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It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks around our house. You might have noticed I went radio silent for a few days there, but things started to get a little crazy. We had a bit of a life-altering but exciting situation take place just before I headed out of town recently! After talking about the idea of moving to Seattle since spring, we decided to just take the first scary step towards selling the house.

I was still apprehensive because my son would be starting school in September so depending on what happened with our house, either he would be staying here or starting a new school. Sometimes there is no way to know what will happen unless you just take a leap of faith and put the idea out there to see what happens! At the time, I wished we had put the house up for sale earlier in the season to give ourselves a bigger window of time to sell with less stress. But we figured if it didn’t sell in a few weeks time, we could pull it off the market at the end of August and just forget the whole idea ever happened :). If it wasn’t meant to be, we’d accept that as an answer. We didn’t want to wait months in limbo. So, we contacted a realtor on a Thursday just to ask questions and have her visit our house.

Guess what? We didn’t even get the sign out in the yard before we had a signed contract to sell. Suddenly we were faced with the reality that we had just a few weeks to pack up our belongings, move out, and ... dun dun dun…well, we had no place to go. OH MY GOSH! Under other circumstances we might have been thrilled to start looking for a new house, but we had already been looking and there was very little available in our price range or the kind of houses we were interested in. But, we were thrilled to have a contract on our house so if we had to be homeless for awhile, so be it. And just as we got that exciting news, I left on an airplane across the country for a week to speak at Haven. Ha! House hunting from across the country is quite the experience.


I can’t wait to tell you the whole story about what happened next and fill you in on all the latest details! It’s a good story with a few twists and turns. It feels bittersweet to be leaving a home I love so much and I think I’m still processing how that feels. But before I write out all the details to share, I have to go pack :).

PS. I might share some of the happenings around my house on Instagram so if you aren’t following me there, do it! Also, are any of you on Periscope? I haven’t tried a live stream video before but if I’m feeling brave, maybe I’ll give it a whirl this week! To be honest, my daughter Courtney and I ACCIDENTALLY streamed a live Periscope video a couple weeks ago while we were at a restaurant. That was awkward. But now that we’ve accidentally done one and entertained 20 humans we didn’t know as we were trying to figure it out, I fear what might happen if I try one on purpose. Anyway, you can witness the awkwardness if you want to follow me…add me on Periscope at @theinspiredroom or on Twitter and I’ll tweet if I’m live!

If you missed my first posts about the move, you can catch up here:

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  1. Vee

    Wow! Life in the whirlwind! Congratulations on the speedy sale of your house (home is going with you) and all the best with the remaining decisions.

    Was just looking into Periscope yesterday and gave it a big thumb’s down for me. I am so not into social media, though I do understand why you might need to “get with the program.” Have fun with it.

  2. Seana Turner

    Wow – congratulations! Some people struggle so long to sell their home, so this must feel like such terrific affirmation that this is the right move for you! I’ll be interested to hear how the rest of the journey unfolds:)

  3. Claudia

    You are BRAVE!
    Something GREAT is waiting for you and your family just around the corner :)

  4. Brenna@DomesticCharm

    Yay! Congratulations! Aren’t you glad you took the first step? It is hard to do but sometimes it all works out the way it should. Can’t wait to hear how it all turns out.

  5. Alexis Duffy

    Congratulations! Having house hunted for well over a year, I know how stressful it can be. Wishing you luck with the move!

  6. Carol Landeis

    Melissa ~
    No surprises that your beautiful home so quickly. I have followed your blog and am in the midst of reading “Love the Home You Have”. I think we would be wonderful neighbors as we share life and decorating ideas together. My book is all marked up with stars and underlined with markers. I am excited about the next adventure for you. You have inspired me as we are remodeling our kitchen ~ who knows what the next move will do for me! Putting God first and your church always seems to work things out. Happy Trails my friend.

  7. Carol@TheRedPaintedCottage

    Congratulations on selling your house so quickly! I’m so excited for you and to follow along on your new and exciting adventure. May you find your “perfect” house soon.

  8. Barb

    I don’t think Jack is going to be much help with the packing….

  9. Jann from Newton Custom Interiors

    Melissa, so excited for you! I’m not surprised that you sold your house before you even put a sign in the yard! I can’t wait to hear about the next steps in your journey.


    CONGRATULATIONS!! I know all about a whirlwind move and it is not for the faint of heart, that is for sure. Our house sold only hours after the sign went up and closed in 10days!! CRAZY!! All doors have been opened in an amazing manner and it feels so good to know God has great plans for us!! I will be in Calif. cheering you on!! xo Kathysue

  11. Diane@InMyOwnStyle

    HI Melissa- My life right now sounds exactly like yours. I have no idea where we will be moving, but the thought of a new house has got me excited. I just started with packing up stuff I know I won’t need for the next few months.
    I hope your move goes smoothly. Looking forward to following your journey.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thanks Diane, it is exciting. And terrifying. :) Good luck to you, I’ll be following along!!

