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{Inspired By} Fabric Roman Shades

by | Aug 24, 2014 | Creative Inspiration & Projects, Decorating Inspiration, Details

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{Inspired By} Fabric Roman Shades

I‘ve been researching shades for my laundry room window. Right now I’m thinking a fabric roman shade would be really pretty. I love the bamboo blinds we put in several of our windows, but there is something so soft and pretty about roman shades, don’t you think? I think it would add just the right touch of softness to the room, as well as be an opportunity for color and pattern!

Have you bought roman shades online before or made your own?

Enjoy the inspiration today!

{Inspired By} Fabric Roman ShadesLife on Virginia Street

{Inspired By} Fabric Roman ShadesShea Mcgee Design

{Inspired By} Fabric Roman ShadesLife Love Larson

{Inspired By} Fabric Roman ShadesBHG

{Inspired By} Fabric Roman ShadesLonny

{Inspired By} Fabric Roman ShadesNoelle Interiors

{Inspired By} Fabric Roman ShadesBHG

Update: Check out my No-Sew DIY Rolled Fabric Shade below!

{Inspired By} Fabric Roman Shades


  1. Kristen

    I love roman shades – I have some in a few rooms and am looking to add more to other rooms. (Right now I’m really loving the “relaxed” ones). I haven’t purchased any online before – let us know if you do, and how they turn out!

  2. susan maclean

    I love them, but hate them too! When we first moved into this house 12 years ago I had them made to fit all the windows. Now, all but 2 windows are either curtains or roller blinds. They were all so lovely, but eventually, if you use them on a daily basis, the cords wear out and I found it too complicated to re-string them, so as they went, I replaced them with other coverings. Still love the look of them though!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Oh, I can see how that might happen! Good to know Fortunately I don’t really even have to shut mine in the laundry room so they can just be stationery or really even faux blinds, for that matter!

  3. Linda@Creekside

    white, white, and more white! shades or no, those are the rooms that are really beckoning me!

  4. Donna

    Love all your posts! Do you have patterns for some of those curtains? I especially love the kitchen ones!

  5. Ruth

    I made them for every window in an apartment 30 years ago. It was a beautiful prewar one bedroom with gorgeous woodwork, a charming built in china hutch in the dining room, arched doorway between the DR and LR, a crazy small kitchen with a 1940’s refrigerator, and blue fixtures in the bathroom…but I digress. I used forest green canvas that I bought at a fabric wholesale outlet, I dyed the ring tape to match (which I bought at Calico Corners back when they were more of a do-it-yourself place), and didn’t line them. I had 1/4 metal bars cut to weight the bottoms. They were dead easy to make. The most complicated thing was stringing the cords through the eye screws in the header, but that wasn’t really hard. I don’t know where I found the instructions (probably a library book or maybe a sewing pattern).

  6. Ruth

    I should add that I think Roman shades are so elegant, but also practical, and that they suit all different decor styles. :)

  7. AprilB

    Have painstakingly made Romans for many rooms in my house, old school style, with individual pockets for each wooden rod, as opposed to tape and glass fibre rods. Total pain the ass that each blind was they give me joy each time I open and close them. My #1 option for short, as opposed to floor length windows.

  8. Kay

    Why, yes, I have made Roman shades. This was decades ago, for our little boys’ room. I used striped flat sheets + that twill tape with the rings already attached. The stripes made it easy to position the tape, I recall. We have relaxed Roman shades (curved hem) here, + they were special ordered from J.C. Penney about 8 years ago. At the time, they had a you-measure/we make/you hang program. I love Roman shades + plan to have some in our fixer-upper Dutch colonial!

  9. suzanna

    I just love your blog, here a lot, and I adore roman shades, once I made mine to even look like a fan at the bottom with velcro or as these pictures are just straight along the bottom. I put a center string that would pull the middle, they velcro and give another look, so cute, wonderful blog, xo

  10. Juli

    I have made many styles and sizes of Roman shades. They are not difficult and seem to be timeless.

  11. Michelle

    I have made several pair and found them quite easy. (This from a so-so sewer). The ring tape mentioned earlier is the easiest way to insure proper spacing of rings and is SO much faster than hand sewing each ring. If your window is sunny, lining is worth the investment. I can buy discount designer fabric online from Fashion Fabic Club.

  12. Shelley Beckes

    I enjoy recommending roman shades. They add personality, style, softness and comfort to the space.

  13. maria smith

    I have a big apron sink, but it’s stainless. Love it! It makes it easy on the days when our cleaning service comes. All the space they need to wash and clean. And it looks so good!

  14. teresa

    Windows and I have had on and off relationship…I never know how to dress them….I think I need to learn to make Roman shades….thanks for the photo inspiration.
    Happy Day

  15. Richella Parham

    I love the look of Roman shades! You’ve pictured some beautiful ones here. For windows that just need some color and softness but don’t need operating Roman shades, I think I have the best method for making faux Roman shades. It’s my most-visited post of all time! Here it is if you’d like to take a look–so easy!

    Hope you’re having a great Monday!

  16. patricia

    Blinds, cool. That wall behind the bed in the very first photo, AWESOME! Could that be done with trim pieces and painted out?

  17. Julianne

    I ordered the roman shade above my kitchen sink from eBay. I believe tbey were a JCP closeout.

  18. janis

    I love fall nesting! Because of you my new favorite thing are those pumpkins! I love them!

  19. Marilyn

    I like Roman shades–but I really got distracted by that beautiful blue back splash by Noelle Interiors. Love it! Thanks for the inspirational photos, Melissa!

  20. Chairforce

    Very Nice! My mom also made curtains and try different designs and colors for every door and window but never try these roman shades. We love your roman shades and your kitchen. Looks very beautiful.

  21. Rose

    Hello! Can you pls help me figure out where I can purchase the mint green (Moroccan?) fabric?! Thanks so much!


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