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Fall Nesting for Holiday Entertaining {Loving Fall: Day 14}

by | Nov 18, 2014 | Decorating Inspiration, Entertaining, Fall Decorating, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining

Fall Nesting for Holiday Entertaining {Loving Fall: Day 14}

You know what I love about fall? NESTING. I know. Shocker, right? I especially love that it’s an extra cozy and festive time of the year for entertaining at home. I especially love nesting for a low key and simple get together around the holidays! I’m not a fancy party host at all, and I certainly don’t have all the rules of party etiquette down (we probably pass our food in the wrong direction and end up setting our drinking glasses on the wrong side of the plate, but somehow we manage to still have a good time!).

I really like to set up my house all pretty and plan out the events to welcome friends to have fun, relax and get to know each other.

Fall Nesting for Holiday Entertaining {Loving Fall: Day 14}

Creating a meaningful gathering makes opening my doors more fun for me, and I hope it makes it memorable for my guests too! This year I’ve been extra busy and distracted with book writing, but I still plan to host a few more get togethers. I’m always glad when I do!

Fall Nesting for Holiday Entertaining {Loving Fall: Day 14}

We love serving our favorite cranberry cider, too. It’s delicious and always makes the house smell amazing! If you missed the recipe, be sure to check it out in yesterday’s post! It’s fun to pull out all the seasonal recipes (have you tried my pumpkin squares yet? Last week I made it but instead of squares I put it in a loaf pan. JUST as YUMMY!) and fix up the house a bit with some holiday touches.

Fall Nesting for Holiday Entertaining {Loving Fall: Day 14}

Last Christmas we had fun decorating our house with pops of red. Red is so festive! This year I have other plans for our dining room holiday decor and colors, but I think it’s going to be just as fun. We’ve done so much rearranging of furniture and rooms this year, I’m looking forward to seeing how our Christmas decor all comes together. I LOVE this time of year.

Fall Nesting for Holiday Entertaining {Loving Fall: Day 14}

I enjoy thinking through the serving dishes I might use and how I could set the table. Recently I set up a little “hospitality cabinet” in the dining room so we will be more prepared to set tables for the holidays. You’ll see more of that in the dining room soon, we are settling it in by moving the mirror about it a bit and adding a little more decor the wall around it.

And speaking of our dining room and the table, this week we are going to give our old rickety table a fresh coat of white paint so it will be all clean and ready for whatever festivity we decide to host. Woo hoo! I’ve been wanting to refresh the paint on our table for a couple of years now.

Fall Nesting for Holiday Entertaining {Loving Fall: Day 14}

Those are some of the pre-Christmas rituals I really enjoy. I love the simple pleasures of enjoying a clean house, setting up the dishes and freshening up the decor! It’s so much to be nesting and fluffing up the house so we are all ready to welcome friends and family and to celebrate the reason for the season.

Besides the holiday decor, the traditions and the good company, I just love the little things like having all the candles lit, good music and tasty food.

Fall Nesting for Holiday Entertaining {Loving Fall: Day 14}

I have several serving/decor items that are perfect for entertaining any time of the year and they end up being my go-to favorites. I don’t really have much in the way of holiday themed dishes or seasonal serving pieces, I just don’t have room to store it all (although I love having a few little seasonal appetizer or dessert plates!).

Many of you had asked me about our white wood tray in the entry with the plush pumpkins a few weeks ago, it’s from Mary & Martha. It’s a favorite all year round because it can hold just about any decor and make it feel special and put together. You can see the tray below, with some of my favorite chunky white candlesticks, also from Mary & Martha.

Fall Nesting for Holiday Entertaining {Loving Fall: Day 14}

Fall Nesting for Holiday Entertaining {Loving Fall: Day 14}

Fall Nesting for Holiday Entertaining {Loving Fall: Day 14}

The beautiful hand blown glass lanterns you might have seen in my house are also from Mary & Martha as is the chalkboard tray, above, and the blue ruffled edge dishes in my open shelves in the kitchen picture. All some of my favorite versatile pieces to enjoy day to day ourselves or to use for parties at our house.

Fall Nesting for Holiday Entertaining {Loving Fall: Day 14}

I put the glass lanterns all over my house, I think they are so pretty! You can use them in different ways too, maybe try floating candles in water or filling the base with pebbles to change up the look.

