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Collecting Copper

Hello, friends! Recently I wrote a post about our new leather sofa and how it fits in with the copper and wood in our home. So today I thought I would show you a couple pieces of my copper collection! While you might think copper is kind of an expensive thing to collect, it really hasn’t been! My copper pots, colander, tea kettle, pans and bowl were bargains, they came from estate sales and yard sales! I’ve always hung pieces of my copper collection in my kitchens as a decorative element on the wall or on a pot rack. I really love the patina of copper, don’t you?

Awhile back I realized my copper pots were still out in the garage (where everything I didn’t know what to do with went when we moved here, um, six years ago, gah!). So, I brought them in and found a great spot for a couple of them on the wall in the dining room. Not only does the copper look great with our copper-topped dining room light, I think it looks really pretty with the wood floors, too. Copper is such a lovely warm metal. It adds a nice richness to a room and a little shine to contrast with the wood.

Collecting Copper

My copper and brass teakettle has been with me a long time too. My favorite accessories are always the things I’ve collected over time. It takes awhile to build up a collection but that’s part of the fun!

Collecting Copper

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

I don’t have a copper KitchenAid mixer, I haven’t run across any of those on my usual secondhand hunts :)

Do you have any copper in your home?

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  1. Sheneela Akram

    They really look so pretty. And I’m sure they’d be happy for still being meaningful to you. :)
    It always amazes me to decorate with weathered pieces for they bring in a lot of texture and the times of joy they have seen with the owners of the house.

  2. Jann from Newton Custom Interiors

    I love the copper pieces that you’ve added to your dining room. The copper KitchenAid mixer is something else! I like their mixers, but I can’t say that I’m a fan of the copper one!

  3. Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    A copper Kitchen Aid?!!!!! Maybe I could paint the ancient Kitchen Aid stand mixer that was my mom’s in copper. (The old ones don’t have that shiny heat-treated finish of the new ones.) Hmmm… I’ll have to think about that! ;) I do love the warmth of copper… just a little… it can be overwhelming… your wall pieces are beautiful and I love the aged look of your tea kettle. These pieces are especially wonderful with all your gray and stainless. You have the touch!!

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Melissa!

  4. Jo

    I have collected copper my entire marriage and have several pieces. I especially love my copper cookware that hangs in my kitchen along with several chocolate molds. Love your displayed copper pieces, Melissa!

  5. Cherie

    Isn’t it great to re-discover and re-use gorgeous aged pieces like your copper pots? Perfect for your space!

  6. Donna Barber

    Sorry do not twit, etc. do collect copper from family, Switzerland, France, Middle East, and other exotic places. I have the copper mixer, also plus Falk cookware. Told my husband would like a copper pot and he got me the whole set. Need a forklift to use it. Will post latest photos on Facebook, shortly. Friend Donna Barber, Spring City, Tn.
    Thanks for an interesting post.
    Donna Barber

  7. Barbara (WA)

    This is funny/strange to me because I am old enough to remember how popular copper was in “country” decorating. And all my wedding gift pots & pans were copper bottomed. But you make them look very collectible and pretty – I see a “new” trend added to the popularity of warm metals. You are inspiring!

  8. Karen on Bainbridge Island

    I love the copper Kitchen Aid mixer. I think it’s the most beautiful one they have ever produced. And I am pretty sure I am headed to Sur la Table for those measuring spoons. Mine are looking kinda poorly..time for some new ones.

    I have quite a few lovely copper pieces, mostly small items, that I inherited from my Grandma. I do love copper for it’s lovely color…pinks, golds, browns. I usually put it all out in the fall, but I am thinking that it probably would look good displayed any time of year.

    Of course, I do like to rotate stuff in and out because I like the change. Like brass, copper is that warm metal which is becoming more fashionable now.

  9. Carole Klopschinski

    Love Copper…I have had mine stored for a while and am just getting it back out….do you have a good copper cleaner that you use?

  10. Nicole

    I like a house with a “theme.”

  11. Lynne

    I do have some cool old copper in my kitchen! I have a small bundt pan and a small mold that I found at a thrift store for a couple of dollars!! They are old and really heavy and have a beautiful patina! I have one copper pan that is my favorite pan to use, also found at a thrift store! Recently I just found a heavy duty set of copper measuring cups- again at the thrift store! It makes me soooo happy to find such great treasures!

  12. prgirltoronto

    In my last house, I had copper knobs on the bedroom and office doors. The door knobs were original and more than 50 years old. Just part of the charm and character of the house.

  13. Donna

    Those look great! I’m sorry to say I can’t resurrect mine because years ago I sold them for a song at s garage sale! I don’t think you found them, I a long way from you but the same coast! I feel kinda bad I had several pieces! My bad!


    • Donna

      Sorry for the repeat! Duh!

  14. Donna

    Those look great! I’m sorry to say I can’t resurrect mine because years ago I sold them for a song at a garage sale! I don’t think you found them, I’m a long way from you but the same coast! I feel kinda bad I had several pieces! My bad!


  15. Diane Cummings

    Hi Melissa;
    Diane with the goldenDoodle :) Hey, wondering when your first book is coming out-mine is pre-ordered :) Also, curious about the 3 plants on your kitchen counter. Are they lemon cypress? We are currently building a new home and we will have a back splash in our kitchen tile that looks like smashed pennies (sort of) and I will be using some copper accents…love it,

  16. Lou Ann Keiser

    I have copper all over our open downstairs: kitchen, dining space, living room. I totally agree that it’s like wood and gives warmth and homeyness. LOVE what you did!

  17. Susan

    I’ve started collecting antique Moscow Mule mugs

  18. Ashley

    Just had to comment and tell you how freakin’ gorgeous those copper pots are on your wall. Well done, lady. Makes me want some of my own. What a score!

    xo Ashley

  19. Rachel

    Copper is my favorite! I’m in the planning stages of covering our big, old, country-western-looking wood slab of a mantle with copper sheeting.

  20. Stacy

    Oh, I just love copper! Your collection is beautiful, thanks for the lovely suggestions :)

  21. Ms. Maggie

    I was so lucky to find a copper kettle that was lined by a high level of stainless – since I was into having extra copper in my system. I was also pleased to see that you allow your copper to attain natural highlights too. I used to keep them all bright but the other is pleasing out at our Island home!!!

    • Ms. Maggie

      Woops meant not into being the copper woman!!!

  22. Stacy

    Love the copper look! Merging vintage with modern in home decor is a trend I see an incredible amount of creativity put into in which pays off with it’s beauty and intrigue. Thanks for sharing your ideas with all of us Melissa!!!

  23. Sharon Mason

    I love copper, too. Confession time…copper spray paint is the bomb. Brush it with a wash of thinned black acrylic paint and it looks super! I roam the aisles of Goodwill thinking, “How would that look with some copper spray paint?”

  24. Ronda

    I am in love with the copper Kitchen Aid mixer. It’s exclusive to Williams-Sonoma and its almost a grand!!

  25. Marypixie

    What did you use to hang your copper pots? They look to be a pretty good size and obviously SO gorgeous!! I have a large copper pot as well as some other antique baking pieces. I would love to hang them but without damaging them. Any ideas would be much appreciated!

  26. cindy

    I have many pieces of copper, my mom passed 6 weeks ago and none of us want these items. Anyone out there willing to buy these items they are very nice, have a big box of them can send pictures if needed. I take paypal only most secure.


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