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Inspired By: Garden Sheds
Inspired By: Garden Sheds

One thing I’m excited to do this spring is create a pathway leading from our deck to the garden shed. And hey, since we might be hanging out at home for awhile, maybe we can get started on it while my college-aged son is home. :)

Inspired By: Garden Sheds

I’m picturing a curved pea gravel pathway. Wouldn’t that be cute? Next step could be landscaping around it and a full garden planted along side the path.

I also have dreams of turning this shed into a charming little potting shed, organized with garden tools…alas, I’m not sure that dream will come to fruition this year. Right now it’s a bit wild in there with Christmas decor and extra cushions, ha!

A gal can dream, right?

Our shed actually has had “first phase” makeover. In case you don’t remember what it looked like when we first moved in, here’s where she started:

Inspired By: Garden Sheds

Paint really is a miracle worker, yes?

Inspired By: Garden Sheds
French Country Cottage – Get her beautiful book here!

One of my all time favorite inspiration photos for my shed is from Courtney at French Country Cottage (above). The landscaping around it is my favorite!

Here are a couple more garden sheds that inspire me!

Inspired By: Garden Sheds
Unknown Source (anyone know it?)
Inspired By: Garden Sheds
Quote from my book Dwelling

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Inspired By: Garden Sheds

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  1. Christina

    This project looks amazing!!! I’ve tried and tried to landscape the front of our home and it always dies !! I need help! Lol
    Enjoy your day and be blessed!

  2. Linda Grubbs

    Great idea! It will transform that corner of your yard!! And knowing you … it will be beautiful! Keep us posted!

  3. Franki Parde

    “Ours” has seen several transformations from built on stilts with swing set underneath, moved to lake and a fort, kiddos grow, grandkiddos want playhouse, grandkiddos grow turned into garden shed…new slate roof, garden bench, copper wind vane…hammock on stilts…oh, oh…”almost” a complete circle (of love!) franki

  4. Liz

    It would be wonderful if you could include some raised beds or containers on the right side for flowers or veggies. Perhaps lower ones for herbs or perennial veggies and higher ones for greens, tomatoes, or whatever. I am looking forward to sowing some lettuce seeds along my front path – beautiful, green, and good to eat!

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