoods Gift Cards & A Special Invitation!}

Dreams Do Come True! {Two $250 HomeGoods Gift Cards & A Special Invitation!}

When I moved to the Seattle area, one of the things I was the most bummed about was there was no HomeGoods store. WHAT? I know! I had to drive THREE long hours one way to get to my beloved HomeGoods stores in Portland. Not acceptable, but sometimes necessary.

Yes, we do have a TJ Maxx nearby that carries home items and for that I have been grateful. But if you haven’t experienced a full 20,000 square foot HomeGoods store, you’ve seriously missed out on one of the handful of places I’ve found to shop for a wide selection of affordable, unique and yet always in style accessories, lamps, rugs, furniture, and all kinds of home items!

Dreams Do Come True! {Two $250 HomeGoods Gift Cards & A Special Invitation!}

All over my house there are lovely things I’ve picked up at HomeGoods over the years. Oh, how I’ve missed shopping there on a regular basis! Kinda makes me all teary just thinking about it.

But cry no more. Things are a changing around here.

I guess this is just the month for dreams coming true (did you see yesterday’s post?) because in one short week, HomeGoods is opening not one but TWO HomeGoods stores in the Seattle area. {HIGH FIVES, Seattle people!} And thank you HomeGoods for hearing our cries! One will open in Federal Way and one in Lynnwood on June 24.

Dreams Do Come True! {Two $250 HomeGoods Gift Cards & A Special Invitation!}

And it couldn’t have happened at a better time for me (I’m sure they planned this around my needs, right?) because I am entering into full REDECORATE mode around here and I cannot wait to be one of the first shoppers through the door. I might trample everyone to be FIRST.

Would you like to come shopping at HomeGoods with me?
{I promise not to knock you down trying to beat you to the lamp aisle!}

Well, let’s try to make that shopping trip happen, shall we?! Obviously some of you live too far away to join me in real life {sadness!, I wish you could all come with me} but I’m going to bring my camera when I shop there for the first time and it will be almost as fun as being there yourself. Kinda. Heheh. But if that isn’t enough, I have another idea.

Today I’ve got two $250 HomeGoods gift cards to give away in honor of the two new Seattle stores opening on June 24th!

*One $250 HomeGoods gift card will go to a reader anywhere in the U.S. so you can have fun shopping at your own local HomeGoods store and we can compare what we find.

*Then the OTHER $250 HomeGoods gift card will be awarded to a Seattle local!

Here is the plan! If you live in the Seattle area, you can sign up to win your own $250 HomeGoods card PLUS an invitation to join me and my girls at a private invitation-only event at the new Federal Way HomeGoods store in just one week (on a day PRIOR to the store actually opening!)! YAHOO! You’ll be one of the first people to shop at the beautiful new HomeGoods store! THAT is a dream come true!!

Dreams Do Come True! {Two $250 HomeGoods Gift Cards & A Special Invitation!}
Dreams Do Come True! {Two $250 HomeGoods Gift Cards & A Special Invitation!}

So how do you enter?

Today we are going to try out Rafflecopter, a cool new way to host and enter giveaways.

If you are reading this in an email or reader, pop on over to The Inspired Room to enter!

Since this is my first time using Rafflecopter for my giveaways, I thought you might like a little video tutorial on how to enter.

It is REALLY easy, but this might help if you are at all confused or curious. So in order to enter, you must leave a comment on this post. But you’ll also get additional entries (and more chances to win) by liking The Inspired Room and HomeGoods on Facebook and/or tweeting about the giveaway! It is all very convenient with Rafflecopter!

Let’s give this a try and GOOD LUCK!

If you are local in Seattle, be sure to enter the Seattle Giveaway (at the bottom of this post)!

Enter the Giveaway below with your Facebook or Email! Potential winner will be contacted on Tuesday June 19th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Seattle residents, be sure to enter this giveaway, below! Potential winner will be contacted on Tuesday the 19th.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is now closed, winners will be contacted by email Tuesday (by end of day).


  1. Stephanie C says:

    I love Home Goods. I would love something pretty for my bathroom walls ….

  2. Christine Aldinger says:

    new area rug would be 1st thing i check out.ty for a chance at a great give away!!!

  3. Courtney says:

    I’d buy some decor items to fix up my mantle and a wall clock!!

  4. I love walking through the store as they have new items so often that are inspiring – but I would be sure to swing back to the rugs, as there are three different places in my home ready for a rug.

  5. I’d buys some items to update my living room! It needs some serious updating.

  6. Hi, nice giveaway. Adore Home Goods. I would dream of getting just about anything there. Let’s see… A lovely little lamp for the entrance would be nice. New dishes would be nice. They have a lot of NICE things there.

  7. Katie Greenlaw says:

    I love HomeGoods!! We just bought a new house, so I have lots of decorating to do!

  8. Tanya S says:

    I would love some updated wall decorations! We’re in the process of buying our first home and will need more decorations to make a new place feel like home.

  9. Courtney says:

    There is an armchair at my local HomeGoods that I am in love with, that’s what I would choose!

  10. I would love to find some new lamps!

  11. Amber R says:

    I have all the basics, but I need so many accessories! I could go crazy filling my bookshelves!

  12. Perhaps some new bedding and some new dishes would be great!

  13. Experienced HomeGoods for the first time recently – love it! I’d buy decorative pieces for around the house!

  14. I would get some fun, bright accessories for our new outdoor area. We just put on a deck and patio and it could use a little personality.

  15. Homegoods is my favorite store!!! I never know what I am going to buy when I go but always walk out with some goodies, right now I do need a new rug and bedding for my bedroom!

  16. Annette Taylor says:

    Home decor items!! And a rug for my living room!! Great giveaway!!

  17. Ooh….I need a lot of help! I would probably swarm the throw pillows and lamps….then eventually head over to the wall decor

  18. I’ve been looking for the perfect nightstands/reading lamps for our bedroom, as well as a similar set of tables/lamps for near our couch in the living room. i always get buy-shy at those stores, and end up leaving empty-handed. A gift card would help me really take the plunge!

  19. Our HomeGoods store isn’t very close, either, but it is DEFINITELY worth the drive! I’m always drawn to their containers–baskets, little boxes, holders for papers and office supplies. Oh-oh! I’m starting to salivate! Gotta run!

  20. In desperate need of lamps! Our need for lighting exceeds our budget unfortunately. Please count me in, I love HomeGoods.

  21. Stephanie says:

    I LOVE HG! I would likely buy some gorgeous linens for my daughter’s “big girl bed.”

  22. WEeeeeeeeeeeee! Home Goods is my all time favorite store! I could browse in there forever but the best part is the prices. LOVE it….and thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  23. After hearing about Homegoods all these years, I just moved to Rockwall, TX where we have one!! What would I buy? Well we just moved in two weeks ago so the list is long. We have two extra bedrooms that need bedding so that’s probably where I’d start. Thanks for having such a fun give away. :)

  24. Katie Klldal says:

    I ordered a new bed on Gilt last week and need all new bedding! LOVE HG!

  25. Jan from All Ways Designing says:

    Lamps…Something for my Walls (painting, photos, ???) New dishes, glasses, some decorative accessories!

  26. Lindsay says:

    My deck is in SERIOUS need of some color, so I’d look for planters, plant stands, and maybe some outdoor wall decor and pillows to add a little panache.

  27. Having just purchased our first home and living on a tight budget I would so enjoy filling in the gaps- throw pillows, table runner, rugs, items to cozy up our house….Thanks so much for offering this give away!

  28. I’m getting ready to paint my bedroom, really need to update the decor and this win would be fabulous! Thanks!

  29. Michele Laramay says:

    I would look for a nice rug for the family room.

  30. I would love new lamps and new rugs. My lamps have more glue on them than the resin they are made of! Good thing I am really good with spray paint!

  31. Theresa says:

    I would love to get new lamps for my living room!

  32. I’m buying a new house and would be like a kid in a toy store. Lamps, area rugs, decorative accessories, you name it! I”m just sorry I don’t live in Seattle so I could join the party.

  33. Charl a says:

    I need some new “fun” in our recently updated lower level, AKA the basement!

  34. Anne Marie says:

    I need a new lamp and some decorative accessories for my living room.

  35. We just moved……..so there are Many things I could use!! Furniture, mirrors, rugs, home decor….Thanks for a Great giveaway! And have a terrific time shopping at your new Home Goods!!! WOOT!!

  36. I’d love to redecorate my apartment at HomeGoods! New pillows first!

  37. An area rug or lamps would be first on my list. Then I’d look at some piece of furniture for my entry way. And….. there’s quite a bit on my list actually!

  38. Gah! I would look for a new set of dishes! Mine are 15 years old and I am SO tired of looking at them. Let’s see, lamps! And accessories for the patio, which looks dreadfully barren. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  39. I’m on the hunt for a new ottoman.

  40. Little decorative touches that strike me as amazing…. those are always my fave finds at Homegoods. AND, I hear you. Ours JUST opened last year.

    …the ONLY place where I am a card member. ahem.

  41. What Fun!! I love looking in the Home Goods store. I would look for some patio chairs to replace old ones.

  42. I would love to find some lamps for our living room.

  43. New pillows and patio furniture from HomeGoods would be awesome!

  44. I love HomeGoods! I have been on the lookout for a comfy reading chair.

  45. What a great giveaway! I love Home Goods, this would be great to win.. we are currently in the process of remodeling our home!

  46. A cabinet for my bathroom!

  47. I would love to win a gift card from Home Goods and there is one only 30 minutes away from me. We moved into our house last August and I am still trying to get it all decorated. This would come in handy! Thanks so much!

  48. I would love anything from the China/Kitchen department!!

  49. I would buy some new picture frames so I could update photos of my kiddos. I would also look for end tables, area rug and anything owl print!!!

  50. I have too many needs to say just one…have a empty corner in my living room that I don’t know what I want, will know when I see it. I want a starbust mirror in my dining/home office, hallway table and end table for my bedroom. My favorite thing to find at Home Goods that I can always use is beautiful art signed by the artist! With their prices I could probably get all on my list with the $250.00!

  51. oh anything … absolutely anything from Home Goods is a fabulous find!!!!!!!!! :)

  52. I’d love to buy some things to freshen up the kitchen and adjoining family room which I am in the process of re-doing. Thanks!

  53. Kate S. says:

    I LOVE HomeGoods!!! I really need a fun storage piece for a playroom for my daughter, or a set of accent chairs for a new client meeting space in my home office. Luckily we have one about 10 min away!

  54. A secretary desk or table that could be used as such in a corner of my bedroom.

  55. Ivey Beckman says:

    I want to go home … Home Goods style! Need to redo my master suite.

  56. I would buy a table for my entryway. I need one so badly!

  57. Laurie Snyder says:

    Oh how I am dreaming of a accessories for my new office!

  58. We moved a year ago into our new home. After waiting a year I finally know what I want to do…and believe you me, I am ready! This would help sooo much and be so fun!

  59. I love HomeGoods! I too would be totally blue if there was no HG in my town!

  60. LouiseM says:

    On the hunt for chest of drawers for guest room and area rugs.

  61. I would love to accessorize 2 bedrooms I’ve just painted. And hopes are to redo the kitchen soon. It would be lovely to have some help giving it a facelift!

  62. Francine says:

    I would love to find the perfect accessory for EVERY room!

  63. I would get new accessories or a cute new chair!

  64. All things HomeGoods are terrific! I’ve just bought new living room furniture and now I need lamps and accessories to round out the re-do! No better place to get this accomplished than HomeGoods! I just saw the most darling silver tray table there that would make an absolutely PERFECT occasional or end table!

  65. Adrienne says:

    Garden stools!

  66. I am in DESPERATE need of an area rug for my bedroom!!! I built a new house and put down beautiful wood floors but my poor little tootsies would love to step out of bed onto something less shocking in the morning! Decorating is my passion and think a Home Goods store would be awesome where I live!!!

  67. Lori Halton says:

    Mirrors, lamps, plates, oh my!

  68. I love Home Goods, I am redecorating my dining room right now and I would love to purchase a few new chairs!

  69. Erin Marshall says:

    I absolutely LOVE Homegoods. There is one about 5 min from my new home that I have to force myself to stay away from! Lamps, rugs, and storage are on my Ispy list:)

  70. What would I buy…oh me oh my…I go to HG for inspiration. That’s the fun–I never know what thing-I-must-have until I get there!

  71. A cute upholstered bench–and I KNOW they have one for me!!! I just rearranged my bedroom and I love it but now I have room for a bench at the end of my bed. What a great giveaway, thank you!!!

  72. I am in need of a living room area rug, fingers crossed!!!

  73. I would love to furnish our “guest room in progress” with some special items to make our company feel cozy and cared for!

  74. Some nautical themed nursery decor for my daughter who is a Navy wife and mom. She lives in the Seattle area-so so thrilled that Home Goods is coming to her area!

  75. I need a new rug for our living room! Thanks!!

  76. Probably some new dishes.

  77. I would love to get some items to finish my daughter’s room

  78. i dream of getting a madras plaid twin bed set for my little guy’s new big boy bed.

  79. Homegoods is my absolute favorite store!!! I would love to have this gift card to help spruce up my office and guest room!

  80. Sharmin says:

    I would love to get a cool floor lamp. Thanks for this giveaway!!!

  81. I’m redecorating our living room and need some new chairs!

  82. Me with $250 in Home Goods would be a happy day!! I want that.


  83. I have never shopped at Home Goods. We don’t have one here, but I would travel so fast to Dallas to shop if I won. I really want to get a rug for my den.

  84. Love Homegoods! We’re about to do a complete kitchen remodel so I’m sure I could find LOTS of things I’d need! We just uncovered an exposed brick chimney that we want to incorporate into our design. Yay! But this changes our color palette slightly so I’m sure I’ll need some need decorative do-dads, not to mention rugs, dishtowels, etc. The one thing I don’t need is more dishes. I have about 8 sets, which I’m currently packing up!

  85. I am lucky enough to have 2 Home Goods within 10 miles of my home. I like to go from one to the other to make sure I haven’t missed anything.

    I would love to find an area rug for my upcoming master bedroom update!!

  86. Erin Buchanan says:

    I would dream of getting a new rug for our living room, perhaps a new lamp,or a few new decorative accents for summer decorating. Oh the decisions!!!!!

  87. I have so many things on my HG wish list, but I’m working on my outdoor space so I would start with a bistro set.

  88. I don’t know where the nearest Home Goods store is…but I’ll find one if I get the chance!

  89. Tamara M. says:

    FOR SURE a new rug for the living room and a mirror for above the stairs… Already know exactly which ones. I was at homegoods last night ;)

  90. some new bedding, throw pillows, glassware

  91. carol jane says:

    Everything from pillows to dishes!!!

