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3 Little Ways to Make Yourself at Home Right Now

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Authentic Living, Decorating Inspiration, feature, My Kitchen, My Seattle House

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3 Little Ways to Make Yourself at Home Right Now

We’re still here living our best homebody life! I truly can’t imagine being bored at home, even though I do miss the freedom to come and go and the opportunity to move forward with certain plans. Our weather has been glorious here in Seattle, though, so it inspired us to get outside and prepare our deck and side patio for spring and summer. We spent most of the weekend in our yard enjoying the sunshine!

Tomorrow I’ll share how those outdoor spaces are coming together! If you’re on Instagram you might have seen a sneak peek but I will have lots more to share here.

By the way, my Inspired Stripe Rug shown here is 40% off right now (this is one of the rugs I designed for Dash & Albert that you all voted to come into production! I still can’t believe that’s a thing!). I love having the runner in my kitchen in the spring and summer.

3 Little Ways to Make Yourself at Home Right Now
Plant Lady Dish Towel Source

So even though we’ve been working outside a lot, I’ve also spent time thinking about the inside of our home, too. It’s hard not to, you know? Being here 24/7 has only magnified my desire to love where I live and make myself fully at home here in all the little ways I can.

3 Little Ways to Make Yourself at Home Right Now

Here are three ways to make yourself more at home, even while quarantined!

Rearrange spaces to get a new look.

Staying home more means I’ve had more of a desire to rearrange furniture. Using what you have is free and it’s almost immediately rewarding! Stay tuned to see my latest room rearranging in my dining room, I just brought in a piece of furniture last night, so as soon as I hang a few things I’ll show you what I’m up to.

3 Little Ways to Make Yourself at Home Right Now
Kitchen Details and Sources / Inspired Stripe Rug

Dream up projects for the future.

Spring is a time for refreshing your home. But I also think it’s important to our well-being to keep dreaming of the future, even when we can’t do all the things we want to do right now. It helps me to remember the old saying ‘this too shall pass.’ I love to dream up new remodeling ideas (did you see the window and door post? Be sure to enter the giveaway!).

I have so many ideas for adding more character to our home. It’s fun to peruse Instagram and Pinterest to find ideas to inspire you. It’s so fun to think about what room or project will be next!

Our kitchen, side yard and deck were our first major remodels in this house, and they really helped me to figure out what direction we would take this unassuming little house. Now that we have those projects to build from, I have so many more ideas in my mind! (Click here for a look back at our home improvements over the last few years if you’re new, and click here for our house tour!).

One of the upcoming projects we had actually scheduled to start on before Corona, but it had to be put it on hold indefinitely now. I promise to tell you what it was soon, along with some of the other ideas I have in my head :).

3 Little Ways to Make Yourself at Home Right Now

Envision, design and plant gardens!

The more time I spend staring at my yard, the more I’ve started envisioning ways to create several more garden areas (did you see my post on garden sheds?)

Not being able to leave the house to go grab flowers has inspired me to want a cutting garden that would bloom in spring! I’m looking for inspiration right now so I can envision the next phases of projects in my yard. I can’t wait to put together a garden design plan.

I love to make little bouquets out of the blooming trees we have (the camellias in my pitcher are fresh from our backyard!). I saw this plant lady dish towel when I was window shopping with my girls (before all this coronavirus craziness started!) and the next thing I knew I was at the counter purchasing it, ha! It spoke to me. Plants truly do uplift our spirits! (Dish towel source here).

3 Little Ways to Make Yourself at Home Right Now
Homebody Doormat / Navy Plaid Mat

Come back tomorrow to see the latest look for our side patio and back deck! I am LOVING how it turned out!

3 Little Ways to Make Yourself at Home Right Now
3 Little Ways to Make Yourself at Home Right Now

3 Little Ways to Make Yourself at Home Right Now
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  1. Michelle

    You always have uplifting words for everyone – & I always look forward to your blog & practical ideas during this health crisis.

    I too, enjoy being outdoors & making the most from our now downsized retirement life. It does make a difference. Stay healthy & safe😷

    • Linda Grubbs

      Thank you Melissa for your comforting and calming words.
      Something we can all use right now.
      I loved looking back over your past major remodeling jobs. You’ve come such a long way in your sweet home! Stay safe. 💜

  2. Karen

    Do you have a source for the cute plant lady towel in your kitchen?

  3. Sandy

    Beautiful. Clean, fresh and inviting.

  4. Amy

    Did your daughter ever do a reveal post after she moved back into the basement? I remember seeing some posts about preparing for her arrival, but we’d love to see her new lower level “home” and where you relocated your shared office to. Say hi to the puppies for me!!
    PS – I am really enjoying the FB groups you recently set up. It has been so fun to see other readers’ homes and exchange ideas together! Thank you for doing that on our behalf!

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