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Get Cozier for Fall Rearranging What You Have!

You’ll want to scroll down in this post to laugh at Jack with me so don’t miss the end, but first, let’s talk about an affordable way to get a new fall look. My typical fall decorating has always been mostly about non-seasonal specific things, like moving everything around until it feels cozier to me.

I know it’s fun to go shopping this time of year and stock up on all the new cozy fall stuff, and of course, to bring home a car full of gourds and pumpkins. I was actually out shopping this week and got that new green garden stool at HomeGoods (which I’ve been on the hunt for since we moved in, so it was a major win!!!).

But when I got to the aisle with all the pretty ceramic pumpkin stuff I considered how cute and fallish it all was for about five seconds and then thought to myself, do I really want to have to put all that in my garage in a few weeks?

Get Cozier for Fall Rearranging What You Have!
Daybed Source

In case you’re wondering what my answer was, it was no. No I don’t. So, I vetoed the cute ceramic pumpkin decor but brought home that garden stool and a plaid blanket. Because a green garden stool can stay out all year, a blanket is pretty easy to fold up plus it works all the way until next spring, but large faux pumpkins would have to be stored somewhere by November.

I may get myself some real pumpkins, we’ll see. For now I am using the velvet pumpkins on the mantel, I’ve had those for years and they are pretty easy to store (I put them in a basket or cabinet and that’s where they stay all year!)

So, even if you don’t want to shop at all, you can just as easily (well, almost) and more affordably get a new look in a room by rearranging the furniture and accessories you already have.

Get Cozier for Fall Rearranging What You Have!
Sofa Details / Shutter Cabinet

Last week I started going through the house, swapping items between rooms and rearranged pieces within rooms. It was raining, thundering and lightning here so I was feeling the fall feelings, so that gave me the motivation to want a cozier house.

Now, keep in mind that I’m not done changing things around yet, and still haven’t decided on decor, so who knows what this room will look like by next week (or let’s be real here, by the time you see this post).

But it’s fun to keep tweaking this and that and then live with it for awhile to see how it feels, you know? Sometimes I put it all back, sometimes I try something else. You can see a little peek at another corner I’m still working on in the above photo. :-)

PUTTERING AROUND THE HOUSE LIKE THAT BRINGS ME LIFE! LIFE I tell you! It’s definitely something that sparks joy in me. I do love shopping for new things, too, but there’s something extra enjoyable about just pulling furniture together, trying a chair in a new place, making an underused corner more cozy with a new arrangement.

Get Cozier for Fall Rearranging What You Have!
Sisal Rug

You know what else brings me life? This dog. Jack! LOL! I moved the ottoman over by the fireplace when I was rearranging. He keeps going over there to lounge on it like that! HAHAH! I feel a little bad and might have to put the ottoman back, or move it somewhere so he can face the room.

Sigh. Anyway, it might drive everyone else in the house crazy that I keep rearranging stuff but for me, it’s fun. One more week and my teen furniture mover is going to college (WHY CAN’T HE LIVE HERE FOREVER! Tears!), so my rearranging days might be stalled for awhile. But I’m keeping him busy helping his mama in the meantime!

Have you rearranged anything in your house to make it cozier for fall?

If you don’t already have stuff you like or want to rearrange, don’t worry. We’ll talk about ways to gather and collect cozy things you love during this series, too.

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Get Cozier for Fall Rearranging What You Have!

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  1. Bonnie Stoltzfoos

    Jack facing the fireplace is so funny! Hahah! I love that he just keeps going with it, back to his spot. :) I loved your thoughts on rearranging. I find it just gives me a feeling of contentment, too, remembering my home can feel fresh and creativity can be used without having to buy more. I really love your room! A rainy fall day sounds so nice! :)

  2. Deanna Rabe

    I am a chief furniture rearranger! Its the quickest and easiest way to change up the look of a room!

  3. Pam

    Love all the texture you have in your rooms.

