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Daybed + Living Room (and Daybed Sources)

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Decorating Inspiration, Gather

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Daybed + Living Room (and Daybed Sources)

When we moved into this house we envisioned a window seat or bench under this back window in our living room. The view out the the mountains, water and sunsets was one of the selling features of the house, so creating a spot to relax and enjoy it made sense!

We had so many other projects to work on, though, that all dreams of built-ins had to be put off until a future year. Three years later, we are still awaiting the right time to tackle that project (but you can see a round up of the home projects we have worked on here!).

At some point we decided to go ahead and get a rattan daybed for this room as it would serve essentially the same purpose as a built-in window seat (and we could enjoy it right away).

Daybed + Living Room (and Daybed Sources)

This daybed has provided us an extra spot for guests, which we use often for our niece or nephew when they visit.

It’s been a very a cozy spot to curl up on to read, work, or watch the sunsets.

The daybed also serves as a regular couch for more seating, we just add a few more pillows behind us.

But of course, I have to say that I think our dogs are the most grateful for this spot. I’m sure they completely believe we provided this bed for them so they can experience the ultimate comfort every day. Ha, they certainly relax in this spot more than anyone else in the family.

Daybed + Living Room (and Daybed Sources)

Daybed / My Nova Rug / Stool / Blanket / Pillows and more

It’s really an ideal piece of furniture in a home with dogs because you can easily keep it clean. Just like with a bed, you use normal sheets and blankets so you can just toss them in the wash. (Click here for my blog post about how to keep a house clean with dogs!).

Anytime I’ve considered moving the daybed to another room, I start to feel TERRIBLE and GUILTY and like a bad dog mom because our pups love it so much.

Most people probably haven’t thought about using a daybed in their main living room, but if you have room for one, there are many different styles that could work in a variety of spaces and rooms!

We think of our daybed as the best spot in the house!

Do you have anything in your home that you might think about moving, but then you feel guilty because someone else loves it?

Daybed + Living Room (and Daybed Sources)

Daybed Sources:

  1. Cane Daybed
  2. Daybed with Trundle
  3. My Rattan Daybed (or click here for a similar option!)
  4. Wood Daybed
  5. White Lattice Daybed
  6. Nailhead Trim Corner Daybed
  7. Gray Trundle Daybed
  8. Slipcovered Daybed

Click here for even MORE daybeds!

Daybed + Living Room (and Daybed Sources)
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Click here for even MORE daybeds!


  1. Julie J

    I think you chose the best daybed because it is open and doesn’t obstruct the view one bit. The rattan gives it some warmth of color. Plus, if the dogs feel pampered, that is so very right.

  2. Jo Jo

    I’ve always loved your beautiful daybed and where you positioned under those gorgeous cornor windows with their enviable view! But, truly it would look great anywhere! Your pups look so comfy when lying on them, they are homey decor themselves. ❤️ I bet they would still love that daybed anywhere you choose to put it! Comfy is comfy…period. ??

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you, Jo Jo, it’s definitely an inspiring spot we all enjoy.

      And you’re right, the pups will follow the comfort anywhere. ?

  3. Sharon

    I’ve always admired that day bed. We are about to move into a new house, and I’ve tried really hard to find a way to incorporate a day bed. There just isn’t a spot, and yours looks so cozy! Alas, I’ll enjoy looking at yours when you share pics!

  4. sandyc

    In my home, it’s a trunk in front of the 8′-wide pic window with sliders and a weathered bench in front of the 8′-wide pic window with sliders in the master bedroom, and in the guest bedroom a console table in front of the 6′-wide waist-high window facing east and the cats own all three spaces. In fact, Claire hops up sits on the bench in the master bedroom when she knows it’s time to wake up and waits for me to open the curtains. The guest bedroom has bamboo cafe curtains and those get opened first thing in the morning so the furballs can sunbathe. In addition, my 8′-wide drop-leaf antique oak table which sits on the wall where a couch would normally be has become the kitty highway to an open etagere and a cat tower. The cats own it all and I have no choice.

    I really like your rattan daybed and I agree that you chose the perfect one and that it’s in the perfect place. I have two queens, one with headboard in the master bedroom and one without in the guest bedroom. I wish I’d not gone with the one in the guest bedroom and am thinking before I get the floors done, I’m going to rehome it and get a daybed so that I can use the room as a secondary office. I especially love beds #1, 2,6 and 8.

  5. Taylor

    Hi Melissa,
    I’ve been looking for a gray pillow with white pom-poms just like the one on your daybed! I didn’t see it on the link to shop your home; do you mind sharing where it’s from?

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