  92. Cheryl moeller says:

    I would love to continue helping my daughter decorate her new home!

  93. Laurie Cirillo says:

    I am lucky enough to have a Home Goods in my town!! I love stopping in once a week to see what’s new. I am going through a difficult time in my life right now and am redoing my bedroom to make it my santuary and would love to find some items for the redo!

  94. Love me some homegoods! I picked up some sweet (cheap) project-worthy items in the clearance item just last weekend!

  95. Amanda R. says:

    I have a Home Goods less than an hour from here and I’d love to get a new rug!

  96. I would love to get some new pieces for the living room/dining room/kitchen which are in the process of a complete overhaul! Homegoods has amazing plates, rugs and other decor items…sigh…I would love to win.

  97. Accents and a few key items like an ottoman and area rugs for our new home.

  98. tonya ragle says:

    I love Home Goods! My taste is a little eclectic so I am always looking for a unique, budget friendly addition to my home.

  99. Tamara M. says:

    I would get a new mirror and a new rug…. I was just there last night so I know exactly which ones!

  100. Throw Pillows!

  101. I LOVE HomeGoods! I would love to buy a new rug for our living room or some fabulous outdoor furniture!

  102. I would pick out accents to go into our new black and white dining room!

  103. I am thrilled by this news! The only HomeGoods I have been to is in Palm Desert and I have a number of items in our Seattle home from that store. Thank you for this very exciting update! Another store that I miss from Southern California is EXPO (part of Home Depot), this is like having access to a design center without being a designer. Not sure if the store is still around but it was wonderful and very inspiring.

  104. Joanne B. says:

    How awesome is this? Thanks so much for this chance to win! I love Home Goods! ANYTHING there would make me completely happy, but I think I would look for some items to “home up” my lanai for the summer- placemats and napkins for the patio table, a table centerpiece that says WOW! and some flower pots to scatter around…Thanks so much!

  105. Thanks for such a great giveaway! I would dream of purchasing some fun new accessories for our family room.

  106. Melissa Gainey says:

    Need a great pair of nightstands & some drapes! I haven’t been able to find any great drapes and I know they will have them : )

  107. I love love HomeGoods. I think I would look for some great outdoor items.

  108. Tracey Griffith says:

    My daughter wants to redecorate her room so I would love to get some things for her! A new rug would be awesome!

  109. I would pick out some dreamy things for my old brick shed/new brick guesthouse. :)

  110. I would definitely grab some lamps (I need about 4) and possibly some items for our guest room.

  111. Amanda W says:

    I would dream new bathroom decor !

  112. I have two HomeGoods near me in Denver! I can’t imagine decorating without them! I was at both stores last week looking for a new dining room rug, happy shopping!

  113. I would have so much fun sharing this with my three daughters. New pillows for me, and I know my girls will all find something they would love too. Thanks for the giveaway.

  114. Brenda J says:

    HomeGoods is my happy place! I would get what I need to finish off my master bedroom and bath. Towels, lighting, artwork, and miscellaneous items. If there is anything left, I’ll head to the cookware.

  115. I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some home goods. Such a fabulous store. I have my eyes on lamps, rugs & furniture these days!

    ~ Jillian

  116. A new comforter for the our bed!

  117. Ahhh! Retail therapy – no one offers it like Home Goods! I can easily spend an hour going through my Home Goods, and when I come out, whether I’ve spent a dollar, or just gotten some great ideas, I feel better! I could use some retail therapy right about now…

  118. Home Goods is right up the street from me. . ..I would love a new chair for our living room. Something funky and colorful!

  119. Loretta says:

    I had never even heard of Home Goods until I started looking at the decorating blogs. So, lo and behold, I moved 30 minutes southwest of where I used to live and voila, there it was–HomeGoods! I remember seeing the big sign from the road and being so excited. I go there all the time looking for some of the cool lamps that I have seen on the website or from the posts that people make about their “finds” but no matter when I go, the lamp supply is depleted with just a few left. Maybe my luck will change and I will find something with my $250 gift card. I’d like to get a rug and some lamps, and some kind of desk and adhesive wall art and a designer to pull it all together for me. ha! :-)

  120. As a new empty nester, I would love to make the kids’ bathroom into a spa-like experience – new fluffy towels, new shower curtain, new bath mats, and Home Goods would be just the place to get that done!

  121. We’re closing on our new house tomorrow and this would be such a great treat for all of our needs! Right now I’m in search of a really awesome living room rug and some fun lighting.

  122. Barbara says:

    I justed visited my first Home Goods store last week!!!!! Can’t wait to go back….love it.

  123. Sally Gee says:

    I had the pleasure of going to Homegoods for my birthday. It was WONDERFUL. Would love to have $250 to spend there!

  124. HomeGoods is THE BEST! I would spend it on some outdoor accessories for our back patio!

  125. Their rugs are wonderful with some sweet price tags! I would love an outdoor rug for entertaining on the patio!

  126. Love some Homegoods! Hope to win and go shopping there soon! : )

  127. Teresa Lee says:

    Wow! So excited! :) Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity!!!

  128. Sally Gee says:

    Liked Inspired Room on FB!

  129. Chelsea says:

    I am IN LOVE with Home Goods! I live in NYC and the really good stores are out in NJ. I’m moving into a new apartment, so my mind is whirling with things I could purchase.

  130. I would love to buy a nice mirror for over my mantle and some decor for my girls’ bedroom!

  131. We have been renting a home for the past 2 years, and are finally at a place where we can purchase our own home. I would love to be able to decorate my new space with some of the amazing things from Home Goods. It would definitely make a new house feel like a true home.

  132. I, too, have to drive 3 hours up to Chicago to get to the nearest Home Goods store. Maybe they’ll build one closer to me, too!

  133. Would love a new rug for the living room! Love HG!!!

  134. We only have the TJMaxx+HomeGoods type store, but I still love it! Some day I will get beautiful chairs from there for my library

  135. Angela Bailey says:

    This is fabulous! I have a very empty house and would love to get some accessories for my downstairs bathroom or an end table since I am in need of around 9 of those to properly decorate my home ;) Someday I will get it done.

  136. we are building a new house right now and once we move in i want to completely redecorate from everything we had in our old house. i will start with the living room though…a rug and some throw pillows and/or accessories will be great! that $250 will go quick! :)

  137. jasmine says:

    If I were lucky enought to win, I’d definetly use the gift card to buy a new dining room table!

  138. What a fantastic giveaway! I would love to join you all in Seattle-what a blast! I live in Texas, though so I’m crossing my fingers that the other gift card comes my way. (Love HomeGoods!)

  139. Christy C. says:

    Would love to get some new lamps!

  140. Love, love, love Home Goods!!!! One of my most favorite stores.

  141. Oh dear. I have some redecorating to do… just no dinero, so this would be AMAZING… and what’s better, we HAVE a homegoods store! Weeee! Wish I could go on a shopping trip with you. Would love to borrow your eyes {figuratively speaking, of course}!
    Have a blast on your spree!

  142. We just got our first HomeGoods store last fall in the Pittsburgh area. Before that, I had to do mega-shopping at my sister’s store in Gillette, NJ. Right now I’m hunting for some new lamps but even if I don’t find them…I can always find stuff I didn’t know I couldn’t life without at HG!! We call it HomeGoodies.

  143. Melissa, I would dream of getting a black and white stripe runner for my front porch.

  144. Oh this would indeed be a dream come true. Outdoor items would definitely be on my list!

  145. sharron says:

    I love, love, Home Goods we moved from San Antonio where I had one to east Texas, but I do know they have one in Dallas. I would love to be able to shop there again. I love everything they have.

  146. Found out a few months ago that there is a HomeGoods store opening right by my house in Nebraska. Definitely screamed with excitement when I heard. Would love to win a gift card and get some new lamps!

  147. I just discovered Home Goods a year ago and I’m OBSESSED. Everything in my home is now from that store. If I had the gift card I would stock up on bed linens and throw pillows for our currently depressing guest rooms.

  148. I’m on the hunt for a new dining room rug…something in between Pottery Barn and Ethan Allen. Thanks for the opportunity!

    tinab158 at hotmail dot com

  149. I just painted my kitchen and would love to find some fun new accessories for it!

  150. Allison says:

    I need stuff for my kitchen walls – they have been bare for 5 years waiting for the right things!

  151. I live in Puyallup, just a hop, skip and a jump from Federal Way! We are buying our first house and will be moving in this summer! I would love to get something amazing for our new home! Thanks!

  152. Valerie J. says:

    I love Homegoods!!!!!!

  153. I’d get new sheets and curtains for our master bedroom – and whatever else I could find to spiff up the space. Thanks!

  154. Loretta says:

    we’ve lived in our house for 2 years and there has been precious little accessorizing. Im ready to “do” the living room!

  155. Deborah says:

    Ahhh, I want to rest my inspired mind and soul on pillows for my cute wrought iron deck pieces, under the soft candlelight from new lanterns, all of which have been spied at Home Goods already!

  156. Tonya Berryman says:

    HomeGoods is opening a store in Memphis soon! Ive never been to HomeGoods and Im so excited we are finally getting one!!

  157. I’d love to get some summer plates, glasses, serving trays, etc. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  158. C hristine says:

    I would love to find some wall art. My walls have been bare for too long!

  159. Nancy Blanchard says:

    I would love to put the money toward a new armchair to go next to the fireplace so that I can finally get rid of the out-dated plaid chair!! Thanks for the chance to win this giveaway!

  160. I’m redecorating my kitchen so I would buy items for it. However, I would be open to whatever catches my eye!

  161. I love HOMEGOODS! The closest one to me is 45 minutes away, but that doesn’t stop me. Love it! :) And I could use some new lamps…mine are looking kind of sorry!

  162. Kathryn says:

    I would love anything chevron from Home Goods. I am still trying to find the perfect piece to bring chevron into my house.

  163. I would, of course, go check out the lamps first. I might look for a cute little table. Or a pretty rug. With $250 at HomeGoods, I might be able to get all 3!

  164. oh i would love to add some spunk to my house with new pillows and decorative items!

  165. kristin says:

    I am looking for fun new pillows or lamps!

  166. Christie says:

    Woot Woot! I have several HomeGoods in my area so I know exactly how excited you must feel right now. HomeGoods is AMAZING! I really hope I win this prize! :-)

  167. we got a great rug a homegoods!

  168. Hi! First, I love your site and your enthusiasm for home decor. Second, I’m happy that you are finally getting, not 1 but 2 Home Goods store. That’s so awesome!! I work within a mile of one and that’s where most of my lunch hours are spent, even if I don’t buy anything, I love browsing- it acutally brings me a sense of peace during my hectic work day! lol… I live within 5 miles of not 1 but 2 Home Goods. I’m a lucky girl. Happy Shopping to you and all your Seattle- mates!!

  169. I am a huge lamp fan! Probably my first stop in HomeGoods! Thank you for the great giveaway.

  170. LOVE Home Goods. Lucky to have a few within 15 miles. Thanks for the chance to win.

  171. Renee Walsh says:

    I have a home goods and two TJ maxx stores in commuting distance and I try to stop by at least once every 6 weeks. I am now looking for a floor lamp and missed the one that I should have bought when I saw it months ago. I am currently decorating my deck room that will soon be covered by a gazebo. Bought some outside decorating accessories yesterday. I love HOME GOODS!! and I love your posts and can’t wait to see what *you* find and what you do with it….
    Thanks for your inspiration

  172. I have to drive 2 hours to get to the nearest one, but it would be well worth it if I were to win. I am looking for a small wicker table for my porch, a dresser for my son’s apartment, and ANYTHING for my daughter’s dorm room! It would be fun shopping.
    crossing my fingers!

  173. Mary Happymommy says:

    I would decorative pillows.

  174. We have a Home Goods just one hour away. We are about to get our kitchen cabinets painted, so I’ll need some new accessories to help tie in the new look of the cabinets!

  175. I would get new bath accessories as we are redoing our awful bathroom! Love love love Home Goods!

  176. I had no idea they were opening a Seattle store! WOW! I would love to find an accent chair to brighten up my family room.

  177. BETHANY UHL says:

    I am moving to a different state and will need goodies to help furnish my new house. Help me Home Goods!

  178. MargotHD says:

    Oh goodness what would I do with $250 at homegoods? First thing would be to replace these awful curtains we have up in our current home. I imagine ANYTHING would look better than what we have now. I would also look to redecorate our bathroom. It is definitely the least attended to room — some new side tables, a bit more space, some cute decorating bits. Anything would spruce up that tired room.

  179. Elizabeth says:

    Wow! I have no idea what I would get at Home Goods right now…so many things. Our closest is about 3.5 hours away. We’re in the process of trying to buy a new house, so I’m sure I’ll “need” something after we close. :)

  180. Debbie McFarland says:

    We are about to do some remodeling in our bathroom and kitchen (ugh!) and would love to use it to get some new things for it!

  181. We just got our very own Homegoods in Tampa, too! The closest one used to be about 30 minutes away (a small price to pay) but the new store is less than 10 minutes from my house…HOORAY!

  182. I am redoing our guest house and need new lamps and accessories which TJ Maxx would have. I have a TJ Maxx 7 miles from me and another home goods combination 45 minutes away.

  183. Kristine says:

    We have a HomeGoods about 30 minutes away but I don’t get there as often as I would like. Probably a good thing for my wallet! Like you, we haven’t been in our new house very long and slowly tweaking things around here to make it more our home instead of the previous owners.

  184. I love Home Goods! My closest one is 45 min away, so I am not there often, but when I get there, I just go with the flow of their current inventory! There is always something that “speaks to me”!!

  185. I liked you on facebook!

  186. So excited for a Seattle area store!

  187. We have a great Homegoods here. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  188. I absolutely LOVE Homegoods! I am also an interior decorator so I spend lots of money there shopping for other people. I finally got the TJMaxx rewards card and have gotten numerous $20 gift certificates to spend at Homegoods! Shopping at Homegoods is therapy for me…when I’m feeling down, I go to Homegoods to browse and see what’s new. Sometimes I just NEED a browsing session at Homegoods!

  189. Jessica says:

    I would love some new living room decor to brighten things up a bit. My living room has come far from where it originally began as painted pink, then hunter green (eek, that was the boyfriend being totally freaked out by the pink and going all “manly”) and finally a neutral shade today which is inviting some “cheerfulness” to finish it off.

  190. I love HomeGoods and shop there at least once a week. I’m so glad they are only 20 minutes away.

  191. they have so much awesomeness! i really want some fun new dishes, so maybe that!

  192. Oh how I love HomeGoods! I was just in there on Monday….

  193. Shannon P. says:

    I would love to find gorgeous framed wall art or a mirror for above our mantel at Home Goods. I stop in often, just waiting for the right thing to be there!

