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Fall is almost here, are you ready to set up a cozy fall corner? Some people put pumpkins on the mantel to usher in fall…I rearrange furniture. Whatever inspires you is the right choice! There are no rules. But I do have a suggestion!

2020 has obviously thrown a lot at us through spring and summer. It feels like it just keeps coming, doesn’t it? So many stressful situations. Whatever changes and decisions you’ve had to make, or have yet to make, whatever new normal you are trying to process or navigate, you’re doing the best you can! That’s all we can do. Give yourself grace, lady. It’s hard, but many changes can lead to beautiful things, too.

I’m so reluctant to say goodbye to being outside enjoying the sunshine every day, but I am eager to create a nurturing home base for our family to navigate the fall season together.

One thing that always inspires me is setting up a cozy corner where I can start the day with peace, quiet and intention. It’s basically a self-care corner! One of my very first posts thirteen years ago was about my pink chair in my English Tudor bedroom. I used to escape to that chair for a quiet moment to myself when my kids were small. I haven’t outgrown my need for peace, quiet and self-care! Even though my kids are big now :).

Cozy Self-Care Corner Must-Haves

I took the first step towards fall this week by doing a little furniture arranging so I’d have a spot to head to on fall mornings. I’ll share how I use it during our annual fall nesting series (which starts September 1). Along with all of the fun seasonal decorating ideas, we’ll be talking about how to use our self-care corners and daily routines throughout fall!

To kick off Fall Nesting, I thought you might want to create your own cozy self-care corner, too! (And if you do, I’d love to see it!). Scroll below for all the sources and details!

How to Create Your Cozy Self-Care Corner

  1. Pick your coziest chair, whatever is comfortable to you. I rearranged my living room and furniture I already had so my favorite chair is by the fireplace! Put your chair in a relatively quiet spot (a place that will be quiet in the morning!) or wherever you’ll feel most inspired to use it.
  2. Find a favorite fall mug or two. Y’all know I love my morning coffee rituals! I don’t like to just chug coffee on the run. I love to savor it. We’ll talk about why it matters, but I’m sure you’ll want a special mug to use for your own morning routines! I’ll share some some fall tea and coffee routines and recipes that will be inspiring and nurturing. I got this Fall Feels mug recently, and I have more faves rounded up here.
  3. Look for a little stool or table to set near your chair. I keep little stools (like this or this) in my living room because they are so handy for holding a journal, book or mug.
  4. Curl up with a throw blanket. I mean, is it even fall if you don’t have a cozy blanket? As hard as it is to imagine, it will eventually be chilly in the morning. At least where I live! And if it’s warm until Christmas, you can always use it on the back of your chair to add texture. That’s one of the most important elements in decorating for fall anyway! (Find my favorite cozy blankets here!)
  5. You’ll want a journal and a notebook (and I love these fun pens!). Do you have a Dwelling Well Journal? If not, you’ll be happy to have one of your own this fall! We’ll be talking about how to use it as a part of your daily rituals. A notebook will be handy, too. We’ll talk about things to write down, keep track of and how to stay inspired.
  6. Have a fresh pretty plant near your cozy corner. You can set it on a coffee table nearby. It will make you happy, even when you don’t have as many fresh flowers in the house.
  7. Set up a quality diffuser and pure plant oils near your corner. If you’ve been putting this off or are ready to get back to oils, now’s the time to do it! You’ll use it every day for your well-being. I have an oils set I recommend called the Welcome Home Kit. You don’t want to go into fall without oils, you’ll be so glad you have them for all of the things. I use oils for all of my daily routines and inspiring seasonal rhythms, I can’t imagine a day without them! I have Hashimoto’s and use them not only for my own health but for establishing good household and wellness habits, uplifting emotions and our family’s immune support. They are perfect for all the cozy fall things too like your favorite candle dupes and linen sprays.