  4. Leslie W

    I love that picture of Jack on the ottoman! Having three dogs we often see them in similar poses. The top of sofa? Why not? I’ve taken to using pillow “barriers” which helps twofold keeping them off the furniture and decorating at the same time. (-;
    I also loving just moving things around the house and since we have decided less is definitely more I’d rather try and use what I have and for fall plan to add in a few touches with real pumpkins, pine cones and leaves which can be come fodder for wildlife when the season ends.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Dogs are so funny! And your fall approach sounds perfect, so lovely to use real bits of nature!!!

  5. jen s

    I rearrange things all year! I get bored very easily so i am always switching up furniture arrangements or the mantle or bookcase or whatever it may be. Jack is hilarious! I love your dogs and your home! Thanks for everything you do!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Me, too! Things don’t stay in one spot for long around here.

      Thank you for coming by and your comment, Jen! I just love knowing you enjoy the posts, it makes sharing so fun!!! <3

  6. Isabel Z

    He looks he’s trying to get to the pumpkins on the mantle:-) I haven’t tried rearranging for the fall but will have to give it a try.

    • Kathy

      Our LR doesn’t lend itself to rearranging due to the way our TV satellite was installed, there’d it has to stay where it is and also my hubby’s recliner (!). I get frustrated but then just count my blessings for our home – however it’s arranged! Here’s the simple way I decorate the mantle. Happy Fall … once the temps get out of the lower 90’s!

  7. Kim Dylewicz

    I pulled out a sweet photo of my now 27 year old daughter in her Halloween costume as a toddler, put it in a frame & it became the focal point on my bookcase at work. I gabbed some books with fall colors, stacked them, tied with a bit of twine & my bookcase already feels like fall.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Aw, that photo must be such a sweet memory. I should do the same! I have a funny photo of my son in his costume as a toddler that makes me laugh every time I see it.

  8. Paige Frome

    Your room IS so cozy and inviting! It’s fun to see the progression since you moved in your house. It’s interesting to reflect on changes in aesthetics throughout the years. I used to have boxes in the attic for each season,and actually I still do. But every year less stays, and more gets moved on. I really like your simple, velvet pumpkins.

  9. Alissa

    I love fall puttering around my house too!

  10. Pamela

    I don’t have any space to rearrange too many things so I switch out pillows, throws and decor to change up the rooms.

  11. Gwenny

    I love hanging out in my home and thinking my thoughts about new possibilities. I restyled my mantle for fall, and I was also tempted by fall decor items at Home Goods! I managed to keep it simple and settled for two of the tall wheat bundles, one for each side of mantle, and a long and low candle holder (old wood look) that I filled with 5 small candles that turn on automatically at 5:30. Then I stacked a few antique books (from my grandmother and father-in-law)and placed hubby’s law school mug on top of that little stack. I moved a decorative tile from an artist that has a picture of a school house on it and voila! -my fall mantle with back to school theme. It is simple and cozy. Your blog and books have been so inspirational for me this fall-thank you!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thanks, Gwenny! Your fall decor sounds perfect. Have a wonderful weekend <3

  12. Debbie Keith

    “Puttering around the house … brings me life.”! This is me in a sentence! It re-charges my battery like nothing else can and brings me so much joy. So many kindred spirits here. And Jack! — lol what a cutie! Happy nesting. :)

  13. Melanie Plumb

    My small home makes it hard to rearrange furniture but I do like rearranging stuff on the walls. Or adding new pillows. Dogs, however, are creatures of habit I think :)

  14. Patty

    Puttering is seriously my middle name! True joy comes while doing it and after. YES!

  15. Rachel

    I like the idea of rearranging for coziness. I’ve been rearranging my family room for a couple years trying to find the right fit. I think I’m almost there. It’s definitely the coziest it’s ever been.

  16. valarie sanford

    I am the chief arranger in my home and I love it too!!!

  17. Helene

    My boys have already graduated from college and my husband hates helping me move furniture…. in truth, he really doesn’t like change, so home projects are difficult ( although he is finally painting our wood stained trim white— ?).

