February House Fluffing {Leather, Copper & Wood}

February House Fluffing {Leather, Copper & Wood}

Leather Sofa

February is a good month to do a little house fluffing, don’t you think? Of course, I think I say that in every season so you know, I guess it’s always a good time if you are like me. I find especially when I’m extra busy like I’ve been for the past year that I just want to stop the world for a minute to clean the kitchen and put the house back together again, rearrange some pillows, dust the furniture, polish the surfaces and especially in fall and winter, I want to cozy things up a bit.

Soon I’ll be ready for spring cleaning and decorating, but for now, just getting the house clean and fluffed is keeping me happy.

February House Fluffing {Leather, Copper & Wood}

Have any of you read this book? His story and houses are totally inspiring me right now, even though it isn’t all my style. I even find myself wondering “What would Furlow do?” Or, WWFD for short, as I’ve saying around my house lately. :) Furlow might have a bit more stuff laying around the house than I could handle, but I really do love the interesting layers and collections in his home. I don’t feel any warm fuzzies for perfectly styled houses or a minimalist look. While random clutter or staged decorating makes me a little twitchy, beautiful collections and treasures make a home look intentional and meaningful to me.

February House Fluffing {Leather, Copper & Wood}

Since I’ve lived in older houses all my life, I have a real appreciation for the old well-traveled-around-the-globe, quirky-but kinda-stately-in-a-relaxed-country-kind-of-way-style. Right? I know. I just made that up but it fits. And I know, I can never make up my mind about my ideal style. But that’s just it, a home can and should evolve with you. That’s what I’ve always loved about the mix of an old collected look.

And speaking of the ever evolving mix of old and new, my new leather sofa finally arrived (and I LOVE it!). I’m a texture loving girl so seeing the house come together layer by layer is fun. I love the warm copper and wood tone flow around the house with my copper pots, bamboo blinds, wood cutting boards, the leather sofa and the wood floors on the warm cozy side of the spectrum…and then the contrast of my bright glossy white subway tile and white quartz counters on the clean smooth side. The mix makes my eyes happy.

February House Fluffing {Leather, Copper & Wood}
Similar Ottomans:

February House Fluffing {Leather, Copper & Wood}

When the incident occurred and my white slipcovers bit the dust last fall, I decided to move on from so much white (at least for now) and bring an additional warm vibe and texture to the room with a new leather sofa in my family room (see my thought process for choosing leather here).

Leather is always a classic, but lately I’ve been loving it all the more as I’ve been craving even more rich textures and colors in balance with the softer neutrals I use throughout the house. (Speaking of rich colors, my office got a fresh coat of paint too so stay tuned for that update, it’s still navy, don’t worry but it’s even a deeper richer navy now!)

February House Fluffing {Leather, Copper & Wood}

My old leather sofa went to our church when we moved here because it was too big in scale for our narrow family room. So this time I was careful to buy a sofa that was just the right scale for my space. Rather than a really long sofa, I went for a six foot loveseat with slightly rolled arms. It allows just enough room to walk around either side of the sofa as it faces our fireplace. I love the nailhead trim for a classic detail that feels right at home in even a more modern house.

February House Fluffing {Leather, Copper & Wood}

My parents recently offered me a Persian rug they had in storage, so I decided it would be fun to play around with adding this beautiful wool rug for the winter (although its beautiful pattern with the coral, lighter blue and navy color palette make it perfect all year round!). Since I was in a house-fluffing kind of mood anyway, I thought, why not? I never feel obligated to stick with one look and it’s fun to see how a house can evolve with just a few minor tweaks of rugs, furniture or accessories.

It was fun pairing up the old rug with the new classic leather sofa and mixing in the tufted velvet ottoman to create wonderful cozy new layers for the family room!

Have you done any February house fluffing yet?

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  1. LOVE the new sofa – it looks GREAT! Color, texture, nailhead trim – it’s all fabulous, and I love how it complements the ottoman! For me, it’s been kitchen, kitchen, kitchen this winter. Just trying to get things to look and function better. Your sofa is such a lovely color – like a cup of hot tea, or a toffee dessert or something. Yum!

  2. I, too, love your sofa…of course, I would because mine is the same exact color and style :):)
    I also love the blue with it…which I don’t have and am wondering how to incorporate it.
    I have a lot of palm trees, palm fronds and a little animal print, even some elephants..nothing with blues. Any suggestions for a tight budget? Thanks!!

  3. P.S. I forgot to say my walls are a caramel color. I have a lot of coppers, golds, caramel and some green. Thanks, again.

