Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree

Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree

This year for the Michaels’ Dream Tree challenge, my girls and I decided to create a Winter Wonderland tree. Without using flocking or actual snow to make it wintry white, we filled the tree with lots of white fluffy pom poms, big sparkly white poinsettia flowers and fruit and glittery silver and gold ornaments to give the white effect we were after!

If you missed our shopping trip for the theme and tree ornaments, you can find it here.

We really had fun putting the tree together! We have plans to add at least one more Christmas tree this year, I just think it is fun to do more than one. Our favorite “tree tradition” is to go cut down our own fresh tree, so we are looking forward to that!

Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree

One of my favorite things about November is the gentle transitional time between Fall to Christmas. I still get to enjoy Fall, but I enjoy planning ahead to Christmas. While I still have plenty of time left to savor Fall and Thanksgiving, a little advance planning makes Christmas time all the sweeter.

I always seem to get a big burst of creative energy in early November. Do you?

I’m not sure why I do, but I guess it is the impending holidays (deadlines!) and the fun of nesting in colder weather that really motivates me to accomplish a lot around my house. It seems like every November I’m repainting and redecorating something! This year I’m working on decorating three rooms, or maybe four :-). I’ll update you in the upcoming days with my new projects :-).

While I was in a festive and glittery mood, I even did a quick holiday craft last night! I know! Look at me go! I made a Glittery Snow Candle, which you can find here along with instructions to put one together yourself! It was so easy and fun.

Here are some links to some fun and unique Christmas tree themes I’ve had in past years!

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Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree

Thanks for coming by to see my Winter Wonderland tree!

You can find the other bloggers participating Dream Trees soon on the Michaels Facebook Page! Each of the participants in this challenge was provided a pre-lit tree and a gift card to create their own dream tree. Need more ideas? Michaels Décor Guide has lots of tips and projects to make decorating your house more fun this year. You can see the online versiondownload a copy, or pick up one at your local Michaels! 


  1. Your white tree looks SO pretty and pure in your family room, Melissa. So lovely! I’m inspired and feel actually feel excited at the prospect of Christmas, thank you!

  2. I am into white these days, so I really like your white tree! My daughter has a white tree that she decorates with gold and silver. It’s really beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love your white tree! I’ve been doing a blue and silver tree for (way too) many years, and this inspires me to change it up! Love this look. Gorgeous room.

  4. In the middle of my nesting projects too – painting my daughter’s bedroom at the moment. Look forward to seeing your redecorating results :)

  5. Melissa….I really like the winter wonderland tree in your “new” family room. But, I must say that my eye was immediately drawn to the simple JOY letters which I’m guessing were embellished with Washi tape…yes? And the tall white jardiniere. That truly made my heart sing. ;) Oh…and the snowball garland is too much!! Several years ago I went to New Brunswick (road trip up and down the Maine coast and back to Buffalo) about this time of year and purchased a fuzzy snowball garland (a bit larger snowballs than yours and farther apart) there. It was a happy souvenir of our trip. It lead to my creating a snow tree, an ice tree, and even a whimsical snowman tree in different years.
    How does it feel to have your corner already decorated?
    Best wishes for An Extraordinary Day!!

  6. I love your winter wonderland tree! I did a mostly white tree last year. I usually don’t do themed trees since we only have room for one and it has the kids sentimental ornaments, but I’m reconsidering this year. I will still display the kids ornaments, but in a different way. I’m especially excited since we are getting our first real tree this year. Crossing my fingers it doesn’t wilt on us before Christmas!

    Seeing your living room just reminded me that I was inspired to turn my sofa to face the fireplace after reading about your new arrangement. It looks great and I’ve gotten so many compliments on it. Thanks! :)

  7. It has been fun today to see all the Christmas Trees bloggers are posting for the Michael’s challenge. It certainly gets you thinking about the season already. Your tree is just lovely.

  8. Ok, I seriously think we were meant to be best friends. I LOVE reading your posts about fall and CHRISTMAS!! It seriously gets me so excited and makes me incredibly happy. Since you are a fellow holiday lover, Is it socially unacceptable to go ahead and put my tree up?? I see you’ve done such a lovely job with yours! I need a good winning argument to convince my husband! haha!

  9. I love your winter wonderland tree! It reminds me of being in the woods with freshly fallen snow that is all sparkling and pristine. I call imagine smelling the fresh cold air, too, (sigh) even though I currently live in Gilbert, AZ (near Phoenix). I was born and grew up in NY and spent most of my life there.

  10. Oh doh!! I meant to type “I can imagine smelling the fresh cold air, too.” Sorry!!

  11. I have a nativity themed tree every year and I love it. It’s the true meaning of Christmas:)

  12. I will miss decorating our own tree this year since our home is being built. We will be helping our friends decorate for Christmas this year. I am going to collect some inspiration for next year in the new house. Thanks for some!!


  13. Your tree is beautiful! Although I am feeling a mix of impressed and depressed…is it time to decorate for Christmas already?!? I guess I will just enjoy yours until I get the urge/energy to break out my own!

  14. How did you make the garland?

  15. I love your tree. I think you did a wonderful job of having the winter wonderland theme. You didn’t even need to use snow for the theme. The way you have it is just perfect!!!

  16. It is beautiful! I love all the white. It is so magical :)

  17. It is truly stunning Melissa- I absolutely love the white pom pom garland!

  18. Love all your Christmas trees! Just the kick that I needed.

  19. Your tree is beautiful! I just went to the target Halloween clearance and saw all their Christmas…. I always wonder how people like you know exactly what’s coming in… Lots of their Christmas was white, fluffy winter wonderland. Made me think of you. Also can you tell me the stone used on your fireplace? I am picking out stone this very day!

  20. this is the first year my family won’t cut down a live tree :( LOVE the Christmas traditions but things change :) Your tree looks great!! :)

  21. Amy Huntley says

    I love all of the white on your tree! It looks so amazing! Great Job!

  22. Love! I added a flocked tree last year and it has become my favourite tree! I too, love November. I use this month to finish shopping, and decorate so that Dec is only about enjoying the season with no stress on ‘preparations’

  23. Such a pretty tree! I love what you girls pulled together to do a snow tree. Looks like you girls had so much fun!

  24. Beautiful!

  25. I’m glad other people put up their trees in November! My wife and I put up our tree the other day. All of our friends think we are crazy, but for me it just means we can enjoy it longer. Thanks for this post. Absolutely beautiful!

  26. Beautiful! Did you make the white garland or buy it?

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