  12. Lauren Baxter

    This is SOO exciting, I am sure its a whole mixture of emotions but I am so excited for you and your family on your next chapter in your life! I can’t wait to hear more and I hope you find your next home soon :)

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor

  13. Maggie

    Oh my gosh.. Sometimes life can be a whirlwind.. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story.. We will stay tuned.. Best of luck.. Saying a prayer it all goes well..

  14. Barbara (WA)

    I know I am rather wackadoodle but I feel betrayed when a blogger moves!! So weird, I know, but I must get emotionally invested in houses when I follow the progress online and love the results. It has happened several times with other blogger’s stories (how CAN they leave my dream house, heheh!) and I am feeling like whoever bought your house is an interloper!!! Putting my mental health issues aside, I will be following your story even though it makes me anxious. Your crazy friend, Barb

    • Kay

      Barbara — ha! That’s funny!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      BWAHAHAHAHAH!! Ok, not laughing at you. Laughing because I know what you mean! And for the record, I’m anxious about this too, but I trust it is going to be OK. New adventures ahead, and hey, THIS HOUSE WILL BE IN A BOOK! That is getting me through this, I can’t wait to share the book with everyone. :) I’m glad you are invested in my house because it has made it a joy to share!

  15. Eileen

    Feel the same way, Barb!! I’m sure Melissa’s new home will soon interest us as much or even more. Trying to decide what to do myself in regard to moving. My beloved died 4 years ago of a devastating neurological disease. Praying to know what to do now. Alone in a big house…what to do next. Appreciate prayers in this regard. Thanks to Melissa and her family for a spirit uplifting blog. Blessings to all.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hi Eileen, I’m so sorry for your loss. Moving is always a hard decision and process but I can’t imagine how difficult this is for you. Praying for peace in your decision. xoxo

  16. Rebecca

    How exciting for you all! Your old home was beautiful, but I can’t wait to see how you make a new one beautiful!

  17. Deanna

    So excited for you Melissa! I know it will be so sad to leave this home that you love and that has been the focus of your blog and business for so long. But God has something for you! Can’t wait to see what it is!


  18. Carhy

    The same thing happened to us. We sold our beautiful house in 5 minutes. No time for a sign. We found a new house that is beautiful as well. We have been in it for a little over two months. Making our house into a home one Reno at a time. Good luck with your move. Can’t wait to hear the rest of your story.

  19. Kay

    Wow, that’s so awesome that your house sold so quickly! Kudos + happy house hunting (is that possible?)

  20. Shauna

    Congratulations Melissa on the speedy sale of your home!! I can’t wait to see your new home and follow in your journey!! Best of luck!! Ps. We have the same RH sideboard, don’t you love it??

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you!

      YES! I love that sideboard. I have two, one has glass doors and one doesn’t, I love them both!

  21. Wicorel Koning

    Sold so soon! Congratulations to you AND the buyers! Hope you keep calm in these stressful times…

  22. Susan

    Good morning! I am a fairly new reader, and love your striped rug in the first picture…I went back and searched the blog a little, but came up short on a source…can you help?! Love stripes!!

  23. Lisa Mothersead

    Wow! Way to go! That’s the hardest part, usually. Hope you find a new wonderful home ASAP! Imagine something like Thanksgiving (Halloween?) and how everything will be settled by then and just hold on for the ride. :)

  24. Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

    Hi Melissa, Popping by to see what you’ve been up to.

    Wow. Putting your house up for sale can be really scary these days. Congrats on your quick success.

    I look forward to seeing how you decorate, transform and put your finishing touches on your new home.

    All the best,


  25. Michelle Mortensen

    Good luck and best wishes on your move. I have moved so many times, that I know what you are going through (especially when a child is involved). I will be thinking of you.
    Best regards,
    Michelle from

  26. Pat Selman

    Every success in finding your new home. Being with family and friends around you will be wonderful.
    We have moved 29 times in 59 years of marriage and all have been an adventure You are wished
    every happiness . Keep on working on your books , we look forward to the second of the collection .
    Now that there is a new beginning ahead there will be so much we can all learn.
    Thank you Melissa.

  27. Loran | Old World Kitchen

    Wow! So, so excited for you!! I can completely relate to both the stress and the thrill of the situation. Wishing you a brilliantly smooth moving experience. Hugs!

  28. teresa

    Happy Happy Day! so excited for you!….can’t wait to hear the rest of the story. Hope you find the perfect place for your family
    Enjoy the crazy fun!

  29. Dana

    Congratulations on selling your home quickly! We just purchased our first home, that process took longer than I thought so I can only imagine the stress of selling. I hope you are able to find a home you love just as quickly. The Seattle area is one of my favorites!


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