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Around the House - 4th of July

I was just uploading some phone photos from the 4th of July and thought I might was well share them on the blog for the memories, you know?

This shot of Jack in the Dutch door was spontaneous, he used to be so hesitant to jump up on the door but he does it all by himself now!

Around the House - 4th of July
Similar Wingback Outdoor Chairs / Our White Gate

I had just trimmed back my climbing roses, they were FILLED with roses a couple of weeks ago! We got it all trimmed up and ready for another set of blooms. They’ve done so well against the fence! I might add another trellis next year. Same with the Star Jasmine on the other side!

This is always my favorite spot in the mornings! You can see the water, but it’s still a bit shaded from the sun. Do you see that wild vine on my porch? I had no idea what it was at first, it started growing in a random spot so I put it in that pot. Turns out it’s a honeysuckle. It outgrew the little trellis I had in the pot!

Around the House - 4th of July
Click for Stripe Rug Source – My Annie Selke Rug Design!

Jack loves wearing his bandana. LOL!

Around the House - 4th of July
Farmhouse Sink / Brass Faucet / Wall Sconces / All Kitchen Sources

Our hydrangeas have been blooming all over our yard. We have lots of blue hydrangea and a white one. It’s been so fun cutting them and making bouquets for the house. Of course, I had to do the blogger thing and put them in the sink to take their photo. Haha.

Around the House - 4th of July
Around the House - 4th of July
Around the House - 4th of July
Similar Blue & White Cafe Chairs / Similar Woven Chairs: One, Two, Three

We still LOVE our Trex deck! Lily does, too. It’s been such a wonderful addition to our home. We’ve been spending more time out here than ever, now that we are always home :).

Speaking of being home, stay tuned next week because I want to talk about our interior floor plan and a few ideas I’ve been having :).

Around the House - 4th of July

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  1. Eileen

    Your dog is a scene stealer!!! Photos are wonderful!!

  2. Barbara C.

    Such a beautiful, cozy home! Thank you for sharing photos.

  3. Edie

    Wonderful, wonderful!

  4. Dueley Lucas

    Beautiful! Love your style! Love the dog!

  5. Laurie

    Happy 200! Love what you do

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