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Life Lately on Instagram

by | Jul 9, 2017 | Decorating Inspiration, My Life

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Life Lately on Instagram

Hi friends! It’s been a long week, well, wait. I’m writing this on Saturday but by the time you read it, it will be Sunday. :) So LAST week was a long one for me. Today is the start of a NEW week!

This photo of Jack was literally seconds before he hurled on the floor. Thank goodness he missed my rug :). Our dogs keep us on our toes, I’ll tell you.

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a Life Lately post, but I like doing these because it’s a great way for me to feel like I can catch up on what’s going on, plus answer any questions I’ve received or share some of the Instagram type photos that we (my girls and I) have posted on the interwebs.

YOU GUYS are my main kindreds, so I prefer to keep you in the loop most of all. The online world has gotten so big over the past few years, I sometimes just miss the good ol’ days of a small home blogging community. Now everyone is scattered across social media, you know what I mean? I love how the online community has grown, but I still miss how it was.

Anyway, REMINISCING! I’m just always so grateful you guys come here to the blog. I know everyone has so much going on and there are so many places to go for inspiration. It just means a lot to me that you’re HERE! So, thank you.

Life Lately on InstagramMug Rack / Coffee Maker

This is Kylee’s little coffee cart in her house. Her sister Courtney just moved out of that townhouse and is now in her own place (and she took her coffee maker with her, ha! Time for a new one, Kylee!). If you missed Kylee’s living room blog post on Friday, you can catch up here. If you missed Courtney’s post about her tiny room, you can find it here.

Life Lately on Instagram

Meanwhile, a little birdie told me that Courtney is going to give you a tour of her new place and give you the scoop on some of her plans for it this next week.

Life Lately on Instagram

Oh, to be a young gal in your very first apartment and buying your very own PINK POTS. Sweet days, yes? I can’t wait for you guys to see her place.

Life Lately on Instagram

Speaking of sweet. This girl. Lily. She’s a gem. She’s taught me so many lessons. You can see a couple of them here on my Insta post.

Life Lately on InstagramSisal runner / Dutch door FAQ

Jack is his own special kind of wonder. He spends most of his day on high alert, watching for funny business. He’s a real character, that guy.

Life Lately on Instagram

Cute little stack of books on Kylee’s coffee table :) Do you have my latest book, Simple Decorating yet? It’s a nice compact size and a great little gift if I do say so myself!

Life Lately on Instagram

Our boy Luke turned seventeen! My baby boy is growing up. He was just seven when I started blogging! Now he’s bigger than his big sisters.

If you weren’t around the blog back then, I have a funny post about Luke wearing underwear on his head and a dead giraffe our hallway. You can go look real quick if you want a little chuckle (excuse the tiny dark photos circa 2007 when you get there!).

Life Lately on Instagram

We had fun on the fourth, we had a barbecue in our backyard and went to fireworks nearby. It’s so nice to live close enough to still be able to hang out together often!

Life Lately on Instagram

My girls and I are now in love with this new natural makeup line. I’ve looked for good clean makeup forever. None of the other natural or mineral makeup was good (like my face would break out in a rash if I used it due to preservatives or other additives).

If you need some beautiful makeup that won’t put chemicals on your skin, it’s good, y’all. Message my girls Kylee and Courtney and they can help you get the best deal or give their suggestions ([email protected]).

Life Lately on Instagram

In case you wondered, trying to get a photo of even one of our dogs looking at the camera can be a challenge. Imagine trying to get all four looking at the camera at once! It may be one of the only times we’ve ever succeeded. You can follow our pups on Instagram or Facebook. 

Life Lately on InstagramPatterned Rug / Mat

Leo is still the smallest of the bunch, but we’re wondering if he’ll have another growth spurt before he’s fully grown. He’s so cute!

