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The Most Regrettable Decorating Mistake You Can Make

by | Sep 29, 2020 | Decorating Inspiration, Fall Nesting 2020, Finding your style, Style Tips

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The Most Regrettable Decorating Mistake You Can Make

There are plenty of opportunities to make mistakes in life. And yes, many that *could* be made while decorating your home.

Maybe you’ve made a few blunders yourself! I know I have.

So what is the most regrettable decorating mistake you’ve ever made?

Painting a room the wrong color?
Ordering a sofa that is too big or too small for your intended room?
Buying a free standing cabinet that won’t fit up the stairs?

So many possibilities.

I happen to think one of the most regrettable mistakes we can make in our own home is simply not following our heart.

Maybe we aren’t inspired in our home because we:

  • worry too much about what others will think of our choices.
  • followed the style or advice of someone else and chose things that didn’t really speak to us.
  • make choices for our room based on what we think is the safest option
  • fear making a mistake
  • don’t know how to pull together what speaks to us.
  • stay paralyzed or stuck in a rut and don’t make changes at all.
The Most Regrettable Decorating Mistake You Can Make

When we make decisions based on peer-pressure, fear or worry, our home probably doesn’t speak to our heart.

Sure, even when we follow our heart it’s possible to make mistakes. And maybe lots of them! Hahah! BUT THAT IS OK! Most design mistakes aren’t fatal. PRAISE HANDS! Having fun with our home and trying things is how we can discover what works for us, what we love and what speaks to us. Mistakes could cost money, so definitely on major purchases, it’s wise to give it some good thought before you place an order. But most mistakes are not impossible to correct, so don’t fear!

Oftentimes misstep turns into a happy accident. Mistakes can give us the opportunity to get creative or try something unexpected that we end up loving even more than our original idea.

Taking a risk or trying something different can lead us to have a home that speaks deeply to us.

When we put our heart and soul into being creative and not worrying so much, it brings us more JOY.

A home you love takes time, but let it be an enjoyable process.

A home that sparks more joy and connection is worth taking a risk on, don’t you think?

A couple of things for you today:

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The Most Regrettable Decorating Mistake You Can Make

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What are some decorating mistakes you’ve made? Did any of them turn into a happy accident? I want to know!

PS. I’ll share a happy decorating story with you in a week or so, it was an unexpected situation but but I LOVE IT!

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  1. Sandra Speer

    Yes please send me the YL recIpes!

  2. Michelle

    One of the things I’ve learned to do is “sit” with a space. Let it speak to me. I no longer rush out and purchase something to fill a void. I have patience.

    For example, my roommate just purchased a rather large wall sculpture. It’s very cool but needs to be shown off properly. In addition, I don’t want the room to look too cluttered – nor do I want it to compete with other items in the same space.

    So we wait for that “AHA” moment…

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Yes! We can get in such a rush that we make hasty regrettable choices. I’m often a slow decision maker because I like to feel inspired rather than be rushed. Conversely I can also be an over thinker. Somewhere there’s a good balance!

  3. Robin Terrell

    I’m a YL member and didn’t get the fall recipes. Could you please send some my way? Thanks!

  4. Kelsey Ensz

    I love this. I think the biggest mistake that one can make is not to try. I inherited an old-fashioned vantique commode. My style is more colorful mid-century modern. I had a choice to make. I sat with this commode in my house for 20 years and have never really liked it. I didn’t necessarily want to get rid of it because it’s a family piece. But I didn’t love it how it is. My husband’s grandmother had stripped the entire piece and it was ready to be finished. So, on a whim, I used some leftover spray paint and painted the fronts of the doors & cupboards and handles. Although it still is not a mid-century modern piece, it’s definitely more fun and I love it. I don’t know why I didn’t do this 20 years earlier!

  5. m

    Can you please tell me the source of the first picture on this page (with the wood ceiling and stone fireplace). Thank you

  6. Sheri Nelson

    I never ever let another decide on how I decorate my home! My home is my sanctuary and in it is all the things I love. My favorites are a collection of broches from my family and a crochet picture of two little naked boys picking apples that my grandmother made 60+ years ago. I have things from my world travels decorating my space, it allows me to recall wonderful memories everywhere in my home. My decorating style may not suit most people but it suits me! Although there is one thing that I regret, I wish I had purchased and Alpenhorn when I was in Switzerland!!!!

  7. Julie Gold

    Can I get the recipe cards

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