Hello! It’s come to our attention that our email subscriptions have not been delivered since the end of October. Awesome! So sorry. We’ve missed you, and hope to have the situation resolved soon. If you get this post in your inbox, that’s a good sign. But if you’re reading from the blog and are a subscriber wondering where your emails went, we’ve been wondering the same thing. Don’t worry, it wasn’t just you that was locked out, it was everyone :) Thanks for your patience while we troubleshoot!

PS. We are getting close to showing you the latest updates on our laundry room makeover, so I’m glad we’ve discovered this email glitch now so you won’t miss it!

If you wonder what you’ve missed, here are a few highlights:

I’m getting organized. Come see my new cabinet!

This dreamy coastal home tour

Believe it or not, I did a craft, and it’s pretty cute. See it here.

We’re moving to Fiji! Just kidding. Just making sure y’all are still with me.

5 Styling Tips for Entertaining and Setting the Table

A neat high-tech addition to our home

We’ve been getting to know each other and I’d be so happy to hear from you too!

Fall Traditions with the Pups (you have to see Bella’s Halloween costume)


  1. lol it would sure be cool to move to Fiji!


  2. Well, I thought you were on hiatus. I signed on to Michael Rurhlman blog and I’ve yet to get a post — he even wrote and said it should be taken care of. Sound like you’ve got others with the same problem.

  3. Denise kass says

    Love love love reading your blog. Please don’t get lost again!!!!

  4. Glad to be back on the email list. I thought you were on an extended holiday. I’ve missed you.

  5. Glad to have you back ! But, don’t worry, it’s not you ! I have had many blogs that I subscribe to not showing up in my email. Feedburner seems to be the common denominator…… hope it gets fixed soon !!
    Love your blog !

  6. Hello,
    Good to hear from you. Several of the blogs I receive seem to have had this problem. Some for a couple of months. Glad you are back to ‘Inspire” us again.

  7. So Glad You’re Back! I missed your blog! Many Thanks!

  8. Lauren Baxter says

    So glad your back! I was wondering if it was just me! Glad to be inspired once again

  9. Hi Melissa, I did wonder! Nice tot hear from you again.
    Good luck and blessings with all you undertake, in familylife and church alike.
    Warm greetings from Leiden, The Netherlands

  10. Robin Albanese says

    Just thought of you yesterday! And wondered why I hadn’t heard from you. Thanks for fixing the glitch! Looking forward to your holiday emails!

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