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Simple Organizing + Clutter Confession

by | Apr 3, 2018 | clean + simple, My Books

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Simple Organizing + Clutter Confession

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I‘m so excited to welcome you to the launch of my Simple Organizing book (plus our Simple Organizing Clutter Confessions Blog Tour!!) This is going to be fun! You’ll find my confession in this post, and links to the other eight bloggers on the tour between today and Thursday below!

Don’t forget to scroll to visit the others on the tour as well as enter the giveaway at the end of this post.

Simple Organizing + Clutter Confession

Simple Organizing Book

We all love to look at drool-worthy organized spaces, but the fact of the matter is, a standard of perfection in our own home can paralyze us from making progress at all.

So today we’re getting real and focused on what we CAN do this spring to transform how we live in our home. To help motivate our spring tidying, I’ve asked a few blogging friends to take us “behind the scenes”, so to speak, to show us some of their clutter spots. We all have ’em. But why? And what are we going to do about them?

If you read my decluttering book Make Room for What You Love, you know I have to be very clear with myself and my family on the purpose of each drawer or basket or shelf. When we aren’t clear about our intentions, it leaves room for interpretation. And that’s where things can go terribly wrong when it comes to having an organized home.

Case in point. My house.

Exhibit A (pictured at the top of this page)
“Baskets for kitchen overflow” located in my front hallway.

Simple Organizing + Clutter Confession

Exhibit B.
“Clutter” found within the baskets.

Let me back up for a second and explain how all this clutter happened. These baskets served us so well while we were remodeling our kitchen. They were a lifesaver for kitchen items that needed a home. They keep our hallway looking streamlined and tidy.

Yet, I neglected to implement one of my number one rules for organizing. And that’s where things went horribly wrong.

Just like I told y’all in Make Room for What You Love, everyone just kind of knows to not put their pants in a silverware drawer (you do, right? Please tell me you do.). The reason we know this is because it is called the SILVERWARE DRAWER. It has a name that makes total sense to everyone. We know what DOESN’T go there when we are clear on what DOES belong there.

If anyone in your family was to put pants in your silverware drawer, you’d be like WHAT IN THE ACTUAL WORLD, right? And if that was to happen, you’d deal with it immediately.

Well, that’s what I’m saying about these baskets. There was a breakdown in communication. The “kitchen overflow area” left too much to interpretation.

Here’s a sampling of what I found inside basket number one:

Simple Organizing + Clutter Confession

Exhibit C
Mission Trip 2006.
I’m not really even sure what to say about this, y’all. It’s 2018 and we moved to this house in 2015.

Simple Organizing + Clutter Confession

Exhibit D
Yearbook, 2007. Again, I’m not really sure how this ended up here.
Phil Wickham CD (we do not even have a CD player in our entire house).

Simple Organizing + Clutter Confession

Exhibit E.

Embroidery hoop. Let me be clear, I do not know how to embroider anything. I may have purchased this for a craft project. But I don’t do crafts, so I’m not sure why I torture myself by buying supplies for crafts, nor why this hoop ended up here.

Simple Organizing + Clutter Confession

Exhibit F.
Chewed up lid for wall putty. The teeth marks are (likely) from Jack.
Note there is a garbage can ten feet away, so I’m not really sure why we’re hanging onto to this. Also, where is the putty?

Simple Organizing + Clutter Confession

Exhibit G.
Faux Christmas greenery.
Apparently I thought I would keep this here so I’d be prepared to decorate in a hurry.

At this point in my investigation I was so overwhelmed that I stopped digging. Ha!

Clearly, my baskets could be so much better utilized. I fully admit it’s time to do some spring decluttering.

At least at a glance it still looks good right? Gotta love deep baskets for keeping clutter at least somewhat streamlined. They are definitely better than clutter just lining the shelves!

Clutter multiplies if we aren’t keeping up with it. We have to adapt our systems along with the changes that take place in our life. We need to continually pare down what we keep so we can be free to do the things we really want to do in life.

It’s so important to remind ourselves often that our home should be our sanctuary not a storage room. I know I need to remind myself of that often! It’s what motivates me to declutter and organize my home. I want my home to be a peaceful place and when things get out of control (which they do!), I’m inspired to bring them back to order because I know I feel my best when my surroundings inspire me.

Simple Organizing + Clutter Confession
Simple Organizing + Clutter Confession

Simple Organizing – Available Now! Amazon // Barnes and Noble

Now it’s time for the Clutter Confessions tour! Have fun visiting today’s participants!



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ENJOY! (and big thanks to all of the bloggers and Instagrammers and friends who have supported this launch, so grateful for each and every one of you! XOXO).

Simple Organizing + Clutter Confession


  1. Anne Marie

    I find my craft/sewing room the hardest to organize. I am afraid I am a hoarder when it comes to craft supplies and fabric!

    • Heather Michelle Shelton

      Absolutely agree!

  2. Andrea S.

    What a great book! I struggle with my 4 year old daughter’s room. She loves lining little toys up all over the house, and her room is no exception. It’s hard for me to strike a balance between teaching her to clean up and getting so fed up with the mess that I just do it myself!

  3. Sandy

    Such a fun idea to show our clutter problems. My two spots are my sewing room / office. I have a tendency to pile things on the desk area. My other one is the kitchen island. I try to keep it completely clear because once anything is placed there it multiplies.

  4. Gayla

    Thank you for the inspiration!
    With a family of six, it can quickly become so cluttered if left to interpretation. Our office/desk area always needs “help.”
    And our school room/craft area quickly becomes a mess without a clear purpose.
    Thank you! Ready for spring cleaning and decluttering!

  5. Sarah

    We struggle with organizing the “office” the most, all the stuff we don’t know what to do with in the rest of the house gets stuck there!

  6. Cheryl

    The overflow bedroom. It’s like one hugh walk in closet. Lol

  7. Meg S

    For me, it’s the kitchen! There just never seem to be enough space…

  8. HeatherB

    So true about making intentions clear–and effectively communicating them to those involved. In my first house, I actually took pictures of the inside of the cabinets to post on the doors to assist my husband in putting things back where they belonged! LOL

  9. Caralee Moore

    Thank you for sharing! Seeing the real life clutter helps me not feel alone! I think it is about being ruthless and making a point of having real systems that work!

  10. Susan

    I struggle organizing my office/guestroom and filing away paperwork.

  11. Lori K

    I struggle with organizing our garage.

  12. Ivy

    Definitely my home office. Too many people use my desk as a holding area including myself.

  13. Heidi Lyszczarz

    My home office’

  14. Leilani

    I struggle with my master closer the most. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Kristin

    I will never claim to be a minimalist, but right now our basement is out of control! I’m dreading going through it this summer, but I know I will love the results!

  16. Courtney

    I have a very hard time organizing my office. I work from home and also hope to one day soon turn it into a nursery, so I avoid buying storage furniture ‘just in case’ we don’t need it. I should just find some versatile pieces and finally make this office a place I enjoy working in!

  17. Lisa Thoreson

    What a great timed reminder for me! I struggle with my kitchen counters. Time to get to work!!! Thank you for the opportunity and tips. Much appreciated.

  18. Michele Pineda

    I really struggle to find organization in the kitchen and my closet. I have so many gadgets and cooking stuff it’s hard to find a place for it all. And my closet definitely needs work, I need to arrange seasonal items better and find a place for everything.

