My Christmas House 2012

My Christmas House 2012

Merry Christmas, dear friends in blogland! Welcome to our 2012 Christmas home tour. Even though our home has been under going some messy and chaotic updates and nothing is really where it should be yet,  I’m slowly beginning to put things back so we can get our Christmas groove on. I’m ready to just breathe a bit and enjoy my home.

Our home is not really perfectly “tour ready” but that’s OK. I am inviting you in anyways. Isn’t that how it should be? We can’t live life waiting for the perfect, each and every day is a gift we need to embrace and share. There are moments of beauty even in chaos, if we look for them and even create them out of nothing. Our homes should be a place of refuge in the storms, so today I’m looking for the moments of peace and beauty within my own four walls.

My Christmas House 2012

My Christmas House 2012

My Christmas House 2012

My Christmas House 2012

My Christmas House 2012

My Christmas House 2012

My Christmas House 2012

Woodland Tree

My Christmas House 2012

 My silver and gold metallic holiday table

My Christmas House 2012My Christmas House 2012

My Christmas House 2012

My Christmas House 2012

Black & White gift tag ornament tree

My Christmas House 2012

My Christmas House 2012

Jack the Goldendoodle blog 

I hope you will join in our Christmas Home Tours, hosted by myself and Angela of Cottage Magpie!

My Christmas House 2012

PS. I am pretty excited for next week because I will be sharing some before and afters of my flooring project (yay!) and more Christmas posts! Thanks for visiting and spending time here with me every week. Love to you all from our home, and a big doggie kiss from Jack.


  1. Just LOVE those little Christmas trees here and there inside … but still can’t figure out how you did all this while all that work was going on!!??!!

  2. Lovely Melissa. This is just random but I have two of those gray plaid wool pillows in my bedroom and I love them. Cool to see someone with amazing taste has something I do too : )

  3. Barbara (WA) says

    Whoa, didn’t the construction people leave like just 24 hours ago? Amazing and beautiful. Oh Jack, your nose fits perfectly, lol!

    • HAHA! Yep….thus, I only got around to setting up a few vignettes and little trees. But next year, I’ll be 100% ready for my full room sweeping shots! Right? HA! I can dream. I’m just feeling so blessed to have been able to do so much this year to my home, it has been Christmas for MONTHS at my house!

  4. Jack sticking his muzzle in the wreath is too cute. I hope there wasn’t any calamity that ensued. :D
    The wicker dining room chair and the little cabinet really make a nice pair. Lovely with the red and white snowflake pillow. (That pillow would be perfect in my Swedish Christmas room!!) And the medallions hanging from the lantern are so pretty and unexpected. And of course, the simple and elegant mantle is stunning…as always. I like seeing the traditional elements in your front room by the woodland tree. I’m glad that you haven’t gone all industrial cottage coastal. :D You have such a wonderful touch.
    Thanks for hosting the tour.
    Merry Christmas Melissa!!

  5. Love everything!!! Please tell where did you get that cute #3 bucket???

    • Oh, thanks! I got a set of three buckets (a 1,2 and 3) from … they get different stuff at different times so I just keep my eyes peeled for stuff I like!!

  6. Melissa-its all just so lovely!!! love all the greenery! Merry Christmas!

  7. Wow, what a beautiful home you have…love all the decor!

  8. Those new floors look fabulous – you certainly pulled a lot together for all the commotion you have had going on. And Jack should have his own TV show. Thanks for sharing, Laura

  9. Awesome! Just gorgeous ! Very peaceful! Thanks for sharing.. Merry Christmas!

  10. Your home is lovely. The floors are amazing.

  11. Your house looks so inviting! I love it! Where did you find the darling little green trees? I’ve been searching for similar, but everytime I find one in the store it’s drenched in glitter!

  12. it’s all beautiful- i love the color palette, and love the candlestick snow glob!

  13. It’s lovely, Melissa. I am so glad to have a quiet moment to look at something peaceful this morning. Thank you.

  14. Karen on Bainbridge Island says

    Don’t you just love it when you put our all your decorations, create those vignettes and then when you stroll through you house you just enjoy it so?

  15. Your home looks gorgeous. I have to tell you that Jack is a beauty and I actually have a goldendoodle named Jack too. Mine just turned one year old and we could not be more in love with an animal! Enjoy.

  16. Dying to know where you got the red snowflake pillow. Thinking snowflake slipcovers would be the perfect sofa holiday accent for those returning college student’s heads during winter break  Warm regards from an avid New England follower.

  17. I love the silver deer and the mercury glass with the Ball jar and tree inside! Everything looks so beautiful. Wonderful job!

  18. Melissa, you have such a beautiful home! Thank you so much for hosting the Linky Parade of Holiday homes with Angela. It is so wonderful to see so many beautiful homes from the comfort of my own home. I am new to your blog but I will be back to visit very soon! I hope that you and your family have a very blessed Christmas and New Year!

  19. Love your home!! It looks beautiful! Where did you get your wicker chair and cabinet?
    Love how it looks together!
    Merry Christmas!

  20. Soft and beautiful- Merry Christmas

  21. That’s one lovely wintery house :) it looks like the perfect place to relax this holiday season. Thanks for the tour!

  22. It is just as beautiful as I imagined. I just love the touches of blue and silver. You’ve hit the ball out of the park! Thanks for having me!

  23. Simply lovely! I love the new changes in your home and can’t wait to see your new kitchen reveal! Merry Christmas, T

  24. I know I’m late to the party, but wanted to leave you a quick note to tell you that your decorations are beautiful. We moved at the beginning of the month, and similarly, our house is in a bit of disarray. Decorating for Christmas was not high on my priority list, but doing it did make me feel more serene among the chaos. Glad you’re enjoying the corners of peace and beauty within your home!

  25. I’m loving the Joy to the World, the Lord is King canvas. I would love to make or buy one if you will reveal your sources/secrets.

    • Yes, it’s from Look under her holiday collection for it, it’s a gallery wrapped canvas 30 x 20 I think, gray, in the script font. :-) it’s gorgeous!

  26. your home is indeed merry and bright … so beautiful! thank yo for hosting the party!

  27. Kathy Peleltier says

    I am just seeing your 2012 Christmas Home tour and your home looks so elegant but cozy too. I love your color theme. I am right along with you on trying to decorate before Thanksgiving although, I never quite make it. This year however, we don’t have that extra week after Thanksgiving like usual. Hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving with family and friends and look forward to more Christmas postings. :) Kathy

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