  194. I’ve never been to Home Goods even though we have one in the neighboring town. I need to go check it out now. I could use some new bathroom accessories.

  195. nancye6 says:

    I would look for wall decor. I’m tired of looking at blank walls !

  196. I LOVE HomeGoods! And practically every stinking {well, not stinking… gorgeously gorgeous} lamp in my home I got at HomeGoods. Seriously… I am sitting in my chair and from my vantage point I count 8 lamps from HG…. but, that’s just what I can see!

    You know how many lamps $250 would buy? ;)


  197. I love Homegoods! I only have to drive about 30 minutes but honestly it probably needs to be farther away from me. I can do some serious damage there!

  198. I love Homegoods too! We have a brand new house that needs some serious decorating!

  199. Jennifer S says:

    Love HomeGoods. They always have interesting and unusual pieces.

  200. love Home Goods!! I’m about to move away to a land without HG (west Texas) and would love to have a last ditch shopping spree.

  201. I love Home Goods and could use some decorations for my house! I just got married, and I’m trying to make our house nice and homey!

  202. Melissa Allen says:

    I would get patterns patterns patterns!

  203. HomeGoods is my happy place. And I can only imagine the fun I’d have with a $250 gift card! I’d take the plunge of a fabulous rug for my family room. It’s long overdue for an upgrade!

  204. I Love HomeGoods! My sister-in-law took me on a shopping trip to one in Portland and I was overwhelmed by the size of the place! Thanks for the reminder to go back!

  205. Oh, I would love to be able to shop with you, and your witty daughter. Alas, I would just love to shop!

  206. I would get lamps with my gift card.

  207. Jessica says:

    I Love Home Goods! Would love to get some new lightweight bedding and a pair of lamps, among whatever else I could find!!

  208. I love HomeGoods so much that I drive an hour to get to the closes one to my house!

  209. I don’t live close to a Home Goods either so I would have to shop while on vacation. =D Sounds like fun to me. ;)

  210. I have a bare blank wall in my living room begging for something to adorn it.

  211. I love your blog – it’s so inspiring! (pun intended :-) And I love Home Goods. We just moved to TN, just purchased a home and are renovating it. I could make great use of that awesome gift card! Keep on inspiring us.

  212. carolyn shultz says:

    I would get some colorful dishes from HomeGoods for summer entertaining!

  213. I have a small Home Goods in my city and it’s my favorite place to shop. It would be hard to say what I’d get as they change their stock so often. But, probably pillows, lamps, just accessories to pretty up my home more.

  214. Oh the twig table is so beautiful! I would love to win. I would get pillows and plates for my living room. :)

  215. Julie R says:

    We just moved into a new house, so there are tons of things that I need and want.

  216. I love Home Goods – I stop in at least once a week. My store just got a new supply of apothecary jars that I have my eye on.

  217. Getting ready to downsize and totally redecorate, so I will be browsing Home Goods for lots of accessories and whatever else catches my eye! Love it!!!

  218. Aaaaaah – we close on our dream lake house in 4 days. I would love to go shopping for goodies at Home Goods. I always find things I love in that that store!

  219. Betty Montgrain says:

    I LOVE Homegoods!!! So many wonderful things for our patio. We love to sit out in the midwest and enjoy the sunny mornings with coffe and donuts!

  220. I too make that 3 hour drive to the Portland Home Goods. I hadn’t heard they were opening up here. Hooray!

  221. A rug! A rug!

  222. I love the Home Goods store – my mother first introduced me to all its wonders when I was in college! We do have one local and I keep going back from more. Thank you for the opportunity.

  223. Well, we’ve just started our baby’s nursery. So, I am going to need a bunch of stuff to decorate and organize that room ASAP :)

  224. Karen Lucas says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Homegoods and I spend way too much time and $$ there. I am so lucky because I have 4 stores within a half hour drive and would be SO happy to have a gift card to shop at one or all of them.

  225. Wendi Clanton says:

    I LOVE Homegoods! We just moved so I have dozens of blanks walls and spaces that need new, cute things!!

  226. Jeannie A. says:

    We have recently bought a “fixer-upper.” I would get a smile out of my husband if I shopped at HomeGoods. Money saver!

  227. Christy says:

    I am one of the lucky ones who has a HomeGoods less than 10 minutes away! My whole house is from HG! I am on the lookout for chairs and a rug for my family room.

  228. I’ve never been to home goods :blush: I’m scared to go! LOL!! I have been dying to make a pretty little space on my front porch! This would be just the ticket!

  229. michele m fry says:

    Love me some HomeGoods!! We had a store open here about a year ago….happy dance!!! What wouldn’t I buy, need a new rug for my living room, dinning room, picutres frames, baskets the list goes on and on!!!

  230. Love me some Homegoods, I need some new decor in my living room to liven up the place!! Please pick me :)

  231. I recently discovered Homegoods when we moved where they had one. Always heard great things, now I get to enjoy it myself! I would love to win, as we just moved and have a new house to decorate with no money :)

  232. HomeGoods is by far one of my favorite stores here in Atlanta! I shop there almost once a week! It’s right near a fabric store I shop at and I spend more time in HG then any other place.

  233. Emily Simpson says:

    I would love to buy some stuff to brighten up our kitchen and dining room.

  234. I love HomeGoods! My house could use a little summer spruce up!

  235. I love homegoods…I’ve been checking out their rugs lately. $250 would go a long way towards bringing a new one home!!

  236. So excited they’re coming to Seattle!!! I would start with some pillows (LOVE their pillows), and then maybe work on getting some bathroom stuff for our remodel this summer!

  237. I just discovered Home Goods a couple of weeks ago. Love it! Would love to win the gift card…I’ll happily drive 1.5 hours to use it. :)

  238. Joan Moore says:

    Love Home Goods so much. We are finally getting a store locally this Fall, a gift card to spend would be the very BEST gift of all!!!!!!!! Would LOVE to win this.

  239. Oh my, I’ve never been to one of these stores. But seeing what all you have found, I know I would love it! I would purchase something for my sitting area just off the kitchen, maybe some new window treatments? What a nice giveaway!!!

  240. I’ve always enjoyed shopping for gifts, and of course myself, at HomeGoods! Lots of visual candy for me under one roof!

  241. I LOVE Homegoods!! I would get new pillows for the couch. I am searching for new chairs in the living room, picture frames, and lots of home accessories. We moved in to our new home last October and I have been VERY slowly working on redecorating!

  242. Tina Rheinford says:

    I would love to spruce up my back deck.

  243. Katie Rivera says:

    LOVE Homegoods – it’s where the women in my family do their best bonding :)

  244. I have found so many wonderful things for my home (lamps, rugs, towels, dishes, the list goes on and on) at Home Goods. I’m not sure I would have your strength to live so far away from a HG for YEARS! Have fun at the opening next week!

  245. I would probably buy new throw pillows. I need some updating in my living room.

    We had a HomeGoods 5 minutes from our house in Rhode Island. You could probably say I lived there! To have one close again? And to possibly win a gift card and get to shop with you? That’s just so much good stuff all wrapped in one!!!!

  246. Stacee T. says:

    I would love to win. Not only does my house need some decorating love, but being a professional photographer… I would love to add some more props to my collection! Love HomeGoods!!! Thank you for this giveaway!!

  247. Sue Lambrix says:

    Home Goods is amazing………………I love going there and finding amazing things for my home

  248. Love your blog! I would love some to give my master bedroom a makeover with the giftcard.

  249. I would love to find a gold(ish) sunburst mirror for my dining room. I’d also love to find an ottoman for my mom’s newly finished space!

  250. michelle says:

    I would love to buy some new accessories

  251. Jeannine says:

    A gift card could become cushions and bedding and rugs, oh my! I’m glad that you’ll have one of your favorite stores nearby. I will look forward to watching HomeGoods items pop up in your new decorating schemes.

  252. I have an oh-so-empty room that could do with a kickstart. I love HomeGoods!

  253. Rugs, lamps, furniture, pillows, outdoor entertaining . . . the list goes on!!!

  254. Nothing better then a homegoods shopping trip! Would love a shopping spree.

  255. I dream of getting rugs! Sigh!

  256. I love HomeGoods and browse the one in UGA’s hometown of Athens. Something new for my foyer would be great. $250 could be one of my “3 Gifts” for the day!

  257. I would probably use the GC to get white dishes or cookware. But who knows … some new bedding might catch my eye.

  258. I would love to get 2 storage ottomans, new throw pillows, and some accessories for our living room! Currently, it’s a little bare in there.

  259. The list does go on……although I am not in redecorate mode, I could use some office furniture and storage, maybe some baskets, I would like a narrow piece of furniture for my breakfast area……

  260. I would look for some small furniture items/mirrors for our new home:)

  261. Love, Love, Home Goods! I too drive an 1 one way to get to my favorite store. I just bought tons of chevron baskets to re-do my kitchen cabinets. Congrats on getting a HOME GOODS in your neighborhood!

  262. I just repainted 2 bedrooms & am working on a 3rd. Would LOVE to win to help decorate our new spaces:)!

  263. I think I need an ottoman…. But I can’t decide between a storage ottoman or a cute pouf.

  264. I’ve never been, because the closest HomeGoods is also about 2-3 hours away. But I’ve always wanted to go, and this would definitely spur a trip!! Something fun and funky for the deck would be a great purchase :)

  265. I would love a funky piece of home goods furniture, or a blingy blue chair, definitely some new bath mats, and perhaps some patterned pillows.

  266. I’ve just heard of Home Goods and really want to try it out!

  267. Have never been to a HomeGoods store! sounds very exciting!

  268. I would love a home decor shopping spree!

  269. Love Homegoods! Luckily mine opened up in 2008! I am slowly redoing my family room so this gift card would be awesome!

  270. Be still my heart! This is the best news I have heard in YEARS! One HomeGoods is in Federal Way but where is #2 (please be the Eastside, please be the Eastside, please be the Eastside!) I am almost done with the new flooring/moulding. Next off soft goods = HomeGoods!

  271. Jillian H says:

    I loooove HomeGoods and this giftcard would be a fabulous excuse to redo a room!

  272. Love it! My daughter and I were there yesterday looking for things for her first apartment. It’s always the funniest place to shop.

  273. I would get little pops of color for my house!

  274. I love Home Goods because they have an amazing variety of items!

  275. I am having baby #3 and would love to find a few things to make her shared room special for her. I was sooooo excited when I saw them putting in a HomeGoods!

  276. We are finally getting a TJ Maxx…..HomeGoods no. If I win I will make arrangements for the 3 hour drive to the closest one!!!

  277. Love Home Goods! Rumor is that we are getting one too! Sooo glad ,1 hour and a half to our nearest now. Thanks for the chance to win.

  278. I dream of getting the new settee that I “need” for our Master Bedroom!

  279. I would be thrilled to pick out something from Homegoods. My husband and I are remodeling our
    livingroom and kitchen. We live way out in the country, but luckiliy, there is a HomeGood’s within an hour of here. Wow!

  280. I would love new lamps and cushions for my living room!

  281. Jesseca says:

    Found some cool antiquey looking buckets last time I was there, but there’s tons of cool stuff.

  282. I need new linens for my bedroom re-do., as well as a new rug.

  283. Lea Fry says:

    I love HomeGoods! I even stop there if we are on vacation somewhere and happen to see one. I need a few rugs, some lamps, an ottoman….on and on the list goes. Oh!!! crossing my fingers.
    Thanks for the chance.

  284. Meredith Gardner says:

    This would be awesome! Our city has a Homegoods opening later this year, and I am super pumped!

  285. Melissa says:

    Oh I would love to have new bedroom lamps…..something to inspire a whole new theme for a peaceful hideaway in my bedroom.

  286. I need some new lamps! I don’t own one drum shade & that needs to change, like yesterday!

    I could also make myself happy with a lot of other fun things from HomeGoods. Like bedding…like throw pillows…like rugs…like tons of stuff!

  287. I dream of finding the perfect side table for my living room, a giant mirror for my bedroom that I can lean against the wall and an area rug for my living room too. I also dream of finding all the perfect wall decor at great prices!

  288. I would love to buy a couple more area rugs for our ever-evolving home!

  289. Ohmygosh! My daughter and I are living in our mostly empty house, and I have been to HomeGoods almost every week lately. $250 would really go a long way towards decorating and furnishing our living room!

  290. What wouldn’t I love from HomeGoods?!! As a floral designer, I’m really drawn to their glassware and pottery – great inspiration for floral arrangements or plant applications in colorful pottery!! Just tooo much good stuff!! Fingers crossed!!

  291. I would love to go to Homegoods. I don’t have one in my immediate area, but maybe I can make a little trip….

  292. Just getting ready to revamp our office – this would be OH SO helpful! :)

  293. My family room looks like one giant brown leather recliner…ugh!! I want to add pops of red and/or coral with pillows and some decorative (and useful) accessories. Yeah!!

  294. Theresa says:

    We just bought a new house and are in the process of making it our own. We would love to fill it with Homegoods finds, love their stuff!

  295. I’d look for new bedding.

  296. I dream of getting two tufted chairs for my new living room or maybe some new lamps for my bedroom….oh the list could go on and on with having just finished building our dream home!!!

  297. Gina Marie says:

    Oh how inspiring Homegoods is!!!! What a great giveway Melissa, my closest one is only an hour away and I could only imgine the things $250 could buy! Good luck everyone

  298. I moved to Michigan a few years ago and was bummed I had to drive 3 hours to find a Home Goods store. Moved back to Maine recently and now I only have a 20 minute drive to this great store!

  299. Heidi LaPerle says:

    Oh, I’ve been waiting and waiting for Home Goods to come to Seattle and it’s finally here!! I’d love to win this!!!

  300. Heidi LaPerle says:

    Oh yay!! I’ve waited and waited for a Home Goods to come to Seattle and now it’s finally here!! I can’t wait and would love to win this!!

  301. This would be a blast!

  302. Jenine M says:

    We need everything! We are moving soon to a house with lots more space, but mostly, I want to find a few inspiration pieces to start decorating the kids rooms and living room.

  303. I love Homegoods. I really need a new rug for my dining room, but you can always find something you HAVE to have.

  304. Wow! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win the gift card! My house could sure use some new things to freshen it up a bit. It has been quite a long time since we have had anything new. Hmm, lamps, an area rug, new towels…oh the possibilities!

  305. My favorite thing to do is to drop off my 3 crazy boys at school and wander the aisles of HomeGoods like a zombie. It gives me the energy to face the day before they come home. Curses summer vacation! $250 would be an awesome way to kick off back to school in September!