  19. Kaye Waters

    My struggle is the laundry room. It is a small closet like space but everything collects there. Looking forward to being inspired by your new book in order to tackle that behemoth!

  20. Julianne

    Definitely my pantry!!

  21. Lisa Brown

    I struggle with my bedroom closet, it is never organized just right.

  22. Michelle

    Ugh, my home office definitely needs a good decluttering!

  23. Bernice T.

    I cannot figure out how to organize a DVD shelf! They are my family’s collection of favorite films, otherwise I’d just get rid of them! They are so busy-looking on a shelf, maybe I can find some good covered storage.

  24. Helena Dias

    You made me feel better about my junk drawer. I find the weirdest things in there.

  25. Jen S

    The area I struggle with most are my countertops. Lots of stacks of paper get left there.

  26. kelly tupick

    I always have trouble keeping my kitchen neat and organized. The cubbords are just a mess right now and i need to find a better system at organizing everything.

  27. Krystal B

    Congratulations on the new book!

  28. Maureen

    There are two places in my home–the Kitchen is one the other is the spare bedroom (guest room–craft room). I am a knitter and well yarn and knitting notions for that room and then of course I have a small galley kitchen with not many cabinets and kitchen appliances.

  29. Teresa

    Ha! I have random stuff like yours in baskets all over the house.

  30. Lindsey

    We just bought our house so I feel like EVERY ROOM needs organizing. It’s hard finding ways to organize a new space when the layout and function is totally different from your previous home. We have almost twice the square footage now–triple the closets, etc.–but now I just find that things are spread out and even harder to find. I’m trying to tackle room by room, closet by closet, but it’s challenging. I totally need this book!

  31. Debra

    Getting your book today and tackling my laundry room first!

  32. Rhonda

    I’m a stuffer, so when I have visitors coming and I’m short on time, any room can be a problem!

  33. Staci

    I am so glad I’m not alone in the keeping my home organized business! Simple Organizing is another beautiful book and I’ll be using it daily throughtout the summer to do the more intense organizing I didn’t have time for during the book launch. Thank you, Melissa, for all your encouragement, motivation and useful strategies. You’re the best! Wishing you book sales beyond your expectations! ❤

  34. Kristy

    I think the hardest place for me to keep organized is either the kitchen island or my desk. They both attract clutter and slide towards chaos.

  35. Nicole

    I struggle most with toys – especially LEGO. We have so many sets and trying to come up with creative ways to display and store them isn’t easy. We’ve tried to incorporate some ideas we’ve seen online. Some work great, others not so much.

  36. Nancy Loring

    I struggle with my mud room. Every season I have to put away shoes, jackets, and a bunch of other stuff depending on which season it is. For some reason I always end up with much more shoes and jackets than I started with.

  37. Becca P

    One of my children THRIVES on creating clutter. We are working on making a space where she can do that within that space only.

  38. HS

    I struggle with organizing the garage the most.

  39. Deanna Rabe

    This was so good! You just gave me some good motivation and permission to purge!

  40. Hannah

    I struggle the most to organize the everyday stuff. Mail, things brought home, things I need to take care of. I don’t have a good system or landing spot and it gets spread out all over my table and bar.

  41. LYDIA

    I struggle with the household ‘hardware’ that seems to be scattered here and there. By hardware
    I mean things like packing tape, screwdrivers, scissors, tape and all the little necessaries that don’t always have a home and get moved from room to room.

  42. Jenna

    Junk drawers and drawers in general! We are getting ready to move into a new house and I’m determined to implement organizing systems from the start. Your book and the gift card would be a great help!

  43. Alicen

    Definitely my kitchen counters!

  44. Elena

    Our home office needs some organizing.

  45. Lorna

    My living/dining room needs help.

  46. Shannon

    I struggle most with our “drop off” counter. It is the place my (5) kids drop their school work, permission slips, activity fliers, notes, mail, pretty much any randomness that comes into our home

  47. Melissa

    The constant clutter battle for me is the mail on the kitchen counter. How and why do we have so much mail? I try to pile it in a basket to keep it from spreading out too far. Eventually it gets too big & I move it to the bedroom while I still avoid actually dealing with most of it. When I do finally deal with it, most gets shredded or thrown in the garbage!

  48. Kirsten

    The kitchen or the office. They both tend to house items that need attention but that I can’t get to right away. We have a decent system of recycling junk mail immediately and taking bills to the office and paying them fairly quickly (where they get shredded). There always seems to be something in limbo though – field trip permission slips, b-day invites, craft projects, homework, – the list goes on and is always different. We need to come up with a system!

  49. kel

    The hall closet, small and under the stairs, which serves a family of 8 without a basement or garage to lend a hand, is my organizing nemesis. Stacks unstack, coats slip off hangers looking for better options, and shoes have a dance party when the door’s shut…

  50. Megan

    I am so guilty of stuffing things somewhere and saying to myself I’ll get to it later! I’m working on processing things as soon as they come in the house.

  51. Jennifer C.

    My storage room.

  52. MollyS

    My daughter’s room … ugh! She has so many dinky trinkets and such. I’m a minimalist and it drives me nuts.

  53. Siobhan

    I find that my kitchen is the hardest room to organize. It looks neat and organized, until you open the cabinets! LOL

  54. Holly

    Right as you walk in the door you usually have an armful of stuff and a couple of kids in tow. Everything ends up on our kitchen counter. I know I have peace in my life when that counter is clean, (It usually isn’t.)

  55. Kari mcmillan

    Great idea for your post. I definitely need to declutter my house.

  56. Liz

    My office has all the clutter – lots of stuff that needs to be reviewed and shredded a well as overflow of stuff as I reorganize other areas of the house.

  57. Amy

    So looking forward to your new book. :)

  58. Deborah Flora

    I struggle the most with keeping clutter picked up and put away as we live! And I struggle with things in cupboards and drawers turning into disarray!

  59. Barb

    I struggle with my bedroom closet…ugh!!!

  60. Bonnie Stoltzfoos

    Congrats on your book launch! Haha always funny to find those things like chewed putty lids with no putty in sight :)

  61. Riley

    My hardest place to keep organized is my kids’ toys!!

  62. Angela

    This is my favorite “tour” thus far. It’s great to get to see other folks “humanity” so that you can forgiver yourself easier!

  63. Nicole Zerbini

    I tend to struggle the most with keeping my master closet clean and organized. My clothing always seems to get washed and put away in just the wrong spot making it difficult to locate that perfect outfit just when I need it.

  64. Kris Murphy

    Hope their is a section on how to organize essential oils!!!

  65. Edwina

    My basement storage room…..thanks for this giveaway!

  66. Debbie - MountainMama

    My ‘joke’ of an office (horrible tiny dark built ins outside the utility room downstairs) tends to collect clutter, as does the workbench in my utility room. The guest room is another culprit – if you don’t know what to do with something, put it in the guest room! Every now and again I have to add ‘guest room’ to my to-do list and I know exactly what that means!

  67. sayee

    I find my husband’s office the hardest. He is all ‘Don’t touch my stuff’… so I got him many baskets to organize his papers himself. But oh dear, this was expecting too much from a guy. I keep reminding him to keep tidy up but you can guess how it goes. I cringe every time I pass by his office and just shut the door.

  68. Nancy Marchak

    My home office and our basements! Congrats on the new book! I’m looking forward to reading it.

  69. Liz N.

    The master bedroom closet! It just gathers everything that doesn’t have a home – and gets junked up pretty quickly!

