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If I Lived Here: Maine Cottage by the Sea

by | May 14, 2019 | Decorating Inspiration, If I lived here...

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If I Lived Here: Maine Cottage by the Sea

House Beautiful

If I Lived Here: Maine Cottage by the Sea

If I lived here in this charming cottage by the sea…I’d keep the windows open so I could smell the salty breeze blowing through the house. I’d read a lot of mystery books and spend lazy afternoons roaming second hand stores for little treasures.

If I Lived Here: Maine Cottage by the Sea
If I Lived Here: Maine Cottage by the Sea
If I Lived Here: Maine Cottage by the Sea
If I Lived Here: Maine Cottage by the Sea
If I Lived Here: Maine Cottage by the Sea
If I Lived Here: Maine Cottage by the Sea

I’d for sure sit on one of these adirondack chairs to watch the sparkles on the waves with my morning coffee. I’d definitely invite you over, too! Wouldn’t that be fun? :)

Now it’s your turn to dream a little…what would life be like if YOU lived HERE?

You can see more of this charming cottage over on House Beautiful!

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  1. tammy

    I have really enjoyed the mystery series by Charles Finch!!! Great writing takes place in 1800’s England :-)!!! I would say I would enjoy coffee and fishin at that cottage. And lots of open door hospitality <3!!!!! And quiet nights <3!!!

  2. Mary

    Oh my, that is definitely an idyllic location! I love everything about it!

  3. Franki

    If it wasn’t cold… Our lake cabin/cottage is very similar… Retirement rocks!! franki

  4. Pat M.

    I would fill the little ledges/shelves I see everywhere in that house with my most precious of artifacts and souvenirs. And I would probably stay so long on that deck overlooking the ocean that I would freeze in place. Such a lovely place…..

  5. Vicki

    This is beautiful! I would love to have a vacation home like this❤️. I would also love visiting thrift and antique shops, reading, listening to oldies music, baking, fishing, and playing games with my family.

  6. Jo Jo

    I think I would do the same as what you mentioned! I love living near the sea! Though our home is 5 miles from the beach, we do enjoy the atmosphere of living so close! Walking the beach at all times of the year is a favorite! Looking for sea glass and shells, breathing salty air! ❤️ Love the interior of the home you are showing and I must say your current home is styled very similar! You should easily be able to live this dream in your your current home. ?❤️

  7. Kristen

    Have you ever read Ann Morrow Lindburgh’s book The Gift of the Sea? She lived in an isolated cabin on the coast of Maine.

  8. Claire

    This is a lovely house, but not a cottage. Our friends live on an island in Maine in a cottage, which is actually 1/2 the size of this house. Nice and cozy and not far from the water. Nice people, lovely shops, good fishing, and lovely weather. It would be a lovely place to retire.

  9. Terri

    I would probably have my groceries delivered… and just stay put…enjoying that amazing setting ………….. How beautiful !!!!

  10. Michele M.

    If I lived there I am certain they’d have to pick me up and carry me out – either kicking and screaming and cold and stiff – cuz I don’t think I’d ever want to leave. Oh, except from Oct-April. I’d then be at my other dream place in Arizona. : – )

    Dreams aren’t for the weak hearted haha!!
    Great post, thank you for sharing that awesomeness!

  11. Toni Cerezo

    This is beautiful! If I lived there I would never get any work done, I”d live out on the deck and haunt antique shops.Send more pictures of places like that, so we can all dream. Fascinating!

  12. will

    The only reason i wouldn’t want to live here is, nobody would ever be able to get me to leave the amazing deck / view! Great job on the photos ,i would love to own a house with similar view!

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