Life Lately on InstagramCome as you are mat / Door color: Hale Navy by BM

Life Lately on Instagram

The Dutch door seems to be the dogs favorite place to congregate lately, ha! I think I know why. Dutch doors and doodles just go together, don’t you think?

Life Lately on Instagram

Lily is the most popular among the pups, everyone wants to be her friend. But I think she’s an introvert because she usually tries to find a quiet corner of the yard where she can be alone. :) We call this her secret garden.

Life Lately on InstagramMy kitchen hardware and other sources

Speaking of a garden and our backyard, we actually planted a vegetable container garden this year! I intended to get some photos of our garden barrels to show you (I’ll try to still take a few). We’ve already been eaten some of our lettuce!

We’ve been preparing food and cooking at home so much more ever since our kitchen was completed. I think this cookbook is one of my favorites of all time!

Life Lately on Instagram

My husband and I celebrated our anniversary awhile back. Some people go to fancy restaurants or on tropical vacations. We often spend the day going on walks or drive around neighborhoods looking at dream houses. My husband gets me.

Life Lately on Instagram

The city is so pretty, we actually walked all over the place (not just to look at houses!) that day. Right across from these boats off to the right is where the Sleepless in Seattle houseboat is! We ended our anniversary evening watching the movie again. It’s one of my favorites!

I hope you have a great rest of your weekend, friends!

You can follow along with our Instagrams below:

The Inspired Room // Kylee // Courtney // Dwell Well Collective // Jack the Goldendoodle // Doodles at Home

Life Lately on Instagram

If you haven’t yet had a chance, I would REALLY appreciate your help on something! I’ve submitted 3 rugs to a competition where the top 10 rugs will be produced by Dash & Albert in 2018! It’s tough competition but it only takes a second to vote. Click HERE to vote by liking the photo on Instagram. You don’t have to do anything but click the heart on my designs and you can vote for all three if you’d like (this one, this one, and this one). Together we could make this happen! THANK YOU for your time!


  1. Georgy

    Have just discovered your blog and loving, oh and the dogs! I have been out of the ‘blog World’for the past two years but now have just bought a new house and looking for inspiration for my own design journey. I certainly will be visiting here often. Thanks G

  2. Sharon Warren

    What a great photo album of your life, likes, and loves. Sweet family, and those pups! Thanks for this glimpse of your inspired life. Love your rug by the way. It’s my favorite. I’m not on instagram, but it gets my vote.

  3. Eric

    Thanks for a great post and update. I don’t comment much (this may be my first one ever on your blog) but I remember the bloggging world from 10 years ago. It seems like yesterday. Now it’s so much more. Thanks for keeping at it and sharing all your great photos and inspirations.

  4. Brenda

    I have followed your blog for a long time and I always love it. I have gleaned a lot of information over the years from you and your family. Thank you so much for continuing to post about your life, family and doodles (I have two as well — actually we just got the second one. I was really nervous but I did think of Jack and Lily when making my decision! ha! Couldn’t be happier! Even when cleaning up the hurl. I had to do that this week as well). As an aside, I would LOVE to know where your daughter got her red gingham top — I rarely wear red but it would be great for Canada Day up here! Thanks again!

  5. Candice

    Jack looks as if he’s trying to tell you something in that firs photo. Hope his tummy is all better.

  6. Barbara

    I really enjoy your blog, Melissa. The pictures are always beautiful, your writing is real and your dogs are oh, so, cute!

    My husband and I are taking a train from St. Louis to Seattle in September. Can you recommend a few things to do in your beautiful city the two to three days we’re there? We’ll be driving to Portland and flying home from there. The Pacific Northwest has always been on my bucket list and your blog has only made me want to go there all the more! Thanks so much!

  7. Sherry M

    Love seeing your and daughter’s beautiful spaces and your dogs. I want to hear more about your container editable garden. I am downsizing from a single family home to a townhome with a beautiful sun room I plan to use 4 seasons. One of the benefits of going to a single story townhome is that the landscaping is managed by the HOA. However, I do have the ability to have a container or small side garden during the summer and move the containers into the sunroom in the cold seasons in my Western New York home. I love fresh herbs and trying to decide pots, potting mix and plants to put together. I have some carpeted low dollies I can put large pots on to move them around.