  70. Rosie

    I’m struggling with my craft room. It is basically a storage room right now, and I do my crafts in my living room. I’m trying to turn the extra room into a small home office and craft storage room. I keep moving everything around, that isn’t helping much!

  71. Grand Pam

    My struggle is with closets. Too much room to stuff things.

  72. Katherine

    The room I am struggling with right now is the room we lovingly call the den. It is not den. It is a room where I put anything I don’t have a place for. Presently there are Halloween and Christmas decorations in the den plus ski rooms, photos to be frames and frames. The room is so overwhelming that no one goes in it and the door stays shut.

  73. Tricia B

    Craft room and Garage are a tie. They are both a huge mess because we can shut the doors…

  74. Stephanie

    I love this post :) I struggle so much with organizing my toddlers room! He has so many things and such a small room I get anxiety just walking into it!! Definitely going to take some tips and straighten things out in there :)

  75. Stephanie

    My toddlers bedroom is what I have the hardest time with. He has so many oddly shaped, big toys with lots of pieces and so little room to organize. I get anxiety just walking in there!

  76. Katie

    My linen closet and the master bedroom closet. Both overflowing with stuff!

  77. Kelly D

    I struggle with organizing our computer room.

  78. Sonya

    My bonus room looks like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby threw up in there. I try to organize, but end up just moving piles around or being distracted by all the cool craft supplies I forgot about! :)

  79. Jaimee

    I’m so excited for your new book! I think I struggle to keep our closets organized… it’s just so easy to stash things in a closet. Out of sight! ? (P.S. the container store is one of my very favorite stores! ?)

  80. Tina S.

    The garage it is the dumping ground for everything. My craft room table is also usually piled with papers in random order and unusable.

  81. Lauren Robertson

    Ooh, your book looks amazing! We are a family of 4 in a 2 bedroom apartment, so organization is vital for us!

  82. Melissa Osigian

    I find my husband’s nightstand the hardest place to keep organized. Congratulations on your new book!

  83. Ann Marie

    I struggle with keeping kid clutter under control in our house (with very little storage space).

  84. Ginger

    My extra closet has devolved into a storage jungle, yikes!

  85. Cheryl B

    I struggle organizing my family room, it is one room besides the kitchen that is in constant use.

  86. Barbara H

    Our guest bedroom/office is the worst. The paperwork, bills and “to be filed but where”and “do I need to keep this” and “I really need to finish this project” piles are everwhelming!

  87. Jaysa

    I struggle the most with my kids’ toys and my office—it always becomes a dumping ground.

  88. Maggie

    I’ve only been reading your blog for about a month, and have looked back at the older posts I can find. I love your kitchen!
    I laughed when I saw the comment about the guest room dumping ground and realized that I do that also. The “craft room” and my clothes closet both need major thinning. I’m looking forward to reading your books!

  89. Steph

    I discovered your IG just a few weeks ago through a friend & I just love your posts. I can’t wait to read this book & go back & read your other books as well. Is it important that I read them in order? Thanks for inspiring those of us who need lots of help getting & staying organized!?

    • Steph

      My kitchen gets cluttered the fastest & most easily with papers. Basically whatever my family brings home ends up in the kitchen!

  90. bn100


  91. Hayley mesplie

    I’m ordering this now! I’m an organizing freak and there are a couple of areas I’m still trying to make efficient and beautiful at the same time!

  92. Terry

    I struggle with organizing my desk area which is between my living room and dining room. It is always unorganized and such a mess!

  93. Teresa s

    My bedroom/closet/bathroom is the dumping ground for everything that doesn’t have a place. It drives me nuts and yet I can’t seem to fix it!

  94. Emily Smith

    Honestly, I have a hard time organizing my whole house! I have three young boys and it’s hard to keep everything in order and put away.

  95. Hafza

    Space in my home that I struggle with organizing the most is my sewing/craft room.

  96. Kenia

    I struggle to organize my desk.

  97. Maggie

    I struggle with papers. My coffee table has recipes, magazines, books and projects. I don’t put things away because I’m afraid if I put them away, I’ll forgot about them. Out of sight, out of mind.

  98. Harriet Miller

    Even though my house is very organized and I feel most at home in a minimal environment, I’m sure I will enjoy your newest book. I love learning new ideas.

  99. Tracie

    Simple Organizing is a beautiful, inspiring book!

  100. Linda

    Ugh! The laundry room.

  101. Erin Rizzo

    My kids room. My boys share a room and we down sized. So, going in their room is a struggle of self preservation.

  102. Frances

    Our basement is the hardest place to keep organized. More things seem to travel there when they need a storage place and there is never a place to put things.

  103. Carolee Waiksnoris

    The top of the dishwasher seems to collect the most random assortment of items and no matter how often I clean it off something else appears before you know it! Constant struggle…

  104. Diane

    Oh, more than one room but my laundry room and master bedroom are the hardest for me. The computer is in my laundry room as it’s a large room along with my plant growing station and microwave as there was no room fot it in the mkitchen. The master has a crib for visting grabdkids and a desk that doesn’t get used. Ugh. Maybe I will get orgsnized this Spring.

  105. Dorene

    Organizing my craft supplies (which magically seem to multiply) and our office paperwork are my biggest challenges. I got an email from Amazon that your book that I preordered will be arriving tomorrow and I am looking forward to diving in….in both reading the book and in dealing with my clutter spots.

  106. Alicia

    My books! They are scattered on different shelves, in piles and on nightstands in several rooms. I often can’t locate a book I know I have or I buy a book I already own.

  107. Francesca Gunn

    Our upstairs, unfinished space is THE WORST. Camping gear, needing a space until we can open the camper and move it to its proper spot, his collections, grandkid toys and gear, seasonal and somehow-the-dryer-shrunk -them clothes, holiday items….we have to keep clearing a path to get through it.

  108. Georgianne

    I struggle with the coat closet under the stairs. It has coats (yay) AND an exercise ball (it is too big to go elsewhere so let’s shove it in the coat closet says my inner self), piece of siding, and a lot of miscellaneous un-coat like things. Love your blog…makes me laugh and gives me inspiration!


    Without a doubt, the kitchen. Ours is extremely small so things just get stuffed anywhere there’s an inch of space.

  110. Jennifer Sikora

    I just ordered this book! It will be here Friday! I’m so excited!

  111. Roberta

    The dining room buffet. That’s where unpaid bills, my bag, books for my class, and a large box with lamp parts (someday I’m going to rewire that lamp) live.

  112. Carmen lagunas

    For me it’s the garage or our pantry…just can’t get a hold of it…Grrr.

  113. Tara

    The room I struggle most with is my office! Either that or the entry! Mail, and papers seem to cause the most mess! Can’t wait to see/read the book!

  114. Lisa Stevens

    I struggle with organizing my bathroom supplies and skincare/makeup products!! Can’t wait to read your new book Melissa to inspire me.

  115. Chris

    My desk always becomes my clutter space and a spare bedroom. Funny how you store things there with the idea to find them a home and it ends up permanently living there.

  116. suzi

    i struggle most with my bedroom. i tend to “dump” everything in there…thing to file, things to do, half done craft projects, and on and on!
    congrats on your book! i enjoy seeing photos from your home. it looks like such a relaxing, serene place to be. and also enjoy the pups!

  117. Jane Rossing

    My entryway and kitchen table are always unorganized and unruly. Would love a copy of your new book to help keep all spaces tidy in my home. I live in an old farmhouse. While it’s lovely, storage space is minimal. Thanks for the chance to win!