  18. Nicole

    Poor Jack! Yes, you must move the ottoman back!! (Insert emoji smiling face)

  19. Jen Berry

    Oh my gosh I drive my hubby CRAZY with my rearranging :P He just rolls his eyes and goes with it…lucky for me.

  20. Veronica Nightingale

    I love the idea of rearranging stuff for Fall. I need to look at ways to do just that!

  21. Maureen

    We have a number of throws that come out of the closets. I have made a few but others have been given as gifts. They are all cute but because we do not want to put the heat on too early this will be a big help when it gets a bit cooler.

  22. Caroline

    As a dog lover, I think that if Jack doesn’t figure out how to turn himself around and still be on that ottoman, you’d GOT to move it back. :) Love this–it’s real!

  23. Christine

    Rearranging furniture definitely breathes more life into a room. Jack is funny just staring at the fireplace mantle.

  24. Lorraine Johnson

    I get more joy out of being creative with what I have rather than buying all things new too!

  25. Mercedes

    Yes , doing this type of house puttering around is cozy in itself.

  26. Susan

    Love rearranging things around the house too.

  27. Beth

    I love rearranging things around the house. It has become a game for my husband to see if he notices what is different. But right now it is unseasonably warm, so no fall cozies yet!

  28. sandyc

    Maybe if you pulled the ottoman forward from the fireplace? Don’t know if animals have left and right-sidedness. But since they are creatures of habit, maybe Jack is used to getting on it from the other side and can’t process how to turn himself around. It’s hilarious and kinda sad at the same time because the view certainly isn’t very interesting.

  29. Angela G.

    Your description makes me think of a bird placing each twig, each string, each little feather in just the right place in her nest. It does bring joy.

  30. Kim

    Poor Jack! So cute! Your son is a sweetie to help you move things around. He’ll make a good husband someday. I love to putter and rearrange. It’s just one of my favorite things to do!

  31. Harriet

    I so agree with you on this way of decorating. Today, I moved a small table from my deck to the front porch. I took summer annuals out of their pots and put some fall mums in instead and put those on the table. I added a pumpkin and I like the simple, but welcoming look.

  32. Brittany Romero

    Yes. THIS!!! I love to rearrange and “shop my home.” It’s almost always more fun for me, …and guilt free! :)

  33. Pam

    I cannot rearrange any furniture in my living space they can only go one way, but I do love moving accessories and pillows and rugs.,

  34. Lani

    Shop your house is the best! Back when HGTV was full of wonderful shows hosted by the likes of Mary Emmerling, Kitty Bartholomew, and the like – one got wonderful advise and inspiration. Ms Bartholomew inspired us to use what we had and be grateful. My favorite puttering days are when I shop our home. I have been fixating on changing the basket on the bottom of our vintage teacart ( now beverage cart) with a lidded basket. You see it holds the power strip and cords for our music and small lamp. You get it- I’m hiding cords. Well. after searching the internet I walked into our bedroom and there it was! The perfect lidded basket. So the cart has been cleaned, redecorated, and it make me smile. It is an important part of my morning routine as i turn on the small lamp and turn on the music as our coffee is brewing.Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Isn’t that so fun, when you find exactly what you need in your own house! I had a similar moment last week, I”ll have to post about it! Your teacart, small lamp and music all sound like a delightful fall morning routine. Thank you for sharing, Lani!

  35. Laurie

    I love all the textures you have in this room right now!

  36. Carolyn

    Your daybed looks so cozy, I love your pillows!!

  37. Samantha

    I love the idea of rearranging to get cozier for the fall!

  38. Leigh

    I do love shopping the house and I often put up decor and it takes me a couple of weeks to figure out where I feel it’s at home. However the last couple of years I’ve thrown out old decor that represented a younger me and be slowing adding new simpler decor for the seasons that slowly carry me through. I love it and I find a lot of good deals!

  39. Shari

    Jack! ???

  40. Amanda

    I like pretending that in the last picture, your dog has pushed the ottoman over there himself : )

  41. Cassidy

    The plaid grab blanket was a great buy!

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