  4. Love the leather sofa! And love the rug! I prefer to decorate in warm tones and find cool blues and white just so stark. But just these two items dramatically warm up the space. I know to each his own and you need to be happy in your own space. I do also love how the style of ottoman fits right in. Very classic!

  5. Love the mix of textures and fabrics. The leather sofa is stunning. Great room.

  6. LOVE the leather sofa and turquoise ottoman! and the two chairs behind the sofa are a treat! family/friends can sit there and talk with you while you are in the kitchen or YOU can sit there while something is brewing or baking. If I leave the kitchen with cookies in the oven, I will be surprised by the burning odor that finds me in the laundry, and I will innocently ask, “what’s that smell?”

  7. Love the new sofa. I have the same kind of color scheme going on in my living/dining/kitchen. Of course, it has been “inspired” by your house! Painted my kitchen cabinets after seeing yours and last year added a caramel colored sofa to the mix (my walls are painted a taupe gray color, “sharky gray” by Martha Stewart. It’s an ever evolving process that I love. Thank you for your inspiration!

  8. Oh Melissa! Your new sofa is perfect!
    I paused with the first photo and thought… everything looks so much better with the new sofa. And I thought it was perfect before!! ;) Seriously… it really does add a lovely depth and warmth that was missing with the white sofa and brings all those warm tones together. You must be thrilled with your choice after the long wait. Your mom’s rug is a nice addition, too. As I looked at it, I was thinking that one of the colors reminded me of a pale tone of the new Pantone color, for which I do not remember the name.

    Enjoy your new sofa and hopefully some time to relax by the fire in the midst of your busy schedule. :)

  9. First time commenter here. Love your leather sofa. Yes! In preparation for redecorating our bedroom I bought a new dark blue and cream geometric throw for my bedroom chair, I decided our bedroom needed more texture/layers, after 10 year the plain colours felt too flat.

  10. In the first photo, before I even read this post, my eye immediately saw the warm coordinating tones of the sofa, blinds, cutting boards, etc. It is comforting somehow to be able to settle on similar colors/tones all around a space. The sofa is gorgeous!

  11. I love the coppery warmth of your new sofa. It really adds great texture and contrast to your lovely home.

    I am forever fluffing my home too. Never done!

    Enjoy cozying up to the fire on your new perch!

  12. A good way to think about the money you spend on a large item is to divide the amount by the number of years you feel that you will have it. Luckily, leather lasts a long time if you take care of it! It doesn’t quite hurt as much when you think of it that way. It’s not a large item, but I spend more on a wallet then I normally would on something small because I tend to keep them for about ten years. I’m picky and I keep looking for what I want and what makes me happy, so I don’t get tired of it quickly. I feel that the same rules should apply to décor.

  13. Your new couch looks great with your white kitchen and blue ottoman. I LOVE that tray that is on the ottoman. Can you tell us where you got it?

  14. I love the pillow on the left hand side of the couch. Will you please share where you found it?

  15. Wonderful new couch!!! It is a cousin to the one we have out at the Pointe on Harstine Island- so yes, it goes with everything and wears like the dickens (just put a bit of leather care on the arms once and awhile). Ours is a bit darker and with fuller legs but still those same copper tones. I got the full set of LS and big boy with the ottoman too that I use with a big tray for drinks and such like you are doing~~~ I love the roll arms so much for conversation since you have somewhere to put your arms and the nailheads keep it from being too stuffy and now we have added lots of brass accents. We have lots of midcentury furniture that goes with it too. Adn that hickory flooring we both have sings in joy too. Enjoy!!!

  16. Love you blog… I have been looking for a turquoise tufted ottoman for months, would you like to share where yours comes from?

  17. Love the new couch! I recently purchased the same ottoman you have when it was on sale at World Market. I’ve been eyeing it for a long time, and definitely had ottoman envy every time I saw it in one of your posts. I just love it! Thanks for inspiring my purchase!

  18. Yes – February and every other month seems a good time for house fluffing to me – but with the kids back at school now I have had a bit more time. I like what you said regards the Persian rug and just trying some new things to see if they work. I did the simplest thing in giving away some perfectly nice but too serious and grown up – cushions I’d had in my lounge and replacing them with some brighter fun ones from another room. Seems my lounge room didn’t want to be serious and grown up but fun and comfy and all relaxed – who knew? Worked a treat and to quote you “the mix makes my eyes happy”. And that tufted velvet ottoman – so beautiful !!

  19. LOVE the addition of the rug. I think a base like the rug pull you into the room, making you want to sit and relax and just be there. This is what I strive for in the winter months–cozy, nesting, relaxing.

  20. Oh man do I need to do some fluffing! Love your new sofa! Happy Day. Thanks again for giving me a little kick…and I mean that in a good way.