  306. Hey Melissa…this is your we-really-should-be-friends fellow church planting wife over in West Seattle and I, too, have been counting down to the openings! Hooray! And if I don’t win the preview visit with your daughters (which I likely won’t since I don’t do Facebook or twitter…sad, but true), I have every intention of either stalking you or HomeGoods to make sure that I get to walk the aisles with you sometime this summer! : ) Oh, and I’d be on a mission for outdoor accessories for our backyard…we have every intention of maxing out every hour of our gorgeous Seattle summers outside!

  307. I would look for new chairs for my living room, accent pieces and wall decor!

  308. Rebecca Rojas says:

    I can’t even begin to imagine what I might buy with a $250 shopping spree to home goods. Our new home is being built and will be ready in September. With 2 HGs within a 10 mile radius, I visit both stores weekly, looking for whatever I can find. I am currently looking for pillows to accent my new bedding, a piece of furniture for our flat screen, something to put at the foot of our bed…Plus, any other fun accents to make our new house a home!

  309. I am 2 hours away from Homegoods, but it is always worth it! We are moving into our brand new home next week and I am in desperate need to decor!

  310. I would love to get two lamps. I already have them picked out!

  311. I’ve only been to HomeGoods once since we moved into our new house, and I know if I go back there will be much purchasing…would love to be able to get some accessories for these empty rooms!

  312. Jessie C. says:

    I’d like decor pillows and curtains for our living room.

  313. Cynthia says:

    A new rug for our family room!

  314. I think the question is, what WOULDN’T I get at Home Goods? Oh how FUN it would be to shop with you!

  315. Ruth Stitt says:

    I’d love to get curtains and rugs and pillows for my bedroom!!

  316. First thing I would buy is bathroom towels! Haha I haven’t replaced our towels in so many years they are embarrassing!

  317. Charlotte says:

    I am not sure where I would begin – I would love a new rug, new towels, bedlinen… or I have a picture of plates on a wall that I would like to try to replicate. It is a long long list!

  318. Wendy Webb says:

    Super excited about this!! So many place I could spruce up!

  319. So excited about HomeGoods coming to the Seattle area. I need new end tables for the living room and would love to win a gift certificate.

  320. Cassandra says:

    HomeGoods is the best store on earth! I can’t even begin to list all the stuff I would buy if I won!

  321. Ohhhh….home goods…..such an incredible place! I find things in there I like and dream of what I can change or who I can give it to…just so I can buy the latest treasure….it’s just that there are so many treasures in those stores! I’m just 1 1/2 hours from the Portland store…but so worth the drive!

  322. arnnette says:

    I HEART Home Goods! I can take two hours just slowly walking in each isle. There’s not just in and out in Home Goods. I do need a new area rug. I love mixing bowls and casserole dishes. Decorations in my garden. A new look in my daughters room. This would be fun! Thank you for the chance to win:)

  323. Wendy Webb says:

    super excited about this! so many place to spruce up!

  324. Julie Schock says:

    Home Goods just opened in my neighborhood a couple of weeks ago and I was one of the first to go through the doors…I was SOOOO excited! Too many things there to say exactly what I’d buy but I have had my eye on a cute little cabinet that would be great in my bathroom. :)

  325. I LOVE HomeGoods. You never know what you will find there, always a fun adventure. I would love to stock up on Kitchen items, they have a huge selection of top of the line cookware.

  326. I would love to get some new pieces for outdoor dining!

  327. Oh Home Goods…my true love. I’m searching for a big large mirror for my entry way right now, a long tv console, and a floor lamp that doesn’t lean terribly for our bedroom.

  328. Robin Walston says:

    I’m re-doing my guest room this summer and I’m sure I could do a lot with a HomeGoods gift card.

  329. I live in Oklahoma City so the closest HomeGoods store is in Dallas. However, I’m always looking for a good reason to go shopping in Dallas! I am currently designing my home office/studio and would love to find some cool accessories like lamps, rugs, and artwork. Thanks for the opportunity and I really enjoy your blog!

  330. Never heard of Home Goods so I am sure I would just enjoy shopping for whatever!

  331. Love, love, love Homegoods! I spy a few items I got there from where I’m sitting at my computer now!

  332. HomeGoods stores are like DIY stores, the possibilities are endless. Who wouldn’t want to win a gift card? Best place to shop for unique finds!!

  333. Ahh! I would love a gift card. We really need an area rug for our house!

  334. So thrilled that Home Goods is coming, I have been telling my girlfriends about it for years. We already have a car loaded up for the big opening to attend Alderwood

  335. I’ve never been to Homegoods because the closest one is 3 hours away. However, I know that I could do some damage with a $250 gift card. And I need a good excuse for a roadtrip to Chicago.

  336. I’m not sure! I can’t wait to see what Home Goods is like! I love TJ Max, when they open next weekend in Federal Way, it will be my first time going to HG!

  337. I have shopped Marshalls/Home Goods the entire time my children have been growing up and mostly for them or their rooms! My youngest just left with the Marines and I would love to shop to begin a beautiful master bedroom!

  338. I would buy some accessories for the new house we’re moving to in September!

  339. Kim Cowden says:

    I LOVE Home Goods!!! It’s like my Mother Ship! =)

  340. any cute storage item or seating, or maybe some new towels!

  341. stellans says:

    Oh my goodness, I could use all kinds of decor items! With the recent move we made, I totally changed my color palate from warm, saturated colors to cool neutrals: mostly grays, but some blues and greens.

  342. No fair! What about us Canadians who would happily cross the border for a shopping spree?! :)

  343. I adore Homegoods! That store probably furnished most of my house so far. After getting married we had almost nothing for furniture, so we’ve been slowly adding pieces. $250 would go a long ways….

  344. i’m so bad, i’ve gone twice in the past 2 weeks! yesterday i managed to walk out empty handed after talking myself out of buying a huge storage basket. i’d definitely go back and get that, as well as pretty much everything else in the store! thanks so much for offering this!

  345. We just moved into a newer built home with concrete floors and I would love to get a beautiful area rug from Home Goods!

  346. I live in Hawaii where there is no Homegoods BUT, I would fly to mainland just to go shopping, yeah

  347. I have had as much as four hours of my day disappear shopping in my HomeGoods store. Total bliss!

  348. Rhonda Doyle says:

    Home Goods has the SEXIEST lamps !!! I’d start there…
    xoxo Rhonda

  349. Heather says:

    We LURVE HomeGoods!

  350. Lindsay L. says:

    I love shopping at my Homegoods, and I love that they always get new things in.

  351. Susan R says:

    My house is in the BORING mode…something new to spice it up would be great! Thanks for the chance!

  352. Lisa Kind says:

    I have a 14 year-old son who has chipped almost every dish and glass we have. I would buy new dishes and glassware with my giftcard!

  353. Rebecca says:

    Where to even start! I moved in January and lots of rooms need help! The family/livin/den room we use the most yet it is so ugly and blah.

  354. redoing my main floor bath so could really use the detail items like art!!

  355. Rebecca says:

    I love Homegoods! I definitely would look for some new lamps, our house has such poor lighting

  356. I would get a new rug for our family room. The last one got destroyed by our dogs fear of thunder storms (long smelly story) and right now we are getting by with one that is really too small for the area.

  357. Cortney says:

    I would love to find a killer rug for my livingroom!

  358. Joi Savery says:

    We’re just moving in and starting from scratch. We need EVERYTHING!!!!

  359. Renata L says:

    Nice! I got so many nice pieces at Home Goods for our new apartment, but we could always use more!

    • Renata L says:

      And to be specific, I’d get some decorative platters and pasta bowls for the kitchen, food containers, shelves, lamps, and everything else I can find!

  360. kelley Jacobs says:

    We just moved to Georgia from Ohio and are in the midst of a huge first floor renovation on our new home here. I would love to get a beautiful area rug, some unique decorative items , or some interesting and different accent pieces!

  361. I would definately get some wall art. I love Homegoods!

  362. Oh my! $250 to HomeGoods???? That would be so amazing, I’ll be dreaming about lamps and pillows for day s:)

  363. Would LOOOVE this!

  364. So ready for a trip to HomeGoods. I just saw a tablecloth in Coastal Living Magazine from there, beautiful!

  365. What would I buy? Towels, bed linens, storage baskets, pillows, accessories, furniture, rugs… What do I NOT buy at Home Goods? Thanks for the chance!

  366. adrienne says:

    I reaalllllllly need a pick me up right about now! Home goods shopping would help! ;)

  367. From Seattle!! yay for the new stores. I have never been to one!

  368. I’m moving back to my hometown in two weeks and need alot of things…Lamps..rugs..curtains…kitchen towels and kitchen rug…the list goes on and on…Dare to dream…

  369. Erin Rizzo says:

    Wow, I thought I had to drive far for my closest Home Goods. Two hours. But it is so well worth the drive.

  370. I need an area rug for my living room so badly!

  371. Cindy Riley says:

    I need a comfy upholstered chair for my guest room…but Homegoods is more about wants than needs!! I just love to browse and always find something great to take home!

  372. Erin Rizzo says:

    I already “liked” them on Facebook. :D

  373. Sarah K says:

    I would love to win a Homegoods gift card! I would probably buy something for our new baby’s nursery.

  374. I can hardly wait!! woohoooo!!! Federal Way, here I come!!!

  375. Just finished a remodel of the upstairs and my hubby has put a freeze on spending but I am in desperate need of things to decorate a bathroom, a bookshelf for the hall and frames! I could sure use that gift card!

  376. I’m redoing my studio and would LOVE to fill it with Home Goods finds!
    Thanks for the opportunity, enjoy your blog.

  377. Ashton Grizzell says:

    HomeGoods is a lot fun! We recently got one here in Dayton, Ohio!

  378. So awesome! Dear Home Goods, the 20782 zip code needs a store!!!

  379. I love HomeGoods!

  380. Sandra Mosolgo says:

    I love HG too, but am not near one.If I win, I’m happy to drive.
    Sandy m

  381. I love HomeGoods and need to do some redecorating!

  382. Crystal in Way Up North WI says:

    i LOVE Homegoods…it’s 4 hours from me and well worth the visit! i need more stuff period!!

  383. I am SO excited for it to open….Federal Way is not too far from me! I used to shop at one in MA all the time. I have been changing the color palatte in my home, so some home decor items to match would be wonderful! Thank you for the opportunity!

  384. Laurie Donaldson says:

    I would love to win the giftcard! I would use it to buy some new wall art and some closet organization items!

  385. love! I would definitely put that gift card to good use and I’m happy to drive to do so!

  386. Julie Gonsalves says:

    i love home goods! i would get new dishes and a side chair that i’ve had my eyes on.

  387. I LOVE Home Goods! I shop there all the time!

  388. Stephanie says:

    I could use the gift card for a new chair for my living room, or something to put on the wall in the master, or new linens… I want to do so much, I wouldn’t know where to start!

  389. I need some artwork for my hallway that I just freshly painted!

  390. I love Home Goods and could definitely use some decorative accessories to add some interest to the rooms in my home!

  391. So many things to choose! So many projects to finish! So many girls in one house and never enough towels…new towels would be great! Although I have been eyeing this one chair I saw the other day!

  392. I go to home goods all the time! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  393. Accessories for my living room.. Its needs some pick me up and color

  394. Wish I lived close to a Home Goods! I would put a gift card to good use no matter how far I would have to drive because I am searching for just the right area rugs. Thanks for the opportunity!

  395. I’ve never been to a HG – maybe something for my home office?

  396. I don’t know what I’d get yet. Looks like we may be moving soon but don’t know where yet, so I’ll have to wait and see what I’ll need for the new place!

  397. I am a fellow HomeGoods junkie…and have to drive an hour myself…well worth the trip!

  398. I would love to win! Thank you!

  399. I would love some lamps for my living room.

  400. Tamberly says:

    I would purchase some cute decor for my kitchen. It’s been a redo (work in progress) and I’m ready to put the finishing touches on it!

  401. Kristen says:

    We desperately need a bathroom redo!

  402. I don’t know how you have survived in Seattle! We went to Home Goods 3 times last weekend. So happy you are getting one in Seattle!

  403. …oh and I’d buy a rug and new lamps from my two favorite HomeGoods departments!

  404. I would love to redecorate my family room and winning the Home Goods gift card would make my day :)

  405. My fiance and I just moved into a new house, double the size of our old space. We need a little bit of everything to make the house seem more like home!!!

  406. Tricia Embley says:

    I love our HomeGoods in cypress! It is the place I always go for cute and fun new throw pillows! I’ve found so many beautiful accessories there like my mantel mirror that is hand carved from India! Fun place to shop and new stuff each week ;)

  407. I can’t wait! I would rather visit the Lynnwood store :))))

  408. I would try to find a giant glass vase or bowl to keep my wine corks in!

  409. Angela Ingo says:

    I LOVE HomeGoods! I am a designer and work with clients on redesigning rooms in thier homes. We are often found at the local HomeGoods store because they do have the best accessories at great prices!

  410. Um, yeah, I LOVE HomeGoods. And since I am hoping our condo will sell soon, I will definitely need some cash to spend for our new place. Crossing my fingers. THANK YOU!!

  411. With a $250 HomeGoods gift card I would put the finishing touches on our new apartment. Lamp shades, decorative accents, and a sweet little surprise for my 3yo little girl’s room.

  412. I would love to get Wall Art. My walls are bare.

  413. Ooooo, so excited I can’t even write! LOVE Homegoods in Portland and have been dying for them to be here in Seattle – Yeah!!!! Would love to win a gift card for my fabulous sis-in-law who is redoing her house :)

  414. I would get some home decor items like vases and paintings

  415. lindsey hardoin says:

    what wouldn’t i buy at home goods! I go out of my way just visit all the homegoods in my are!

  416. midwestgirly says:

    Stellar Store! I have to get my Home Goods fix at least once a month, love it! Hope you guy’s have a great time shopping.

  417. one of those burlap dress forms!

  418. Amy Elder says:

    I’ve never been to HomeGoods … though I saw it while near the airport the other day, and thought, “That’s the store Melissa talks about.”. :-) One of these days, I’m going to win one of your giveaways … Lord, knows, I always needs some help around my house.

  419. Maybe a couple of new lamps for our dining room – there’s so many options!

  420. would love a gift card! we moved into our house 1 year & 3 months ago and still have bare walls =(

  421. What don’t I need at Homegoods :-)

  422. Jennifer says:

    Homegoods: Lamps and Rugs for my office!

  423. midwestgirly says:

    I would love to purchase a new piece of artwork for over my bed.

  424. We are still decorating our “new” home. (We’ve been here for about a year!) and HomeGoods is my FAVE place to shop!!

  425. Jennifer says:

    HomeGoods: Lamps and a rug for my office!

