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Hospitality and Joy Are Not Cancelled – Decorate Your Front Porch!

by | Sep 21, 2020 | Decorating Inspiration, Fall Decorating, Fall Nesting 2020, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining

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Hospitality and Joy Are Not Cancelled - Decorate Your Front Porch!

I was reading a thread on our local neighborhood app about whether or not people in our area were planning on decorating their front porch this fall. Some neighbors said they just weren’t feeling it this year, it just didn’t seem to be worth the effort. I get it. It’s easy to lose heart with all the circumstances around us, or to get so overwhelmed by the chaos around us that we just feel like retreating into our homes and turning the porch light off.

But what touched me was how many neighbors popped on to say YES, they were absolutely going to decorate their porch and make it as festive as they could! They wanted to decorate their porches for the kids and to bring some much needed joy to the community.

I love that perspective.

Maybe by keeping the porch light on and a welcome mat at the door we can remind ourselves and community that people and hospitality still matter.

Maybe by bringing creativity to our porches we can show ourselves, our kids and our neighborhood that joy isn’t cancelled.

+ + + + + + + +

I can’t wait to bring a festive fall look to my lantern by my front door, you can see my spring lantern here!

Photo at top: Terrain (wreath source)

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Hospitality and Joy Are Not Cancelled - Decorate Your Front Porch!

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Hospitality and Joy Are Not Cancelled - Decorate Your Front Porch!

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  1. A spirit of simplicity

    We will certainly be decorating our front porch for Autumn! We live in a small town on the water in Massachusetts and we have unite a few people who walk. It’s cheery to see all the homes decorated for the season.

  2. Nancy Meehan

    I love the wreath from Terrain. However if you read the fine print it says indoor use only. It is deceiving having it on a front door. I did contact them and they said it is best to use it indoors.

  3. Su

    Tomorrow is the first day of Fall and our pretty Fall wreath is displayed on our Front door. Our three year gran daughter will help me arrange our velvet pumpkins in groups through out our home. Waiting for her Nursery school to open soon.

    Love to see the Fall decor on our neighbors front doors.

    Will be arranging some beautiful mums on our front porch. Our hibiscus are still in bloom in our front garden.

    Enjoy the fall season. Hope the skies are clearing up in your area

  4. Michele M.

    Absolutely! Have already, in fact! :-)

    I do it for us if nothing else. We all welcome a respite from the horrendous humidity and heat –
    welcoming fall and it’s splendor with open arms!

  5. Debbie Keith

    I LOVE the title of this post!! LOL it did my soul so much good. You know me, after all these years of counting down the days till your Fall Nesting series comes ’round once more, I’m slowly making little fall additions here and there and soaking it all up. Thank you for all the inspiration. :)

  6. Jo Oneal

    I helped my 87 year old mom decorate her little porch and her apartment in her senior community today. When I was leaving, my 91 year old dad was enjoying the porch while having his afternoon decaf pumpkin spice coffee! We really enjoy putting out our seasonal decor and so thankful that we can still do this together.

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