    Order your Welcome Home kit and toxin-free products I recommend here (and get a free gold diffuser from me or a discount for a limited time!). When you get your oils with my link you also get into my community education group, and have access to my text classes and personal support!

Join us as we start Fall Nesting September 1!

Social media scrolling can be rough these days on so many levels. I avoid it as much as possible to protect my stress levels and well-being. What if instead we meet right here on the blog in the morning? It’s not too loud or stressful here. We’ll sit in our own cozy corners together, with our cup of coffee in hand? We can talk about all of the fall nesting things and finding joy as home bodies. I’d love that. Want to join me?

Self Care Corner Sources:

1. Petite Wingback Chair

2. Fall Feels Mug

3. Dip-Dyed Oval Stool

4. Gold Throw Blanket

5. Dwelling Well Journal

6. Minimal Planter

7. White Hand Blown Glass Diffuser

Cozy Self-Care Corner Must-Haves

+ + + + +

Fall Nesting 2020:

Four Essential Homemaking Practices


  1. Christine

    Boy, I really wish I could get the starter kit to the essential oils with diffuser. Can’t afford it right now. Hopefully in the future I will. I also have a favorite chair in the corner of my room. Sort of like a wing back chair with Queen Anne legs which is by the window. It’s actually my prayer and Bible study chair. There is a book case next to it for me to put a mug on or I can just use the corner of my desk which is very close to the chair. I also have a small folding table which I keep folded up by the printer and I use that when I do Bible study. Pen, pencil, eraser and highlighter nearby on the desk. I have a basket on the floor which has my prayer/anything journal in it. (and one of Holley Gerth’s books which are so fabulously uplifting.) I have a cute, thick microfiber throw I got at Bath and Body works one year and it’s gray with white snowflakes on it. So cozy! And…I have your book and journal, too.

  2. julee

    Absolutely! Let’s meet here!
    Can’t waitnto sure mg cozy corner with you!!

  3. Janine

    I love this post today. I keep rearranging around my house where I can try create a cozy little corner of peace … and then my kids find it and own it ๐Ÿ˜ƒ. Here in South Africa we are about to go into Spring, so as soon as its warm enough I think I’m going to try arranging a hide away secret spot on my veranda. Thanks for the lovely ideas as usual.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Youโ€™re welcome, thank you for taking the time to stop by and share your story! All the way from South Africa! ๐Ÿ’—

  4. Mary W

    Self care is so important for both men and women. When the world tells we need to do more or we are not enough we need to have a quiet place to recharge. My self care corner is in my guest room. I have created this room to be a place of quiet rest for friends, family, and me! When I have guests I simply move my personal items to another spot. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

  5. Cynthia S Dahl

    You have a lovely home.

  6. Su

    I love reading your blog very much.
    But during the weekend I prefer on concentrating on my own family. Thank you๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Margo

    A cozy corner is nearly impossible to find in our downsized home. Open floor plans are great except for when you would like a bit of privacy. Now that we are retired I find that there is nowhere I can go to pray or have time for self reflection. It seems to get worse as time goes on but I hesitate to make an issue of it. I know that Iโ€™m so lucky to still have my husband of nearly fifty years and I would bet that there are a lot of readers that have too much alone time. There literally isnโ€™t anything I feel I need to hide from him, except that I do not feel comfortable trying to pray with him right there. I feel spiritually bankrupt.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hi Margo! I know it can be so hard to find that time and space to yourself with others in the house. My family is here 24/7 so I understand. Perhaps getting up an hour before he does, or even talking through your need for alone/quiet time would give you both incentive to spend intentional time apart at a designated time each day or even a few times a week. I know at one point I had to ask my husband to plan to leave the house at certain times of the day because he’s loud and I just wanted time alone to think and putter around the house in peace. :). My husband will leave the house and go to the park nearby, so that’s an option to consider, too …. if you can’t get the quiet space in your home maybe a little time in the car or at a park would work better for you. Thank you for sharing, I know many of us will relate!!

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