Fall Nesting for Holiday Entertaining {Loving Fall: Day 14}

Since I have quite a few Mary & Martha items in my home and get asked about them all the time, I thought you’d enjoy a surprise Mary & Martha giveaway today! YAY! One lucky winner will receive the following gifts from Mary & Martha: the & tray, the set of mugs with tray, and a hand blown medium glass lantern!

***This giveaway is now closed!*** All you have to do to enter is leave a comment. If you want to shop, you can do so via this link to Mary & Martha.

This giveaway is sponsored by Mary and Martha.

Fall Nesting for Holiday Entertaining {Loving Fall: Day 14}

I wish this was a photo of my house (above) but alas, it is not. But isn’t it cute? Besides the cute room, I love all the unique dishes and that chalkboard sign. Mary & Martha has so many neat items for meaningful entertaining and hospitality, be sure to check it out! They also have a home based business opportunity that would be pretty fun! Who doesn’t enjoy pretty things?

Fall Nesting for Holiday Entertaining {Loving Fall: Day 14}


  1. Laura

    Melissa, thank you for sharing your home decor inspirations with us. You have such a keen sense of how to make your living space warm and welcoming. I adore the blown glass lanterns; they have such a rustic charm and add more dimension to a table top display. Bravo!

    • Nicole

      Beautiful items! Thank you for the chance to win. =)

  2. Cindy R

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  3. Kim

    What a great giveaway! Melissa, I can’t wait to see what you will do with your house for Christmas this year!

  4. Char

    My morning ritual starts with a cup of coffee and the Inspired Room. I love the way you are able to take simple things and create a warm and inviting space. The lanterns are beautiful and so versatile.

  5. Marilynn

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    I love reading your cozy blog :) Thanks for sharing about Mary and Martha – what a neat site. I am always looking for a little something-something for entertaining!

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    Your cranberry cider drink has me in the mood for an informal gathering! Thanks for the inspiration! I’ll take a “Mary” approach to the party, instead of a “Martha” approach, and keep the focus where it belongs!

  9. Lisa

    Your home looks amazing! And I can’t wait to make your cranberry cider!

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  15. Mary Spring

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    I love all of the natural elements used such as the greenery. It makes a huge impact with such simplicity! I’ve noticed lately that the new trend it to have a coffee/tea station setup in your kitchen or dining room. I’ve been thinking about making a designated area for my Keurig and K-cups. That tray with the coffee cups would be perfect for that spot! Thanks for sharing.

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    These are a few of my favorite things, not only part of a song but the season ! Your blog is fantastic, informative and just plain fun to read. I have recently re-invented my living room. Went from Victorian style to a more fun, easy flow style. Warm, comfy, not so stuffy. I even used a drop cloth for the slip cover on my couch. Looks just like the high end covers and only cost 12.00 at the local big box store. It is fun to search and find the things that make you feel good as well as save some money along the way. Have a great holiday season !!

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    Melissa, I’ve just found your blog – a great inspiration for me! I’m such a simplist that although I love to create, I’ve always hated “decorating”. Well, it turns out that my poor husband and children can’t take any more of it, so I’m delving into the experiment of what might happen if I try to make the home beautiful while sticking to my needs of keeping it simple, authentic, and livable – starting with the holidays. One practical question: where on earth does all your “real life” stuff go? For example: in our turn of the century home, we have old built-in shelves in our living room (awesome!), which I want to use for beautiful displays, but I end up squeezing in kids books, reference books, dvds… you know, it ends up junky with things getting stacked there. We love our old house, but we have little built in storage and can’t currently invest in storage furniture. Any suggestions?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hi Julie! I would say to invest in baskets with lids and collect more as you can. Take the real life stuff you don’t want to see and organize it in the lidded baskets. Then let the other real life stuff that are attractive like books and pretty things you use out on display! I have written several posts about “every day on display” and using baskets for organizing, perhaps you’ll be able to get some inspiration from them! I have several books coming out next year that I hope will help inspire you too. :-)

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      Thank you! They were from World Market a few years back, but sadly I don’t see them in stock anymore!

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  279. Devon

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