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Hang the Art | Fall Nesting
New England Home | Interior design: Lisa Tharp, Lisa Tharp Design | Photo Michael J. Lee

Here’s our Fall Nesting tip for the day.

Hang the art.

Houses with art that reflects the personality and story of the family who lives there will feel warm, lived in, loved.

That’s what we want for our fall home, yes?

So go ahead. Hang art. Lean it. Tack it up somewhere.

Don’t overthink it.

Don’t overcomplicate it.

Hang the Art | Fall Nesting
Southern Living | Styling: Liz Strong Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

It doesn’t have to be fancy art.

Your art doesn’t have to be professionally framed.

Print and frame your family photos!

Show off art from travels (if you don’t have anything, find something online that reminds you of a special trip that you could order or even something you could print to frame!).

Go on an art treasure hunt this fall! Gather little quotes or pieces of art that will inspire you and hang them where you’ll see them when you need a boost.

Hang the Art | Fall Nesting
Southern Living | Styling: Liz Strong Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Tuck art into unexpected spots or random nooks around the house.

Create a gallery wall of memories.

Put art on a ledge so you can change it on a whim.

Hang prints on on a cork board.

Just hang the art, and watch how much personal, cozier and more welcoming your house becomes!

Share the art in your home, tag me on social media so we can all see (@theinspiredroom and #fallnesting).

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If I opened up a Facebook group for y’all to show your home and fall nesting ideas with each other, would anyone have fun with that? Let me know! If there’s enough interest, I’ll think about doing that! I’d love to see what you’re up to. Our Home Love Stories site was having tech trouble so we are dreaming up an improved way to let y’all share with each other!

Hang the Art | Fall Nesting

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  1. Bonnie Stoltzfoos

    I would be interested in the Facebook group! This tip is so needed… haha I have left so many frames sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall waiting to maybe be hung. :)

  2. JoAnn

    Love the big piece with the bird, talk about a statement!

  3. Melanie Plumb

    I would be interested in the Facebook group! It might motivate me to get a few more things done :)

  4. Francesca Gunn

    I would love a FB group

  5. Carol

    The more ideas the better! I’m in!

  6. jen s

    I would love to join the FB group! I have 2 gallery walls – 1 in the master and 1 in our living room. I am still collecting art to finish the one in the master so it is a work in progress. I also like to be able to switch out art for the different seasons.

  7. Brittany Romero

    I love the 3M hanging strips. They even have larger ones that hold up to 16 lbs! They make the commitment a little less scary. :) I think a facebook group would be fun!

  8. Paige

    You’re so right. But I DO overthink it! I want just the right thing and then end up without putting up anything. It’s that old perfectionist tendency of mine. Right now I’m looking for a print to hang up high in a space above my kitchen cabinets. I’ll find it eventually, and it the search is part of the fun. But I’ll try not to overthink it. Lol

  9. Kathy

    Facebook group is a great idea!

  10. Rachelle MUNCEY Rodriguez

    A FB group would be awesome!

  11. Isabel Z

    I am not on Facebook but if I were, I would be interested.

  12. Helene

    I love the gallery type wall Shown in your first picture, the New England Home picture….but I have had such a difficult time trying to get several pictures spaced evenly like that, and if anything is off, it drives me crazy!

  13. Alissa

    I love changing out my art to welcome in a new season!

  14. Rachel

    It’s been two years since my family made an out of state move and my walls are still mostly empty. Several rooms have art on the floor leaning against the wall just waiting. I’m going to add hanging art to my list of things to do to cozy my home for Fall (and beyond).

  15. Mercedes

    Very good advice

  16. Patty

    I hung art in our bathroom the other day and love looking at a fun piece in there.

  17. Kim

    Facebook page. Please! Beautiful post with tons of inspiration.

  18. Alexandra S.

    Yes, FB would definitely work. I check FB most days, even when email is overlooked. I have some great prints from a recent trip to Italy, they are leaning on kitchen counter, to remind me of the amazingly beautiful countryside!

  19. Karen Aldrich

    Yes, a face book group would be fun!!

  20. Lorraine Johnson

    “Don’t over think it” I need to repeat that over and over again to remind myself to just have fun while nesting!!

  21. Pamela Archer

    A Facebook group would be a wonderful option for sharing ideas.
    We are repainting currently and it’s the perfect opportunity to re-arrange our art. Thanks for sharing your tips and motivation!

  22. Kim

    I don’t have Facebook, but might consider it if you do something like that. Would be fun! Love all the art. All of my walls have been painted this year so I’ve been picky about what went back up! Responding to yesterday’s comments…I can’t wait to see what you decided to do with your fireplace!

  23. Carolyn

    I have used coloring book pages as art. I copy them onto watercolor paper for a more professional look, and color them with watercolor pencils and blender pens. Place in a simple frame for an inexpensive way to display your creativity! A great “nesting” activity during the cooler months.

  24. HeatherB

    I’m more than halfway through the book! It’s so fun…I’m really enjoying it. Would be done already, but, you know, LIFE :)

  25. Dr.Amrita Basu

    The facegroup sounds interesting but fb is often unproductive.Why not something like the houzz site?Just a thought.Need to hang the art.

  26. Pat Tingwall

    I always love reading your blogs and have gotten many decorating ideas for my home from them and your books. I would love a Facebook group for all your readers to share their ideas. Thank you for considering this for us!


  27. Mary Stewart

    I’d love to join in on Facebook!

