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Empty Nesting + Home Style Saturdays

by | Sep 21, 2019 | Decorating Inspiration | 30 comments

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Hi friends! I can’t believe how fast Saturdays come around. Maybe I’m just more observant of time passing now that I share these Saturday round ups. Or more likely it’s probably because I am paying close attention to all the little things I won’t see as often after next week, like my boy making a sandwich.

Jack’s been sticking to Luke like velcro. I think he knows.

If you missed it a few months ago, I wrote a little bit about my feelings about the upcoming empty nest season here.

Enjoy the inspiration below! Also, to find the giveaway and blog post links for the book tour, scroll to the very bottom of this post! The giveaways are open through the weekend so you can catch up and enter at each stop!

Have a lovely weekend, dear friends. Your comments on the blog and on Instagram have been such a huge blessing to me. Thank you for your kindness and friendship. I’m so grateful for all of you!

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StoneGable | Pumpkins In Velvet

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Designthusiasm | How to Transition Your Patio into Fall

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On Sutton Place | How to Preserve Pumpkins

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Shabbyfufu | Fall Printable Watercolor Wreaths

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Southern Hospitality | Delicious Fig Cake

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    Tears surrounded our empty nesting adventure as three darlings left the nest, but it all worked and it still does. Life is different for all of us, but it all works.

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    Jack definitely knows that something is up concerning Luke. We don’t give our canine “children” enough credit. I saw my granddaughter’s dog actually grieve when she left for college – and the dog would snub her when she came home on break, as punishment for being gone so long – at least until the poor dog could no longer pretend or contain her happiness at seeing her again. Change is hard, not only on parents, but on 4 legged siblings as well. Jack will need some extra cuddling in the days to come.

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    Dogs are so intuitive! I read recently that “how we spend our days, is of course, how we spend our lives” and it is so true, yet so easy to lose sight of. In this season, I’m being more intentional, especially with my quiet times and routines, and it has been a true blessing.
    Happy weekend!

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    Your comment about your son brought tears to my eyes and the memory of saying goodby to our son at Boston’s Logan Airport as he left for his freshman year in California. It seems like yesterday but had been over 20 years!!

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    Praying for your transition.

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    It does get easier. Today we are able to stay in touch like never before ? We can see them while being miles apart , the dogs can hear his voice and see him even ? We embraced technology to stay talking .

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    I sent my first to college last year and I have three at home still. It’s so hard to let go. I can’t imagine how hard it will be when my baby leaves. Good luck!

  8. Theme Builder Layout

    Not looking forward to an empty nest!

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    My husband and I are recent empty nesters, as our only child headed for Army basic training in early July (we finally had our first real phone conservation yesterday!). I definitely sympathize with what you’re going through!

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    Absolutely LOVE the velvet pumpkin display!! I would love to duplicate that myself. Been in an empty nest for a long time. One son is still in NY and the other is here in AZ; both with kids.

  11. Theme Builder Layout

    Being intentional is a key ingredient in a contented life. Design the life you want to have is my mantra. Sweet blessings to you and your family Melissa during this transitional time as Luke grows up and grows out but he will always be your baby.

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    I am an empty nester this year too! It is bittersweet….miss my boys but love that they are finding their independence. Best wishes to you…

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    Thank goodness for skype. We’ve even skyped our son in for game night! It’s bittersweet, but so satisfying to see them find joy and success on their own. Hang in there..

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    I have a few years until empty nest. Am savoring every moment until then.

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    The empty nest -it comes so much faster than you think it will. Weren’t they in kindergarten just yesterday??

  16. Theme Builder Layout

    Feeling your sadness, Melissa. My husband and I are empty nesters, also. Our family get togethers keep me going.

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    I love the colors you use! The whites, wood tones and blues all go so perfectly together. Happy Sunday!

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    We do not have children (other than our furbaby), but I hope things go well for you all! Prayers!

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    When our youngest son (of a combined 7) left for college we bickered a lot. We realized it had been 23 years of always having kids in the house as a buffer. We sat down and looked at each other and agreed that this was the day we looked forward to. Then we started celebrating. Our goal as parents is to prepare our children to go forward. It will be tough at first but then…you will love it.

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    I love your home style Saturday posts. It’s fun to get just a few great ideas in one spot that I can quickly visit and then get on with my day. Thanks!

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    Melissa, such a sweet photo of Luke and Jack. You will keep those photos in your memory when the days feel a little lonely. Jack and Lilly will be there for you to love on – not that they will take the place of your son, but I can’t imagine that you’ve been anything other than a good mama preparing your youngest to leave the nest. A new season for your whole family – seasons of change take a time of adjustment for all of us. Your home looks so lovely – so inviting! Thanks so much for sharing your life with us.

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    May your fledglings return to the nest every year for love, respite, and fellowship.

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    I love the arrangement on your table. Your home is always inspiring.

  24. Theme Builder Layout

    Oh yes, dogs are so in tune with what’s going on around them. Our dog Hero is my sons service dog, but he can sense the needs of all of us in the family when we need a snuggle. It’s amazing.

  25. Theme Builder Layout

    Great round up

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    Every time I see a picture of your dining room, I think I need to use that swag technique to center our light fixture over our dining table.


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