  118. Kimberly Anne

    My kitchen is forever collecting similar random things?

  119. Cathy Gunn

    The bedroom is the most difficult to organize and it has become my “I’ll work on that today” pile. So happy help is on the way!!?

  120. Angie Ebersole

    I struggle with certain drop zones – the garage is one. Because I have a small house, I have to stay on top of things that “meet the eye.” I do have zones for stuff, and surprisingly it works, but I need to get rid of things. That is the hardest thing for me.

  121. Jeannie S

    Congratulations on your new book. I am constantly purging but I still hang on to things I think I need. Every once in a while I’ll wish I didn’t throw something out but it’s rare. Thanks for motivating me to keep going!

  122. Ann

    I have made slow progress throughout the house. At the moment, I am targeting the bathroom and kitchen, hoping to empty closets and cupboards and do a thorough purge and reorganize. We hope to renovate our bathroom (if we can save a little more money!), but since we can’t afford to do the kitchen over right now, I am going to have to make my shabby (not chic!) kitchen work somehow–and completely reorganizing will be a huge step in the direction of loving the home I have! =)

  123. Starr

    Love your post. The book looks amazing. Struggle with my workshop organizing.

  124. lee

    My small pantry – try to keep organized but I stockup on sale items and don’t have room to keep everything in its place

  125. Lynn

    My closet!! Love your post.

  126. Colleen

    I have trouble keeping my home office organized.

  127. CJ

    My book is on it way today, Yay! I need all the help I can get. I used to be a very organized person when I was working! I guess because I had to be. But over the years, 2 college graduations, aour daughters wedding 7 years ago and a 1 year old grandaughter later, it’s all gone by the wayside! Help!! Can’t wait for the book to arrive!

  128. Amy Miller

    The garage!!! It is a bottomless pit for all of the things! ?

  129. Kristen

    I struggle with organizing the closet in the office.

  130. Jennifer Miller

    My laundry room.

  131. Carol

    I struggle with organizing my home office/craft room. Way too many scrapbooking supplies that I no longer use. Way too much paperwork – what do I need to keep and throw away?

    Congratulations on your book! I can’t wait to read it!

  132. Teresa

    Your reveal of basket clutter gives me hope I can conquer my clutter too! I have so much wonderful antique glassware from my parents that fills a drawer and know our children will never want but attached to it. Your book might be just the thing to help me move forward. I bought metal baskets yesterday to begin on my pantry TODAY!

  133. Marla L

    The basement is our messiest area!!

  134. Eileen Riley Simon

    I can not wait to read this book! Congratulations!

  135. Claire

    The cover of your new book is lovely! Keeping things organized is an ongoing process.

  136. Lori in Missouri

    Kitchen counter space! I like appliances easy to get to but not enough space! Thanks very much for giveaway opportunity. Love all your books.

  137. Becky

    Our master bedroom! It has ended up being the last room in our priority list and is instead our catchall room for everything not being used anywhere else. Help! I want it to be a sanctuary :)

  138. Kristi

    My bedroom is the “catch all” space in my house. It’s awful as it should be a calming, relaxing sanctuary for my husband and me. I’m working on changing that!

  139. Colleen Boudreau

    The garage!

  140. Melody

    We downsized several years ago so I can use organizing & decluttering tips for every room! Thanks for the contest!

  141. Beth Penning

    I think our kitchen gathers the most clutter–it becomes the catch-all for papers, overflow from the junk drawer, etc. Can’t wait to read your new book!

  142. Sandy Della Ripa

    Oh, the garage for sure! It’s a handy place to store things, and helps to keep the rest of the house less cluttered. But it causes me to blush with shame every time I see the “hidden” mess.

  143. Sue Morris

    My “computer” room is the worst! I have a ton of books stacked on furniture and on the floor. The two bookcases are full and some shelves are double stacked. Also, anything I can not find a spot for in other parts of my house go in this room. If company comes, I close this door tight!

  144. Lisa H.

    My most cluttered “hot spots” are (1) the kitchen cabinet where I store the left-over type containers, (they multiply!) and (2) my craft room closet. I knit, sew, and do paper crafts and am always struggling to keep the area decluttered.

  145. Cathy Cavagnaro

    My sewing room becomes the repository for homeless items whenever we have a quick cleanup. The decision of keep/ giveaway/toss is postponed. Close the door and out of sight/out of mind. A continual struggle.

  146. Jill Stroud

    My laundry room which holds all my decorating supplies

  147. Debbie

    My laundry /extra kitchen storage room. It becomes a catch-all for everything that doesn’t have its own home!

  148. Denise M

    Literally everything. Although the hardest is definitely anything related to the kids – their clothes, toys, books

  149. Jill Stroud

    My laundry/craft/decorating storage room!

  150. Carol Sawyer

    My laundry room becomes the dumping ground for everything when we are having guests over. It’s adjacent to the kitchen and has a door that closes it all away from sight…until laundry day comes and I break my neck!

  151. Samantha

    Love the Home You Have was so great! I am looking forward to reading your new book

  152. Sarah

    Congrats on your new book!!! I’m still so in love with the design of your house!

  153. Theresa M Grace

    I struggle with the clutter in my master bedroom; I have boxes that need to go into storage, extra furniture and closets that need to be cleaned out. It’s next on list to be organized.

  154. Trish

    The office, specifically PAPER, is my nemesis. But happy to say that I’ve been working steadily for 2 weeks and the paper piles are almost half gone!

  155. Jessica

    I love your books, and am so looking forward to this one!

  156. Laurajj

    I really struggle with the kids rooms! I have been wanting to do a full clean out in there and organize!

  157. Nicole

    The hardest place for me to keep organized is my kitchen. It seems that I find more toys, random laundry (not quite pants in the silverware drawer, but close?), miscellaneous books, and leftover junk than I do actual kitchen items some days. And don’t get me started on organizing pots/lids.

  158. Regina

    Love your ideas on organizing. I can’t wait to read your new book!

  159. Kelly

    I struggle with helping my son organize his little trinkets and such. Much of it I would just toss out, but they are meaningful to him. My next strategy is to give him one container and hope that he can reduce it to fit in there!

  160. Debbie

    Also just followed you on IG.

  161. Carly

    I struggle with the organization of our desk in the kitchen. And really every room. The biggest thing I have trouble with is kids clothes. They change sizes so fast I can’t keep up!

  162. MaryBeth Schwarz

    The book arrived and I am enjoying it! The organized areas are as you say drool worthy HA. Thanks for another helpful book.

  163. Alissa Rieth

    The toy area!! Do little ones really get organization?!?

  164. Alyson | WriteThemOnMyHeart

    The space I struggle with the most is the corner with all my painting supplies and the closet with all my seasonal decor items. I can’t wait to read your new book, as I have truly enjoyed all the others!

  165. Dina L

    I struggle with the garage. It’s filled with things and my husband doesn’t want to get rid of anything.We can’t put our cars in there and I live in Michigan… snow!

  166. Mary Ann

    The junk drawer in our kitchen and also several drawers in our desk need a major overhaul!

  167. Melodye

    Our loft is a creative space. But oh, we need to get creative about organizing all the art supplies, instruments, memorabilia, etc.

  168. Erin

    The master bedroom!

  169. Michelle

    Office area/craft area is always the biggest struggle. Papers, papers and more papers! Training myself to touch each item once and file, or take action, or hang, etc. doesn’t always happen! I need to implement some more systems.

