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Small Steps and Daily Rituals

The best things come from small changes and the daily rituals we practice over and over again.

How do you want to feel in your home this year?

How do you want to feel in your body, your mind, your soul?

How do I want to feel? It’s a powerful question.

Small Steps and Daily Rituals

What goals do you have for 2020?

Take one step in a positive direction.

Small changes add up over time.

We want the magic solution. The quick fix. The immediate results.

But each small step we take, every decision we make to treat ourselves better, builds upon the next. Soon you will see and feel progress!

Each step might seem small or insignificant in the moment, but it all adds up. Each step can evolve into new habits and form healthy daily rituals that will lead to greater well-being.

The simple changes and daily rituals that help us create a space we love to live in can also promote well-being and even greater wellness in the body we dwell in.” from my book Dwelling

How do you want to feel this year?

Small Steps and Daily Rituals

Today’s the day my brand new Dwelling Well journal is released!

I’m using this new journal to keep myself focused on small changes and forward motion in 2020! Taking small steps and cultivating positive mindsets leads to success in life, health and well-being.

Dwelling Well: A Monthly Journal to Nourish Your Home, Body, and Soul 

Small Steps and Daily Rituals

I’m so excited to share this journal with you all! If you haven’t ordered your Dwelling Well journal yet, you can get yours HERE! When you get it, I’d love if you’d join us for A Year of Dwelling Well (see the details here!).

I started filling mine out this week and know it’s going to be a transformative year as I use this journal in my daily routine. The journal is not dated so you can join in anytime. It’s going to be a wonderful year of dwelling well together.

Follow along with #myyearofdwellingwell on Instagram and join my communities!

The Inspired Room Community (this group is free, we have discussion threads on the journal and home decor topics in this group!)

Dwell Well Collective (this is my wellness community, grab a wellness kit for as little as $35 and join us in this sweet community!)

Small Steps and Daily Rituals

How to Use the Dwelling Well journal

I have a story highlight on Instagram sharing a video of me sharing sneak peeks of the inside, and how my daughters and I plan to use the journal for an extra happy healthy year! Click here or head to my Instagram story profile and click the “Journal” story highlight to watch the journal how-to!


  1. Ramona

    Melissa, thank you for your wonderful books! Dwelling and Make Room for What You Love are two of my favorite books from 2019. I have ordered your Dwelling Well Journal and look forward to a beautiful 2020, filled with inspiration to nourish my home, body, and soul.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Ahh, thank you so much, Ramona!! You made my day. <3 I’m so glad that the books inspired you!

  2. Dawn

    Hi Melissa

    Hope your vacation in Hawaii is restful and fun! I’d like to buy your books, but I prefer not to support Amazon. Any suggestions?

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