  426. I hope I win! I’m buying a new house soon!!

  427. I love HomeGoods! The closest one is 2 hours away in the town my mom lives in…but I have no problem traveling to spend a $250 gift card! Plus, I’ll get to spend some time with my mom! Fingers crossed I win!

  428. Sherrie says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HomeGoods! And LOVE your blog!!! Thanks in advance!!!!!

  429. I would love to get some items for our new screened in porch!

  430. I love Homegoods and I love The Inspired Room. What WOULDN’T I want? I can (and HAVE) scooped up $250 worth of goodies in no time. I would really like a nice bench for the end of my bed.

  431. Michelle says:

    I go from the Seattle-Tacoma area clear to Colorado to see family…AND the HomeGoods store. I love that place! In Denver, the TJ Maxx and HomeGoods are combined into one big store. It can’t get any better than that!

  432. Aimee Jongejan says:

    I am in desperate need of some fancy schmancy doo-dads to hang on my bare nakey stairway walls and the gigantic shelf over the stairs so a GC to homegoods is EXACTLY what this girl needs!!!

  433. Nicole D. says:

    I love, love, love Home Goods!

  434. Idania De Jesus says:

    I would love to get a console table and two night stands for my bedroom. It is the only unfinished room in the entire house.

  435. Kari George says:

    I could definitely use general knick knack decor around the house and would LoVE a gift card to shop, shop, shop!

  436. My husband and I are expecting, so I would use it to decorate the nursery!!!

  437. Hope I win the gift card….I’ve been eyeing a small sofa for the playroom so my hubbie and I don’t have to steal the kiddo’s plush chairs :)

  438. Barbara (WA) says:

    Master bedroom decor/furniture.

  439. Who wouldn’t love a $250.00 giftcard to home goods?!?!? Sign me up! and I like them on fb.

  440. Home Goods is the happiest place on earth for me!!!

  441. I would love to get some shiny silver lamps for my bedroom, an unusual little chest to store mail and small items in the hallway and some cool accessories for my kitchen.

  442. Maria M. says:

    I would give it to my daughter. A store just opened near her.

  443. Yes! I love Homegoods and definitely could use some redecorating.

  444. I’d get a new rug

  445. sangeetha says:

    some baskets and organization is what I need

  446. I would love to win. I’ve never been to Homegoods but one opened up near me recently.

  447. Susan Rush says:

    Girls have moved in and out from college… redoing some rooms. Would love to shop at my favorite store ….. Home Goods!! Would like to find a great bed side table and lamp to go with the planned new paint color in my room.

  448. Denise W says:

    I would love to win this card & buy something to help with organization. Thank you!
    love your blog :)

  449. Anything I want! That would be the beauty of it. ;-)

  450. Towels? Clever side tables? Bakeware? Endless options…

  451. Love the lamps and artwork at Homegoods!

  452. I really, reallyreallyreally need some new end tables and lamps in my living room. Would love to get something at Homegoods to fill in those holes!

  453. I’m in Everett, and haven’t even seen a Homegoods store! I’m hoping to win to help furnish our new house!

  454. Thank you for the chance to win the $250.00 Gift Card! I love Home goods, too and have many items through out my home, They are my favorite source for the latest trends!

  455. Debi Jacobs says:

    I LOVE Homegoods! I’d love to update decorations in my family room on my shelves.

  456. Karlene Garner says:

    Need a new makeover for my house too!!!!

  457. I would love to look for a comfy chair (or two) for my living room! When we have people over, we need more seating!

  458. Homegoods is my absolute favorite store! Love it!!!

  459. Erika Hall says:

    I love HomeGoods! I shop there at least twice a week! You never know what you are going to find! So excited for you that they are finally coming to the Seattle area!

  460. We are building a new house, soooooo anything would be perfect!

  461. I love Home Goods! They just opened a store near me a few months ago! I am looking for a vanity seat for my bedroom right now!

  462. I forgot to mention thaT I would buy New bedding for our master bedroom, we are in need of new linens!

  463. I am finally going home to California with the love of my life. I have been gone almost 4 years. Will be loving and indulging in my decorating escapades that always include Home Goods. This would be the ultimate in bonus love to win. Thank you. Your blog is one of the first I ever started reading and I am still enjoying it today.

  464. I would buy yummy new towels!

  465. Love Homegoods! And I could spend that gift card in no time flat :)

  466. Ronda Batchelor says:

    Gosh, there is so much to love there. But I’m really looking for a rug or some bedding.

  467. I am so excited about Home Goods coming here (it’s down the road from me!) I’m in desperate need of some new lamps, so that will be my first stop when it opens.

  468. LOVE Homegoods!!!

  469. Homegoods is coming to Lynnwood?! I didn’t know this, but I’ll be on the lookout. I’ve heard such great things about Homegoods but have never, ever been to one!

  470. Curtains, white ceramic serving dishes, a nice glass drink dispenser, little items to fill my apothecary jar, baskets! Lots of versatile little decor items to continue making my house a home!

  471. How exciting! There isn’t a Home Goods here but we visit Seattle all the time and really really look forward to checking the new store out!! Thanks!!

  472. Mary Weldon says:

    I would use it to update my kitchen!!

  473. I need some new lamps. Mine are all outdated. But then a new rug would be nice as well.

  474. I love HomeGoods!

  475. Danielle says:

    Ok. Who doesn’t LOVE Homegoods? This comes at perfect timimg. My daughter just got married and the venue lost the brand new candle holders I got from Homegoods. I could use the G.C. to get some new ones and then some!!

  476. Boy that would come in handy for a little patio make-over! They have great summertime outdoor accessories! Thanks and good luck everyone!

  477. Sharon N says:

    I would buy some new white serving dishes and plates for the kitchen.

  478. New bedding for my master bedroom

  479. I LOVE HomeGoods. You never know what you will find there :) I’d like to get some new cookware, they have a great selection of top of the line cookware at my local HomeGoods.

  480. we are finally getting one, too! in october. i’ll be happy to hold onto the winning gift card until then. ;)

  481. Colleen in Dallas says:

    Love Home Goods! Great giveaway!

  482. Geez, rugs, lamps, new curtains, and wall decor! I’m trying to recall where I shopped before I discovered HomeGoods! Nah, no need. This place has it all!!

  483. I love Home Goods as well! I would buy things for the “man cave” we are trying to decorate!

  484. i’ve been on the hunt for two lamps for a sofa table i recently built!

  485. I would LOVE a Home Goods gift card. That place is amazing! We have one located in the Hampton Roads area & I always want to buy the cute little things they come out with from furniture to artwork. Please pick me random.org!! :)

  486. Kelly Palmer says:

    So many things to choose from that I just can’t decide. Maybe a new lamp? New area rug? Thanks for the ooportunity :)

  487. Danielle M. says:

    A chair for my bedroom.

  488. Christina Poulsen says:

    I am trying to re-do my bedroom…it has been on my list FOREVER but always gets neglected. And money has been really tight, so I am extremely limited. :( I’m looking to get some new curtains, a new comforter, some picture frames and at least one new lamp!

  489. Samantha says:

    I just moved into a new home, so I would buy all of my house accessories at Home Goods!

  490. I would love a pair of new lamps for my guest room!

  491. B. McLemore says:

    Either bedding or kitchen stuff, or maybe new beds for my furry kido’s!

  492. Michaelle Werner says:

    I would love to find a cute chair for my bedroom, or maybe some new lamps, or maybe a rug…

  493. Carmen Erickson says:

    Would love love love some new bed linens!

  494. I’d probably look for a cozy reading chair for our “dinebrary.” Thanks Melissa, and have fun!

  495. Oh my goodness! I LIVE IN SEATTLE!!!! (well NEAR) And I’m FREAKING OUT! I’m redoing 3 different rooms in my house right now and need all kinds of accessories , rugs, you name it. Also, it would seriously be a dream come true to meet you! I’m a total loyal follower, I just love love LOVE your style. Totally inspirational. Yay for HomeGoods!!!!

  496. New store JUST opened a few days ago in State College! Would love to have a shopping spree!

  497. Heather Jordan says:

    I would love to win a shopping trip to Home Goods! My favorite place. And my home is sprinkled with Home Good items too!! Thanks!

  498. OMG, Home Goods is my FAVORITE store too! I would so LOVE to win the gift card, as we are MOVING and I will be needing a TON of stuff from HG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will cross my fingers AND toes:):) Thanks for the chance. XO, Pinky

  499. I would get updated decor items for around the house.

  500. Julie in IN says:

    Dining room linens!

  501. Thank you Melissa! We’ve been a fan of yours and The Inspired Room Blog for some time. Thank you for graciously hosting. Love the iSpy game. See you June 24th. Your friends at HomeGoods

  502. Amy Kirsch says:

    I have never stepped foot in a Home Goods store… please take pity on me!! Winning this gift card and amazing shopping opportunity would be such a great introduction, don’t you think? ;) I have no idea what I would buy, but I’d love the opportunity to find out, heehee. I’m a major ‘Inspired Room’ fan (and now a fan of your daughters’ blogs as well), so thanks for the continued awesomeness.

  503. DeAndrea says:

    Hmmm, what would I buy at Homegoods? Not really sure, I haven’t been into one lately. All of our stuff has been in storage for the last 10 months. I’m sure once we close on our new home the end of this month that I would go crazy and find lots of things my new home needs.

  504. I would love new dishes so I could set a pretty table.

  505. D. Wisdom says:

    Home Goods is one of my faves. I would probably shop for lighting or furniture.

  506. I would love to shop for a rug, artwork, and/or pillows! :-)

  507. HomeGoods has amazing products !

    i would LOVE to buy a kids sofa/loveseat for my 2 year old daughter .She currently has a small kids sofa but she doesn’t really fit in it ,but she still sits in it because she really loves it lol It makes her feel like a princess .

    I’d love to buy her a biger one so she can feel like a QUEEN ,she’s the cutest !

    I’m a full time student / mom so only in my dreams would she get a new kids sofa .I would most definitely spend it all on my daughter .I dont mind having nothing at all as long as she has it all :)

    fingers & toes crossed


    thank you for such an amazing giveaway


  508. bev sherman says:


  509. New linens for the master bedroom… it’s been too long.

  510. I could walk though the cottage and show you tons of stuff from Home Goods…..just an hour from my home.
    Love the store.
    Happy Day

  511. oh my, oh my, oh my!! How I would LOVE to win!!

  512. I would like a new comforter set for my son and for my bedroom.

  513. Right now I need a cute side chair =)

  514. I am buying a new house soon and LOVE Home Goods!

  515. Homegoods is amazing! I can’t leave that place with my hands empty!

  516. Arlene Selser says:

    I am moving soon. We have been working on the shell of the my new townhouse for several months. Painting, flooring is well on the way. Now it’s time to start decorating. First….collection of white dinner/service pieces…..decorative items for the livingroom…….outdoor decorations for the deck……items for the bathroom to improve the spa-like feel….the list could go on

  517. I am in desperate need of a new coffee table!

  518. Just moved, and have a TJ Maxx and HomeGoods combo store nearby. Great to decorate my new home.

  519. I would LOVE to be able to shop at Homegoods with a lovely gift card in hand! Great giveaway!

  520. I keep checking out my local HomeGoods for that perfect dresser for our hallway. It is going to be there soon – I know it!

  521. Jenny Fernandez says:

    I dream of finding a console table that fits perfectly in my small entry – and if there’s anyone who can make my dreams come true, it’s HomeGoods!! Come on HomeGoods GC!

  522. Patty Esposito says:

    Love Homegoods (and TJMaxx and Marshalls ; )

  523. I love HomeGoods. That place makes me smile. The smell alone gets me excited. Is that weird? Me? I’m looking for it all actually. Bedding for my son Noah and his big boy bed, rugs and dishes and also some linens for the bathroom. Wall art, mirrors and some cute accessories are on the list too!

  524. I love Homegoods! In the process of redecorating a bedroom that my daughter once occupied.

  525. Patty Esposito says:

    I’d get art for my walls

  526. This is a super giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win.

  527. I would buy towels for my bathroom that work with my beautiful shower curtain and finish redecorating my bedroom!

  528. I love Homegoods! We are moving this weekend to a new home and I could think of MANY wonderful things I would buy from Homegoods!

  529. Kristine says:

    Love Home Goods! I started redecorating my home office a year ago and I really need a new rug and wall decor. Ooooohhhhh, I hope I win!!

  530. I sure would like a couple of new chairs for my breakfast area! Thanks!

  531. I might buy a large rug for my family room.

  532. Wonderful! We have one close by, but I don’t get to go nearly often enough :( This would help :)

  533. I just went to Home Goods for the first time earlier this month and fell in love!!

  534. I love HomeGoods!

  535. Love this give-a-way!!!! Thanks for the chance! :)

  536. Oh goodness, what wouldn’t I dream of getting from Homegoods?! Unfortunately I too have to drive 2 hrs. to get there. I’ve only been a couple of times but it’s like heaven!!!! I could look around for days!! :) Sorry I think I accidentally entered the Seattle res. only. When I 1st clicked on this one my screen bounced around & I didn’t realize until it was too late.

  537. Elizabeth says:

    I too have to drive 3 hours to get to a Home Goods. I hope we are next on their list.

  538. fingers crossed!!

  539. I’ve never been to a Home Goods store. It sounds wonderful though! The closest one is two hours away, but in a city I go to frequently. I’d love to pick up some things for our soon-to-be baby girl’s nursery!

  540. I need to redecorate our front room. I really need new things for the walls:) Great giveaway!

  541. Love this…just moved and lost a lot off our stuff in storage. I don’t live in Seattle. Am I suppose to register someplace else? (I have a comprehension problem:)

  542. Laura Jenkins says:

    Treasures about at Home Goods….would be amazing to have some splurge $$

  543. i keep loving everything i see on blogs that have come from Home
    Goods. would love to go shopping there

  544. I would love to find some cute chunky frames for family photos or an oversized area rug for the living room.

  545. Oh, how I wish I lived in Seattle! :)


  546. At Home Goods, I would get some throw pillows and a cool lamp. Also, I love their fuzzy hangers!

  547. I could definitely use a trip to HomeGoods for my nursery that I am working on :)

  548. Oh my gosh….the choices….I would use it to buy new bedding (ours is so worn, it has a whole in it!). I know I would have left over $ so I would buy some pillows to refresh my living room. My fingers are crossed! :)

  549. Courtney says:

    Home Goods is my favorite destination for afforable decor. From jute rugs to the sofest towels, I’m never dissapointed!