  28. Leslie W

    I like a gallery wall in just about any room and I’ve found the trick to even spacing is using paper first cut to the sizes of the artwork you’re hanging. You just apply it with poster putty and you can even mark the nail holes for even more precise hanging. It also allows me to reposition it several times with no damage to the walls.

  29. Lila Piercey

    I hang art in my bathrooms-why not!!

  30. Harriet

    Not interested in a Facebook group – too much social media already, but if you start one, I’ll just not participate. I don’t want to prevent others from the opportunity.

  31. Samantha

    I would be interested in a Facebook group. It would be fun to see how others decorate their homes.

  32. maureen

    I love the memories that are put in all different places of a home.

    I am not on Facebook.

  33. Amy

    Yes to closed FB group that you would have to request admission to. I would love that! Sometimes I would like to show “you guys” the #fallnesting ideas but I don’t need/want all the people I am friends with on FB to see all that stuff. Regarding the art, I know you have mentioned before how part of making your house your own, is to choose art and objects that have actual meaning to you. I have taken that advice to heart and it does make a big difference in loving my home. Now we just moved into a brand new house and the art I had at my last house doesn’t fit the new style of decorating I have gone with at the new house, so I am struggling to find new art to frame that works with the new style but is still meaningful. Like abstracts or geometric art – not meaningful at all, but they are constantly featured in modern/MCM decor styles. It will be a process, but I am feeling a little pressure from all the bare walls still after 6 months.

  34. Debra

    We moved into a new townhome almost a year ago and it took us FOREVER to hang anything on the walls! (Well, about 5 months!!) We were so afraid to make that first nailhole, but once we did, we were on a roll and it really “cozied” everything up. Just do it!

  35. Christine

    I love the unconventional areas that art is placed or hung in this post. It gives me ideas. I have some in my closet so I see it when I open the doors and some in the bathroom, too.

  36. Leigh

    Yes I would be very interested in a fb group like that! Sounds so fun.

  37. Babette

    That would be fun and awesome!!

  38. Susan

    I agree, the art we hang on our walls represents us in some way or another, there must be a reason we are drawn to certain types of art, images, prints, etc… It really does cozy up the house.

  39. sandyc

    I’m not on FB either – TMI (too much info) that I have no interest in (same with Instagram); however, with Amy, I’d consider joining a focused group where we could “work on” issues we have in common at the time. I always read all the comments every time you post and it’s very satisfying at times to be able to offer a suggestion to someone else as well as get extra inspiration in addition to the always inspiration you give us. On today’s subject, I am in fact working with a half vaulted wall in the living room where a typical gallery wall won’t work because I have a large (over the couch – which I don’t have) painting which is the focal point of the room and everything else on the gallery wall needs to be in harmony.
    Currently thinking on a rail above the large painting where I could stand some smaller color-coordinated pieces which would fill in some of the bare space above the large piece but not compete or distract from it. If I can figure out a way to mock it up, I’ll send it in.

    As far as the tips go, I think sometime maybe “overthinking” gets confused with simply not finding a piece that speaks to you or being afraid to listen when it does because it’s outside the box. I’ve learned from you, Melissa, to relish working outside the box. The big issue for me is how to actualize it; in this case, how to hang the dang stuff when you are vertically challenged and on your own. Loved the photos.

    AND GOT MY BOOK TODAY! It looks so rich and the fun begins this evening.

  40. Lori Griffen

    Yes, yes, yes for the Facebook group – please!

  41. Veronica Nightingale

    I have a family gallery on my dining room wall
    I used to have it where you do but my home now is all on one floor

  42. Ann C

    I like the idea of FB. I can’t figure out Instagram. Guess I need a visit from one of my granddaughters.
    I found two old paint by number pictures my dad painted back in the fifties. Both are fall pics one with a covered bridge & one with a Mill with the old water wheel. I have them with some faux sunflowers & a metal leaf branch.

  43. Angela G.

    We have so much on the walls that I have no walls on which to do my upper back stretches for PT. But it’s worth it. Love photos. Love art. Love changing out art in frames every month. Also love message boards and change those out every month.

  44. Jeannie Maschino

    I have two beautiful bird photographs by an area photographer that I finally framed. Now I need to find the perfect place for them! I’m all for a private Facebook group. That would be fun!

  45. Karina C.

    I like your Facebook idea.

  46. Renee

    Hanging the art isn’t difficult for me, but finding meaningful pieces is the hardest! There’s nothing better than rounding a corner in a shop and seeing something perfect to bring home. It doesn’t happen often, but knowing something is perfect is always instantaneous.

  47. Beth

    I love art! I have a stash of art that I enjoy rotating in and out whenever i need a change. Right now I am itching to get some new pieces to add. Maybe even create something myself!?

  48. Kelly

    I have the opposite problem — not enough walls. Must curate!

  49. Patty

    I think the FB page is a great idea!

  50. Dee

    Make it closed FB group. Avoid the trolls or anyone that wants to go off topic. Simple and cleaner.

  51. Laurie

    Yes to the Facebook group!

  52. Jo Jo

    I’d love to see what every one is doing with their fall nesting in their homes in FB if you were to create a page for that, Melissa! ?❤️

  53. Julie

    I would love to see a Facebook group!

  54. Lorrie

    I painted my living room about a month ago and the walls are still bare. I’m definitely overthinking where to hang the art. This weekend…

  55. Tami Tygart

    I would love a site to share pics!

  56. Shari

    I think art is so important in a home. We have several original pieces that I love, but I also love our family photos on the wall. Artwork brings a home to life!

  57. Amanda

    I do like the free Audobon prints you can get. I have one in our room and one in my daughter’s.

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