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Simple Christmas Display Shelf in My Kitchen!Christmas Display Shelf – House Log Holder

Some of you may have noticed the other day that there’s a little stand on my counter. In case you were wondering about it, today I’ll share the story.

As we were setting up our first bit of Christmas decor before Thanksgiving, I thought back to how we had decorated our open shelving in our previous kitchen. It was so fun to have shelves to style especially during the holidays.

In this kitchen we decided not to install wall shelving (sorrow), but I knew from the beginning that I could get creative with a free standing unit.

I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for the right piece, but so far I haven’t found the right one.

Simple Christmas Display Shelf in My Kitchen!

You might remember seeing this photo above. I shared it on the blog years ago as well as featured it in my book Simple Gatherings. It is showing a nesting table I repurposed on my counter as creative stand for a dessert bar. I later used it on a counter in our bathroom, so it sure came in handy!

Well, that idea sparked a simple idea for this house!

Unfortunately, I think I lost that particular table in the move or left it at my old house. Womp, womp, womp. I’ve been a little sad about it ever since.

Simple Christmas Display Shelf in My Kitchen!

Well, my mom and I were shopping at Target right before Thanksgiving and I saw this log holder sitting on the floor in the Magnolia Hearth & Hand section. I had seen it online and thought it looked so cute, but this was the first time I saw it in person.

Simple Christmas Display Shelf in My Kitchen!

I knew it would be adorable sitting by the fireplace or door stacked with logs, of course, but my mind wandered to some other possibilities. The nesting table image popped into my mind at that moment! So, I decided I wanted to try the log holder first on my counter to give me a little display space for Christmas!



I decided that it should be a WHY NOT?!

I know, I can’t seem to use things in normal ways. Bless.

But if loving this is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

Simple Christmas Display Shelf in My Kitchen!

It won’t be a permanent feature in here, so WHY NOT enjoy it for now? It was so simple. And, it brings me joy to see this little spot of festivity every day.

Simple Christmas Display Shelf in My Kitchen!

I kind of love it.

Simple Christmas Display Shelf in My Kitchen!

And who doesn’t enjoy a festive little coffee or hot chocolate stand, especially this time of year? 

Simple Christmas Display Shelf in My Kitchen!

Simple Christmas Display Shelf in My Kitchen!

It doesn’t take much effort at Christmas time to make any space feel more magical. It’s like you get to live in a storybook for a few weeks of the year!

And isn’t magical how Christmas should feel? 

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Simple Christmas Display Shelf in My Kitchen!

Simple Christmas Display Shelf in My Kitchen!

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  1. Jo Jo

    Oh Melissa, I love how you think outside the box! What a clever use of that log stand! I love how you brought a little of Christmas and the winter season into your kitchen! It all stands out beautifully in your bright, white kitchen background too. ???

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      :) It is SO FUN! I’m just so glad you stopped by today, Jo Jo! Thank you!

  2. Sallie

    It’s perfect!! I love to find new uses for things! Very clever, and it looks GREAT! Enjoy!

  3. Amanda

    That’s cute! And I’m glad you’re enjoying it so much. I always like a reminder to think creatively on how to enjoy my home. Plus your house is such a nice combination of lovely-but-still-approachable.

    I wanted to say that I noticed your flour and sugar canisters, and I have the same ones. I like them a lot, but I didn’t like the flat handles on top (maybe you do, though!). Anyway, point is, you can buy drawer hardware to replace the handles with something you like better. I think I recall my husband having to cut a screw a bit shorter to make it work, but it took him 5 minutes. And now I love them more, so just FYI…it can be done. I picked something in the same finish but more gently rounded and thicker. It looks original, so I had forgotten I even did it until I saw yours. If I redid it now, I might pick something more fun just for kicks.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Oh, that’s a clever idea! These were actually left for me recently after my Better Homes & Gardens shoot! I hadn’t really thought about the handles but what a great way to personalize them.

  4. Noél Emswiler

    I did notice it in the Monday blog and wondered if it was Magnolia Home from Target. I LOVE how you have used it. It’s a great way to display pretty things without it feeling too busy. Beautiful!