  550. I need a new area rug and Home Goods has some great options!

  551. Thanks so much for this opportunity to win! Hubby has been out of work for 18 months, and I was then laid off in March. I’d LOVE to do a little shopping (just for retain-therapy purposes) and warm up my home again. :)

  552. What would I dream of getting? Bedding! Rugs! Dishes! Whatever strikes my fancy. I’d just love the opportunity to pick something out and enjoy it. Thank you again for this opportunity. :)

  553. Sheila C. says:

    My new college graduate daughter was accepted in a PhD program in California (long way from her Florida home) and has just rented her first unfurnished home. I would let her use the giftcard to help her decorate her new digs :)

  554. Michelle says:

    Oh my goodness! I am counting down the days until Home Goods opens in Federal Way! I will be the crazy lady in the front of the line!! Can’t wait to go shopping with you! Thank you for this awesome give away!

  555. I need a cabinet that is not very deep but very cute with drawers or shelves for my bathroom because it doesn’t have a medicine cabinet and the cupboard under the sink is small. I need more bathroom storage and Home Goods sells this kind of thing that is hard to find other places. We just did an expensive move from one city to another so winning would come in handy right now.

  556. Oooh. I’m sooo excited. I live in Shoreline and have been looking forward to the Grand Opening in Lynnwood. I just received an email inviting me to an appointment at Home Goods for the “press” on 6/22. I’m not the press, I just have a blog, but I’ve been sharing my joy about the opening on Twitter. I’m not able to go since I work. It would be fun to go shopping with you and your friends.

  557. I have only been to Home Goods once, but would love to go back and be able to pick out some items to take home!

  558. Denise Z says:

    LOVE HomeGoods! We’re lucky enough to have one about ten minutes away! I’d love to find some art and accessories for our master bedroom–it’s been neglected for far too long!

  559. I have liked you on Facebook and am tweeting about your contest.

  560. I love Home Goods!

  561. Carol Ann says:

    Pillows, dishes, lamps, linens….so many options with a Home Goods gift card!

  562. Thanks for the opportunity to win….love HomeGoods!!! I’d like to get some new bedding and maybe some accessories!

  563. I would love to find some great, funky end tables!

  564. HomeGoods? Swoon!! Love, love, love it and appreciate the opportunity to win. Where do I start? I’d like more accessories for my dining room!

  565. Crystal says:

    I love Home Goods! And, sadly, I do not have one close by. I do drive the 45 minutes (one way) to visit it. I need new pillows for my family room couches- they are looking drabby.

  566. We just had a Home Goods store open here, but haven’t visited it yet.
    A nice gift card to accompany me on my trip would be great!

  567. My daughter is finally moving out of my bed andinto a toddler bed, so I would love to decorate her first room!

  568. Karli Bird says:

    I would love to buy a chair set for the lounge area in our house. I have been eyeing these two chairs for awhile now at Home Goods, but I just haven’t been able to buy them yet. I also love love love their pillows, and I am in need of some new ones. I would also love to get smaller accents pieces to go throughout our house. We are in the early stages of decorating our first home, and with a budget it is always hard to get everything that you want. Thanks for chance at the gift cards! Enjoy the Home Goods that is coming near you, I love ours in Portland!

  569. baltimoremom says:

    A new Homegoods is opening in my area too! Hope to win!

  570. Kellie M says:

    I dream of finding a cool wine cabinet at Home Goods.

  571. Jennifer says:

    I’m in the middle of redoing my master bedroom and bath this would be awesome for those finishing touches!!

  572. Amanda Gray says:

    I want all new bedding: skirt, linens, duvet cover, pillows.

    Or, maybe new lights,

    Or pillows, just cuz…

    I can’t decide- I’ll just start loading up my arms like a maniac!

  573. I have every hand me down known to man-kind in my house. I would love to add something new…..anything new!

  574. Christy says:

    I would LOVE to be able to buy some new things for my home! The list keeps growing, but I really need some organization things to help keep things nice and tidy.

  575. Dreaming of a new rug….. outdoor patio items…….. candles……. yellow sheets for my son’s beds…………… a new slipcover for the couch in his room……….. some white dishes………….. :)

  576. I would definitely get a floor pouf… and maybe some big throw pillows for my living room.

  577. Holly S. says:

    I would get just about anything in there! We have 2 new stores opening up near where I live in the fall. Very excited about that!

  578. Pillows, pillows, pillows!! Oh, and lamps, and mirrors and a side table and towels and rugs and….I could go on forever:)

  579. Hmmm, where to begin . . . my living room needs some sprucing up, I am really hoping to do something with my fireplace mantel, the master bath could also use some tlc, plus I would love to do a little work on the outside living space! Thanks for the chance to win!

  580. Terri Bertrand says:

    Wow, thanks so much for such an awesome give away and shopping spree too! Yay! Lucky me I live in the Seattle area! How fun! Lets see… bedding, pillows, rug, outdoor patio stuff, the ideas are endless!

  581. khristine says:

    I would buy a couple new lamps and some art or a new rug.

  582. Llauderdale says:

    I am also in “redecorating” mode! Still need things for bath, dining room and living room. (And, really, what can’t you get at HomeGoods?)

  583. carrie bernier says:

    I just happend to be searching for a new decorating blog, and stumbled accross yours! You have some wonderfull ideas, I would love to pick at your brain for what to do with my empty walls! We bought our 1950’s brick home two years ago, and I have hardly hung a few pictures! HELP!!!

  584. Ah, I am so glad they’re opening a HomeGoods in the area! I just got married and my husband and I desperately need to make our two dissimilar styles into one. I think a trip or two to HomeGoods would fix that ;)

  585. i could create a gorgeous room for my little baby daughter.. :) full of pastels and a rocking horse!

  586. This is only our second summer in this house and we have this lovely covered back porch. I so much want to make it a cozy space with some chairs and tables and decorations. Or the empty nook in our master bedroom – I want to stake claim to it as my space and make it girly and pretty.

  587. Suzan G says:

    I always find something I need & I never know what it’s going to be…that’s the fun of it!

  588. Jessica says:

    My husband and I just bought our first home and we have a list of DIY, renovation and decorating projects a mile-long! So much fun and so much to do, so any bit of help and inspiration, such as new bath and hand towels, baskets, frames to start a collection of family photos along the staircase, and a couple of great throw rugs would immediately help to make this house our home!

  589. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I would get rugs, pillows for the couches, and some mirrors!

  590. I would love to get some home decor items. just whatever jumps out at me!a

  591. Tara P. says:

    I could spend hours in Home Goods. Only problem is that we live way out in the boonies and rarely have an opportunity (or the finances) to shop there. I do believe a gift card would change that though! Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway!! :)

  592. Jennifer S says:

    I would love some new accessories, or maybe a new rug!

  593. I would finally be able to decorate my home. I live 5 minutes from Homegoods in Portland and I love to go there and dream about what I would do. I would finally be able to do what I’ve been dreaming. Winning this would be wonderful!

  594. I love Homegoods!! So many things I could spend this on!

  595. I would use it to decorate our first baby’s nursery…due August 23rd! :)

  596. I am a big HomeGoods fan… I would love to have a small shopping spree! We are currently about to complete our home renovation, and the next step is decorating :) I would definitely be able to use that giftcard towards making our refinished house feel like home. <3

  597. Jennifer says:

    My house needs some accessories! I don’t know exactly what I need, but I’m sure I’ll know it when I see it! :) Thanks for the great giveaway.

  598. Sherry Morris says:

    I could enjoy a little bit of everything! Dishes, floral, pots, Furniture! Thank you for this chance!

  599. Erin Young says:

    i would dream of things for my summer mantle….i dream of a runner for my hall…..i dream of new picture frames. :)))

  600. Monique says:

    I would love to win! Thank you for your generosity. :) I’ve been wanting to do a master bedroom makeover for my pastor and his wife. The wife has been dreaming up ideas but doesn’t have the budget. This gift card would be the perfect remedy to make their dreams of a relaxing master bedroom retreat come true!

  601. I love each and every aisle of HomeGoods. I especially love all of their seasonal items. What fun $250.00 would be.

  602. We don’t have a HomeGoods near here, but, I, too am willing to travel—especially to spend a gift card! Love HomeGoods!

  603. Charlotte says:

    ohmygosh! I would love to do an outdoor patio makeover. I have an old & rusty wrought iron table & chair set that I would love to repaint and make cushions for.

    Winning this shopping spree would give me the motivation to actually start (and finish!) the project and create a nice little outdoor niche in which we could (finally!) relax. :)

    Thanks for the opportunity to play & win and this moment to daydream a little :)

  604. If I won the gift card, I would def use it to buy some frames to create the frame collage in my living room that I’ve been dreaming of. Or, perhaps just some really pretty lamps. Anything, anything, anything would be an upgrade to what I already have!

  605. April was in CT now CA says:

    Oh how I love this store! We plan a day around it because it’s a little over an hour away and I can’t get enough of roaming around that store. I’ve been shopping for a new rug so that’s what I use the giftcard for!

  606. I LUV HomeGoods! If we lived any closer to our nearest store, there’d be ruts in the road from here to there. Right now, I’m dreamin’ of cottage office fixin’s, glamorous master bed/bath accents, and an casually elegant living room/library/project room. Thanks for the opportunity!

  607. shae johnson says:

    I would use it to buy furniture/bedding for my daughter’s room.

  608. With the 4250 gift card I would buy some more lamps for our bedroom (husband didn’t like my last selection!) and some cookware :) Thanks

  609. Oh wow, $250 at Home Goods? Couldn’t be more perfect (or timely) as I’m moving in 2 weeks and most of my old stuff is not going to work in the new space.

  610. This is a fantastic giveaway!!!! Home Goods has such a great variety of very useful and pretty things. I have two nephews getting married soon and there will be lots of showers/parties so I’ll need to get out and do some shopping for gifts.

  611. Thanks! I could spend the day at HomeGoods!!

  612. We are FINALLY getting a Homegoods in November, I am losing my mind in anticipation!!!!

  613. my living room is in desperate need of new decor.

  614. We do not have a Home Goods in my hometown either. Wow, you are getting 2 now! I have to drive about an hour to the nearest one. We do have TJMaxx, Marshall’s and TJMaxx&More close so that good. If I’m the lucky winner I will put the $ towards a rug. If theres extra $ it’ll go towards whatever goodies I can finds! Love Home Goods!!

  615. Lisbeth says:

    SO excited for a Homegoods here in Seattle! Yay! And how cool it would be to win the Seattle gift card( and maybe get to meet you too!) You always have such awesome give-aways!

  616. Would LOVE some a new lamp! And rug for my living room!

  617. I need shelving units in my home.

  618. Jennifer J says:

    Towels and curtains!

  619. We don’t have a Homegoods near my town but it is on my list to drive to one this summer!

  620. Beverly Nobrega says:

    Oh how I love HomeGoods stores! That is where I head when in need of a little therapy. I am able to find just what I need…and a lot of things I don’t need, but LOVE! So bummed I’m land locked in Kansas and can’t shop with you. THAT would be super fun.

    A nice $250 giveaway would afford me lots of shopping without lots of explaining….. :)

  621. Love Homegoods! All stores in my area are 30-45 minutes away but always worth the drive!

  622. Marilyn says:

    Hi Melissa, Thanks for the giveaway! Hmm. What would I get with my gift card? I’m not sure–but it would sure be fun to shop and find out! Maybe a new lamp? New baskets? White plates? Have fun shopping!

  623. Love.Love.Love Home Goods!! I am in the process of redecorating our master bedroom/bathroom and dream of finding lovely items from HomeGoods for my master bedroom/bathroom!

  624. KittyMac says:

    I too am in full-scale redo mode and $250 would come in quite handy. I’ve just redecorated ourDR, but it could use curtains, a tablecloth, a more comfy-cosy fireside chair and a sparkly white mirror for above the dresser/buffet.

  625. Lynette Paine says:

    Oh, my, where to start! I think I’d start with bedding and make up our bed into a big, fluffy, lucious, bright nest to curl up in!

  626. christina says:

    I love home goods too! I am so excited that they are finally coming to Seattle.

  627. Would love to win. put my name in the hat.

  628. I am always updating a room…just finished the family room and now on to our bedroom which is sadly lacking in any charm. That $250 would be great!!

  629. I would buy a ton of picture frames for my wall collage of my fav beach wedding pictures! Amongst lots of other new outdoor planters and pots! Love home goods!

  630. eileen marie says:

    We are getting new decks at our condo building, so some patio furniture, pillows, etc. would be wonderful -we love to use our deck to entertain.

  631. Marla L. says:

    Would love to win a gift card!

  632. Rosie Klahn says:

    HomeGoods is the MotherShip of Decorating! If I won this gift card I would love, love, love to get a big woven tray I saw at the Moraga, CA store. I also need an accent cabinet and HGoods always has a great variety. HomeGoods may finally solve my dilemma of the bedside abyss that is my husband’s “temporary” (5 years) nightstand.

  633. I dream of putting all of the perfect, eclectic finishing touches on my lived-in but perpetually in need of a dash a decorating spice!

  634. We recently repainted our bedroom, and $250 from Home Goods would help us finish it off with accessories, like throws and lamps. Maybe a rug. ;-)

  635. A new rug would be awesome :-)

  636. changing “grown-up” children’s rooms to space of my choosing!

  637. Melinda T says:

    I’d love to win so I can finally buy cute accessories for my girls’ room! Maybe a lamp or a wall art or baskets.

  638. Carlene says:

    I have only been to Home Goods once but I loved it!

  639. There are so many things I could use with this gift card, but a couple of lamps or some area rugs would be what I would probably get. Many thanks for the chance to win (fingers and toes crossed)!!!! I hope you and your girls have a blast at your new store.

  640. I would just love some new candy dishes!Im planning a baby shower for my daughter and our first grandchild to be born in October,Im making a “candy-land” theme and Im planning a candy bar,so nice new dishes would be so awesome!!!

  641. maureen says:

    I love HOME GOODS! It would be so much fun to win this. Thanks for the opportunity.

  642. Can’t wait for the new Lynnwood store! Hoping to find some new art for my walls.

  643. Debra C says:

    I love HomeGoods and it would be a dream come true to win! chedeb5353@hotmail.com

  644. I was just at the homegoods here in MN and saw an dreamy red glass doored buffet style cabinet- I died. Then, I came back to life and died again because it comes in cheery yellow! Heelllooo!!!!

  645. Carolyn says:

    I would LOVE a new chair for my bedroom! Love HomeGoods!

  646. I LOVE Homegoods!! My husband and I recently bought our first house and are slowly making it our own. A gift card would come in so handy to give us a jump start on decorating! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  647. I’d love to make my utilitarian home office more cute with finds from Home Goods!

  648. I’d love some new accessories for our master bedroom! Our walls and table tops are all empty!

  649. Homegoods is my favorite store!

  650. There’s this $350 area rig I’ve been eyeing

  651. Jessalyn says:

    What a great giveaway!

  652. id love to get a beautiful rug for our nursery!