  21. Such a beautiful room! Can you please tell us where you got that awesome round wood serving tray that is on your ottoman? Love love love it!

  22. I love your room, especially the ottoman. Where did you buy it. It is beautiful and adds that pop of color I have been looking for!!

  23. February fluffing is a term I shall use from now on :).
    Love the muted blues accessories you have against the tan leather sofa and white decor- looks great :)


  24. What a coincident I read your post tonight after ‘fluffing’ the kitchen and my girls room just today. Re painted wardrobe doors, cleaned out the baking tray / serving tray draw and rearranged the open kitchen shelves for a new fresh look. Amazing with a clean and a change around how new the rooms look! Enjoy your ‘fluffing’ over the next few weeks.

  25. Karen on Bainbridge Island says

    Is the color in the rug you are trying to remember Warm Blush? Was just looking at the BHG color palette on Instagram and thought it might be it.

    I think you hit a home run with the loveseat. I miss my old leather sofa, but love my new one that I’ve only had a month. It’s from Miles-Talbott and has a tweedy warm gray and cream fabric. Goes with everything. Nothing like a new piece of furniture to liven up a space and you’ve certainly shown in your photos.

    I did a little fluffing of my own last week to our kitchen. Spring, even if it’s come too early, is a great time to renew.

  26. Which white quartz did you use for your kitchen counter tops?

  27. Hey, you nailed our style exactly! Well-traveled around the globe, quirky but kinda stately country…etc. I too love the sofa…I’d love one some day; too bad my husband doesn’t like leather. February Fluffing — good concept! Hmmm, what can I do around here today?

  28. I love the contrast of the rug & leather love seat – just beautiful, Melissa!

  29. I love how unexpected gifts can be the perfect touch – like your “new” rug. You likely wouldn’t have gone out to buy it – but it’s perfect. Also, love the leather sofa. Unlike fabric, it will get better with age.

  30. Hi Melissa! I am Monica, blogger and follower of The inspired room in a while. I’m from Spain and I love the garden and home decoration. Congratulations for your work at home and in this blog. I want to ask what plant is the one you have on the kitchen counter, which is pruned with two balls. I love it and want to get something.
    Thank you!

  31. Hi! thinking about buying this sofa. We have two boys and a golden retriever who pack a punch. Is it comfortable as a family couch? Think we could all sit here and watch a movie together?

    • I have the same question! BFCnola, did you end up buying this? Does anyone else have experience to offer re: comfort level of the Brooklyn Pottery Barn sofa?

  32. Cherylb67 says

    love the Tufted Blue Ottoman where did you find it? Stunning..

  33. Emily Parker says

    I LOVE this couch ! This is just what I have been looking for. Do you mind me asking who makes the couch or where you got it?

  34. Where is the sofa from? We are looking for one just like it and can’t seem to find anything!!

  35. I have been looking for seasfoam green outmoan for 3 weeks now
    Every store and online. Anybody know where I can find it plzzzzzz! I have same color couchs and I love it with green

  36. Ottamon

  37. I love this ottoman! It looks like exactly what I need. I have the same couch as you. On the website it says it’s green though. Yours looks like a perfect blue. Is it really more blue than green?

  38. Looking for a couch just like this …. where did you get it ? I know it’s been a while, but I am having a hard time finding that color with the style I like.

  39. Amber Hluchan says

    I love this combo!! Do your dogs shed?? I’m wondering how my dogs fur would hold up against that tufted ottoman haha. Part of the reason we’re going leather is to eliminate the hair on the couch issue.

  40. I’m thinking of buying this couch, but since you can’t try it out in the store, I’m hesitant. Are you still happy with this couch now that it’s been awhile? Is it comfortable? Thanks!

  41. Doreen Priestley says

    I too just purchased a leather sofa for the same reason – my wonderful, large, hairy, rambunctious dogs! I invested what to me is a fortune on a beautiful sectional to be delivered in February after a family room renovation and expansion. No sooner did I get home when I had a slight panic. This sofa is large, and while our new space is quite large (18×18) I thought ‘what did I just do? This sofa is going to consume the room!’ It is neither brown nor grey – something in between. And it is dark. It’s absolutely beautiful and will accommodate our growing family as our kids are older and finding mates! Hopefully grandchildren on the horizon. Despite the fact that the designer drew the floor plan and placed the furniture, I still have my concerns. My plan is to keep the other pieces light – neutral – to offset this large, dark, large piece of furniture. Any assurances you can provide would be appreciated! And design tips are welcome.
    The piece is the Affinity sofa from Bassett, with chaise on the end in Espresso

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