  170. Michelle

    Office area/craft area is always the biggest struggle. Papers, papers and more papers! Training myself to touch each item once and file, or take action, or hang, etc. doesn’t always happen! I need to implement some more systems.

  171. melanie huttner

    I struggle the most with organizing my kitchen.

  172. Voncelieet

    Anxiously waiting for my copy of the book! It would be here tomorrow!

  173. Julie Tardi

    the bath rooms with all the meds and cleaning and shampoos it’s a challenge for sure

  174. Dana Rodriguez

    This book sounds like what I need. My kitchen and bedroom are the worst!

  175. Laura B.

    I struggle with the laundry room/cleaning supplies area.

  176. Rust

    We have a large walk in pantry that I struggle with the most. I just can’t seem to get it to where it’s functioning well to meet my needs. It needs a do-over badly.

  177. Cynthia Pond

    I love the comment, My place is a sanctuary, not a storage closet! I think of myself as being organized but I do have challenges, especially in my garage

  178. Amanda

    The garage is a consistent problem. Toys are an issue, too!

  179. W. W.

    my whole house is clutter. I feel like I am maybe just a few life tragedies away from becoming a hoarder. I have two cats, 10 stacks of mail, and a habit of “stocking up” on items and then forgetting and buying them again. What I love though, is clear countertops/surfaces, and minimalist style decor…help me make it my reality!

  180. W. W.

    I followed on Insta, and retweeted!

  181. Kristin Tousignant

    My front hall closet is completely unusable because it’s become the junk depository. It needs help badly.

  182. Natalie

    I struggle the most with organizing my kitchen. I have too many things and not enough storage space!

  183. Leanne Wight

    Can’t wait to check out your book!

  184. Debra Schramm

    After my son moved out his bedroom became a place to “store” everything that didn’t have a specified place. It’s become a disaster. I also struggle to keep my bedroom organized.

  185. Jasmine R

    I struggle the most with organizing closets!

  186. Michelle J.

    My bedroom!

  187. Leigh

    I love this site and the organizing advice. My biggest problem is toys! We decided not to have a designated playroom, and I’m desperate to find an organized way to have specific toys kept in different rooms, so they can play in the living room/kitchen or their bedrooms. But I’m overwhelmed trying to orchestrate this plan!

  188. jennifer allen

    I love your baskets! I feel the same way about organizing. Our mudroom basket gets cluttered.

  189. Lindar

    Ack! I’ve been working on my house off and on for 2 years…2 years people! I actually have a partially empty china cabinet, foyer closet & hall closet now. I’ve cleaned out so much & am down to 2 ‘junk’ rooms but have lots more to do. Send help! :-O

  190. Kelly K

    My dresser drawers. It is so hard to keep them looking neat!

  191. Sarah

    Paper. I HATE paper. I have a big bin I am tossing it all in, when it gets full, I go through it. Half the time I don’t know what to do with it so it goes back in. The garage is another problem, and the basement. I am good with everything else!

  192. Terri H

    The Linen Closet is filled with so many things in addition to linens. Thanks for the chance to win.

  193. Simone Dorrington

    I struggle with my twenty somethings sons cupboards, they never keep them tidy

  194. Joanne

    Our familyroom because there are always toys strewn about!

  195. Verna

    Would love to read this book and find new ideas for organizing!

  196. Heather

    I struggle with all of my various drawers and cabinets where things are hidden.

  197. Ashley

    I dream of the day when our hall closet (first one inside the door) stays organized. It’s just so overwhelming – as soon as folks come in the door, muddy boots get thrown in, hats and scarves and mittens are tossed into the fray, and coats are shoved onto far too few hangers. Yikes!!

  198. Jill

    Need to get organized!

  199. NancyC

    I struggle with piles of things on my kitchen counters. Never seem to have enough counter space!

  200. Anna Pry

    Organizing our homeschool and craft supplies is the hardest for me. Or the kids’ toys! I use container store boxes for all their toys but always seem to need more :)

  201. Candice

    I struggle to keep my kitchen clean and free from clutter.

  202. Becca

    I need this book in my life!

  203. Lynn Czap

    Right now are garage really needs organized. Also I would like to move all my craft and sewing supplies into my guest room and use the empty bookcase, desk, and 1/2 empty closet to store supplies—but am having trouble coming up with a plan. Looking forward to my book arriving tomorrow with some ideas.

  204. Brooke

    Our masteroom closet is the hardest.

  205. Cindi Hoppes

    Hello! As far as clutter goes, it is a toss up; between my craft room, or dining room!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  206. Cindy

    My bedroom is my biggest area of clutter.

  207. Sue

    My utility/laundry/crafts/sewing room really attracts clutter.

  208. Alicia

    I tackled my buffet drawers today thanks to your inspirational book…. I’m bad with drawers because they are so easy to just open and put junk in them but when they are organized it literally stops me from messing them up… I need to tackle ALL drawers all over my house now.?

  209. Heidi

    We have a few areas that need organizing, but the worst is our basement!

  210. Pamela

    I feel like I have a little pocket of clutter in just about every room. a counter in my kitchen, a corner in my bedroom, under the coffee table in my living room- you get the idea

  211. Marian

    Pretty much my entire house. It’s a small house and with four kids running around it doesn’t take much for it to look unorganized and cluttered. I’m constantly reorganizing and trying to find ways to minimize clutter.

  212. Michelle Spaulding

    I would say my desk is a clutter area for sure. I am a list maker so I always have stacks of papers and books piling up. I have tried to put them in baskets or file them but they always seems to end up in piles again. I agree with the above ladies thank you for being honest about having a pocket of clutter in every room. I have 4 kids and 2 of them are very messy teenagers even though we tried for many years to keep teach them to be neater. So they contribute to the clutter problem in a big way.

  213. Lori S H

    My master bedroom needs a refresh. I’m not very good at organizing either!

  214. Theresa A Horan

    We’re renovating our small home but NOT adding space! I’m trying to be positive. I’m pretty organized but am worried about having to get rid of some pieces that I care about. I will gain my own craft room and a larger guest room (that will be used for a home office as well).

  215. karen

    Congratulations on your new book! My front hall closet is the worst! we do not have a back entrance and no matter what I have tried it is a dumping ground for my family.

  216. Kara

    I want to organize my Master Closet. So much stuff in there.

  217. Tee Anderson

    My closet is a disaster! I need to donate clothes and shoes that do not fit/that I don’t wear anymore.

  218. Shirley T

    My Whole house needs a good organizing. You collect stuff and it just becomes more and more. Can’t wait to read your book

  219. Mercy

    I’ve got a drawer EXACTLY like that! It’s been that way forever. My parents had one too!

  220. Diane @ An Extraordinary Day

    My office/studio. Because we live in such a small space it’s the place where I put all those things I don’t know what to do with. :( UGH. Dropping things there just delays the decision-making. ;)

  221. Lisa

    My desk in the kitchen is the worst. I can’t seem to keep it together no matter what I do. I’ve got a lot of spring cleaning/organizing to do since I was in an accident last winter and got nothing much done for 10 months. Yikes!

  222. Debbie Goss

    My master closet is always a mess!

  223. Sharla Fritz

    My biggest problem area is my office. When I’m working on writing, I have books I’m using for research lying around and papers that have notes and rough drafts. I get busy and don’t take the time to put things in their place at the end of the day.