  8. Sherrie's Lucky Quality Finds Home Decor

    Love love your stripe rug design Melissa!! Yes, I have voted for your Dash & Albert rug design on Instagram also!! Love striped rugs for their versatile style!!

    It’s interesting when a dog hurls, its like right now, but with a cat you can run around desperately with a paper plate trying to catch the mess.

    Thanks for keeping us updated on what’s happening!!

    All The Best!!

  9. Kay

    What a sweet blog post! Love the riding-around-looking-at-houses anniversary; we do that, too. I don’t think that our dogs or our cats have ever hurled anywhere but on a rug! There’s a funny meme with a cat saying something about being glad to have reached the rug in time to puke. ;-) Good X’s.

  10. Donna

    Love this post ?

  11. Annette Lewis

    Thank you, I LOVE your blog have been a fan for a long long time. It is a daily read. Love the kitchen makeover and have gotten lots of tips for when I do my kitchen makeover. Thank you again! Annette

  12. Meg

    I always enjoy your posts. I am curious to hear more about your favorite cookbook. The link does not seem to direct me to the actual cookbook info?
    Thanks so much!

  13. Deanna

    Love your books and your blog!
    Is there a more direct link for the sisal runner?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thanks Deanna! I’m glad you mentioned the sisal runner, for some reason it looks like it’s out of stock so the link was broken. This one is the same style >> … It may be a slightly different color because that one says ‘natural’ while mine was called beige. It’s a great runner! :)

  14. Meghan

    Yes, yes… I miss the simple blogging days, too… where blog followers were more like pen pals. Your blog is always a favorite of mine. Thanks for all of the inspiration.

  15. Yvonne

    Love this post! The doodles and Lily’s secret garden made me smile. Poor Jack. Hope he’s better. Thank you for all the sources. Of course, I would spot something that I couldn’t find. Do you have a source for the small bench/shoe storage in your entry? I’d appreciate it.

  16. Ella

    Your blog is one of my favorites. We have never met but I feel like I know you and your sweet family. BTW, Sleepless in Seattle is one of my top ten favorite movies too. I can watch it again and again.

  17. Cathy Baker

    I enjoyed this post! Would you mind telling me what breed Jack and Lily are?

    • Kimberly Adams

      Fellow reader here – they look like golden doodles or labradoodles? Poodle mixes, they’re the best!

      • Cathy Baker

        Thanks, Kimberly! I thought they might be — I prefer to buy a pup that will have more of a retriever look rather than the poodle so I was wondering specifically about Jack since he seems to have it. They’re all beautiful though and I agree about the poodle mixes. I’ve had poodles and labs — can’t imagine a better mix!

  18. Sue Davies


    The new makeup looks very interesting. I know you are big into natural products. I’ve recently had issues with my scalp itching and have been to see the dermatologist. I’m searching for a safe shampoo and conditioner that I can use that doesn’t have harsh ingredients. Is there anything that you can recommend?
    Sue in Florida

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hi Sue, I’m SO sorry, it looks like I overlooked your question earlier! I use quite a few Young Living products, including shampoo and conditioners, makeup and skincare items like cleansers and moisturizers. I have very sensitive picky skin so I’ve been VERY happy with their products! If you’d like more info I’d be happy to send you more details on what I recommend. Thank you, Sue! XOXO

  19. Kimberly Adams

    Have you read that funny saying that the perfect alarm clock would have an alarm that sounds like a dog about to throw up, you’d be out of bed like a shot! Love your blog, beautiful home and family – and those dogs! On my crazy days it’s so nice to look at what’s up in your world, a beautiful respite from my chaos lol!

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