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Life Lately: Easter with 4 Doodles

by | Apr 23, 2019 | Decorating Inspiration, Easter, Holidays, My Living Room, My Seattle House

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Life Lately: Easter with 4 Doodles

Hey Friends! I hope you had a wonderful Easter! We went to church as a family and then had all of the kids and dogs over (ha!) to our house for an Easter brunch.

It’s always a wild party with all the doodles here. :)

Life Lately: Easter with 4 Doodles

Courtney / Lance (Kylee’s husband) / Kylee / Luke / Doodles / Jack

Trying to get all of the dogs into one photo is a bit challenging if not impossible, but this method worked pretty well.

The pups look almost bigger than the kids!

Our dogs range from 30 pounds to 45 pounds, so they aren’t really as huge as they might appear. Especially Lily being held by Courtney (on the left). Courtney is just a petite girl, haha, and Lily looks like she was trying to escape.

You can see more of our doodles on their Instagram or Facebook page!

Life Lately: Easter with 4 Doodles

We had the simplest decor on the table this year. My vase was a HomeGoods find awhile back, but it is almost exactly like this one! I filled it with these pretty velvet flowers that feel oh so springy.

Life Lately: Easter with 4 Doodles

White Slipcovered Sofa 25% off right now!!! (I chose the deep 80 inch with warm white denim, more details here) / Striped Stool

It was a pretty relaxing day, other than any of the dog commotion. :)

Life Lately: Easter with 4 Doodles

Rattan Daybed Source / More daybeds here

I tried unsuccessfully to wrangle dogs so I could sit down and chat, ha!

Life Lately: Easter with 4 Doodles

Mostly the dogs just like to be the center of attention.

Life Lately: Easter with 4 Doodles

Rug source (behind Leo) / Rug Source (in front of Leo)

Life Lately: Easter with 4 Doodles

Similar Striped Placemats / Hammered Gold Flatware (similar)

To simplify our food prep this time, we ordered gluten-free vegan quiche from a local restaurant (Celest Cafe in Seattle) and baked it at home. It was delicious (but expensive)! The crust was yummy, too.

I need to find a good gluten-free vegan crust or a recipe (any suggestions?). I’m still learning how to navigate the fully gluten-free plant-eating life, although it hasn’t been quite as hard as I thought!

Life Lately: Easter with 4 Doodles

Kylee made this delicious salad with kale, arugula, radish, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion, avocado, basil, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds. She also made a dressing with olive oil, lemon, white wine vinegar, salt, Dijon mustard, and maple syrup. Mmmm.

Kylee always makes such yummy (plant-based) meals! If you follow her on Instagram, she often posts what she’s making on her stories.

Life Lately: Easter with 4 Doodles

Courtney made Maple-Sweetened Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp Recipe (gluten-free and vegan!). We served it with the vanilla bean non-dairy So Delicious coconut milk ice cream. Oh my goodness, the crisp was SOOOO good! It will definitely be a new traditional favorite. I would eat this every day if it was acceptable to do so.

Life Lately: Easter with 4 Doodles
Life Lately: Easter with 4 Doodles
Life Lately: Easter with 4 Doodles
Life Lately: Easter with 4 Doodles

After brunch the kids (and Jack) played a fun card game called Dixit. Such sweet times watching them play together.

Life Lately: Easter with 4 Doodles

Blue Rug Source

Life Lately: Easter with 4 Doodles

Dixit Card Game

Life Lately: Easter with 4 Doodles
Life Lately: Easter with 4 Doodles

Stone fireplace paint details / Round Gold Mirror

Life Lately: Easter with 4 Doodles
Life Lately: Easter with 4 Doodles
Life Lately: Easter with 4 Doodles
Life Lately: Easter with 4 Doodles

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you had a blessed Easter weekend and that you were surrounded by people (and pets) you love. :)

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  1. Jo Jo

    Happy Easter! You have such a beautiful family, Melissa! Thanks for sharing your day and family in pictures! I loved seeing them and your pups are the sweetest looking pups on the planet! Our Easter as spent with some members of our Church family ar our home. Our families couldn’t be here ( they all live in other states, so we celebrated with other members of God’s who were in the same boat. It was wonderful and Joyous Ressurectiin Day! ?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you! Sounds like a wonderful way to spend Easter! Happy Tuesday, Jo Jo!

  2. Sue Hitchcock

    What a beautiful family! You are so blessed:) and the pets, they seem like family too!:)
    And I love your home, I wish you could come and pull together my home… trying but it’s still a work in progress, learning from you and I thank you for that!
    Happy Easter Blessings to you and your family!

  3. franki

    You have a LOVELY FAMILY!! Easter sounded perfect!! franki

  4. Addie

    That is “oodles” of doodles!!!! They are so cute.
    Everything looked wonderful and all had a blessed time. May the meaning of Easter remain with all of us for longer then a weekend….Amen!!!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Amen, Addie! And thank you, oodles of doodles describes our clan perfectly, ha!! :)

  5. Linda

    What about a rug source for the rug in front of Leo?

  6. Richella J Parham

    Oh my goodness, Melissa–what fun photos! So glad you were able to spend Easter with your family. I’m guessing y’all never question the decision to move closer to your kids. What a blessing for you all to be together! But all those doodles. . . the icing on the cake! Absolutely precious.

    A wonderful Eastertide to you and yours!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you dear friend! We are so glad we moved closer….even with any challenges faced, we never questioned the blessings of it. It’s been a sweet time!

  7. Kari McMillan

    Everything is so adorable, family,doodles and your house!!

  8. Debbie - MountainMama

    What a gorgeous family – furry and not so furry included!! Happy Easter!

  9. Jan

    Love your stories and decorating ideas. Your family is beautiful. I also love your dogs. We have 4 – a Japanese Akita, Cocker Spanial, a mixed PitBull/Terrier and a chaweeie. All rescue and great buddies. So glad I signed up for your blog.

  10. Corinna - TheBohoAbode

    I’m always regularly inspired by the food Kylee shares on her Instagram. She’s unknowingly been encouraging me to try incorporating avocado into my diet. A vegan who doesn’t like avocado- I must be an anomaly! It’s always a joy seeing more plant-based meals being incorporated. Happy belated Easter!

  11. Su

    Love viewing your unique decorating
    We have the same large Pouf like the
    one in your LR. Same color in leather.
    And a beautiful addison in our room.🎃

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