  224. Denise Turner

    How wonderful the simple beauty of a basket is. Thanks for the inspiration.

  225. Jacqueline

    We have a desk in our kitchen that always collects the most random items! I go through it all the time and it slips back to the clutter zone!

  226. Lori

    Love this blog! My junk drawers and closets are a mess. I need to organize them.

  227. Diana

    Every closet in this house is a mess and I’m not sure how it has happened.

  228. Ange McAlister

    The kitchen and my home office are in dire need of an overhaul. I know what I want to do with them, but struggle to find the time. Also, during Spring Break, I did some de-cluttering. THREE large boxes full….which are still sitting in the middle of my home office. Sigh.

  229. Kristina Thorsen

    My bedroom closets need so much help especially my kids closet it’s a mess

  230. Karen U

    Oh, my hallway junk drawer is an awful catchall! And under my bathroom cabinets! And my kitchen utensil drawer! And my linen closet! Don’t open any doors or drawers!

  231. Terrie D.

    My craft room needs help! I think partially it’s because I share the room with my husband and it’s our office/craft room. I’m always trying to work on projects in a very small area because my supplies are all over the place :) I could definitely use some better storage options and tips. Thank you for the chance to win!

  232. Janis

    I looked in my baskets. I cringed. My Crafting Utopia is more of a Craft Bedlam! Help!

  233. Jenny

    I struggle with my bathrooms! The cabinets are so deep, I keep loosing things in the back.

  234. Margy coomer

    Love the blog. Love the book!

  235. Tammy C

    We combined families a few years ago, and most everything is a bit of a mess. I could definitely use a lot of guidance. Thank you!

  236. Lee Mckeon

    I struggle with the guest room, it begins to become a place for storage!

  237. Heather S

    My craft room is definitely my biggest problem!

  238. beverly e

    My kitchen drawers and cabinets are a wreck! Thanks for the giveaway!

  239. Mary

    Art supplies are a blessing and a curse ?That book sounds inspiring!

  240. Sharon Rexroad

    What part of the house do I struggle to organize the most? The inside! I’m only half joking.

  241. BeckyB

    Melissa I love your unexplainable finds… me too! My desk and drawers are my nemeses… I pride myself on being neat but just walk into my home office and the truth is obvious. Thanks for this giveaway!

  242. Jolyn

    Oh, girlfriend, we must be clutter-sisters… why do we let this happen? I can’t wait to get your tips on decluttering and organizing.

  243. Fran

    My office is the hardest to organize. So much stuff to deal with and so much of it needs to be readily accessible!

  244. Alyce Booth

    We’ve just moved, and I ended up stuffing everything everywhere and don’t knowwhere it is!!!Esp kitchen and laundry/craft room!!

  245. Raquel

    My basement is full of clutter–it’s my “studio. Help!

  246. Mari

    My office and master bathroom are the worst!!

  247. Bonnie W.

    Doesn’t everyone have junk drawers? They are the overflow of everyday life!

  248. Suzanna

    This makes me want to Tom lean out my drawer in my laundry room. Ugh! Why are there pens and legos there?!

  249. Jen H

    The hardest room would be my playroom. I organize it and 2 seconds later its ripped apart. Do I need to get rid of more toys, or use a different organization system?

  250. Kathy Barbera

    I would say my bedroom. Its always a disaster because I don’t have enough storage space. I’ve been thinking about how I could change it but its so overwhelming.

  251. Lee Oliverio

    Lovely book! I have a desk area in my kitchen that quickly turns into the dumping grounds! I needed the inspiration!

  252. Gina

    My kitchen drawers and cabinets are so cluttered. My whole house could use a decluttering! I need this book!

  253. Audrey Stewart

    I have the worst time with my bedroom and closet.

  254. romeogirl

    I am embarrassed to say that I had my island built 4 years ago with 8 LARGE drawers and 2 of them are junk drawers – terrible!

  255. Krist

    I need this book for every room in my house!! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  256. Leslie

    would love a gift card

  257. Beverly Ozburn

    Oh my goodness! It is a relief that others have such a collection that needs attention because I feel like I find a new collection like that almost every week!

  258. Lynn W

    My desk drawers are my weakness. Top drawer looks pretty sharp but the two below are an “organized mess”. That’s next on my list for sure :)
    Congrats on your new book!

  259. Theresa Krier

    My closets are a nightmare to keep organized, thanks

  260. Tammy Adams

    The garage isn’t really a mess but there has to be a better way to store make more room.

  261. Anita L Jackson

    I have trouble with kitchen and dining areas because they have the most HIDING Spaces! I stuff things in cabinets and drawers just to get it out of sight!

  262. Brenda Thompson

    I’ve been decluttering my house but need organizational ideas. My drawers, closets and cupboards are a mess, so want to tackle those and make them shine.

  263. Katie C.

    I have trouble keeping our bathroom closet organized! We access it so much to take items out and to put items in that it never stays orderly.

  264. Becky

    I ordered the book and I’m so excited to get started. I love all things organization. My bathroom closests are in serious need of help!

  265. storymusicgirl

    Our basement storage area is the worst. We save stuff for our annual neighborhood yard sale…year-round. The space in the basement where we keep things starts out nice and neat in boxes but then starts to just spill over into an avalanche of junk. I just put on blinders every time I have to walk by it. Ugh! I think we either need to get shelves or just donate things to charity more frequently.

  266. Christy H

    My closet is so difficult to organize because of its weird layout.

  267. Vikki

    Definitely the master bedroom.

  268. Susie M

    I think my laundry room breeds nonsense and clutter while I sleep…?

  269. Stephanie Schiltz

    My dining room table is my catchall space. Anything I can’t find a space for goes there!

  270. Christy Peeples DuBois

    My bedroom is my downfall. I also have my desk in my bedroom and between coming in and changing clothes and stacking make in my desk it seems like a never ending clutter zone which causes me stress.

  271. Ann Duncan

    I think the worst place right now is the formal dining room table. It’s in between the rooms we use most, so i’ts a dumping ground. The front door is right next to it, so there’s a lot of paper ….a forest worth of paper…so much paper. Thank you for the giveaway.

  272. Kathleen

    I am in the midst of an EVERYWHERE organizing effort in’our home. I imagine that’s definitely not the best way to approach the tasks (I NEED the book, right?!? I keep getting distracted and leaving one task to half so another (till I go to a third spot with something!) … Thanks for all this encouragement!

  273. Mary

    Love every one of your books!!! This one is so timely because I am in the midst of clearing out EVERY shelf, closet, cupboard, bin, drawer in the ENTIRE house!!

  274. Carrie Purkis

    It seems like every vacation is worked on decluttering something. ( i get to work at a school, so plenty of vacations) Alot of it stems from when the kids still lived at home, they haven’t lived here in 8 years or so. I love to save memories and those seem to involve stuff.

  275. Linda Preiss

    Oh My! I so could use this book. I am almost done remodeling our master bathroom and I am worried that it will become of nightmare of stuff! It is going to look beautiful when it is done and I want to make sure that the decorating/organizing of the room doesn’t detract from the remodel!!

  276. Erin Young

    My closet! If something doesn’t have a place it goes in the closet.

  277. Lesa

    I have a drawer like that.

  278. Vicki

    I feel the pain of clutter! I have baskets and drawers full of junk! It is time to get it under control!

  279. Rebekah Waggoner

    Definitely the kids’ rooms and kitchen “office” space!

