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The Cleaning Tool I Didn’t Know I Desperately Needed for My Kitchen and Bathroom!

by | Mar 27, 2021 | clean + simple, Decorating Inspiration, feature, My Kitchen, My Seattle House

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One summer twenty one years ago, just a few weeks after I had given birth to our son, a vacuum cleaner sales guy stopped by. I was so tired that I didn’t have the energy to say I wasn’t interested so I invited him in for a demonstration. WOW! I had no idea a vacuum could clean so well, hahah. Was I just delirious from sleep deprivation? Maybe, but I was sold. I bought our Kirby vacuum that day.

I’ll never forget the look on my husband’s face when he saw what I had purchased for $1,000. I tried to justify it to him my reciting all of the bells and whistles, but he wasn’t convinced. Yet, he eventually fell in love with that vacuum and it became the standard by which we still judge every other vacuum. In fact, we STILL have that vacuum! I’d say it was worth every penny!

Recently my daughter Kylee came by to show me her fun cleaning tool, a spray mop. It reminded me of the day I saw our Kirby in action, although she wasn’t selling mops! Ha! She just wanted to show it to me because she loved it so much. I loved it, too! Before she even left, I ordered my own on the spot! Let me explain why!

(Buy the steamer mop here!)

Even though I’m obviously a sucker for a good cleaning tool, I’m NOT obsessed with cleaning or perfectionism. I like what I call a “clean enough” house. Our house is never perfect because we LIVE here, but a clean enough house makes life so much happier and less stressful for me! I don’t want to always be cleaning, so I try my best when I do a home remodel or invest in a decorating or furnishing purchase to make sure the choice will be easy enough to live with as possible.

Sometimes I’ll sacrifice ease of care a little for the look (I have a white slipcovered sofa, for example!) but I always weigh my decisions carefully as far as what lifestyle commitment comes with that choice. If I love it enough, and as long as it’s relatively doable to clean (like slipcovers), I will go ahead and get it.

The floors in my kitchen have been AMAZING for our high traffic walk through small galley kitchen. They hold up beautifully to all the abuse, wear and tear. We chose our tile for that very reason, I didn’t want to have to baby these floors or clean them all the time. We have our two dogs and two fur cousins who visit, so it had to be pet proof.

Years after we installed them, I am thrilled with our choice. They are pretty, but also so easy to maintain. Honestly, I rarely notice when our floors need to be washed. That’s good … and yet ….can be bad… LOL! That’s why I realized I would put this mop to good use. My floors are really good at disguising housework I should probably do. I never find it “hard” to keep a white kitchen clean because you can see what needs to be cleaned and take care of it so it always feels fresh and stays that way!

But floors are different, in my opinion. I definitely don’t want to walk on crunchy floors, so we keep them swept and clean up obvious spills right away. But like I said, my floors are good at hiding dirt so you really don’t have to clean them constantly for the floors to look clean as you walk through, at least at a glance. :) That’s the type of floors I like!

Anyway, Kylee was telling me one day how she cleans her tile and grout in her bathroom and I knew I needed to see it for myself so I invited her over to show it to me!

The Cleaning Tool I Didn't Know I Desperately Needed for My Kitchen and Bathroom!

I wanted to see this miracle cleaning tool for myself. She showed me the attachments and did a little demonstration of how it could clean my grout. I was shocked! How come I didn’t know I needed this? Even though we mop our floor and I think of them as pretty clean, the steam cleaner was pulling up dirt from the grout I didn’t even know we had! Like I said, hiding dirt is good….but also bad.

I was SO EXCITED by how easy it is and how well it worked that I ordered my own steamer immediately. I got this spray steamer, The spray mop I ordered is slightly different since hers wasn’t available, but it’s very similar!

Buy the steamer mop here.

Watch a short video below of the steamer in action.

The Cleaning Tool I Didn't Know I Desperately Needed for My Kitchen and Bathroom!

Another thing I love about using the mop is it’s a toxin-free cleaning tool. We use Thieves Household Cleaner at our house because I don’t want to bring in toxic fumes that harm us as we are trying to “clean” our home! It’s all we need! It’s my favorite all purpose cleaner — it’s so simple to clean your floors (and everything else) with Thieves. Just spray the floor with the cleaner (it’s a concentrate so you just use a capful in a spray bottle of water) and steam mop for a deep clean. You can keep your tile, tubs and showers sparkling clean without any toxic fumes!

Here are the details on how to get Thieves Cleaner (and other toxin-free products) at the best price here.

Buy the steamer spray mop here.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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The Cleaning Tool I Didn't Know I Desperately Needed for My Kitchen and Bathroom!

The Cleaning Tool I Didn't Know I Desperately Needed for My Kitchen and Bathroom!
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