  653. They have lovely chairs! and I want one…or two!

  654. I LOVE Homegoods! Would buy some new lamps and bedding!

  655. I cannot wait for HomeGoods to open!

  656. Jessica C says:

    home goods is like the mecca of accessories!

  657. I love, love, LOVE Homegoods!!!
    What an awesome giveaway…thanks for the chance to win!

  658. I would buy a really comfy, beautiful reading chair!

  659. OH MAN, what couldn’t I do with this gift card??!!!!! I’d finish the decor in my bedroom and living room!!! Get new kitchen chairs maybe? YAAY!!!!!!!!

  660. I would hunt for lamps and chairs. My favorite items.

  661. Karen B says:

    I would love to refresh my bathroom!!!

  662. I would love a shopping spree at home goods for bathroom, bedroom, and office decor.

  663. Carolyn says:

    My house sold in two weeks due to all the art I picked up at Home Goods to stage it, after I took off all the family photos. Love that store!

  664. Laurie T says:

    I’m redoing my deck under the gazebo and would love to find some cute unique accessories!

  665. Jeannie says:

    I am always on the hunt for hand painted oils. I try to make it into the store every week to see if there is anything I can’t live without!

  666. Ashley Hatten says:

    I would put it towards a new dresser for my husband and I thanks so much!!

  667. love accessories from Home Goods!

  668. What would I get? How does one decide?! But with that big a gift card, I could get a piece of furniture!!!

  669. Christine says:

    I just recently move and there isn’t a Homegoods in my town, but there is one about 45 minutes away so I’ll gladly make the trip. I am hoping to redo some bedrooms and bathrooms so a gift card would be so great!

  670. Just found out that we’re getting a HomeGoods in Columbia! Can’t wait to see what goodies I can find!

  671. I’d love to find some gender-neutral comforters for three sets of bunk beds at our lake house – must appeal to both boys and girls!

  672. I would love to find accessories for our master bedroom that has had none since 10 years ago when we moved in. Thanks!

  673. Pillows and a rug for my back porch.
    Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  674. Would love to win a $250 Homegoods gift card! I have never been to a Homegoods store as there hasn’t been one in any city we have lived in. We are moving into a new home very soon & of course, there are PLENTY of things a gift card could help me do!

  675. I’d love some apothecary jars and some pretties for the garden. Oh, how I love HomeGoods!

  676. I’d love to win! I need some things for my dorm, and then later for my new apartment.
    We don’t have a Homegoods near to my hometown yet:( Hopefully soon though! :)

  677. I would love to get a lamp for my new dining room makeover, some white plates for the wall, and a mirror! My closest Homegoods is over an hour away but love to go!

  678. Whatever I want…whatever catches my fancy (hmmm…maybe a great rug?) THAT would be fun!

  679. Would love to win!!!!!!

  680. I liked you on Facebook quite awhile ago!

  681. I liked Home Goods on FB

  682. Lisa P. says:

    My bedroom is in desperate need of help….I would use my giftcard for that.

  683. Donna Fiedler says:

    Hi Melissa,
    You helped me find the perfect fit in an online decorating class – Use What You Have Home Redecorating Course. I did sign up and am reading the books (although much of the information is content I understand pretty well), and should start the DVD series sometime next week. Anyway – I also signed up for your blogs – which I read daily – and saw this offer and thought, why not? I would LOVE to win! There are some great HomeGoods stores in the Chicago area and I would have no problem spending that $250 gift card! I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  684. Coastal Femme says:

    I’d love to get new bedding for the twin beds in my guest room.

  685. I’d love to buy some decorations for the walls. They are so bare!

  686. Coastal Femme says:

    I tweeted about the fabulous giveaway

  687. Please delete my entry in the Seattle one. I thought I was using the other one. I apologize

  688. Carol Adams says:

    I have to pick just one thing.. Have always wanted to buy a piece of furniture there but to this date have not… hmmm…

  689. pillows, rugs, and pillows! for my “new” living room!!

  690. Jocelyn says:

    Where in my home to begin? The beauty of Home Goods is there are so many treasures to be found that you didn’t know you needed until you spot them. Now if only I could convince my husband of this!

  691. Carolyn says:

    I’ve never spent $250.00 at Homegoods in one trip but I’m confident I’m up for the task! :-)

  692. I would love to get a new living room rug….and new throw pillows

  693. i need this to decorate my new house!

  694. Yes, please! Me too!

  695. really need a rug and some pillows, or towards a sofa

  696. Great giveaway! Would love to find a picture for my living room. Commented! Liked! Tweeted! Pinned! Did all of it!

  697. If I won, I would look for items to dress up our porch for summer. Love HomeGoods!

  698. Oops. Didn’t say what I would use it for… I am remodeling my 50’s era kitchen and need inspiration, you know a really amazing something to build a look around. I am not sure what it is but I am sure I can find it at HomeGoods.

  699. The best would be to win the shopping trip with you and your daughters! I could totally go for that, but since Sacramento is not synonymous with Seattle, I’ll take the gift card! So…pick me!

  700. Grateful to have a Home Goods store up the highway…Has always been one of my favorite places to shop…I have spent hours in one of these stores, never realizing the time..Would love to win a gift card to shop there.

  701. Caroline Nagy says:

    I would look for a great rug!!

  702. we just got a new HomeGoods store in our area!! can’t wait
    to check it out!! love their stuff… & love your blog!!

  703. New lamps! An ottoman! Towels! My sister and I always head to HomeGoods when she comes to visit me.

  704. Eliza F says:

    My dream is easily decorating for both my wedding and my future home with my beau in soft sea colors plus pops of tangerine.

  705. I would love some new throw pillows!

  706. New bedding from HomeGoods would make be giddy!!

  707. Gift cards are always good, even when you’ve never heard of the store.

  708. Lindsay James says:

    A Homegoods store just opened in our area and I visited it for the first time. Unfortunately, it was a 5 minute zip in and out and I hadn’t nearly finished looking at things before I had to leave. Would LOVE a giftcard so that I can decide whether I need a new floor rug, throw rug or sheet set the most!

  709. gosh I wish I lived in the Seattle area- sounds like a great time shopping! I would love to win as I need to paint stairway and little sitting area upstairs – actually make a sitting area with cute pillows and frames-

  710. I’d go for pillows and a small footstool.

  711. A. Marie says:

    I would love to find new bedding for my guest bedroom. I’m near the Seattle area and the shopping trip sounds like a blast.

  712. I want soooo many things. We recently painted our kitchen and I would really love some new artwork for my beautiful new walls. Also, I have wanted a matelasse coverlet forever, and maybe I could find one or something similar.

  713. Louise in NE OK says:

    I go into Home Goods with an open mind…..Sometimes I know what I want before going, but some times I just go!!! Hope to win…even though I would have to travel to visit my daughter to use the card…Maybe I would share with her!

  714. I ju came across the this blog and I love all of the ideas I am finding. Love home goods also!

  715. Michelle says:

    I love Home Goods. I am also in redecorate mode, so I know I could use that gift card up in no time flat.

  716. I just moved so I would get home decor, accessories for the deck and the list goes on…

  717. Morgan H says:

    I would like a pretty canister for my k-cups, and new throw pillows for the couch!

  718. Morgan H says:

    Can I get some extra bonus point for living super duper close to you? Close like I drive by your house twice a week on the way to my son’s playgroup? I swear I’m not a stalker! I just uhhh, notice things. :)

  719. Nicole Young says:

    I live in Santa Barbara but miss visiting the Home Goods in west Los Angeles SOOOO much! A gift card would be a PERFECT excuse for me to make the drive down. My coastal cottage fixer could use a shopping cart full!

  720. Barbara F. says:

    I love Homegoods! I would get some furniture and decorating items for my new screened in patio.

    So glad you’ll soon be getting your Homegoods fix!

  721. OMG- I was just at HomeGoods this afternoon and I couldn’t get over what a wonderful haul they had. One thing that immediately caught my eye was a gigantic wire topiary form that I’d LOVE to have in my living room!

  722. Danielle M. says:

    I would get pillows and decor for my living room. I’ve been wanting to redecorate it forever! Thanks!

  723. Charmaine R says:

    I would buy some frames, items to decorate the my little girl’s room and my bedroom maybe some new bedspreads too.

  724. I’m dreaming of getting what I need to decorate a beached themed guest room in our new abode! (I am also hoping my baby wins the local drawing and gets to shop with someone I admire so much!)

  725. Pam Clarke says:

    I absolutely love love Home Goods! I was just in there shopping yesterday. Picked up some fun red pillows for my patio furniture for our 4th party. I would love to win a gift card. Love the INSPIRED ROOM!

  726. LeAnn Caseria says:

    I’ve never been to a Home Goods store but LOVE the stuff I’ve seen. New pillows for my sofa would be my first choice. Thank You!

  727. Oh dear goodness. I don’t know what would be better – the giftcard (thinking secret retreat room decorating in progress) OR the prospect of hanging out at the advance event with you. I’ve gotta get out of my “social avoidance” shell so it would be great to connect with local bloggers for this!

    So totally happy there is one opening in Federal Way – so easy for me to get to!
    I was seriously thinking of taking another trip up to see a friend in BC so that I could beg her to take me to a HomeGoods store. Just. Saying.


  728. roryjean says:

    I am in dire need of a new shower curtain and I’d love to get some stuff for organizing my kids rooms- family of five and 1000 square feet- gahhhh! So excited for homegoods to open- I live close to the Lynnwood location and nearly peed my pants when I saw the store with the “coming soon” sign.

  729. Melissa R says:

    I could use some new rugs or a fancy chair….

  730. HomeGoods has stylish lamps at great value – EVERYTHING at HomeGoods is a great value – and right now I’m loving the settee I saw in a California HomeGoods store so thank goodness they’ve come to Washington!

  731. This is the first I’ve ever heard of Home Goods Store so I checked and we have one close by. I’m looking forward to swinging by there in the near future….planning to decorate a new house and want to do it without breaking the bank!!

  732. I was so excited to hear HomeGoods was coming to the Seattle area. I have a nursery to finish and have been holding off buying many accessories just for the HomeGoods opening.

  733. My boyfriend and I are closing on our first house this week and I can’t wait to start decorating! I live in Tacoma, so I’m psyched to learn about HomeGoods!

  734. If I went on a shopping spree at Home Goods I’d get a few items for the living room – end tables, pillows, something for the wall, a lamp or two, and best of all whatever I find just wandering around.

  735. In the process of redecorating (shhh don’t tell my husband!)…new throw pillows, a floor mirror, side table lamps, the list is endless!

  736. Sally P says:

    I need to re-do my bedroom. This awesome giveaway would get me started!!!

  737. Home goods has it all! And with gift cards I could definitely find allspice very interesting pieces to give my house a summery facelift!

  738. Elizabeth G. says:

    I need a new rug. I would be so happy if I won!

  739. I’ve actually never been to HomeGood’s so I really don’t know what I’d go for but I do love home decor so I’m sure I’d find something. :)

  740. I’m dreaming of new sheets and comforter…

  741. We just had a new one open near us too. We moved into our new home last fall and I have lots of empty spaces that need some TLC!

  742. I have some big projects I’m working on this summer, so it would be wonderful to win!

  743. Michaela Hoenigman says:

    I would use this to get the rug we need for our family room and with the great prices at Home Goods, get one for the dinning room too!

  744. mamamia6 says:

    Homegoods simply kicks booty! I would splurge on eclectic and fun outdoor furniture; think chairs, benches, comfy pillows, lanterns, garden pots, obelisks, tableclothes (which by the way have MANY uses….cut and sew for pillow covers and curtains) and of course candles.

  745. I would get some new stuff to decorate my bedroom!

  746. Jamie Forsyth says:

    I am in desperate need of some accessories for my master bedroom! Would love some white pillows and some wall art!

  747. We are new to the area, and just saw a Home Goods store yesterday- I can’t wait to check it out!

  748. Rosalyn says:

    I’d love to splurge on “pretties” for my bedroom and bath…the most neglected spaces..I want to want to escape to my bedroom because it looks pretty for once. Oh, and maybe some pretty dishtowels for the kitchen!

  749. I need (okay, want) so many things. Bedding! A rug! Maybe lamps or artwork. A HomeGoods gift card would be great to finish at least one project!

  750. Diana allen says:

    I too have to travel some distance to get to the nearest Home Goods store and usually make a day of it since I can literally spend hours in that store. I think I leave my fingerprints on every single item. Would love to win this giveaway!!!

  751. Thankfully our Home Goods is relatively close — but not too close! We need new towels for the bathrooms and the kitchen. We’re still using the same ones we received as wedding gifts — almost 9 years ago! They still work, but they are looking a little rough.

  752. This is SO fantastic!! As a Seattle local, I have been lusting over the HomeGoods blog for so long. I cannot believe they are going to open TWO stores in the area. Thank you for the heads up!! I would love to peruse their home accents!

  753. Susan Weber says:

    I love love love Home Goods and would shop to finish decorating my living room. The store is the best!

  754. Melissa says:

    THANK YOU for the opportunity to win! I have never been to a Home Goods store and I just looked – there is one in Castleton (Indianapolis) – so its only 45 minutes from my home.
    If I win – I promise to take my camera and race you to the lamp isle!

  755. kimberly derusha says:

    Home Goods is awesome! I could use some free decorating!

  756. heather says:

    We adore Home Goods! I’m craving new linens for my bedroom – it’s been the same for-ev-er! It would be so cool if you had a “compare what we purchased” post between the national and Seattle winner….

  757. I’d love to get a cute shelf and a mirror for my laundry room and foyer.

  758. How wonderful that you are about to have HomeGoods shopping close to you! I have to drive over an hour to reach the closest HomeGoods. What fun it would be to shop for accent pieces to add to my porch. I also am looking for throw pillows for my living room. What a great giveaway!

  759. Jan Cantwell says:

    We just moved into our new house and I could use anything shabby chic.

  760. Pretty lamps and little things to make the house more like a home.

  761. marley myers says:

    Homegoods is by far my favorite store! I am there every week!

  762. Patti McGinnis says:

    Cant say enough about Homegoods, would love to win this!

  763. Awesome store! I would buy some home accents and some dog toys/stuff.

  764. I’ve put off doing any additional decorating around our house because my husband was considering out-of-the-area jobs. Now that we’ve decided to stay where we are for awhile longer, I’m so excited to take on a few projects. First stop at HomeGoods would involve new pillows for the bonus room sofa and a comfy reading chair!

  765. I have to drive to Home Goods, but it is always worth the trip! So many beautiful things there…….

  766. I love Home Goods! I drive to Birmingham, AL to shop there.

  767. Debra Bashaw says:

    I’m an hour away from Home Goods, but it’s always a stop on any trip. Lamps! Shelves! Unexpected treasures!