  280. Terri

    I think our problem spot is the kitchen counter; I’m constantly putting things in stacks by person for them to deal with!

  281. Christine Weary

    My bed rooms , I always use for storage.

  282. Pamela Martin

    My hardest part to declutter is the area my 94 year old dad uses as his bedroom.
    It is the main area of our small house, in the living room. He sleeps there as well.
    My living room looks more like a hospital room with all the bits and pieces you
    would expect to see there. I love my Dad dearly, he is a blessing for sure.
    But I would really like to tidy up the space without him feeling like I am messing
    with his stuff.

  283. Amy C

    The closet of shame in our spare bedroom — there’s no storage so everything is just stacked up. When video conferencing from home for work, I have to angle my camera so no one can see it!

  284. Mary

    my clutter pile is currently in the basement…memorabilia… photos, cards and letters.. kids’ art projects (before the digital age!) But speaking of digital, the home computer holds a lot of clutter too :(
    nice post, came over from Thistlewood.

  285. Donna S Martin

    My spare bedroom is the hardest to organize because it is a catch-all and home to all the “extras.”

  286. Terri Herman

    Oh our desk! I mean, the catch all! That is where the help is needed for sure. ?

  287. Beverly Ebersole

    My closets are hiding all of my shame.

  288. Laura Harrie

    I am moving to a new home, my old messy drawers are going to stop!

  289. Monica

    Any paper work that enters the house!

  290. Amy Rush

    The linen closet.

  291. Erin Prohaska

    I’d say I struggle with the most is our kitchen/pantry area. I know I need to invest time and money into trying to make them function better…and make kids lunches easier! Long time fan of the blog, looking forward to the book. Thanks for the inspiration and the opportunity! ?

  292. Heather W

    I can never get my pantry organized!

  293. Heather W

    I can never get my pantry organized! This would be great

  294. Christina

    Master bedroom!

  295. Cheri

    Congratulations on the new book! I love your honesty.

  296. NonaCheryl

    My craft room, my attempts to tame that beast have been woefully inadequate! Thank you for the giveaway!

  297. Liz Birkeland

    Paperwork!!! My problem area is paperwork! I’m hopeful I’ve started to change though – I recently took 20+ pounds to be shredded. (It’s a start.) ?

  298. Karen

    I feel like I struggle with every room in different ways! Sometimes it seems I’m just managing piles of stuff.
    I would love to have a dedicated Office/Craft zone. I just move things from one area to another. The Kitchen & Laundry are overwhelming! I want to get organized so I can create an inviting and nurturing space for my family.

  299. Patricia

    Oh My, if only the mail and alllll those catalogues would just figure themselves out….sigh….someday

  300. se7en

    Oh my goodness… I was so on top of clutter, that I stopped decluttering… and now I am in that place where I need an intervention… your book looks like exactly what I need!!!

  301. Linda Stoll

    My desk drawers are so deep and hide a multitude of random accumulations!

  302. Michelle McGinley

    Flat spaces are magnets for clutter in my home. Tables, countertops, the floor! I’m a piler by nature.

  303. kathy olson

    My kitchen drawers and the pantry. The pantry has become a catch all.

  304. April Lopez

    EVERYWHERE!!! My kitchen is actually my most organize day area. But the rest of the house is a disaster.

  305. Ann Reynolds

    My laundry room is awful scary. . . .

  306. Laura Benoit

    Definitely the garage!

  307. Skye

    I think my bedroom is the hardest for me to keep organized. It is always the last thing on my to do list so it often gets skipped. And the clutter keeps multiplying!

  308. Amanda Pennington

    Oh, I’m so with you! I’m on a LET IT GO! kick myself, and am discovering so many thing tucked away that I find and just go whaaaa? Why did I keep this? It’ll be less to clean, less to move around, meaning more time to enjoy what I really love doing (NOT cleaning!).

  309. KathyG

    Paper, paper, paper!!!!

  310. Helen Walker

    I am blessed with two huge storage closets off of the kitchen……..but, I certainly could use some tips on better organization…….I push stuff on a shelf and say I will straighten it up later……still waiting!!
    I also have a junk drawer in about room…☹️

  311. Tim

    Our garage is the hardest to keep organized. We need to have room to park, but everything(mowers, rakes, etc) is so oddly shaped, that is is hard to keep it out of the way.

  312. Cheryl Miller

    My bedroom seems to be the “catchall” for all of the junk.

  313. Jane A

    We have a hutch that collects EVERYTHING.

  314. Trixie Dotson

    I struggle with my kid’s room! Always!

  315. Tammy iler

    My office area!



  317. Trinity Rosario

    Definitely all the closets!! They are packed full, even the walk in closets!

  318. Michelle Parrott

    If you count the inside of my house as an area then that is my trouble area in need of MAJOR organization. I stumbled on your blog today. You now have a bookmark on my toolbar. Thanks for the motivation. I’m ordering your book today!

  319. TERRY

    My living room is always a mess. It’s the place where we unwind after the day.

  320. Julie T

    I struggle with the front room. Shoes everywhere!!


    my living room.

  322. Jennifer Packwood

    My 2 year olds toys and my collection of paperwork and junk!! Help!!

  323. shannon fowler

    Our bathrooms tend to be the worst. I have too many hair products and makeup products, and my fiancé has way too many locations and shaving things.

  324. nickie

    My bedroom is really hard to organize.

  325. Jana S

    The Bathroom is my biggest storage struggle. So many linens,bottles,containers, etc. I would love to have it all corralled neatly and stylish.

  326. Tracie Cooper

    My bedroom and home office space are most in need of an organizing makeover!

  327. Jes

    Hmm, my cupboard with my kids art supplies and my attached desktop with bills, art “masterpieces” from my kids, invitations, homework, etc!

  328. Brian K

    The laundry room and kitchen

  329. JENN

    I struggle with organization in general but the worst area is my bedroom closet which is oddly shaped because it is built into the eaves of cape cod home.

  330. Jennifer Williams

    Our bedroom! Every time I get things organized, more stuff seems to make its way in.

  331. Candace Galan

    All the closets are the worst but I do love organizing!

  332. Tamra Gibson

    We downsized after a house fire. When I say downsized I mean REALLY downsized from a newer house to an old old family home where a bathroom was only added about 15 years ago. I struggle mostly in that room as the house is so small we had to put the washer and dryer in it.

  333. Debbi

    This made me chuckle. We have all been there!

  334. Betsy Barnes

    The laundry room is a space in my home that I struggle with organizing the most.

  335. Cindy Jones

    I have a seasonal closet that needs to be purged. Too many summer clothes I no longer where and the same goes for winter. We live in an area that has four seasons and I need to rotate regularly.

  336. Kim Naumann

    It isn’t just a room I struggle with its a whole level…my basement!

  337. Christine M.

    Our office, along with all the piles of paperwork, is the area I struggle with the most to be clutter-free. Thank you for such an inspiring blog!!

  338. Tara Liebing

    I struggle with organizing our bedrooms the most! I have no organizational skills.

  339. Cathleen King

    My bedroom.

  340. jeanette sheets

    my kitchen its the worst !!

  341. Gwendolyn Jordan

    My closet

  342. Katrina

    My miscellaneous drawer and bar counter area in thr kitchen and of course the entryway / landing pad area can get cluttered in a second when little kiddos whirl in. One can be allowed to have a miscellaneous / junk drawer can’t they…

  343. Kathy D

    I do foster care need to figure out better ways to store my extra clothes for new kids

    • Janet

      Good for you, Kathy! Blessings on you and yours for sharing your home with kids who need the love and security. In your case, what a wonderful “problem’.