  5. franki

    Fits that space to a “T”…terrific!! franki

  6. Patty

    Beautiful and fun! But I think anything would look beautiful in your lovely kitchen!

  7. Vyanca

    This is so pretty, love it!
    And your dog too! he is so cute!

    Best holiday wishes! ♥

  8. Penny

    It all looks really lovely Marion. I noticed the stand other day, but never would of thought of it’s original purpose. I really like how you’ve repurposed it Marion, and put the darling scene in it’s own little house. How sweet is Jack always popping up at the right moment.
    Have a blessed day…

  9. Linda Grubbs

    I love it! It’s perfect contrast on the white cabinet is an excellent idea. ? I have a nesting table like you had …. it’s part of a set from Pottery Barn….. oh! the possibilities. Thanks so much for the idea Melissa. I can always count on you to inspire me!!! ?
    Love that sweet Jack also!

  10. Pam

    I absolutely love your kitchens all of them!! My mind is turning thinking of ways I could use that little log stand, by the fireplace with nativity people or little houses or Christmas elves or…………. ha and Jo Jo!!!!

  11. Tammy Loro

    It’s PERFECT and I LOVE the ways you repurpose things!!!!! I don’t usually have the vision and think outside the box so I love people like you who broaden my horizons!!

  12. Ivory

    Your kitchen is so fabulous, that if it was my’s, I would never want to leave it. Everythin in and about your kitchen is warm and inviting. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Diane @ An Extraordinary Day

    LOVE it, Melissa! I’m a huge fan of thinking outside the box. It fits your space perfectly.
    The salt house is soooo cute!! We use Celtic sea salt which comes in a package and is a bit moist, I’m wondering how you like your salt house on the practical side. ;)

  14. Deanna Rabe

    I love to use things in unique ways, too! This is a great way to use that cute house shaped shelf thingy! I love it!

  15. Anne B.

    Can you tell me more about the little plant you have on the stand? I love the texture and color against the white pot. Very Christmassy!

  16. Sharon Warren

    Now you have really done it! That is the cutest idea! Okay today is a Target run❤️ Think centerpiece with a small Christmas tree in it for my dining room farm table.

  17. Amy

    I love this! For me, the height is the perfect thing for that spot! You are so clever!

  18. M -

    Repurposing is NEVER EVER something one should avoid…

  19. sandyc

    Melissa, I think you are the Queen of Outside the Box Thinking. You have inspired me so often and still do and I love what you’ve done in your kitchen. I have a silly narrow angled wall in the guest bath with custom built vanity where the mirrored medicine cabinet sits – can’t way to ditch it but in the meantime covered the mirror and found a lovely bling-y chrome 3-shelf freestanding caddy to sit there – can use it elsewhere later. Of note, I don’t think it’s a sorrow that you didn’t install the wall shelves in your new kitchen. It looks so open and expansive even though it’s a galley kitchen. I think the wall shelves would have closed it in. I took down the cabinet to the right of my corner sink with double windows (cabinet was to the right over the dishwasher and between the sink and patio door just like your last kitchen – your inspiration at work). Mainly, I realized that the south window on the other side of the sink brought in tremendous light but I could see it come to an abrupt halt when it hit the cabinet and I knew even with the cabinet painted white, that effect would still be there and who wants to look at a cabinet anyway. In my case, I chose not to put up wall shelves but instead hung a couple of art pieces I love and have played with “styling” a painted white crate under them – my kitchen is still a work in progress but I’m having so much fun with it and I have you to thank for so much inspiration and so many ideas. Keep going the way you’re going because your styling options are unlimited and can be as whimsical as you choose on any day in any season.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Wow, thank you Sandy! <3 You are so welcome for the inspiration. It made my night to know you have put some of the ideas to work in your own home! So fun.

  20. Robin Leach

    I think it’s perfect for all year round! Seriously, your kitchen makes my heart sing with joy!

  21. Kylie

    I don’t even know where to begin! Everything about this is just lovely. The little trees in the corner by the windows is just perfect. Jack is such a cutie as well :)

  22. Marie Gustafson

    Thank you for sharing.. Your home is beautiful. I love the trees in the window!

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