  768. Kimberly says:

    At the end of the month we close on our first house!!!!! I am beyond excited. We are in need of some guest room bedding. This giftcard would greatly help. ☺

  769. I would love to refresh our home, but the budget just isn’t there right now. I always love looking through HomeGoods!

  770. Heather B. says:

    I’ve never been to Home Goods but I am dying to go!

  771. I also have to drive to get to a Home Goods, but definitely worth the trip!

  772. I imagine heaven looking something like a HomeGoods store (except my vision comes with a babysitter, too). We’re trying to remodel room by room and HomeGoods seems to have EVERYTHING I need to make this house a home. What a fabulous opportunity!

  773. Melinda says:

    I would get some of their unique furniture! There is always an usual piece that would provide interest in my home. Love that Home Goods!!!

  774. Dianne Callahan says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE HomeGoods and I shop there all the time. I recently received a cool oar for christmas and then bought a second one and just last weekend I painted them to match my deocr and hung them over two double door spaces in my home. My very first purchase at HomeGoods was a very cool chair in 2006. Since then I now have 3 (!) cats in my life and one of them has pretty much made that chair his personal playground. It is looking pretty sad now, and I would love to replace that chair with another fab HomeGoods find!

  775. I am so excited that HomeGoods is coming to the Seattle area! I would love to find new pillows and accessories for my family room!

  776. I would love to get some containers and organizers for cabinets and closets!

  777. Throw pillows! New bedding! Towels! Oh my, the things I would buy.

  778. Chrissy says:

    We are moving in a couple of weeks and would love to be able to decorate our new home.

  779. Deanna G. says:

    A new bedding set! :)

  780. A new rug and coffee table for the living room

  781. I would love some new side tables!!!

  782. I love Home Goods! Most of my decor in my house is from there :) I keep stopping by there lately looking for a new rug…I love that their merchandise is constantly changing!

  783. I would love some new lamps, storage baskets and mirrors!

  784. Carolyn S says:

    I would look for some fab finds to help decorate our new nursery

  785. We need a rug for our living room which has a teeny tiny one right now. Thanks!

  786. Finally after looking for solutions I was able to get my basement waterproofed (fingers crossed) and now I have another room to decorate. YAY! Mostly I need to spruce it up with some art for the walls. Other functional things would be a room divider, and some storage bins.

  787. I have dreamed about Home Goods coming to the Seattle area for so long! I finally visited a store in southern California last year when I visited my sister and I couldn’t get enough of it! It is hard to decide what I will be shopping for when I am there because there are so many things to see! I loved, loved, loved the entire store! The dishes, the lamps, the cute little table fans, I could go on and on! Can’t wait! Thank you Home Goods for opening these stores! I will be in Federal Way to see you as soon as I can!

  788. They are jsut building a Home Goods store in Memphis! Can’t wait to shop!

  789. I would love to win! I LOVE Home Goods. Their lamps are always fun to look at as is everything else.

  790. I would love to win! I LOVE Home Goods. I could spend hours there.

  791. I would love to get a rug for my dining room in the new house that we’re building. Something elegant with gray, cream, and white.

  792. I’m from the Seattle area, but moved to NC last year and I LOVE Homegoods! I have been searching everywhere for a new rug for our living room and I bet Homegoods has the perfect one!

  793. Tiffany Bush says:

    I love Home Goods! I haven’t been in a while since I’ve been busy with work and end of the year activities, but I have been craving a trip and a gift card would be fun to spend! I need rugs, bath mats, and just general decor. I love that you never know what you will find on a visit!

  794. I live in Memphis and we, too are getting our first Homegoods!! Really excited and looking forward to the opening! The closest HG is Nashville!!!

  795. I’ve been redecorating my home, too. And I’ve found several wonderful pieces at HomeGoods. I’d love a chance to do A LOT more shopping! Thanks!

  796. A Home Goods came to my town a year ago, but I’ve not shopped there much b/c my little guy isn’t the most patient. Still – we’re preparing the nursery for a new baby in 2.5 months and a big-boy room for him, so we’ll be doing some shopping!

  797. I’d dream of getting big boy decorations for my 2 yr. old moving to a new room to make space for baby arriving in August!

  798. VTBear53 says:

    I have finally finished unpacking – after six years in my condo!! Ready to put the finishing touches on MY place. Would love to do a rug for my living room or maybe a comfy chair for reading in a corner of my bedroom. It finally feels like home and comfort is my goal.

  799. We just had a Homegoods open here. I am working on my bedroom which hasn’t been decorated in over 25 years! I know, shameful. I’m anxiously awaiting to see what you do with yours. I so need to win this – and then use your advice!

  800. I would love to win! Thanks Homegoods and Melissa. Glad to hear your news!

  801. well need the following new linens, more towels, poor dogs need new bowls, and all the stuff I keep putting back on the shelves

  802. I’d love to get a coffee table on a HomeGoods shopping spree.

  803. Christy says:

    I would love to find fun stuff to finish decorating our homeschool room! We are starting out on that new adventure this fall with our 4 th grader!

  804. Karen B says:

    Lamps! Lamps! And More Lamps!!!! Please Suggest to Home Goods to open a store in Northwest Cincinnati. No Home Goods :-(. No T.J. Maxx :-(. No Marshall’s:-(.
    What’s a girl to do?

  805. We’re finally getting around to remodeling our house. (No oven for over 3 years!) So I have a long list of must-haves, not the least of which is new towels, bed linens, and lamps.

  806. Laura J says:

    I’d love to find the perfect rug or chairs for the kitchen island at Home Goods

  807. I’ll be graduating from college soon and Home Goods would be the perfect place to purchase bedding and several other accoutrements for a small apartment. Plus the great prices would allow me to get more bang for my buck.

  808. I LOVE HomeGoods! It is almost impossible for me to go into that store and leave empty handed! I really need to finish decorating our master bedroom. I also could use a large rug in our living room.

  809. I’ve never heard of HomeGoods, but it sounds exciting! I’ll have to check out the new store!

    • I’d love to be able to so some cute accents in my kids’ rooms as well as some fun extras in our family room.

  810. I really NEED chairs – for the basement (something funky) and for the office (something comfy) but at HomeGoods you always see so many wonderful things that you NEED that you didn’t know about. I am the proverbial kid in the candy store when I get to HomeGoods.

  811. Hedy King says:

    HomeGoods is my favorite place to shop. I love choosing gifts for friends from HomeGoods, always so special. I’m needing lamps and rugs and window treatments, ummm, maybe $250 worth.

  812. I not only appreciate H.G. great inventory but also their moderate prices for those of us without unlimited funds. Thanks Home Goods!

  813. I love, Love, LOVE HomeGoods, would love to use this giveaway for new linens!
    You lucky girl to have 2 new stores open nearby you…have fun shopping!!!

  814. Christa says:

    I would definitely be getting a great chair for my family room!

  815. Christa says:

    I would definitely be getting a great chair for my family room! And probably some awesome baskets.

  816. JaneEllen Jones says:

    I would so love to be able to shop personally in a Home Goods store but would be very pleased to shop on the internet also. We have no Home Goods stores here in Grand Junction, Co at all. We don’t have much period. As a person that used to live in San Diego where shopping is everywhere it was hard to get used to not having the major stores here. If there’s one is Denver I don’t know and I really don’t enjoy that trip over there. I do a lot of shopping on the internet.

  817. Merri Jo says:

    Wow, I am thrilled at a chance to win such a great GC!! I need to completely furnish everything needed for our master bath renovation. Home Goods has a great selection! I’m really looking forward to your pix of your new store–have fun!

  818. I’d love some baskets for organizing!

  819. I love Home Goods….I don’t have any specific plans for anything there but I always find SOMETHING to buy when I’m there!

  820. LaDonna says:

    I would pick up new accessories to redo my master bedroom. My new husband has given me carte blanche with it!

  821. Stephanie says:

    SOOO Many options – Homegoods is so my favorite and a shopping spree would be a dream!! I can always fill my cart there.

  822. Love the variety at Homegoods! I’d love to win a giftcard, my card would be overflowing!

  823. Working on my living room right now and this would be awesome!

  824. Jennifer says:

    I LOVE HomeGoods!!!! I can spend hours looking (and buying!) in that store. It would be heavenly to win a gift card :))))

  825. This is a great giveaway! I would love to decorate my bedroom so some bedding would be nice.

  826. Finally I can give up the 3 hour drive to Portland! Thanks for coming to Seattle, Homegoods!

  827. Ruthanne says:

    Have wanted to go to a Home Goods store for a loooong time! I am so excited they will be in the Seattle area now. Thanks, Melissa.

  828. Lora W. says:

    I love Home Goods. I could get tons of cool things like picture frames, lamps, and baskets- among others.

  829. I would loooooove to win. Love Home Goods- I’d like to go weekly but I think my husband might kill me if I did.

  830. What couldn’t I find at Homegoods? I do need some baskets and a new lamp, so I would probably look for those first. But the fun thing about Homegoods is finding something that you didn’t expect and couldn’t find anywhere else!

  831. I just found the perfect rug at Home Goods. I’m amazed it didn’t come home with me!! I like to think about a big purchase, so I’ll think all the way until this drawing!

    I am originally from Seattle! I love that city! Love it!!!

    Enjoy your shopping time!

  832. Im addicted to Home Goods. Right now I would hopefully find a perfect lamp for my piano, some driftwood art, and some green and brown throw pillows.

  833. Carmen Goddard says:

    I would buy stuff for my back patio, kinda spruse it up for the summer, I need color!

  834. Jessica B says:

    We’re finishing a screened in porch, so outdoor bling would definitely be on my list — pillows, lanterns, even furniture!

  835. Wow! The Inspired Room just never disappoints! You always give such great information and ideas! And now a HomeGoods giveaway??? Count me in!

  836. I am in the Seattle area. Not sure this is the right place to enter the give away. I have never been in a HomeGoods store but it seems that a lot of bloggers love the store. I am so excited to have one open in Lynnwood. First Hobby Lobby and now HomeGoods… WOW.

  837. Oohhh a shopping spree – anything beachy!

  838. Karen Mary says:

    Have never been to a Home Goods store and would love the incentive of a gift card! I need all kinds of things to revitalize my home right now!

  839. I love HomeGoods!!! HomeGoods and Tuesday morning are about the only places I shop for brand new housing goods.

  840. Antinette says:

    I’ll see you in the lamp aisle!

  841. Janice Cooper says:

    Love love Home Goods. I would get accessories for the house (living room, bedroom, etc…

  842. i loooooove home goods! i have to limit how often i go :)

  843. If I scored the glorious $250 HG gift card from your raffle, I would be looking for some awesome & timeless apothecary jars & cloches, new throw pillows for the sofa (to bring in some of the aqua I just finished my latest bargain find in – Danish Modern end tables), and funky outdoor planters to liven up the outdoor living space a bit – if I can keep the plants alive :)

  844. Melissa says:

    I have never set foot inside a HomeGoods! I think I would love it. It would be extra fun to check it out without guilt for buying some things. :)

  845. We just bought a home and it needs lots of work. I would love to do some of our shopping at Home Goods. We need big and small accessories through out our home.

  846. I would love a spree at homegoods! Holy cow- that would be rad- I need accessories for my home so bad!
    xo Becca

  847. I love everything at Homegoods! What would I not get is the better question;)

  848. I love the bedding selection as well as the many fantastic lamps at Homegoods .. Best of luck with your new store :)

  849. I’d love some items to put on our new patio…even though I have to drive a whole hour to get to Home Goods I love the store! You’re such a lucky duck to be getting new stores close to you!

  850. Oh I would be getting some new bathroom accessories and some bedding!

  851. I would love any accessories to bring summer to my home. ♥

  852. lamps, lamps, and more lamps! we’re moving to a new place and the lighting situation desperately needs freshening!

  853. Have enjoyed your site for a long time…and LOVE Homegoods!

    • Sorry…I would also love some fresh summer decorations…and perhaps a couple new lamps.

  854. I really, really, really want new bedding!

  855. Tabathia B says:

    end tables, some lamps, blinds and shades

  856. lori gordon says:

    After living in my house for 15 years, I am finally accessorizing it with art for the walls. I just finished a gallery wall. I am really inspired by graphics with fonts/prints,anything with lettering. Also I am a lamp junkie. I love, love, love color and am in the midst of painting an old hallway dresser turquoise. Also loving the chevron design I’m seeing everywhere. Pinterest has got my creative juices flowing. That’s how I discovered this awesome sight. So back to the question, I really can’t answer it specifically because when I buy stuff for the house, I have to see it and touch it and it has to speak to me. Long answer, I know…can’t help it, lol.

  857. Elizabeth says:

    I still need the basics so if i won the gift card i’d get a rug and some end tables and side chairs!

  858. We just moved in to a new house 6 months ago & my walls are a blank slate. I could use some new, fresh decorations (mirrors, frames, accessories, etc…) for my house! I love Home Goods so thanks for the opportunity to win the gift certificate! :-)

  859. Patricia says:

    Would love just to linger at a Home Goods store, and will have to travel 3-4 hours to get to one, but candles, rugs, and luxury towels are on the list!

  860. Linda Flherty says:

    Love reading” The Inspired Room. ” Your pictures are great, the articles are full of helpful information for people looking to update, redo or just renew. So happy you will now have a Home Goods close by. I have two near me and love them. Happy Home Gooding.

  861. Linda Flaherty says:

    Sorry in my excitement to enter I spelled my last name wrong and I should also have added a new chair, new lamps and almost anything in Home Goods would be fun to buy.

  862. I would by a rug for my daughter’s room that is ALMOST complete !

  863. I desperately need new accessories for every room in my house!

  864. Wow! I had no idea Homegoods was coming to our area! I use to check their website to see if they might possibly be opening a store nearby but gave up-ha! SO excited to read this!!! :)

  865. I’m redoing my living room and kitchen area (minor makeover) over the next 6 months, so a gift card would come in handy!

  866. Love Home Goods and your blog! Your ideas do inspire me! Thanks for entering me in the drawing.

  867. A rug for my studioffice

  868. Sarah d. says:

    I would love some new bedding and accessories for my master bedroom!

  869. I am a linens freak, so I would choose new bedding, and kitchen linens. I would also get new throw pillows for my Living Room.

    I have been to HomeGoods one time for only about 20 minutes on a quick stop en route to another place…simply not. long. enough. ha ha !!

  870. I need new bedding and rugs and the list could go on and on.

  871. Allison says:

    Accessories and art for my foyer and/or bathroom redeco happening this summer!

  872. Carolann says:

    I want new bedding!

  873. Kitchen gear :)

  874. I’d love throw pillows and rugs!

  875. I would love new towels, pillows and two matching lamps for our bedroom!