  344. Cami Valenzuela

    My game room for the boys ♡

  345. Mary Agloro

    I struggle most with my office because it is a office/spare bedroom (if other one is occupied or children)/storage room! I have stacks upon stacks, boxes upon boxes, and LOTS of books and it is a small room.

  346. Heidi S

    Ummm, my whole house? Story is too long to share in this little space! My husband is fond of saying that if there is a flat open place, I’ll put something on it. Know where there are clear open spaces? My closets. I’ll figure out where to start one of these days!

  347. Trisha Musgrave

    I definitely struggle with my Living Room and Kitchen area!!

  348. Shannon Orton

    I struggle with my office, it’s the catch all and everyone drags their stuff in to my office and it’s a disaster.

  349. Kayla Klontz

    I most struggle with my kitchen.

  350. Sonya Morris

    I struggle most with our school/playroom!

  351. LacieLove Hester

    I struggle the most with organization in my home office which is in part of my bedroom. It seems that things just get piled up on my desk and in my chair. The harder I try to keep organized the worse it gets.

  352. Marisela Zuniga

    I love all of the ideas!

  353. Marisela Zuniga

    My closet and my son’s room are the toughest to organize and keep clean

  354. Dorothea

    I seem to struggle most with keeping my kitchen organized–it’s the room I’m in the most. I even find my paperwork finding its way in (and it usually stays awhile).

  355. Tina W

    Our spare bedroom! Everything gets tossed in there, and now I need to get it organized and painted because my elderly father will be moving in with us. (which means even MORE STUFF in the house! Yikes!)

  356. Kim S

    My guest room is pretty cluttered. It’s where I put clutter from other rooms lol.

  357. Stacey Burton

    My next focus area is creating a mudroom from a closet then he dreaded laundry room-which is kind of a catch-all.

  358. Natalie J

    I struggle with my kitchen. I have way too much stuff ATM

  359. Bryan Vice

    Struggle with organizing our bathrooms

  360. Erin M

    I struggle with my kitchen, I love to cook and have ton’s of stuff but not enough space.

  361. Jonelle

    I find closets hardest to organize. It’s so easy to toss something in, close the door and forget about it.

    • Connie Barham

      My closest are small and I cannot keep them organized.

  362. Brittney W

    I struggle with my laundry room the most! It has a few cabinets but I really wish there was a floor to ceiling cabinet for holding my overflow of Costco goods, gift wrapping stuff and extra kitchen appliances (air fryer, Turkey roaster, etc). One day we’ll get there I hope!

  363. Melinda M

    I don’t really struggle to organize a particular part of our home but rather certain things. Mainly paper and other random bits that show up in almost every single room!

  364. Melissa Grubb

    My kids’ room is the hardest for me to organize. They just have so many things!

  365. Lisa

    I can’t keep my closet organized.

  366. amy guillaume linderman

    definitely my bedroom. i have bins of my kids outgrown clothes…presents i pick up for people all year long…laundry baskets of folded clothes ….it really needs work

  367. Karen A.

    My spare bedroom is where I throw everything until I get the gumption to put it where it belongs.

  368. Krissy

    I struggle with keeping my kitchen counters cleared off and organized.

  369. Hillary Jaime

    With a almost 2 year old running around I am having the hardest time trying to keep his toys organized and the living room from looking like the playroom.

  370. Samantha Thomas

    My closets. I have so many small items just stacked everywhere

  371. Char

    Time to tackle the hallway closet!

  372. Erin

    Such a great contest! Excited for the book!

  373. Karrie

    I have a hard time orgnaizing my closet

  374. Toni Sprouse

    I struggle most with organizing our catches the overrun from the rest of the house.

  375. Jessica

    Alas, I’ve no space for the coveted baskets. The few shelves I do have are occupied by our books. We read a lot in this house. ?

  376. Diana Thompson

    I struggle with my office organization the most, as I get so much mail that looks interesting, but I don’t have time to read it and so I don’t throw it away. I have 23 boxes of unread mail per year.

  377. Eve Lewis

    I need to tackle my upstairs and nook. Hope I can complete the task.

  378. Suz

    It’s not so much one place as a function – paperwork! My husband uses the office, so that desk is overflowing, and my daughter’s homework table in there is also a challenge… Then there’s me: I set up my laptop in the dining room and have paperwork overflowing the sideboard. This is definitely our biggest challenge!

  379. Abby Lovett

    I’m so excited to get this new book, I love my others and the coloring book!

  380. Betsy Barnes

    I struggle in keeping my pantry organized and neat.

  381. Abby Lovett

    My difficult area is the spare room. Now that the kids are all gone, one spare bedroom seems to get everything dumped in it.

  382. Donna porter

    I struggle with getting my closets organized like I want them. For one thing I think I want it to be perfect which I know is impossible!

  383. Jenny Ham

    I struggle to keep the guest room organized

  384. Nancy

    I have to say it is a bedroom closet, which contains items that belong to my grown son who lives 2000 miles away, clothing that belonged to my 101 year old Mom who passed away last Fall and my “off season” clothing. The closet is in a “transition” period at the moment!

  385. Jen Rodrigues

    We have a room downstairs in our cellar full of items its like a storage room. We need to organize it so badly.

  386. Tonya Tipton

    It would have to be my kitchen, I have so much stuff in there and it’s hard for me to throw anything out, my husband begs me to not buy anything else for the kitchen.

  387. Sharon Cefaratti

    I struggle with organizing my linen closet.

  388. Johanna

    Almost every room could use a purge. I need focus, determination and a friend who is not afraid to be ruthless!

  389. Jennifer V.

    I’m just struggling. Third move in 4 years, each time to a smaller house has made things very challenging.

  390. Beth Minyard

    I need help organizing my bathroom the most!

  391. Robin S.

    Our mudroom! Most mudrooms are at the back of the house. We turned our cabin into our home last year, and added a mudroom onto the front. It’s the first room you enter when walking into our home, so I’d like it to be a welcoming space. We added barn doors and a woodburning stove, but….my husband treats it like a storage room! It drives me crazy! We have boxes of tile for projects he wants to do, seasonal items that won’t fit in the shed…gah! It’s been a huge issue, as I’m very organized and need everything in its place.

  392. Holly

    I struggle with clutter in my laundry room and also my kitchen desk. Both places are major clutter catch all areas.

  393. Sara

    I struggle most with the books, they are in every room and pile up!

  394. Erika JM

    I have a hard time with keeping my bedroom clean! It doubles as my home office, so there are supplies everywhere, and laundry thrown everywhere. It’s my oasis, but I need help keeping my oasis clean!

  395. Dolores Miranda

    I struggle with my kitchen on a daily basis!

  396. Kelsey Vinson

    My kitchen! And my kids rooms.

  397. Christie R

    I struggle with keeping closets and garage organized.

  398. Jennifer T

    Aaaw! I misread your email and thought you were going on a book tour! I was hoping you were coming near me! LOL! Congratulations on the new book! I look forward to adding it to my Melissa Michaels collection! ;-)

  399. lisa

    I absolutely love this and am planning on making these as welcome gift bags for my sister’s wedding. What kind of paint did you use? Are of my paint is water soluble, and I am worried that the paint will eventually run or fade if water gets on it. Did you seal the paint somehow afterwards? Thank you!!!

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