My House So Far

My House So Far

I‘m looking forward to the next projects around my house, but before I press forward it is helpful to me to step back and remember how much progress I’ve already made! We’ve lived in this house for five years now. I’m slowly but surely transforming my house into a home I love.  Today I’m sharing a few highlighted projects around my home from the past couple of years! If you are new (as so many of my readers are each month! WELCOME!) you can catch up on some of what you’ve missed. Even if you are a regular you can refresh your memory and maybe revisit a project or room! I still have a long ways to go, but it’s been fun to see the house evolve.

My House So Far

FYI, I’m curating a Joss & Main sale next week starting on Tax Day (for those of us who have businesses and wait until the last possible second to file, heh!) 4/15 at 9pm EST through 4/22 at 9pm EST, so be sure to put it on your calendar! It won’t go live until the 15th, but you can use this link to sign up so you’ll be ready when the sale begins! ***Sale is now closed!

Have fun checking out the links!

Kitchen Remodel Reveal

Kitchen Remodel Sources

Coffee Station Setup

Kitchen Open Shelf Styling onetwo, and three

Kitchen Pantry Reveal

Spring Dining Room

DIY Map Wallpaper

Front Porch

Entry Hooks & Front Door

Entry Furniture Progress

DIY Bottle Lamp in the Entry

Family Room Progress

Media Room

Master Bedroom Progress

Cozy Guest Room & Home Library

My Teen Boy’s Room

Quirky Kid’s Bathroom

Home Office Updates

Powder Room

Garage Pegboard Tool Organization

Backyard Pea Gravel Patio progress

My House So Far


  1. Hi Melissa! The link to your home office updates leads to your teen boy’s room. I love the blue you used in the office. I am searching blues right now and have swatches all over a wall. What color did you use for that room? Thanks!

  2. The house looks great Melissa!

  3. Love your home! Can’t wait to check out the sale!

  4. My favourite blog house Melissa. I am going to try to copy your amazing staircase when our goes in (hopefully sooner rather than later).

  5. LOVE all the corners of your lovely home! Those maps wallpapered….perfection!

  6. Oh my God, Melissa, you’re at Joss & Main!! So happy for the rewards and recognition now coming your way! And here you thought you were just expressing and sharing what you love and hoping that might be helpful to folks. You’ve certainly been helpful to me–since I started reading The Inspired Room (a sobriquet that both inspired and attracted me), my thoughts and desires about my home have leaped the gates, and it is GOOD. More power to you, girl!

  7. Michelle says:

    Congratulations and blessings!

  8. Such hard and creative work, Melissa.


  9. *le sigh* Melissa, I love your home. Beautifully decorated! :D

  10. I’ve kept up with all the changed you made in your house, as you posted them… Nice work! I know it’s very encouraging to keep track of progress made. For our family, the date we moved into our house has become an anniversary, and we celebrate each year the progress we were able to make during the last year… :-)

  11. Every time I read a blogpost from you, I feel the urge to put every picture on my pinterest haha :D

    So pretty & totally my style!


  12. Garage link goes to powder room.

  13. Your home is lovely and full of inspiration.
    Thanks for sharing

  14. Pat Wolfson says:

    Hi! trying to open the link on DIY Map Wallpaper, but not having any luck. I either get the link before or after-can you help? Thanks!

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